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Shelley Yell-O

Michelle Obama celebrates the 10th Annual National Design Awards at the White House wearing Michael Kors.

Clearly, the First Lady is reading our blog.

Because everything we've been telling her over and over and over again is summed up in this outfit. Rich, saturated colors, classic, tailored pieces, and a minimum of embellishments or layering (no belt!) is what serves her best. Nice to know she's been listening to us.

But Shelley? Had you hired us like we suggested, we would have told you to save that outfit for an occasion when you're not going to be standing in front of the gold curtains of the East Room and giving a speech.

See? You need someone to tell you these things.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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Love, love, love the suit on her!! Just gorgeous! She looks elegant, streamlined, and minimalist. Love the look on her!

The suit looks great on her. I miss her not wearing one of her fantastic broaches, though.
Masterful raglan armhole and little cap sleeve on that suit.Beautifully fit Mr. Kors! I wonder if he is now doing custom work just for Mrs. Obama.
I was wondering if the yellow suit was choosen precisely because of the curtain.

Ah, now that one looks like the Duchess designed it just for her. That color on her is utterly fantastic and without a belt the lines are so much cleaner.

I actually really do not like this. Saturated primaries like that always look a bit juvenile to me, and the style plus the big white buttons only add to the effect. I feel like she's an 8-year-old dressed up for an Easter Sunday church service or something. At least she's not wearing a belt for once, I guess.

Sewing Siren on 7/27/09 at 9:33 AM said..."Masterful raglan armhole and little cap sleeve on that suit.Beautifully fit Mr. Kors! I wonder if he is now doing custom work just for Mrs. Obama."

I think she taken a page fron Jackie O's style book and cut down on he number of different desgners she wears.

One main designer for day, Kors is perfect as would be Bill Blass if he was still with us, and two (maybe three at the most) designers for evening wear is the way to go.


Note to self:
"Do not match curtains.

I agree that other than that, she looked great. Good color, good cut, not gaudy. 5 stars (out of 5).

I think she looks great. Not a fan of yellow but it clearly works for her.

Love it, great color, perfectly fitted to her as Sewing Siren said.

Clearly, the First Lady is reading our blog.


All the way in.

she looks fabulous! unfortunately she has started a trend with the high wide belts - i live in DC and I'm seeing lots of women with figures similar to shelley-o's wearing them. we have to get those women here to read your blog too.

Love the stacked bangles. It's an understated way of following the trend, and completely appropriate for the First Lady.

She looks wonderful.

LOVE that yellow on her! Gorgeous!

You boys are hilarious. The gold curtains! I didn't even notice!

And clearly she IS reading your blog. How else to explain it?

"Tlo said: Clearly, the First Lady is reading our blog."

Clearly. And after her hubby fixes the healthcare system & the economy I expect she'll make sure he gets to work fixing the Fashion Show.

She looks simply gorgeous here.

I really don't mind her in belts (because she can't help it that she's so high waisted), but she clearly looks better without them.

This look is perfection on her.


She looks spectacular in this simple, flattering style. Sunny lemon yellow is clearly one of her best colors. It makes her face just pop, and she just glows wearing it.

She looks really beautiful there. That color and look are perfect on her.

Quite possibly the most flattering thing she's ever worn. This really works with her body type. And while the bright yellow is a bit tricky (it always looks unsophisticated to me) it looks great on her.

Classic IS better!

It flatters!

Somewhere a wide belt is crying. And that asymmetric sweater is very worried.

(And I'm cheering the appearance of bound buttonholes.)

I agree it's a beautiful little sleeve. It balances out her hips, gives her a polished "suity" look without being too formal, and still shows off her gorgeous arms. She ought to have that jacket in several colors and textures. Love the bound buttonholes and no belt.

Ditto on the gold curtains. I guess the only thing worse would have been red brocade behind her.


I love her no matter what she wears, but she looks fabulicious here! No belt, yay! No oversized bow, yay!

Shelly O looks just beautiful!!
Kudos to Kors. I am so happy she is wearing classic American wear!!!
It is so refreshing to have a stunning First Lady!!!
PS: I'll bet her stylists HAVE been listening to you, TLo!!!

Come on, you can let her off on the curtains, she didn't know they'd be yellow - it's not like it's her house or anything .. oh wait ...

Still, she looks fantastic. Glad to see she's moving away from the belt and cardi combo, although you never know - she may have figured it out all by herself!

Joining in with the praise. Looks wonderful.

Love the jewelery as well. =)

Perfect fit, and she looks beautiful in yellow. But...

Me thinks she's channeling Jackie O just a bit too much. (Or maybe anyone in that style jacket looks Jackie-ish to me?) I think she's still shifting around, trying to find her own, unique, first-lady style, and trying out a few new things.

I think she'll eventually hit it spot on, and look entirely comfortable (sans cardigan, I hope) and fashionable without resorting to past-first-lady styles.

She's never looked bad in MK. Ever.

She looks fabulous in yellow; the fit is awesome. Maybe she just flew in from watching the finale of the Tour de France.


When I saw this my heart seriously fluttered up into my throat and I said to myself, "I have never seen a First Lady as beautiful as her."

I haven't.

I mean she makes mistakes sometimes but when she gets it right... she's amazing.

~Saturated primaries like that always look a bit juvenile to me, and the style plus the big white buttons only add to the effect.~ I agree

Wow she looks good--
And slim too since she isn't wearing a belt.

Bravo! I think she should be paying you boys.

I, too, miss the brooch. I hope she isn't giving up all her personal style.
Love the color and style on her. Perfect for July in Washington. Any word on what the fabric is? It's got a nice texture to it but still tailored well.

So, I totally didn't see this until I scrolled down, and it made me so happy! Also she looks feeiirce!

Anybody who looks good in yellow has the duty to wear it as often as possible and wear it well for those of us who can't.

Bravo to Michael Kors as well.

Very nice tribute to Jackie O.

Like some others have said, a brooh or a nice necklace would've really made the look pop.

Love. LOVE! Completely agree about the sleeves, and now I know what a bound buttonhole is (ty, Google).

Fabulous! Really shows off her curves and fits her perfectly!

She Looks FABULOUS !!!

But I do agree with whomever said they miss a Brooch. I think this outfit could have used just a touch of her personality in the form of one of her great pins.

And WHEW about the hair !! I was really worried that she had actually lopped it off the other day !!!

Love the dress, she looks great.

Michael Kors must be in Heaven.

She looks terrif -- I, too, think that jacket could have sported a sizable brooch easily, but I'm not complaining.

I would love to be able to wear that color, but my skin has a yellow undertone and consequently I look jaundiced in yellow.



She looks mature without being old. The cardigan was too casual and young for her and her position. I am happy that she is looking more sophisticated in her appearances.

Are we all looking at the same photos? Not a terrible outfit, but the jacket is just a smidge too tight on her. And I don't think the neckline or the sleeve length is flattering.

I thought she got a haircut? What happened to the cute new haircut? I'm so confused. Was this photo taken BEFORE the new cute haircut?

7/28/09 1:03 PM I thought she got a haircut? What happened to the cute new haircut? I'm so confused. Was this photo taken BEFORE the new cute haircut?

It wasn't a haircut, hon. Just a hairstyle to look like a haircut. A fauxcut, if you will.

I think leaving off the brooch was correct in this instance. The bound buttonholes and large white buttons already provide so much great visual interest that a brooch would have fought with them.

I particularly appreciate not having a belt and cardigan. The belt just accentuates her wide hips, while some of those belt/cardi combos she's worn have intentionally uncovered her stomach, visually saying "Look! Here's my pooch!" This suit allows the eyes to take in the whole thing and then smoothly travel down the body without highlighting any body part or flaw in blinking neon lights. It's just unbelievably elegant and flattering.

Heh! I just got the Shelley Yell-O. Cute!

(yeah, I'm dense.)

She is hot.. this suit is perfection on her. What a beautiful classy lady. Happy she's showing the arms, happy she's ditched the belt, happy there is no brooch (not on that outfit anyhow). It is perfect the way it is. I'd love to conjecture which handbag she should/would be carrying (if she wasn't First Lady and had a staff to carry her incidentals).

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