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Leanne Marshall for Bluefly

Bluefly held a little thing where Project Runway Season 5 winner Leanne Marshall, our very own Judy Noodles, previewed her line. We got her thoughts on a range of topics while checking out the clothes.

On the inspiration for this collection:
"My inspiration for this collection was kind of an infusion of flowers and a lot of what inspires me is continuing along with that; petals, kind of those shapes that you saw me do on PR, but we'll call it 'Noodles Lite' since you guys like to say that I love to slap them all over my clothes, because it's light on the noodles.

You know, this collection is really about accessibility; it’s for so many different women, so many different figures; there's a lot of color. I thought about you guys when I picked the palette, I'll be honest. It's more color than I've used in previous collections and I really wanted to make that a statement while keeping the details a little bit more refined. You know, it's a collection where you can wear the separates with so many different things that you already have in your wardrobe and there's also that special gown for special events; it will turn heads and knock them dead."

On the fabrics used:
"These are all mostly sustainable in the separates, with the exception of the skirt and the long gown. Everything else used is. Bamboo jersey, kind of due to time constraints, with the exception of the coral, everything else; there was A LOT of sourcing involved; a lot of fabric shortages, last minute freak-outs of, 'Omigod, I hope I can get more in that color!' and luckily I did."

On moving to NY. Has that influenced the way you work? Has it helped you? Has it been more of a distraction?
"It's definitely different. I mean, It's a much faster pace here. There's less nature here. And yeah, it has changed the way that I work a little bit in terms of being on this schedule that you need to be on to be in New York Fashion. It's like, you need to have your samples done by this certain point, do your look books, do your trade shows, source your fabrics, it's crazy and it's a drastic change from, 'oh look, I got this fabric, I'll just whip up a dress and like on my floor, in my bedroom'. So it's a different scenario altogether, but I'm still largely inspired and influenced by nature and the things that I've always been."

On the (gorgeous) blue gown:
"Yeah, I love the gown. I'm really happy with how that came out. It's kind of a little bit reminiscent of what you saw on the runway in my final collection and I kind of kept that in mind, what people had seen me do on the show and wanted to cater to that in this collection and give the customer what they want from me."

On the price point:
"They vary, but the mid-range is 90-300. . I think it's really important right now to keep the price points lower, but also to create an amazing product that many different people can wear."

On using sustainable fabrics for her collections:
"It's something that I feel like I need to do, to be a responsible person and designer. And I think that we should all, as designers, think about what steps we can take in order to reduce our carbon footprint, but for me, look at these clothes. They're great. You can wear them so many different places. They're beautiful on their own and oh by the way they're also sustainable."

On the PR experience:
"I feel so incredibly lucky and fortunate to have this experience and the exposure that PR has brought to me. It's crazy to think that it was a year ago, so much has changed. I don't feel that I've changed as a person but I've changed in terms of my business. It's grown immensely and I'm finally there. I still have a ways to go before I'm Michael Kors or DVF but I'm very much on the way."

On the most important topic of all, us:
"I love you guys so much. Don't be mean to me. My noodles! Don't criticize my noodles! You guys actually remind me of one of my good friends, Auggie, back in Portland, who's so bitchy, but hilarious....Bravo should have you both on the payroll."

The collection will be available on Bluefly next Wednesday, July 8th.

More pics:


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Some interesting pieces but I got to say that dress Leanne is wearing doesn't quite work on her. Doesn't seem to suite her personality. Even if it is a bit noodley :p

But I say you guys keep stirring that pot of noodles all you like


awww, so sweet. hope she continues to flourish. i do like her pieces and would definitely consider saving up to buy them. that blue gown is deceptively simple in style.

I love the blue skirt. I want it. I hope it's within my price range.

And check you bitches out. Leanne thinking about you while designing the collection.


I think she hit "wearable," and I like her expanded color palette. The white detailing on the deep pink baby-dollish dress is very nice.

Her dress, while unflattering in that "My clothes are too hip in a consciously anti-hip way to care about being flattering" is more interesting than the collection. But, probably, less likely to sell in large numbers at the price it would take to produce it.

The blue gown is gorgeous. The pink dress is great, too, though I'd rather see it in another color; as it is, it's so. . .pink.

Judy Noodles is so adorable. I'm glad that things are going well for her. And she is completely right, you boys should be on Bravo's payroll. No way I would have watched Make Me a Supermodel or would I still be watching The Fashion Show if it weren't for your recaps.

I hope she gets good advertising out of it at least!

Miss Heather

Very cute and a nice interview too. My only quip is that it's not really 'everywoman'; I'd say it's more for the 18-30 age range. But an appealing collection nevertheless.

It's always reassuring in this world when someone so talented and deserving gets a break like this. Congratulations Leanne!

Ally said, "No way I would have watched Make Me a Supermodel or would I still be watching The Fashion Show if it weren't for your recaps."

I second that emotion. Well, I didn't watch MMAS, but this blog is the only reason I can think of for watching TFS.

Love the dresses! I'm glad Judy Noodles is doing well.

"Miss Heather: My only quip is that it's not really 'everywoman'; I'd say it's more for the 18-30 age range."

I've actually been debating whether a woman of 50 could get away with wearing the coral dress. Not sure. I think maybe only the length makes it too young, but that model is at least 6 feet tall. On a shorter woman the dress might be long enough.


The model she used creeps me out. She has dead eyes in the thumbnail photo.

Love the colors. I don't think it's aggressively young. Anyone could wear the white blouse and the evening gown could easily be worn by a fit over-forty. There's a nice sophistication to it combined with an ease of styling.

And I love the drape of bamboo. This everywoman is eying the blue skirt.

Great colors! Love love love the blue dress.

she is adorable and winsome and i wish her well. i love how thoughtful she is about sustainability as well as the needs/desires of her customer. the clothes are not my thing, but let a thousand flowers (and noodles) bloom! i hope her collection does great.

I love every shot except the header dress in shocking pink and white. It looks like a prom dress on a bad night. That may partly be the model, but it saddens me, particularly since I want everything else in the pictures!

Anonymous said
7/2/09 1:47 PM The model she used creeps me out. She has dead eyes in the thumbnail photo.

No kidding. For some reason that photo reminded me of the mean girlfriend in Urban Cowboy.

Brava Judy Noodles! I love the colors. That blue gown is TDF, and I'm so happy to see her wearing the purple dress from her last collection!!!

ahhh, you just gotta love judy noodles.

I love you Judy Noodles!!! Good luck to you!

First off, I love Leanne and her work and it pains me to say this: Oh, honey, no.

I cannot believe that she's wearing that gorgeous strapless dress over a gray v-neck t-shirt! At first glance I thought it was just an oddly constructed bodice, but then I looked again and realized what she had done. It looks ridiculous! I can understand her not wanting to have bare shoulders for the photo shoot, but didn't she have a little bolero or other jacket she could have worn?

(The dress is very similar to one in her Fall 2009 collection, but that one has wide shoulder straps.)

I love the blue gown, I even love the purple dress that Leanne is wearing... on its own. What was she thinking?

Very cute collection! As cute as its designer. What a sweetheart.
I'm so happy she is doing well!!!

I NEED that blue skirt, and the white jacket to go with. Hooray for Judy Noodles making interesting, wearable clothes!

I like the skirt. You could certainly pair that with a lot of tops.

Congrats, Judy Noodles! Great Job!

that model is horrible, yuck! I get so distracted by her I can hardly look at the clothes.

She's great! I just ove her. I love the little purple skirt and the color of the evening gown is just divine!!!

YAY Leanne!!

GothamTomato said...

I've actually been debating whether a woman of 50 could get away with wearing the coral dress. Not sure. I think maybe only the length makes it too young, but that model is at least 6 feet tall. On a shorter woman the dress might be long enough.


Yes, the right woman of 50 could get away with it. Full disclosure: But I always err on the side of inappropriateness.


I really like these clothes. I hope I can afford at least one of them.

I bought one of Christian Siriano's top on Bluefly : )

Yay! Joody Noodles!

The blue gown is perfect. I want.

Her clothes are beautiful and inspired, but the outfit she's wearing just doesn't work - it's like an amalgamation of trends (shiny dress! black tights! gray American Apparel-esque...undershirt?) that shouldn't be combined. Look in the mirror and take something off, Leanne! Or, better yet, dress yourself like you dress your model. Those clothes really are nice.

The blue evening dress is to die for. Does anyone know who the model is, she looks familiar?

I have a dress very much like the coral dress but in a black and off-white print. The skirt is slightly longer, but the sleeves, neckline, waist, and skirt shape are almost identical. No, I'm not saying Judy "copied" it, but it looks great on me and I am, ahem, middle-aged. Those flowy dresses look good on older ladies, slender ones anyway. As for skirt length, my legs are still to-die-for; I've heard that they're the last to go, so to speak!

Li'l Judy is wearing a lovely dress but not only did she put it over a t-shirt, the bodice doesn't fit her.

The clothes are beautiful.

Oh, I meant to say that it's too bad that the model is hunching over so much in the pic of the blue skirt, because the white top is interesting and I'd like to see more of it. I'll have to wait until July 8th, I guess.

I really like the separates. It's nice that she kept some of the noodles, her signature look.

I hope she does well, she's very talented.

Love the cropped white jacket and blue skirt.

The real question is, will this collection translate well to the bodies of regular women?

Nice to see Judy Noodles back on here : )
I'll definitely check the collection on Bluefly. She was one my favorite PR designers.

The blue dress is the same one that she had in her BP show.

Some nice pieces, but she needs a little time to really find her niche.

It's good to hear from Judy Noodles again! And I'm liking her new stuff.

I really like the coral dress, although I - don't hate me - would maybe shorten it a touch and wear it with leggings or skinny jeans, or lengthen it a touch, since I don't like showing too much leg. I also really like the little white jacket that the model's wearing with the blue skirt.

is it me or the gown comes across as a CHEAPER version of the gown she showed at fashion week. i mean, considering she didnt use sustainable fabric for it im guess she had access to better quality ones but something about it reads cheap cheap cheap. otherwise it is a nice silhouette (i personally dont like it but i see why others would) its the same bust and the two-tier trick is there, but it looks so cheap. it bothers me. i miss laura. she made a peanut bag look expensive. could u please pass along that msg to her?

p.s. the white shirt and blue skirt, CUTE. i never thought id say that about her work (beautiful maybe, cute never) but its actually youthful and cute. her niche market I feel, would be the fashionable uni student (like limited to new york and montreal but whatever she make it work) basically like a very upmarket version of american apparal. she seems to thrive in that segment and she could really work something out there. I just dont feel she has the chops yet to hit the big fellas, (until she gets a bit more world experience, cynicism and the spirit of edith head maybe). princess puffysleeves how u have spoiled us!

Welcome back Leanne!!!

I love her! I love her skirt and the blue mini skirt with the white short jacket or whatever it is.

I wish she kept on doing not only the petal patterns, but also more desings as she created for Diane Von Furstenberg in one Project Runway episode. Click here to see it. That was a stunning dress!

bamboo jersey ... *sigh*

I have bed sheets of bamboo fabric, and I love love love them.

leanne is probably wearing that dress just to show it off - i don't know if it's an outfit she'd normally wear, but since she's doing an interview and such, it seems fit that she would wear it.

this collection, is nice, but bear in mind that at such a low price point, it's not going to be as elaborate and detailed as some of her other pieces. Also, these styles are being produced in quantity, which makes it difficult. i think she did a nice job and the collection definitely reflects her style and is really wearable.

There is something about the model that is cheap and screams "skank". The fake tan? Not sure. As for the clothes, I don't really like them. The blue gown is lovely, but we've seen it from Leanne before. Leanne's dress is interesting, but isn't doing her figure any favours.

Am I the only one who thinks the pieces are a major snoozer*?

Leanne's hair looks great, though and she looks happy so, hooray for her.

*Of course, this could be because I still think Korto should have won.

Love the blue dress! That would be perfect form my prom : )

"Anonymous said...

The blue dress is the same one that she had in her BP show."

Not exactly the same.

Normally not a fan of hot pink, but I love that dress!! It looks vibrant on that model, and I like the silver heels with it.

What's not to like about Leanne? She's so creative and seems like a down to earth person. Glad she's doing well.


Leanne! I know you read this, so: go girl. you're fabulous. Love your clothes, if I was a chick, I'd wear them! Take in all the good comments, take the negative with many grains of salt, and good luck. I think a little bolero jacket would have looked great on top of the fancy dress you wore for the shoot. xo

TLo: I'm curious as to why you didn't mention the issues that Leanne is having with that she has alluded to on her own blog. Did she ask you not to bring it up?


Hooray for Leanne! The blue gown is gorgeous, and I think my favorite is the blue skirt with the white jacket. It feels more true to the Leanne we saw during season 5. It all looks good to my eye, and I hope it sells like crazy. I'd really like to see what she could do with a men's jacket, but I suspect it will be a while.

I know she hasn't gotten the same exposure as Christian, so I hope her relationship with DVF really pays off. Best of wishes to her.

What a droopy mess the blue gown would be after being worn for any length of time....The rest? Yawn...

Now WHY would she put a ratty old gray tee shirt under a stapless flirty noodly sexy little dress?? Come on, Portland! You're in New York now! And with heavy black stockings and heavy black shoes. Sigh.

On the other hand, I love Leanne's designs and covet more than a few of them. Get a stylist, girlfriend!

warmheartedgirl in Seattle

Bravo should totally rerun PR but with a Mystery Science Theater 3000 setup. We could see TLo's silhouettes as they rip the runway!


Alex said: "Am I the only one who thinks the pieces are a major snoozer*?"

nope. it is kind of a boring collection- but that blue dress.... when leanne goes for it she does hit a very sweet note. love the beautiful cobalt gown. even if it is a familiar silhouette, it is stunning (imo). i'd love to wear it.

but that peter pan getup she's wearing is very unbecomming on her. why did she do this to herself? it's maddening to see a designer dress/style herself so shoddily.
looks ridiculous- like my crazy aunt who used to give all the kids linty rootbeer candies she just dug out of the bottom of her linty cardigan pocket.


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