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On the Edge of Our Seats

Are you excited yet, darlings?

Because God knows we are. Yes, our favorite show is coming back in less than 3 weeks and we are beside ourselves. We'll always love Project Runway, but nothing gets our motors running like AMC's Mad Men. If you're not already a fan, please, please, PLEASE go out and rent the season 1 DVDs immediately. Season 2 can be found on On Demand (and the first episode of S2 is currently on the AMC site here. Click on "Full Episodes").

It is, quite simply, the most intelligent, stylish, and addictive show on television. We bought the S2 DVD set the minute it came out earlier this month and we've practically worn holes in them watching them again and again. We are particularly proud when we sit through the commentary tracks with show creator Matt Weiner because he confirms practically every bit of analysis we offered last season. The only thing we missed completely was that episode where Don ran off with those amoral aristocrats in California. Had we known that the whole episode was based around old Slim Aarons photos, it would have made a lot more sense to us at the time.

And that's the thing about this show: it works on so many levels that one could literally spend hours analyzing just one episode. We are salivating over the prospect of sinking our teeth into Season 3.

AMC is slowly rolling out the promotional bits. The one that's getting everyone's attention is the above poster of Don Draper, seemingly in danger of drowning in his own office. It's an image rife with subtext and hidden meanings, so let's all overanalyze it in the comments section. The only thing we don't like about it is the fact that the gorgeous Jon Hamm looks a little too made up.

Also, has photos of the girls showing off their S3 looks:

Our girl Peggy is all grown up and she's ditched her ugly secretary outfits.

Joan is as fabulous and curvy and sexy as ever.

And Betty looks absolutely stunning. Take off the Miss Piggy gloves and you could walk that dress down a runway right now.

And AMC has a little teaser video with the cast:

We're inevitably going to wind up discussing the dangling plot threads of previous seasons in the comments section, so if you haven't caught up yet, please don't read further. The joy of this show is never knowing what's going to happen next. We'd feel terrible if we deprived anyone of that experience. Seriously, just trust us on this one. We've turned countless people on to this show and every one of them came away thanking us for it. It's just that good.

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I'm counting down the days!

Can't wait!! Thanks for the teaser.

Mad Men is the greatest show of all time, ever. And if for some reason you're not into soap operas with lots of intrigue, lurid, nasty sex, and people who are not who they seem to be, you can just watch it with the sound off and salivate over the clothes.

I haven't been able to get Season 2 on my local On Demand (Time Warner), but it is now available on Netflix.

Miss Heather, you can watch the S2 episodes online at the AMC site. They only have the first one up but they should be releasing all of them according to what we hear.

God, I love this show. I caught on earlier this year and have since seen every episode about 4 times, listening to each commentary. It's so layered, so juicy, so shocking, yet moves as smooth as molasses. And I love that I can watch a show where curvy, full-figured, Joan is a sexy a icon. Jon Hamm... no words can describe how that man smolders. He's beyond a gorgeous face. He proves that on Mad Men and on his stint on 30 Rock (which was hilarious if anyone didn't catch it.) Every character is amazing. I can't wait!!!

August will be the best month ever. Mad Men, PR, Top Chef. My brain may explode. I know my DVR will!

Banana Republic has a new "Mad Men" collection. Care to comment on it?

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Joooan! I miss Joan!

I can't wait to see all the plot lines and character arcs!

Finally (!) there's some adult tv to watch that doesn't insult my intelligence.

That Don Draper can unzip my skirt any day.....

I owe it all to you two. When it first came out I was confused, when, where and why... and then as more episodes aired I figured I wouldn't know what was going on, so why bother...But it was your rave blogs from last summer that made me a convert. I adore the show .... My husband and I have been watching the last two seasons, preparing for the 3rd!! Whoo hoo!!

I really hope Joan dumped that shithead of a fiance!

I am one your converts -- love this show! My pre-ordered copy of S2 arrived a couple weeks ago and I too am wearing holes in it. Did anyone hear This American Life in June, Origin Story, about the sixties ad man who wrote the VW and Timex ads? Worth a listen. Don Draper evokes Julian Koenig, the copywriter for these ads, and the guys dis the ads, "I don't know what I hate about it most, the car or the ad." So funny.

I'm been having an extraordinarily high stress summer and I can't tell you how much I truly need my trifeca of TV (Mad Men, Runway, and Top Chef) this August in particular. So. Very. Excited.

I need a little Hamm in my life.

- Donna in Seattle

So excited! This show is great on so many levels, it never disappoints. The clothes and the sets are reason enough to watch. I can't wait to see what little Sally Draper is up to this season as her teenage years approach. She is my favorite child character on a TV show ever! Maybe Joan will go all feminist after she (hopefully) breaks off her engagement to Dr. Douchebag.


Banana Republic isn't so much doing a collection, but putting together oufits inspired by the show. Was there yesterday and on the way out walked by Betty,1299908&clink=1299908

I adore Mad Men, especially so because it actually premiered on my birthday, which I think is kinda cool.

I actually turned 21 a few days ago, and among my gifts were the first and second season of Mad Men and I'm currently badgering my brother in an attempt to get him to watch it with me and I'm so excited to rewatch both seasons.

I have to echo what everyone is saying about the show being smart and well-written. Each episode is filled with so much symbolism and subtext and some really great dialogue that never ventures into the realm of being obvious.

It's a very subtle, slow-burn of a show that takes its time, which is great, because they can play with our expectations. With so many shows, they go all out and then they have to stage even more ridiculous things in order to out-do themselves, but with Mad Men, Joan and Peggy could have a fight and it would be a bombshell to the viewers, whereas other shows have to rely on plane crashes, shootouts, murder, etc.

Grinning and panting like a puppy!!!

Don - Love, LOVE, LOVE the picture of Don in the office with the water rising. That picture should be on thousands of billboards desecrating miles and miles of American countryside.
Peggy - The dress is adorable. I am on a styling lag effect with Peggy, because just now are the bangs staring to bug me. Also as a fan of The West Wing, it bugs me that I have not seen either Elizabeth Moss or Peggy look as good as Zoey did in the latter seasons of TWW... perhaps Peggy should get kidnapped or hookup with a wealthy French ne'er do well.
Joan - What did Christina Whats-Her-Name do to offend the hair and makeup people on the show? I suspect that she also did it to the wardrobe people, but management stepped in at the latter part of last season. I dunno perhaps wig tracks and poorly applied makeup are part of the subtext. Note, her makeup looks fine in this picture, the hair not so much - the reference to wig tracks and poorly applied makeup refers to how Joan looked for the better part of Season 2.
Betty - I gasped when I scrolled down and the picture of Betty came in full view! If I wanted to get nit-picky, her hair hair seems a bit anachronistic, but still I am floored by that visual.

I can't wait either, TLo.

And, of course, I will be entering AMC/Banana Republic contest to win a walk-on part on the show.

Ooooh - and that station wagon behind Betty Draper? Almost as delicious as her dress.

I read the interview with Joan that you guys did a while back and decided "Oh, what the heck, I'll rent the first part of season 1. If I don't like it, I'll just stop." I went back to rent the rest of that season that day. I haven't seen season 2 yet, but I'm excited!

another laura

Man I'm going to have to watch Season 2 for sure, it seems like it's been so long since the last episode.

Jooooaannn! Can't wait for Joan!

January Jones looks different as Betty. Is it a new hairstyle? Different makeup? Or just brighter lighting? something?

Jon Hamm looks good enough to eat. Slowly, lingeringly. Deep breath.

back to work.

Hmmmmm..I expected to see Betty in a slightly dowdy maternity top and elastic tummy panel skirt, circa early 1960s, not looking like a sexy slim starlet. Are we going to have a miscarriage story line early in the season, perhaps? She looks very exclusive, Manhattan upscale, too, like her 'escort' friend she and Don ran into on Valentine's Day. The housewife Betty appears to have vanished, in a cloud of bitterness and retribution, I suspect..

We came late to this show. Bought the first season DVDs and became instantly hooked. I just finished watching season two about a month ago. I'm so eager to watch the shows as they air and participate in the discussion here! It really does work on so many levels that the discussions are like taking part in a graduate-level seminar. But that makes it sound like work and it's anything but - it's grand, thought-provoking entertainment that manages to also be profound. Can't wait!

I've been inspired to revisit some 50's era styles - nipped waists, shirtwaist dresses, full skirts, etc. I'd forgotten how good those styles look on me so I've been doing my own homage to Betty Draper lately, with much success and many great compliments. I encourage everyone to channel their inner Betty or Joan - you'll be surprised at how much people (men especially) like those looks. And how flattering those styles on most women.

Thanks to your intelligent commentary, TLo, I started watching Mad Men last summer. Since I hadn't seen the first season, I also rented it and was enthralled.

Having grown up in the 50's and 60's, I wasn't that crazy about revisiting those times (I prefer today's world). However, the series provides a background that younger people should know about and a revisitation that we older ones can use to see what formed us.

I told my nieces that if they want to understand why I never married, just take a look at the women's roles on Mad Men. I have seen real life horrors similar to the hidden pregnancy Peggy went through and the rape that Joan endured. Hey, we grew up in a day when magazines such as Glamour advised us to "be quiet" when on a date and let the man do all the talking. Yuk! I am so happy it is no longer 1962.

I can't wait to Girl Crush on Joan for another entire season!

I caught up with Season 1 in May at your recommendation and was immediately hooked. All four discs of Season 2 were at the top of my Netflix queue the moment the release date was announced and I just finished watching them on Saturday. I used your analysis of episodes 4 through 13 as a sort of online Cliffs Notes (a necessity for this dense, subtle, and highly literate series).

I'm just as excited for Season 3 as I am for your analysis of each episode. Thanks, gents!

I swear to God, my mother owned the dress that Christina Hendricks is wearing in the teaser video.

"Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm..I expected to see Betty in a slightly dowdy maternity top and elastic tummy panel skirt, circa early 1960s, not looking like a sexy slim starlet. Are we going to have a miscarriage story line early in the season, perhaps?"

The beginning of Season 2 took place 15 months after the end of Season 1, so it's anyone's guess what month/year Season 3 starts at.

GAH. Such a week. I'll miss the premieres of both Mad Men AND PR b/c I'll be camping. What a week to turn hippie. Damn. Thanks god for TiVo.

i literally just started watching this show last week- I'm already halfway through season two. One of the best shows on tv.

I can't wait! I love this show!!

You guys got me hooked and now I can't stop watching it and yell at the TV what an asshole Don is.


"Lilithcat said...
I swear to God, my mother owned the dress that Christina Hendricks is wearing in the teaser video."

Isn't that fabulous? I love what they wear. My mom still has some of her dresses from that era.

Amazing show, I've been patiently waiting for season 3. I wonder what's going to happen next; is Don going to stay in the company? Are they going to start firing people?

Amy sez
Squeal! I can't wait! The more I look at the poster, the more it looks like Jon Hamms head was photoshopped onto someone else's body. Like his head looks too small for the body. Maybe its just because shirt collar is high up. No matter, he's still gorgeous.

re Linda
"we grew up in a day when magazines such as Glamour advised us to "be quiet" when on a date and let the man do all the talking."

I saw a Guide to Being a good wife from that time that said "Be interesting, try reading!"

The minute I saw the Banana Republic Mad Men competition sign, a small thrill ran through me. A sign. For a little casting call. And suddenly it was real and I knew MM was going to be on again. (I don't even really care for BR, just MM...)

It's gonna be good!

At first, Mad Men sort of bugged me--it was kind of overdone--but then I stumbled on an episode in the middle of the second season and I got hooked on the characters. I then realized if I looked at as a sort of series of John Cheever stories rather than something historically accurate that the heightened realism really worked. (That my father, an adman, looked a great deal like Harry at that point, does give it a sort of weird deja vu.)

But, you know, probably wouldn't have bothered to watch that episode if you guys hadn't been raving about it--so thanks.


As for the show, can't wait... sigh...

Oh, you mean maybe I shouldn't be drinking mass quantities of cocktails watching so I can follow the subtle plot twists?

And Season 3 has singing and dancing!!!! Next, a broadway musical!

I have to say for me the show is such a snoozer...I'm addicted to your entries about Mad Men though - for me they are better then the show ever could be.

I can't wait to hear what you guys think!

I just finished watching Mad Men seasons 1 and 2, and I'm hooked! (thanks in no small part to TLo's incisive and entertaining commentary).

However, I do have a question for ya'll, especially TLo, if you happen to read this and would care to respond :)... everyone seems to be enthralled with the lovely Joan Holloway. I agree that she is HIGHLY entertaining, and the scenes with her are definitely among my favorites. However, most people seem to go a step beyond what I feel for J.H.—rather than simply embracing the character as being highly entertaining, interesting, and complex, people seem to really *like* the character as a person. To me, this seems at odds with the nasty racism and sexism (especially racism) that she’s displayed. Am I missing something? I should clarify that I’m 100% on board with loving a character because of how interesting/engaging/complex they are, and that some of my all-time favorite characters weren’t necessarily “good people.” However, when describing these characters I’d never describe them with the type of adulation that many use for Joan. Of course, I also have a difficult time watching things through a “historical perspective,” so when Joan displayed her vicious white-girl racist card, I found it very upsetting and was unable to make allowances for the fact that she was probably behaving/feeling the same way as a majority of other white Americans at that time.

Hopefully this isn’t overly nitpicky or taking the fun out of things. I’m honestly just very curious and would love to hear from you…

Am I excited yet? Do you even need to ask? I absolutely can't wait! It's such a wonderful show. The tiny, yet oftentimes overpowering, character moments it's filled with - there's simply nothing like this show on TV today.

One of the best shows on TV. I can;t wait for the next season and your commentary, boys.

My mother always told me that it wasn’t polite to talk about yourself.

Is Joan played by the same actress as YoSaffBridge? I definitely have to check out this show now! Christina H was lovely in Firely as as a sexy con artist, I bet she's great in this show!

he really does look like a cartoon pilot.

I am so freakin' giddy!!!

I didn't really know anything about Jon Hamm until he guest starred on 30 Rock. What a babe!
And he's great at comedy. His SNL hosting is wonderful proof of that.

They make him look so old on this show. But I love the fashion.

Dare I venture into Mad Men territory?

Since you guys love this show so much, I think I'll give it a shot. So that means cramming in 2 seasons of episodes in what? 2 or so weeks?

I'm really looking forward to this season. Having grown up in that era, I wasn't sure I wanted to revisit it. Once I began watching the show I became hooked. Multi-layered, nuanced, so intelligent, humorous, deeply dramatic and startling on occasion. It gives such perspective on the society of the time. I was too young and naive to be aware til later of the revolutionary changes America was going through. It has become one of my favorite series ever televised, though it still ranks below Six Feet Under for me, which gave me all of the above, and left me feeling stunned at times when the episode ended as I was so entrenched in the story I forgot myself. So rare.


i'm not dorothy gale

Oh, darlings! Am I ever excited! I bought both seasons and am in the midst of season 2. This is quality television and it pleases me no end that you boys are promoting this. You introduced me to the show and I've been preachin' the Mad Men gospel ever since.

Plus, of course, sending readers to your blog!

If you want to watch S2 episodes online for free, you can watch them on as well.

My father is actually friends with a couple of the writers and they told him a couple spoilers. One is that they are "sexing up" this season and that everyone's gonna have a more active sex life. Number two is that Christina Hendricks is getting married and she lost something like 30 lbs. for her wedding, so her body may look a little different during the season. I'm really sad about that because I love her body.

You have no idea how THRILLED I am for S3! I've been spending my evenings poring over S2 dvd's watching every special feature and listening to EVERY commentary!

Love, love, love Christina Hendricks dress! As a curvy girl myself, I love the idea that this is sexy.

I am posting this very late, but just in case -

You can go here:

And Mad Men yourself.

Back during Season 1, I got into major arguments with people who claimed Mad Men was unrealistic.

I was there, damn it. I was Sally Draper... except that I was the perfect daughter, as were most of us in 1962.

As for those who think the show takes liberties or exaggerates... the neighbors two houses down from us actually hired a young woman to impersonate their 19 year-old daughter (while the daughter was at the Lena Pope Home having her baby out of wedlock). Everyone knew about it, but no one said a word. Every morning, they would pretend to drive her to secretarial school, and every evening, they would bring her home, and she would remain in her room when they hosted the neighbors. Weird, but true.

During my first job interview (1972), I was asked if I had any plans to marry and have children right away. The boss didn't want to have to go to the trouble of replacing me in the near future.

I swear, this show makes me feel like someone has been spying on me my whole life. It's creepy... but I have to watch!

Oh, my lovely babies.

I'm so excited about the upcoming season 3 and our return to the deliciously dark, meaningful and oh, so stylish world of Don Draper, his wife Betty and his fellow employees of Sterling Cooper.

I recently found out from the Basket of Kisses blog, that supposedly there will be a viewing party in Times Square on Sunday, August 16th.

More details should be coming in the future.

the AMC poster with Don makes more sense and more significant now that we've seen season 3 and the downfall of DOn.

.... everyone seems to be enthralled with the lovely Joan Holloway.

Speak for yourself. I'm not enthralled. Joan is no better or worse than the rest of them. However, I do get sick and tired of fans acting as if she's the greatest thing since Swiss cheese.

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