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Vogue España: Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe

Upcoming PR season 6 judge Lindsay Lohan (and it pains us to type that as much as it pains you to read it) is featured in the August 2009 issue of Vogue España, photographed by Alix Malka.

Oh please. Fashion editors keep trying to make that Marilyn comparison happen. Editors? It ain't happening. And another thing, fashion editors: there is a tiny handful of actresses who can pull off a fashion editorial (see: Swinton, Tilda and Blanchett, Cate) but the vast majority of actresses have no idea what modeling entails. They always make the same mistake: they think the pictures are about them and not about the clothes. It's always way too posey-posey and they look into the camera way too often.

Worse, we can't get over how dated this editorial looks. Like something out of Vanity Fair circa 1992. The Hollywood sign, Vogue? Really?

The clothes are fine, if a little unimaginative. There's nothing "Marilyn" about any of them (except for the Dolce & Gabbana, but that's only because it's so literal). And all Lindsay managed to do here is make a bunch of really expensive clothes look cheap. Fail, Vogue. BIG fail.

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Karlie Kloss

MaxMara Fall 2009 Collection + Thierry Mugler Vintage
Model: Anja Rubik

Louis Vuitton Fall 2009 Collection + Thierry Mugler Vintage
Model: Kendra Spears

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Maryna Linchuk

Thierry Mugler Vintage


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Didn't she do this before?

Blowhan needs to give it up. She ain't Marilyn, no matter how many barbs and gin she can suck up.

I'm just not buying it!

Uff Da - not good. I see what you mean about the posing thing. Overall effect is just cheap.

That is a God awful spread. She needs to take a nap and possibly eat a granola bar.

I can't get past heavily freckled redheads that go blonde. Too much of a clash. It always looks harsh and fake.

Oh God, she's awful! Beautiful clothes, though.

I agree with Allen about the granola bar thing, except more so. LiLo needs to eat a few cheeseburgers, get off the smack, and go away for a long while. Somewhere quiet and off the beaten path.

A 20-something, stick-thin waif with no talent cannot evoke the spirit of Marilyn by slapping on a blonde wig. It's ludicrous. This whole editorial is just dumb. Do Spaniards think LiLo is a big deal? 'Cuz I think she's a joke.

They must have rubbed her down in a coating of heavy makeup to conceal all of her freckles on her face, arms and chest. Or photoshopped them out. It just isn't a look suited for LL.

Lindsay is too young to look so hard and beat up. Something is wrong here. She was so darned cute in Mean Girls. What the heck happened?


With apologies to Sen. Bentsen, I can only say: "I knew Marilyn Monroe, and, miss, you are no Marilyn Monroe."

I dread the prospect of this woman, excuse me, child, as a PR judge.

i bet Cate Blanchett could do a Marilyn photoshoot well if she wanted to, but she'd likely know better.

Marilyn was beautifully curvy, remember, editors? at least pick a clothes-hanger with some flesh.

i feel bad for the clothes. they are awesome.


I make a motion that you hold a voting poll on banning Ms. Lohan from this blog just as "E" did with that "Spidey" couple (whoever they are).

Ms. Lohan has wasted her acting talent and is no type of fashion icon. I do not get "why all the publicity on her" from high end magazines such as Vogue or Vanity Fair.


It looks like she's in Penthouse, not Vogue! Goddamn I hate her.

Kim Novack...maybe. Marilyn? Not on your life.

Pu-leeezzzeee...people. This is Vogue Espana with the little tilde above the n. What about some orgullo, por favor?

What? Esther Canadas wasn't available? Geez, even an aging Marisa Paredes could have pulled off a better Marilyn than Lindsay.

Sweet Jesus on the halfshell... if you're going to pick an American actress, pick one that can find Spain on a map. Gwynneth Paltrow just professed her undying love for Spain. I think even she could have pulled off a Marilyn better than Lindsay.

This is PR hype, not fashion editorial.

hell i could do a better job
stockings are great
going to get me some

That first photo with the blonde wig and D&G Marilyn dress reminds me of those cheap plastic Halloween costumes from the '70s, where you're wearing a mask of a character, but the front of the costume depicts the actual character. Chewbacca would never wear a shirt with his likeness on it!

Sigh. None of those clothes look anything like something Marilyn would wear (perhaps Madonna in her trying-to-be-Marilyn days).

Are people going to freak out that they didn't use a Spanish model (like they did for the Vogue China spread yesterday)?

7/17/09 12:05 PM
I dread the prospect of this woman, excuse me, child, as a PR judge.

Oh, I can just see it:

"Um, like, it's all like, um pretty and junk?"

"Like, totally, like, you know, like, bows and stuff?'

She'll make Heidi look like Noam Chomsky.

"SUS said...

Are people going to freak out that they didn't use a Spanish model (like they did for the Vogue China spread yesterday)?"

LOLOLOLOL. I know, right?

Everything looks chip in a chip way.

Angora, with the Marilyn Monroe comparisons. It amuses me that a star known for her curves is being portrayed by a stick-thin actress.

also loving the thierry mugler dress!


The clothes look chip, in a chip way.

Oh, this is so lame-Vogue Espana should be hanging its' collective cabeza in shame.

She'll make Heidi look like Noam Chomsky.

7/17/09 12:12 PM

Anonymous, 12:12PM, you have just earned my undying love for this comment-who'd thunk it? Noam Chomsky makes TLO! Love it!

Since I can't stand Lindsay Lohan, and I personally think she lost all of her cough"talent"cough, it's useless to remark she looks like a cheap hooker waiting in vain for a rich client.

See ya! :)

Why didn't Vogue Espana join forces with Mango and shoot Scarlett Johansen as Marilyn? She at least has the curvy body and the skin tones to pull it off successfully. LL looks so pathetic here I can't hardly even look at the pics...she is the 'Pretty Woman' movie plot in reverse.

suzq said...

Kim Novack...maybe. Marilyn? Not on your life.

This, madam, is an insult to Kim Novak & all of her fans.

Hitchcock Blonds are iconic, inspirations for love songs, fashion collections.

Lindsay Lohan is a punchline.

This young woman is far more tragic than immortal Monroe because Marilyn had talent; whereas by her behavior & role choices, Ms. Lohan can't even spell the word let alone possess any. Sadly, Lohan may end up the same unfortunate way, but unless she devotes the bulk of her future honing her waning skills including rebuilding the studio bridges she has obviously torched, she will be forgotten soon after.

This fashion spread is obviously a spoof.

guys, all this talk of Marilyn/Not Marilyn makes me think of:

Where is the next Virgins v Vixens?????

Bad, really bad.

I think she looks like she's posing in front of green screen in all of them! HORRIBLE!!!

Not a fan of Lohan as Monroe, no, no, no. Some nice clothes, though.

The thing about MM is that she was given immortality by death. I love her and even I can admit she was not given many very good roles. She is a legend.

The one good role LL had was when she was a child in Parent Trap and that was a remake.

In honor of the Parent Trap, may I suggest Hayley Mills for Virgins vs. Vixens?

As for the clothes...they are beautiful but LL is not. Reco would be better as MM.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

I got ya TLo, it pains me to read it too....

I also don't see 'marilyn' in any of it. Marilyn had curves, she jiggled, and her film costumes accentuated that as far as they could without incurring the wrath of the censors. I see none of that here.

By the way, when will the LLo train completely come to a stop in some seedy hotel room at Chateau Marmont? Only Rene Zellweger annoys me more.

Willa Shakespeare

Lindsay Lohan is a breathtaking young girl. Her beauty, talent, and natural charisma has brought her so far - to HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA! - from the Island of Long from whence she slithered. The subtle way she encapsulates Marilyn's sultry and saucy mien, from her ability to wear a dimestore wig to thar coquettish flash of her bejeweled, red-pantied cooch to her heavy-lidded, barbiturate-laden eyes, is an awe-inspiring peek into the gifts to which she brings to the craft. Yet - Lindsay Lohan is a modern starlet ho, as evidenced by her space-age slutsuits, preference for OxyContin, and her totally-not-obviously-blue-screened self being pasted onto some stock photos. Her quiet desperation is a joy to behold.

beautifulmonday said "i feel bad for the clothes."


suzq said "Kim Novack...maybe. Marilyn? Not on your life."

Kim Novak is classier than that. This is more like Mamie Van Doren.

Why did Vogue even choose Lohan for this spread? When has she ever shown herself as a part of the fashion world?

I'm not a big fan of Scarlett Johansen's acting either, but she pulls of the "Marylin" look much better.

Bleah. I love that Max Mara coat on the runway. On LiLo it just looks tacky.

Am I the only one who hates that Dolce & Gabbana dress?

She already did a Marilyn spread in New York Magazine.

Oh, boo. Eat a sandwich.

anonymous 12:12 said She'll make Heidi look like Noam Chomsky.

Gee, thanks, I just spewed all over the computer monitor!

The last picture is the only one I like.

Oh good grief.

Tacky, trashy, and utterly classless. All things that Marilyn was NOT. Out.

Anonymous said...

Tacky, trashy, and utterly classless. All things that Marilyn was NOT. Out

You don't know much about Marilyn Monroe, do you? She was the Lindsay Lohan of her day. The only reason she's an icon is because she died so young, not because she was a talented artiste.

That said, Marilyn was way more beautiful. Lindsay Lohan looks pretty bad here. Her career is totally in the shitter.

What's even sadder about this pictorial is that even with a wig, professional makeup, and probably layers of photoshop, she STILL looks like a tore-up old hag.

She used to be so cute. Now she just makes me sad (and grossed out to look at).

Looking at Lindsay just makes me sad... she needs a hiatus from Hollywood. I saw her on Ellen the other day and Ellen was trying to get her to take a break, telling Lindsay about when she went through a tough time, she went away for a few years.

Are these photos really distorted? She looks weird and stretched out. You really can take that skinny-cam Photoshopping too far...

"That said, Marilyn was way more beautiful."

I have to disagree there. Marilyn was really, really cute. A few years ago, Lindsay was beautiful -- young Elizabeth Taylor, make you stop and stare beautiful. But all the drugs and late nights and anorexia and whatnot have definitely taken their toll.

This just makes me sad.. for the clothes and for Lindsay. I admit it- I love her to bits but girl needs to start eating some food and get off the dang drugs

Anonymous said...

"That said, Marilyn was way more beautiful."

I have to disagree there. Marilyn was really, really cute. A few years ago, Lindsay was beautiful -- young Elizabeth Taylor, make you stop and stare beautiful. But all the drugs and late nights and anorexia and whatnot have definitely taken their toll

True. I do often forget that Lindsay didn't always look like a dirty, hash-slinging barfly/hooker giving handjobs in a dumpster behind the Hardee's in Elko, Nevada. It's really sad what all of the drugs and partying have done to her. As someone else pointed out, even with professional services of a Vogue photoshoot, she still looks like butt. Rotted butt, that's been left out in the Texas summer sun for three months. Tsk tsk.

NO. Just . . . no.

To quote Bill Maher "Just because your drinking goes to your tits doesn't mean you have anything in common with Marilyn Monroe."

I do think Lilo is just...pathetic. Lots of people who worked with her said she had genuine talent. All squandered in the most awful way. And frankly, though Marilyn was beautiful and tragic, I never thought she had any talent, except as a model in which she was exceptional, unparalleled and the remaining queen of all.

Anonymous said...

She'll make Heidi look like Noam Chomsky.


God bless you Anon, whoever you may be. Made my effing day! Which has not been so hot, so far.

the phrase "lindsay lohan as marilyn monroe" made me throw up in my mouth a little.

however, i do hope that girl gets her act together one day.

She bores me. To tears.


Wow. I was commenting on the LOOK of the spread, not the talent behind the woman.

She LOOKS to me more like Kim Novack (hair, stance, face) than Marilyn in those pictures and I stand by that comment.

As for whether Vogue Espana should use Spanish actresses, oh, why bother. I guess all the Vogues are being run out of some small office in New York and the whole thing is a ruse.

Her last successful movie was FIVE YEARS AGO. Why is she getting any publicity whatsoever??? She is so pathetic.

Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. A thousand times: Ew.

Seeing her makes me miss the old Studio System. Louis B would have married her off to someone, then not renewed her contract, she would have gone on to do some pics on Poverty Row where she played Huntz Hall's sister, and ended up in a seedy bungalow slobbering drunk, where she would quietly disappear.

Ah, the good old days!

In the second D&G photo, doesn't anyone else think that there is something extremely weird, even deformed looking with the posing of her legs??

Numbers 2 & 3 look weird... like they photoshopped her head on someone else's body.

Dated, boring, and done. Plus Lohan can't compare to Marilyn, and never will.

Girl doesn't excude an ounce of Marilyn's coy and sexy ways.

Lindsay Lohan is a non-entity to me..a total nothing. The only thing good about this spread is the vintage Thierry Mugler pieces.

A 20-something, stick-thin waif with no talent cannot evoke the spirit of Marilyn by slapping on a blonde wig

No one can evoke the spirit of Marilyn, blond wig or no blond wig. This just happens to be worse than most. I wish they would stop it.

She needs to stop with the Marilyn thing. She isn't and never will be Marilyn. Plus she's the totally wrong shape. If there should be anyone to imitate MM it should be Scarlett Johansson.

I just threw up in my mouth.

mummy needs champagne

@c'est moi Lola-

You put your finger on it. With all the things wrong about this, the worst is that there's no lovely curvy sparkling woman in any of these pictures.

why is this child famous? shes a lousy actress & so far from the iconic marilyn it's a desecration to keep making this comparison. and yes, im pretty sure she pulled this crap in another mag a few years ago.

awful layout. the girl doesnt know a thing about fashion, or acting, or icons, or modeling, or.....

I think she looks great. She has an amazing body. She just has a terrible personal image and everybody hates her....

The last picture is stunning. It looks like an ad from Dolce&Gabbana or Gucci.

She looks like Tinsley Mortimer

Lindsey Lohan is a breathtakingly beautiful girl - we're talking absolutely stunning - in person (saw her last year with her DJane girlfriend).

I have to say, she looks quite bad here though. Whoever said comparing her to Kim Novak is an insult to that icy blonde goddess is spot-on.

SOMEbody pleeeeze get that skinny cow a cheeseburger.......

Please, someone tell me the meaning and origin of the phrase "looks chip in a chip way"

It's used here so often that I can no longer ignore it.

I feel like the only person left who actually wants Lindsay to do well. This spread is unfortunately doing her no favors. She doesn't need help looking tacky.

"julia said...
Please, someone tell me the meaning and origin of the phrase "looks chip in a chip way"

It's used here so often that I can no longer ignore it."


When designer Alberta Ferretti was a guest judge on the show, she was critiquing Kit Pistol's couture dress and she said that Kit's dress looked "cheap in a cheap way" in a very thick Italian accent and it sounded like "chip in a chip way."

Lindsay Lohan is pathetic. I feel sad now.

They couldn't have picked somebody who looks any less like Marilyn Monroe if they tried. Then they dressed her like Madonna. She could pull off a Madonna spread but not Marilyn. I'm not seeing the Kim Novak resemblence, either.

Scarlett Johannsen, Katherine Heigl, even Britney Spears would make a more credible Marilyn. The drug/alcohol abuse is the only thing the two women have in common.

As long as this girl keeps getting work, she will not go away and deal with her problems. Let's not forget that poor Marilyn was a similar sort of train wreck and often totally unprofessional.

Lindsay had tremendous talent and a unique look (a bit plump, freckles) that has been ruined. I feel sorry for her. (Some of the worst parents EVAH!)

i've always had a major wide-on for thierry mugler's designs, and it pains me to see them used on lohan. for the love of nadja auermann, please stop using actresses who have no idea how to wear clothing! i get sick of seeing sienna miller(and the like) on the cover of american vogue every other month.

7/17/09 12:36 PM

Kim Novak is classier than that. This is more like Mamie Van Doren.

And have you seen Mamie lately? Yipes. Run, LiLo! Run!

This does not invoke Marilyn at all.

In fact, if I had just looked at the pictures without reading the title, I would have had no idea what she was trying to pull.

Just watched MM in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes last night--she's quite small in that movie, noticeably more petite than Jane Russell--and not really much of an actress. Very appealing though and truly beautiful with the true hourglass figure.

You really don't see actresses with that kind of build (and undergarments) these days--the tiny waist moving out to real hips--Christina Hendricks is about it and she clearly carries a bit of extra weight to make sure she can carry it off.

So whenever I see an actress doing a wannabe Marilyn, I'll I can see is what she doesn't have.

With some actresses, doing an MM might be worth it anyway--their au naturale look is on the bland side, so doing an MM makes them stand out a little more and flaunt a certain sexuality.

Lohan, though, *had* a distinctive look and style when shen was younger--the gorgeous auburn hair/green eyes with freckles combined with her husky voice, gave her this kind of appealing boho/tomboy quality.

And she totally, totally fucked with it. Now, she spends tons of money looking trashy and generic, trying to look like everyone else when she had a look that was all hers.

If she'd had any sense of herself at all, she could have been a true trendsetter as she grew older and more sophisticated. Instead of trashing her hair, she could have cut it, highlighted it, etc. in any number of ways that would have made her more, not less, distinctive.


She has the same face in every pics and the only expression her eyes emote is " I am hungover."


Poor child. What a waste. These photos are truly horrific. Dreadful! She always, always looks like she's been rode hard and put away wet...

..and a good 25 years older than she is.

Couldn't have said it better, Glammy.

Marilyn always had a sense of class and cheeriness with a dash of lovable impishness in her photographs. Lohan just looks like an amateur drag queen trying to be Marilyn. She's just trying too hard to exude sexuality. Marilyn never tried, she just let it come naturally.

Big thumbs down to all involved.

PATHETIC all the way.

LOL al her attempt on the "innocent sexy" look.

The sad thing is, even without Lindsay the production kinda sucks.

decent spread! i got what i was expecting, but i can't help but feel like you guys failed her the moment you read her name and vogue in the same sentence. i do think it would serve her well to be a bit more natural in front of the camera. i feel like having a "come hither face" while wearing lingerie goes past suggestive to vulgar.

How can the Marilyn Monroe estate allow this to happen? It's like letting a dog with diarrhea run across a Monroe shrine.

It's just WRONG.

And I don't care how much money or effort is expended attempting to make Lilo appear "rich". She'll always look cheap.

To Anon 1:26 I agree about the elongated Photoshop...LL is not that leggy nor that tall. I would look good with an elongated Photosop and wig and heavy makeup and designer clothes and stylist and...

Almost as god awful as the NY Mag spread.

The wig is a little distracting.

All things considered these don't look too bad.

I agree, they could have had someone like Scarlett Johansson, at least she actually looks like Monroe.

She looks ok in the last pic.

Pex said...
I feel like the only person left who actually wants Lindsay to do well.

You are not alone, although in this blog it appears you are. What hatred for a seemingly lost soul, as many former child stars are. The worst thing about this spread wasn't LL, it was the styling and clothes, that had little to do with MM.

The first several dozen comments made me so sad that people have such negativity and hatred in them. And if I hear the overused phrase "throw up in my mouth" one more time, I will...well, you know.

Auntie EC

Crikey....aren't her 15 minutes up yet?

This girl needs help not hate.

Have you seen her parents? She's lucky she got out of Long Island alive.

Go watch Freaky Friday and lighten up.


This girl needs help not hate.

Have you seen her parents? She's lucky she got out of Long Island alive.

You got that right. Too bad they can't be thrown in jail for being parasitic famewhores.

Lindsay is a beautiful, talented young woman who has received no guidance and has little sense. She just makes me sad.

i actually think there is less photo shop on her legs than you might think. have you noticed all but the first pic are shot from below looking up. this technique helps people who are not tall appear taller and longer...(ie. Kylie mongoue in the i can't get you out of my head video.)

HOW does this raddled hag keep getting any work at all?

I genuinely dread watching her drag her coked-out carcass through an episode of PR. THIS was the best they could come up as a celebrity judge?

"Let's not forget that poor Marilyn was a similar sort of train wreck and often totally unprofessional."

Which is why they keep asking LiLo to pose as her, right? The first time, I think it was the Fug Girls who pointed out that it's almost like they're WILLING her to overdose. Poor thing.

Were they going for the $20 hooker look? If so, they were successful.

First of all, I think MM would have approved. A little girl dressed up in mommie's clothes is all it evoked but for the last shot, not MM, but VERY damn good. You "Killing of Sister George" people went way too far. This girl needs an id transplant, she is just her mother, Dina. Get over it. And she works for $$. Do you want her to rob banks? Do I approve of her unseemly personal life? Of course not. So now I will vote for her as America's most Lost Girl. Give her a break. I wish her well.

This is why I like Vogue China better. Can we just stop Lindsay Lohan from doing another editorial again? This is just bad.

I want Lindsay Lohan to rob banks!

This is quite possibly the worst editorial I have seen in an incredibly long time. Lindsay Lohan = Marilyn Monroe?!?!?!?! Since when!?!?!?!? She doesn't even look good as a blonde, not to mention she SUCKS at modeling, has none of the sex appeal of Marilyn (who does?), AND WHO THE HELL WOULD EVER THINK A SPREAD SHOT ON THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN IS COOL, FRESH, OR YOUNG?!!?!?!?

I'm sorry. This crap just made me incredibly angry.

That was painful to watch and an insult to Marilyn Monroe's memory.

Same dead look in every photo. Sad, actually. She was a good little actress who let fame go to her head. In her latest pix she's lost the bloom of youth. She looked skinny, haggard, lost and desperate. Her career is gone and she has most of her life yet to live. I'd feel more compassion for her, but I've seen her in live interviews and she treated her interviewers impatiently and without respect. You reap what you sew.

Did I really write that? Reap what you sow. Aaarghh!

The wig was bad; the set-up bad, the "model" bad; the clothes pretty bad. I still say it's over-kill to say murderous things about a dumb stereotypical Hollywood nutter going going going wrong. In my book, Madonna did it all wrong 90% of the time and still gets credit for her tawdry efforts. (Latest: embalmed Vitton add imitating Beyonce from the neck up.) Lohan? Not important enough to get so riled about. She is what she is, just as Madge was. Madge always offended me, except at the beginning. So now you get it?

I think the hate for her is disingenuous at best. this might be edited, but she works in the entertainment industry, "fashion" wiht modelling and her leggings, hangs with and supports GLBT, and politically insults the same folks. So seriously?

Not only does she look like a dirty bird, I feel like I may need a shower. Yuck.

She can't pull it off.

They always make the same mistake: they think the pictures are about them and not about the clothes. It's always way too posey-posey and they look into the camera way too often.

You guys are dead-on, you can totally see this here. She isn't modeling, she is "acting". She can't even manage to close her mouth.

She used to be so cute, what a waste.

This girl is going to surprise everyone when she judges PR. Don't underestimate Cady Heron.

Was this editorial about the clothes or Marilyn Monroe? Gotta ask because I can tell you right now--if you think about it, can YOU remember the clothes Marilyn wore?? I can't. And the reason is very simple, Marilyn exuded SEX to the camera in every shot she could (regardless of what she was wearing). It was never about the clothes or anything else. One photographer said that she was a master at making love to the camera.

Lindsay Lohan on the other hand, doesn't appear sexy at all. She's appears worn out--or rode hard and put away wet.

There is NO comparison between her and Marilyn Monroe..and there never should be.

As for the clothes in the shoot--exactly WHAT were they selling? Looked to me like all they were selling was Lohan's va-jay-jay. Oh yeah, that's sexy....NOT.

She reminds me more of Ann- Margret. Espcially in Mean Girls.

Wow! I am a little surprised by the amount of furious bile that is directed at Lindsay. Yes, the pictures are awful and she looks nothing like Marilyn Monroe. Yes, she has a terrible reputation and has made some bad choices, but my God, people, why all the anger?

As a few people have mentioned already, Marilyn Monroe was probably no more stable or well-behaved. She seems to have had mental health and substance abuse issues and struggled publicly with fame and her personal life as well.

Lindsay is a talented actress, at least as talented as Marilyn, and I hope she gets herself together.

7/21/09 8:56 AM

"Lindsay is a talented actress, at least as talented as Marilyn..."

HA! Thanks for the laugh!

Lohan is waaaaay overrated, too much in your face, too ubiquitous... For her only 23 years of age, she looks crumpled, haggart, and sorry, sleazy. To me she is playing a halloween dres-up. Puleez.


You're right about the whole looking into the camera thing. The photo that looks most "modelesque" is the last one where Lindsay herself is not the focus of the photo.

I'm pretending you didn't say what you just said with that whole LiLo judge thing...


could make for interesting TV??? Sigh.

why are you all such big hatter out there she doing her thing and making dam good money doing it let her just live her life just like she said in here song I think alot of you need to stop and look at your dam self for awhile before you start to talk about some one else dam >>!!<< dam hatter youll can all go to hell

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