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Project Runway Season 6: Meet Qristyl Frazier

Oh, ladies. THIS one is gonna make you SO HAPPY.

Qristyl Frazier
Age: 42
Birthplace: St. Louis, MO
Current Home: Brooklyn, NY
Favorite Designers: Gaultier, Halston, Oscar De La Renta, Givenchy, Doo Ri, Zac Posen
Style Icons: Halle Berry, Whitney Houston, Gwyneth Paltrow
Favorite Past Project Runway Designer: None

Qristyl has been intrigued with fashion and design since the age of 15 when she sewed a black and white print cheerleader-style mini skirt. She studied fashion design at Stephens College in Columbia, MO, and went on to work as a stylist assistant and technical designer before making designs for her own company, Qristyl Frazier Designs. She has designed clothes for Queen Latifah, Angie Stone and Wendy Williams and is extremely proud that she can step out of the box and create beautiful designs for plus-sized women which, she terms, “plus sexy.”

Why she’ll win?
Qristyl believes she is a well-rounded and well-respected fashion designer and has been waiting for an opportunity like Project Runway since she first arrived to New York.

Tim Gunn: "Qristyl is a hoot, she likes a lot of color, and print. She's entertaining to watch."

It's the designer so many of you have been screaming asking for! One that doesn't use models with visible hip bones!

Check it:

What do y'all think of THAT? Also, what do we think of that? Well, we think it's long overdue for PR to feature a designer working in this milieu. From a design perspective, she clearly knows what she's doing because for the most part the clothes fit the models well and flatter them to boot. From a style perspective, we're not so sure. It's all very satin-y and we can't say we find the color choices all that sophisticated. Still, we'd like to see this gal unleashed in Mood to see what she picks. Very good choice, Tim, Laura and Emmett. The busty gals in the audience are all cheering right now.

Also, she's LOADED with personality:

Honestly, what's not to love there? Is it too soon to say it looks like this year's cast is the best since S3?

Find out more about Qristyl (3 attempts to spell that correctly. It's gonna take awhile) at...where? Where do you think?, bitches!

Tim Gunn's Quotes: Meet Project Runway's Newest Designers! [People]
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Love her ALREADY!

I wonder if PR will throw some plus sized models into the mix (would sure make the model selection interesting)...

Also, I wonder if she would have trouble working with a stick thin model...(no boobs, no hips, no butt)... Could be a challenge for her.

Guys, please stop speculating about who makes it to the finale based on the collections. A lot of people deliberately avoided the collections so as not to be spoiled.

To the poster we just deleted: we're sorry for that. Please repost without the spoiler speculation.

Wow! I think the sun just came out from behind the clouds!

PR has such a range of designers this time around. All the better.

don't love the uneven hems (but it does provide a bit of leeway when trying to cover a bigger back end), and I don't love the fabrics.

but that said, I am happy to see that there may be some clothes I could actually fall in love with AND wear. You go girl!

I'm LOVING how different they are. That is going to be VERY interesting.

Love it! You're right, TLo, I don't like the satin on them either, but I do like the designs. If she makes some awesome tops, I would buy them. As everyone else this season, she would definitely grow as a designer and I could see her stuff getting even better.

I LOVE her! Even if she doesn't end up winning PR, it's already a victory having a designer on that can design for the average sized and plus size woman out there. Thank you PR!

I like her, and I think it would be really cool if project runway would throw in a couple of plus sized models in the mix.

As for her clothes, they are nice, but not really exactly my taste. She and Lane Bryant seem to have gone in this whole embracing who you are and your plus sizedness means bright and shiny....which fine for club-ware, doent always work for every day life. I hope to see some more refined upscale looks from her (like things you can wear to work). I do like her grey wrap dress though....hell I might even buy it


I find her very, very likable. As for her designs, she may not be reinventing the wheel, but I definitely could see her having a successful business, a presence in department stores, etc.

"Favorite Past Project Runway Designer: None"

Love. her.

Alright. I'll pretend like there is a Santa Claus.... even though the kids all know there isn't..

She has a very flattering and marketable line. It's hard to say what she will be able to do with the variety of challenges the designers are faced with. She is kind of innovative for using actual plus size models instead of size 8/10's.


Glad she designs for plus size women but the clothes look a little.....boring. IDK how she'll do in a fashion forward enviroment :I

Already impressed with the roster that she's worked with:

Latifah and Angie Stone - two Divas who love what the good Lord gave them.

But I hate Wendy Williams.

Well, I love her, but I despise her strapless lime green jumpsuit. The dresses look ok though, so there's some hope!

I love her personality!

Her clothes are intriguing but I didn't see fitted suits and such on the rack. I hope she can do intricate, more fitted designs because I'm rooting for her already.


She seems delightful, but her designs don't seem to be anything that isn't already available. I don't see "designer" here.

This post just exemplifies why I adore you both and love this blog of yours!!

You had me at Qristyl...

I am more or less just a scrawny, boy-bodied girl but I'm still excited that she's on the show. Too many people with the gift of a high metabolism walk around like they've earned their right to fit a sample size... and I think we all remember the disastrous plus size designs from season whatever. I think it, unfortunately, takes a more observant eye to design really flattering plus-sized clothing, so while it may require her to do some tweeking for the PR models I still think she'll have the advantage of being more flexible.

I'm already lovin' her! I will pick one minor nit. I hope that the top she's wearing in the publicity still is not one that she designed. The bodice seam is cutting right across her, ahem, bust apex line. That's a classic RTW thing - not made for big busted gals.

Hard to go wrong invoking the name of the Queen.

Perhaps my dream of having Sir Mix-A-Lot as a guest judge will come true.

Amy sez

LOVE HER ALREADY! I'm also not a big fan of satiny fabrics, but its much more flattering for curvy woman than stiffer fabrics. That grey dress is the least flattering and looks like a hospital gown. I hope she has more range tho...more layering/detailing.

What collections?

I like some of her stuff, but it's really nothing you wouldn't see on the racks at either Lane Bryant or WalMart/Target.

another laura

Well, well, well. She sounds like a real hoot. (token sassy black woman? uh-oh)

I'll look forward to seeing what she will do with the skinny-@ss models they will have for her. She may just pull some surprises out of her head and hands! That having been said, I really do not like the clothes showing here in her portfolio. Maybe it's just that color of green making me throw up in my mouth a little.

If she can't deliver something more than what's in the photos, I don't think she'll get very far.

I think I want that black dress in the last photo. It's fairly simple but also has a classic and comfortable look. I like her designs but keep wanting them to be with different fabrics. Still, she knows how to fit on a fuller body. Yippee!


YES!! How refreshing to see this gal on the show. A big kiss to Tim, Laura and Emmmett to moving her into the mix.

The "busty gals" line got me... I'll bite. I am naturally busty (but definitely not plus-sized; I'm a 2, or a 0 when I lay off the tortilla chips and guacamole) so the first thing I noticed about these clothes is that many of them are not bra-friendly.

Bra-friendliness matters a lot to women who are carrying a D-cup or greater load of natural flesh. Strapless bras are available, I know, but I also know all too well the horrible feeling of a bra sliding down the ribcage. It is NOT fabulous to have the urge to put down your glass of champagne to yank up your bra! So I do very much appreciate that Qristyl is making clothes for curvier women, but I'd like it if her outfits didn't seem to encourage women to go braless.

She seems fun and fabulous and it's terrific that she's a curvy girl who designs with plus-size women in mind, but her designs are...not so fashion-y.

It would be great if she really rose to the challenges on PR and showed some range, though. I'm definitely rooting for her to do well.

As a naturally busty and techincally plus sized girl (my dress size ranges from 12-14), I love her stuff. And it's great to see something different in the competition. I'm a big fan of the light blue and white/pink dress next to it. So far I think her and Louise are my pre show favorites.

I love how different all of the designers are this year. I'm glad they have someone designing for different types of people; however, I'm not convinced I really liked her designs all that much. They don't seem terribly innovative but hopefully on the show she can show some range with different fabrics and mediums. I hope there is a plus size model in the mix- could make things interesting.

Also, concerning spoiler speculation I think it's pretty funny that on nearly every (if not every) contestant thus far someone has speculated something. So far, I think just about everyone has made the finale, right?

Dudes, there ain't no plus-sized models.

How soon we forget!

TLo already did a spread on them.


I'm curious to see more.

I love the dress on the third model on the right in her audition tape!!
AND, I love Qristyl!!
AND, I love Tim, Laura and Emmett!!
Gosh, ain't love grand?

I love Tim's comment about double-stick tape!

I like her. I do worry about her choice of fabrics (the shiny, not the colors) and the sophistication (or lack thereof) in her designs. But I hope she does well*. I;ve had enough of people who "don't design for real women"!

*Actually, I think she will. She responded so quickly and with such enthusiasm to Tim saying that she should shorten her dress that it's clear she is open to suggestion and will really take advantage of his mentoring. A willingness to take advice and to see PR as an opportunity to learn and grow generally holds the contestants in good stead.

"Lilithcat said...
I've had enough of people who "don't design for real women"!"

EXACTLY. I'm rooting for her.

About freaking time!!!

too many cats

The photos of her clothes here are meh.
The casting minute are attention getting in the best way possible. Her yellow dress, the one she's wearing, I'd love that in a certain set of pastel colors. The strapless and simple evening dress says she knows how to use fabrics' diagonals to flatter and that's a very good thing.
If I hadn't seen the casting minute, I would not be so positive about her, but I feel good for her, now.

I like her, but those jumpsuits (strapless? animal print? really?) concern me.

Although my brain and typing fingers are having some difficulty getting her name out correctly, I lovelovelove her. I'm totally betting on Qristyl to win Fan Favorite this year. Love her personality, love her point of view, love her clothes.

OMG, a designer after my own heart that designs clothes I would actually wear!

Yeah, the styles look a little cheap to me, but HOORAY for a designer who addresses the needs of women who are not stick-figures for a change!

Personality-wise, I think she will be one of my favorites!

She's a nice person, but I'm a plus size and wouldn't wear her clothes. They look like nightgowns or something you'd see at Walmart. And the proportions and hemlines seem off. I'd like to see if she could do something more tailored for larger women, because there aren't enough clothes like that around.

I love her designs but the top she's wearing is terrible - the boobs are not where they are supposed to be so I'm guessing it's off-the-rack.

If there's a Real People challenge I'm sure she'll be the winner!



i have a feeling this season is gonna be worth the wait! And when did they show the collections?

TLo said...

Guys, please stop speculating about who makes it to the finale based on the collections. A lot of people deliberately avoided the collections so as not to be spoiled.

To the poster we just deleted: we're sorry for that. Please repost without the spoiler speculation

Why on Earth did you post the collections to begin with if you didn't want people to talk about them?

'bout time! I look forward to seeing what Lady Q is gonna bring us! Will be interesting to see if Tim's mentoring will bring forth more of her talents, as I'm not in love with the looks so far (too stretchy/knitty fabric)

yes indeed, looks like we are in for an interesting new season.

thanks Laura & Emmett for the cool pics!


'Anonymous said...
TLo said...

Guys, please stop speculating about who makes it to the finale based on the collections. A lot of people deliberately avoided the collections so as not to be spoiled.

To the poster we just deleted: we're sorry for that. Please repost without the spoiler speculation.

Why on Earth did you post the collections to begin with if you didn't want people to talk about them?"

Did they post them HERE? NO.

Are you forced to look at them? NO.

Do I want to be surprised by someone talking about them HERE? NO.

And why the fuck is it always someone anonymous??

You know, sometimes I wish TLo only allowed registered commenters to post here.

Sorry, but us busty gals with some style would NEVER wear a top that had an empire seem that cut across the nipples! And, while some satin is nice, the lack of any tailored looks for the over size 2 crowd tells me that she is lacking skills.
Oh, how I long for someone who can make my cans look can-do...
And, WTF, her style icons are Gwenyth and Halle and Whitney? They can barely scrape a b cup together between the three of them! If you will embrace me and design for me, don't look longingly at the skinny bitches and think "if only"!

"Anonymous said...

Why on Earth did you post the collections to begin with if you didn't want people to talk about them?"

Let's try some common sense, shall we? There are, as you are clearly aware, several posts displaying the final collections. At the bottom of each of those posts is a "Post a comment" link which, when you click on it, lo and behold, takes you to a magical place where you can discuss the collections to your heart's content. Because such a magical place exists, CLEARLY we encourage anyone WHO WANTS TO to discuss the final collections. We just don't want those conversations spilling over here. Common sense. me, this seems more pandering and insulting than something to cheer about. Of course there is a need for designers who design beautiful clothes for large women (I detest the term "real" women), but her stuff is the very problem plus-size women face when they go to buy clothes: everything is dull and/or cheap, and always one of two or three different silhouettes. Qristyl seems like a sweetheart, and I LOVE her enthusiasm to learn (telling Tim she'd love to try shortening the dress) - I hope it carries her far in the competition. But...there are beautiful and imaginative clothes out there for big women. PR clearly wasn't very invested in finding someone who made them. It seems like more of a shrewd move to draw in non-PR-fan Lifetime viewers or something than to really address any sort of issue. (Especially if they decide to kick her off almost immediately. It will be interesting to see how long she lasts.)

The term "plus-sized" irritates me. We all know that models are freakish waifs that no one really looks like. Shouldn't the "plus-sized" models (which are not fat at all- they actually look fed and healthy) be considered normal-sized and all of the "normal" models be considered "minus-sized"? Ah, if wishes were horses...

As a "big" black girl (I have huge boobs and not a stick figure) with a plus-sized mom, THIS IS AWESOME! We'll finally be able to imagine ourselves in some of the designs. She has a great personality, looks like she'll be able to roll with the punches (see how well she took Tim and Laura's critiques).

What could be her downfall is if she hasn't been classically trained, she might struggle with some of the thinner bodies. It's true, if you're used to designing/learned to sew on one kind of body, making that transition is gonna be tough.

That said, I worked in Lord & Taylor, a department store, and the departments where I'd make the most money in sales was formal dresses and PLUS SIZE. There is a great market out there and plus-sized women are willing and eager to pay for good looking classy clothes in their sizes. This lady, if a shrewd business woman, could make a MINT.

Yay for the lack of hip bones but she could have at least put some makeup on the girls, jeez. It's not really my style but good for PR branching out into plus size designers.

another laura

As to the commenters who are sick and tired of "plus size" and "real women"? WORD.

Girls, aren't we ALL real? And if some are plus, aren't others necessarily minus? Hath not all women eyes? Hath not all women hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? Okay, I'll stop. I need a cocktail.

The clothes are pretty (except for that weird jumpsuit, second down on the left), flattering, and well-executed, but fairly basic. And I agree that the fabric and color choices are not the best.

It is great that there is such a wide variety of designers this season.

oh thank god, maybe this will spark designers that there are those like me, who are fashionable fat chicks who like lookin' pretty.

Also... i like shiny... I would have love to see more separates from her, mostly as I hate dresses and skirts.

Hmmm. I mean, yes, good that she designs for fat women and yes, some of her pieces are better than others. These aren't the clothes that I want to wear, though. Too much fabric - billowing sleeves, full skirts, wrap dresses. If you're a big girl, you're already wearing more fabric than a thin girl. Why add even more into the mix. I like my clothes to be fitted to show off my shape, not to balloon around me. And I definitely don't want satin to show my cellulite to the world.

So, anyway, it will be interesting to see whether she has the talent to step outside her normal box (where, tbh, customers are just so happy to find things that aren't drip-dry polyester tents, that they'll buy anything) and cut it in the mainstream. I really hope so. And mostly, I hope that PR will make her a better designer when she goes back to her plus-size range, so that us fat girls get more fabulous clothes to choose from at the end of the day.

I think some people are confused and regard the portfolio clothes shown here with these previews as the "collections" that shouldn't be spoiled. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the "collections" are from the anonymous finale that was shot many a moon ago, and yes, you might be able to discern some things from those about who the finalists are.

I don't think it's at all unreasonable to ask people to take those discussions to those threads. But it is going to be a strange season, having those final collections hanging over our e-heads, isn't it?

I am plus sized and wouldn't be caught dead in most of the garments she shows. The sleeve lengths are questionable, the fabrics are cheap looking and the prints are very "Golden Girls".
I love that she tries, but she falls into too many of the traps that plus size manufacturers do and the results are not flattering.

Wait. We're not supposed to say "plus-sized women" anymore? That was already a euphemism for "larger women," which was a euphemism for "fat women." I can't keep up anymore.

No fear of prints or color. I like her already! I really want to see what she comes up with turned loose in Mood with a decent budget.
Her basic lines are good, I'm hoping a lot of fabric choices where based on what's affordable.

Fashion Bug.

Mmmhmm, big girls holla!

She's what PHAT GIRLZ was all about!

about time!!

I love her already, even though her style is a little too "urban" more my own personal taste.

I like her collection, including the jump suit and the dress she wore. They all make a statement, that it's fashionable and pretty as a larger woman. None of it is my type of style, but I am fussy. I love jackets and pants and wear a jacket over a dress, never sleeveless. This young lady is about flaunting your gifts.

We know PR virtually never uses larger women. This designer may or may not be able to wow 'em out of her element.

By the by, how quickly we forgot Korto? She very strongly emphasiszed size for herself and others, all the time. She was first. And a very tough act to follow.

"plus sexy" - haha...yes! win-win.


She's awesome! I can't wait to see more!!

The portfolio is a little thin on structured/tailored garments - which CAN be made to flatter the plus-sized - but, the clothes do seem to fit & in most cases flatter the wearer. And Tim said she likes prints.

This IS looking like it will be an interesting season. Too bad the first few episodes, where there are still a herd of designers in the workroom, can't be 2 hours long.

"FormerlyAnon said...
Too bad the first few episodes, where there are still a herd of designers in the workroom, can't be 2 hours long."

That is a great idea. I'd rather have that and the all-stars challenge for another day.

Big boobied plus size commenter checking in!

She's got personality (though she almost lost me at 'Qristyl' - yikes) and the clothes that she makes for herself looks nice on her but I'm not seeing a lot of FASHION there.

I'm seeing a lot of Lane Bryant-y stuff (not that that's a bad thing. Well. Maybe. Lane Bryant has really gone downhill in the last few years).

I wish we could see a couple of tailored pieces but I guess there was only a very small number of garments a designer could bring to the interview. Thought the dress she wore was really nice, though. And I'm not convinced the hem being shortened by two inches would have made it better, Tim.

I can see the major hurdle for her being construction and tailoring and just stepping out of the purely commercial arena her portfolio seems to highlight. Korto managed to do that beautifully and was one of her many strengths, I thought.

I almost wonder if The Show That Can Not Be Typed (or my fingers turn into claws before I get to "-how") would have been a better platform for her.

Ah, well. I really wish her well.

As a plus size female myself, I'm not in love with most of her designs. I like the grey dress with red trim quite a lot, but it looks like it's an exception in her aesthetic. Still, Project Runway is a learning experience and hopefully she'll have come out of it a better designer.

oh hell yes! I'll even forgive her the unusual spelling of her name if she can bring it.

Of course it's interesting that she designs for plus sized women, but I'm not really feeling the clothes you guys put up. It's all stuff that I've seen thousands of times, it feels like, and not all great. (Lime green strapless number, the bright pink... bathrobe?)

Right now, I'm not so sure that Project Runway is quite the right show. Instead, I see something like The Fashion Show (if it had stuck to the "real clothes, real people" bit) working for what she does.

I'll be interesting to see if she can pull it out for PR, and how she'll cope with the industry runway models! The models she's using aren't even industry plus size models. It'll be a massive change.

I hope she can make it work! (Squee! Make it work! Auf wiedersehen! I'm so excited to hear those beloved phrases aimed at new people.)

I hear ya, another Laura.

The entire "real woman" thing gets old, fast. A woman is what she is, no matter was size her chest, waist, and hips!

Real women have long hair, real women have boobies, real women aren't a size 2, real women are a size 2. Heck, I've even heard, "Real women don't shave!" Think THAT one over. =/

By claiming that one thing is more "real" than the other, aren't we just hurting ourselves in the long run? Claiming to be more real is just a way of putting down someone that is a different shape than you are. (And trust me, I am no runway model.) That sort of attitude can't help the misconceptions about body shape; it can only add more negativity.

The questionable spelling of her name aside, I'm excited to see her in this group and to see if she can step it up with fabric choice.

And you know what? Wouldn't it be great to see a few plus size models every now and again?

The clothes don't look bad on the models but I don't really like this collection, it's meh.
And I hate the shiny fabrics, especially in bold colours.

Anonymous said...

Wait. We're not supposed to say "plus-sized women" anymore? That was already a euphemism for "larger women," which was a euphemism for "fat women." I can't keep up anymore.

I agree.
But if you'd like to use some tougher expressions, you are welcome to do so with slim women - they became thin women first, then skinny women and nowadays everyone is free to insult them openly as sticks, clothhangers or worse. Slim women aren't even real women anymore if I believe some of the posts I read on this blog.

As a "plus-size" black woman, I can say that although the satin, draped look may not be for all, it's absolutely a look that you find A LOT of black women wearing. I love it, the materials, the bright colors. Who wants to look so "cream and navy" all the time? I cannot wait to see her designs.

I don't think it can be said loud enough or often enough-- I SO cannot wait for August 20!

Anonymous 7/25/09 12:22 AM said:
"I almost wonder if The Show That Can Not Be Typed (or my fingers turn into claws before I get to "-how") would have been a better platform for her."

LOL - Aw, gee, Anon12:22, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, let alone this designer who seems to be a pretty pleasant woman. I think she'll do much better as she seems to be open to mentoring and, let's face it, Tim's the best!

After looking at the videos, this is a designer who I'll be interested in watching - just hoping that she's not the "nice one' who usually gets auf'd early because they're not bringing too much to the drama or the design.


7/25/09 8:35 AM
As a "plus-size" black woman, I can say that although the satin, draped look may not be for all, it's absolutely a look that you find A LOT of black women wearing.

Well, it's kind of telling that all her models are "plus-size" (non-industry standard, really?) black women. I wonder if she designs for that consumer because it's her day job, or it's designing for herself so it's easy/profitable to do so, or if it's really really the market she wants to pursue--though looking at her style icons, huh, maybe not.

(Well, if she "only" designs for plus-size black women, by default most other designers "only" design for skinny white women, so eh....)

Right, doesn't the industry call "plus size" "women", now? (So non-"plus size" = "ladies"--overall, one of the more insipid things I have ever heard, btw.)

I have a dream, that one day the industry will devise sizing/fit for tops that distinguish between A/B, C/D, DD+ sizes. :\

It's a good change to have a plus-size designer, but her sense of style is just barely decent. Her top is ugly and ill-fitting, and her collection is the usual cheap-looking, flashy outfits you find in your local Lane Bryant or Avenue. :-|

Why are designers under the impression that plus-size woman always want to wear shiny, thin fabrics with giant prints?

Kelsey on 7/24/09 at 3:22 PM said..however, I'm not convinced I really liked her designs all that much. They don't seem terribly innovative but hopefully on the show she can show some range with different fabrics and mediums. I hope there is a plus size model in the mix- could make things interesting.

Kelsey-The thing I really love about PR is that all the designer's abilities seem to get turned up a notch as they are reaching for the next ;evel in each elimination challenge. I do not know if this is dur to Sir Tim or to competition aganists other designers. Whatever the reason all contestants seem to grow each week on PR. I did not see any of this on the TFS.

As for Qristyl Frazier, I see a Korto with a lot of healthy sass. No doubt this woman can sew and understands a customer most high end designers choose to ignore if they even know she existed in the first place.


As a bigger woman, all I can say is HALLELUJAH!

Finally someone who realizes that most woman aren't a clothes hanger, and have curves in places where curves belong.

I can. not. wait.

She's already my favorite! I want her to win it all. And it's not just because I'm a fat girl and I want all those clothes. She's fabulous and quirky and talented. Finally! Between Qristyl and Louise I'm impressed.

I'm a little worried about her aesthetic, w/ all the tone on tone and same pattern on pattern -- it begins to look like sleepwear. (Maybe it is) Also, the lack of structure is a bit odd considering she's a plus size designer (skimmed post & pics -- assumed she's a plus size designer) where structure and stronger fabrics does wonders for heavier set people.

*Prays that Lame Bryant isn't the only measuring stick for plus size fashions*

Seriously I can think of far too many other stores that are doing it better. Kiyonna, B & LU, Marina Rinaldi to name just a few.

She seems delightful but the clothes are kind of terrible. I might wear that second dress (the wrap) in a different print, or the gray one but everything else is just yuck.

I am a 'betweener' (I wear a 14-18 depending on the brand) with a large chest and have trouble finding clothing where the fit is flattering in the 'regular' size range (take note retailers -scaling up from a size two to a size 14 doesn't always work - not that they give a f**k) and find the bright, shiny and drapey vibe of most plus lines to be very off putting.

Anyway, I loved Korto, LOVE her aesthetic, and I prefer to think of her as the first PR designer for women with curves.

For now I'll just continue to make my own clothes. Le sigh.

Yes yes yes yes yes! As a curvy and proud size 14, I've been waiting for some real-sized clothes. AMENNNNNNN.

Personality might be entertaining...but her portfolio? BARF.



I"m not totally obsessed with her clothes but I can't wait to see what she's going to do. I only hope PR doesn't pull a Tyra and bring the plus-size girl in, only to kick her off one week 3 because the world "isn't ready".

I basically agree with Shemima's post.

She does seem like a very nice, fun person, but I am a little worried about the quality.
When I first clicked to she her clothes, I thought some coulkd be good others look cheap (both ways).

When I saw some one post Fashion Bug, I thought that seemed far more accurate than Lane Bryant. I have suit jackets and trousers that are not how some of the posters portrayed their stuff. This spring I bought two cardigan sweaters in very lovely prints. Actually I don't think I've ever seen stuff like hers in LB.

Oh and to the comments about sizing up - if anyone who designs for larger sizdes reads this...could you please add to arm size in jackets and coats??? I cannot tell you how many times I've tried something on that fit my DD chest but could barely get it over my arms - - so what the body grows but our arms are supposed to be a size 6?


How is her approach different from Korto's? The only difference I see is talent (and possibly taste). Korto is a gifted designer who designs clothes that look good on ALL sizes.

Also, I'd like to add my voice to the "real women" debate. I am a "real" woman who is small (short and slender)and I find it offensive when people say I am NOT a real woman or that thin women are skinny bitches, eat a sandwich, etc. If you are truly proud and accepting of your own shape and size, you don't have to attack other women!

I deplore overly thin models and the emphasis on weight and youth in the fashion industry, and I feel sorry for women (models included) who suffer from eating disorders. The flippant, "Eat a cheesburger!" quip just bugs me. Maybe they eat healthily! Maybe they have an eating disorder, which is a serious, life threatening condition, and eating a cheeseburger isn't going to help.

So I'm going to say it now:

Eat a salad!


Ok, I just had to get that off my chest. (My 34C chest--we all have our crosses to bear, ha.) I hope I kept it civil.

I agree that Qristyl is not reinventing the wheel here; she is sticking with what sells and maybe what she personally likes to wear. These flowing, unstructured garments look comfortable. But it's true that we can't really gauge her skill set with what we are seeing here. She may be flummoxed by having to construct a tailored blazer or slacks. I think she can probably handle the thinner models--it doesn't seem like it would be as much of a challenge as the more tailored styles.

I have noticed that the fashion industry, at least at certain price points, has bigger women pegged as wearing bright colors and big prints. To me, these clothes just won't do for, say, a lawyer or VP of a company, not in certain parts of the country, anyway. And how about the older, larger sized women? They may not want to flaunt their bodies so much.

That said, Korto and Uli had very specific aesthetics (so did Laura, for that matter) and they did OK.

She's fabulous!

I think some of you are forgetting that this isn't a post about you, but about Qristyl Frazier.


It just bugs me when large women are called "real women" and "real sizes."

The average American woman is supposedly 5-4, 140 lbs., and a size 14. I believe that Kristyl and her models are quite a bit larger.

And I really think that Korto is a designer for all sizes and does more interesting work than Kristyl.

But it will be interesting to see how well Kristyl adapts her aesthetic to the show. That is also true of Louise, Ari, and probably a bunch of others.

Nope, season 4, my FAVORITE!!! Who was better than Christian, Jillian and Chris?? Laura??? I don't think so, although I liked her at the time.

God, talk about the world's most unflattering promo shot. Lifetime should be ashamed of itself.

What happened to the long comment from Qristyl that was here? Did it turn out to be an impostor or something?

"What happened to the long comment from Qristyl that was here? Did it turn out to be an impostor or something?"

I know Qristyl and that sounds EXACTLY like something she would do. She's amazing but she has to keep her emotions in check.


Anon - 8/5/09 11:42 AM

I wondered also, there seems to be a lot of "editing" going on.

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