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Vogue China: Scientific Glamour

The August issue of Vogue China has an editorial entitled "Scientific Glamour" and we have opinions about it.

To be fair, we don't have particularly strong opinions. Don't get us wrong, like any well done editorial, there's plenty of pretty to look at. It's just that the hook, "Scientific Glamor," is relatively meaningless. They could have just as easily called it "Shiny Dresses" or "Crazy Fashion."

We will say that whoever styled this earned their check that week. Many of these looks look much better than they did on the runway. That Gucci dress in particular looks so much better with a belt and without the tights. Ditto on the Jonathan Saunders dress. It doesn't just look better than the runway look; it looks like an entirely different dress.

Anyway, here's some pretty. Enjoy.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Collection
Models: Jamie Bocher/
Kinga Rajzak

Christian Dior Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Charlotte di Calypso

Marios Schwab Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Egle Tvirbutaite

Givenchy Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Meghan Collison

Gucci Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Anna Selezneva

Hervé Léger by Max Azria Fall 2009 Collection/Lanvin Fall 2009 Collection
Models: Jac/Jeneil Williams

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Magdalena Frackowiak

Jonathan Saunders Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Anabela Belikova

Stella McCartney Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Natasha Poly

Versace Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Lily Donaldson

Balmain Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Isabeli Fontana

Model: Eniko Mihalik
Photographer: Greg Kadel
Styling: Brian Molloy

[Photos: - Scans: TheFashionSpot/Kazaf]

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Well, the editorial model looks like she's trying to pop a vertebra back in place, but otherwise you're absolutely right -- it is a master class on styling.

I think what might have been lost in the translation of the term 'scientific glamour' was the concept of 'experimentation' that creates something new in the lab. Combining several designer pieces together, adding jewelry and belts that weren't originally part of the look, taking away the dark stockings and leggings, etc. Kinda clever the results of the experiments!

It is definitely gorgeous but what I want to know is why isn't Vogue China using Asian models?

The photo of the Stella McCartney dress is gorgous. The dress on the runway? Not so much....

I'm with Roshini. Where are the Asian models?

Wow! I love these posts because you get to see what a stylist and a photographer can do with a runway look. I agree with anon, the Stella McCartney photo is gorgeous, the dress, not so much.

"Anonymous said...
I'm with Roshini. Where are the Asian models?"

What the hell are you talking about? It's ONE model. Did you see the entire magazine? All the editorials?

Gucci, Balmain, Stella MaCartney =

Three short, tight and shiny pieces that will appear on Frau Seal once she pops that kid out.

Kinda...looks like their poopin'. Fashionably, of course.

Fuck, that Balmain's gorgeous.

But I gotta tell you, that Saunders dress kinda looks like what Kenley made for her BP show.

(ugh...I feel dirty for typing that)

I want the Marios Schwab. Reminds me of Scientific glamour a la Chanel.


so Marc Jacobs is doing mom jeans on the runway now? hmmm....

as to Stella McCartney - YAWN. the photo is nice, the dress, not so.

That Marios Schwab dress is HOT. Me wants it.

Beautiful photos, they make the dresses look ten times better.

Wow, a feast for the eyes, for sure. Personal fave is the Leger. I'm not normally a fan of Balmain, but that dress is pretty effing cool.

I do not covet one of those dresses, however the Vogue China layout is stunning.
I'm just not into "Scientific Glamour", I guess.

Gorgeous!!!! Thanks, Tlo!

I can't stop looking at that first picture, it's fabulous. The Hervé Léger dress is to die.


The Jonathan Saunders is FAB (not on the runway).
The McCartney - uggg.

The model in the Versace - oh my horrid pose

Short, tight and shiny. Frau Seal would be all over it. But she's preggers.

Hmmm.... the mom jeans. Am I crazy, or is that a photo of jeans with a big pleated stomach poof? Gah.... I thought I left those behind in 1982.

Is that Marios Schwab dress plaid? Because that's just wrong.

Why does Stella McCartney have a career designing clothes?

I love the Balmain. I'm shocked at myself, but I want it.

Maybe it's a translation problem. Maybe instead of "scientific" they meant to say "Star Trek."

glad I'm not the only one who recoiled at the mom jeans. And WTH is with all of the poofy shoulder pads this year?? Is 2009-2010 going to be the year of butt tails and linebacker shoulders?

Even so, the editorial is pretty, and I love the Versace. The details are really creative.

7/16/09 11:29 AM "Why does Stella McCartney have a career designing clothes?"

Do we REALLY need to ask?

Every time I get to a dress I really don't like, I check out the designer and, yep, Stella McCartney.

I WANT to like her stuff because she seems funny and nice. But I guess when I get rich and famous, I just won't be wearing Stella. I am sure she will be devistated.

Felt the model kind of sucked on this one.

They should have linked in some kind of theme with architecture-- many structured/metallic looks and posing in some awesome spaces.

Overall, likey.

Definitely agree they made the Saunders dress better, and I think they did the same with the Gucci - it looks much better in the editorial. Same with the McCartney dress. Damn, TLo, you're right. Someone DID earn their check this week!

Does anyone know anything about the model in the editorial?

I do so love the background in the photos. I think it complements the clothes nicely.

This is Vogue CHINA and yet they use anorexic white models...go figure.

" Anonymous said...

This is Vogue CHINA and yet they use anorexic white models...go figure."

So because is Vogue China they should only use fat Chinese models?


Another fashion shoot/music video/cutting edge photography shoot in front of a Frank Gehry building. I can just hear the editors now...

"Science! Fly the models to Disney to pose in front of the Frank Gehry concert hall!"

It's Vogue China. Why not have them pose in front of the "bird nest" stadium Bejing used for the Olympics? Or is Chinese bureaucracy too thick to allow something like that to happen?

Anyway, thanks to the photo editors for choosing to narrow the depth of focus on the Stella McCartney dress. Otherwise, it would have disappeared into the building.

I'm just sitting here amazed that I see a Stella McCartney dress I actually like.

I am not seeing the pretty. That was a collection of well styled fug on a model with severe abdominal cramping.

It's Vogue China.

Why isn't the model in front of a Chinese building, wearing Chinese clothes and eating Chinese noodles?

I don't know about you guys but I'm appalled.

I like this editorial a lot although it screams more "futuristic" than "scientific" to me. Usually I don't like shiny duds but this works for me. Probably due to the styling. :P

7/16/09 12:04 PM It's Vogue China.

Why isn't the model in front of a Chinese building, wearing Chinese clothes and eating Chinese noodles?

I don't know about you guys but I'm appalled.

So offended! I bet you use the c-word every chance you get!



I agree, I hate that Balmain collection but the dress looks amazing in that shot.

That post is a little bit overused, huh?

Yes, it was pretty, but the building and the pose were so overutilized that it started to get a little boring at the end.

I agree that the styling is much better than the runway. But the editoral is not new or innovative. Wasn't the balloon editoral in China Vogue, that was a memorable one.

Ugh. I just noticed the mom jeans on the first runway Mark Jacobs.

Did Daniella make those?

The versace is doing bad things to anonymous editorial model's breast, but oh well. The pretty is really pretty, though, however cliche ppl might find the posing. Good rescue on some of those runway outfits, yes.

More SciFi than Sci to me. To quote Stacy London, the Dior looks very "...lead Hostess on Vulcan Airways."

I was hoping for something more akin to Diana Eng's vision, but nice none-the-less.

What a mess. Shouldn't the eighties be left in the... eighties? I'd actually be happy if we could wipe them from our permanent record. I'll forever be scarred by neon and jellies.

Those Marc Jacob jeans are god awful. She looks like she was trying on clothes in the dressing room and couldn't find the appropriate bottoms for that top. Dear designer, she's a model not a clown.

Neck displacement =/= high fashion. (yes I know it's art but this borders on the asinine)

The Balmain dress looks like a left over costume from a bad scifi movie. She needs a ray gun as an accessory.

hmm... i don't see anything scientific about it! i can see their architectural and design homage, but why call it something it's not? there's nothing remotely related to merging tech with fashion. just cuz it's an editorial? pretty euphemism?

With one or two exceptions the clothes were uninteresting to me, and the shoulder thrust/back arch/lunge pose Had decreasingly appeal each time it appeared. But damn nice use of the building in the photos. Worth it for that.

Anonymous @ 11:36am said:
7/16/09 11:29 AM "Why does Stella McCartney have a career designing clothes?"

Do we REALLY need to ask?

Heh. No. No we don't. But it is endlessly amazing to me.

7/16/09 3:30 PM Anonymous @ 11:36am said:
7/16/09 11:29 AM "Why does Stella McCartney have a career designing clothes?"

Do we REALLY need to ask?

Heh. No. No we don't. But it is endlessly amazing to me.

You and me both, honey. LOL!

Damn near every model had her arms akimbo and her back in the "couture" pose. Booooooring. In the future, science will allow us to stand up straight with our arms at our sides. That's MY prediction.

I was wondering about the lack of asian models too...until I realized they're all the same model.

But really, seeing all the images next to each other that "couture pose" ceases to look couture and starts to look "menstrual cramps".

They used the metal building for a long fight scene in the movie Aeon Flux, and that's all I can think about when I look at the pictures. Except the movie costumes were styled a lot better than some of these outfits. I just think editor has a hard on for Charlize Theron in some of these pics because they look straight out of the movie.

Good job, TLo; can't say I'd be picking up a copy of China Vogue any time soon w/out your input. Yea, gimmicky title.

I for one did NOT expect Asian models. They want what westerners wear, dig?

Now that I study fashion I appreciate the composite designers shown, say, as this editorial. I liked pretty much everything shown. One exception: Marc Jacobs 2 big NO and NO's for them. No way on the dumb pleated jean pooch and that other forgettable ensemble.

Don't give JP any ideas. He may claim Scientific something or other as his post colonial indiginous brain wear.

JP: It's been done.

Note to Reco, off-topic. Saw your wavey ruffle piping jacket on the Dior runway circa 1998, in a long coat, Galliano. Gorgeous. Same everything, but not a pantsuit. Note to Jeffrey Sebela (sp?) Saw your entire homage to Galliano (including zipper dress but G's didn't have zippers) that got you major points with Malandrino from Galliano from round this same time. Tsk tsk. Jeff's knock offs were o.k. Just U-Tube for further referencing.

Yeah, not getting the "scientific" vibe all. Silver and futuristic doesn't automatically qualify as science.

There were clothes in those pictures? I was too busy scrolling down to try to see if the model would end up in a pretzel shape at the end.

The pose in the Marios Schwab? Exactly the same as my sons' peepee dance finale when they get to, "Mom, I gotta go to the bathroom, right NOOOWWW!" and throw back their heads for emphasis.

Love the Balmain.

Good God....are those pleated jeans. My eyes, my eyes!

Regarding the (thankfully brief) discussion on ethnic significance... Trying to exude anti-hegemonic sensibilities doesn't make the assumptions and overgeneralization of what the Chinese public does or does not want any less embarrassing. Unless the reader is familiar with the model she's an otherwise non-descript leggy possibly European model. No qualms about, I don't know, a Somalian model popping up in American Vogue, apparently. She's a model, obviously she was cast because they felt she was appropriate for the shoot.

That being said... she definitely looks like she's suffering from a very painful urinary tract infection.

Call me picky, but it annoys me when they crop a little bit of shoes out of the picture for no reason.

No on the "science"--since when does science revolve around the shiny "future"? More like Science Fiction!

NO MOM JEANS!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!

DIE 80's DIE!!!!!!

Who was the photographer and stylist?? They not only earned their paycheck but definately a bonus!! BEAUTIFUL pictures--absolutely stunning! The styling was absolutely perfect for each dress! The model pose however was not. I too am sick to death of the "couture" pose...who the f*ck thought that menstral cramps signified sexy?

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the poster's comments on this one. So right y'all!

Most of the Chinese fashion magazines tend to use foreign models. While they have a thriving fashion industry in Shanghai and other cities, a majority of the teenagers like to shop at European or American brand stores. Heck, brand names are so important to some women that they will spend up to half of their monthly salary to get a non-bootleg Gucci purse. The use of a foreign model is simply to draw attention to the brand name foreign clothing. However, if you look at many of the skin-cream advertisements or China-based fashion magazines, the majority of the models are Chinese, Japanese or Korean. However, some Chinese brands still use foreign models to bring a "high-class" look to their product

I just came back to the US after living for 10 months in Beijing. This is just my opinion from what I noticed while I was over there. Luckily, I managed to buy this issue two days before I left.

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