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Kristen McMenamy in Vogue Italia

Let's cleanse the palate, shall we?

One of Lorenzo's favorite models, Kristen McMenamy melted the lens of Steven Meisel in an intense editorial for Vogue Italia July 2009, entitled "The Legend."

This is our favorite editorial in a long time. The clothes are absolutely to-die; the styling is starkly beautiful and eye-catching; the model is working the shit out of it all, and the pictures themselves are gorgeous. We heart Vogue Italia so damn hard, you guys.

Junya Watanabe Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Viviane Orth

Viktor & Rolf Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Eniko Mihalik

Givenchy Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Karen Elson

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Catherine McNeil

Calvin Klein Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Jac

Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Irina Kulikova

Christian Dior Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Tanya Dziahileva

Prada Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Katlin Aas

Gianfranco Ferré Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Kendra Spears

Chloé Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Freja Beha Erichsen

Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Kinga Rajzak

John Galliano Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Coco Rocha

Lanvin Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Iris Strubegger

Nina Ricci Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Kendra Spears

Bottega Veneta Fall 20009 Collection
Model: Lily Donaldson

[Photos: - Scans: TheFashionSpot]

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Wow. I have no words to describe how absolutely stunning that is. The art of it all literally takes my breath away. Wow. Just wow.

not only is the spread beautifully done, the model is able to transform herself. truly astounding. this is what the modelling shows can never teach.

Amazing work. These would make gorgeous prints.

Nix the bunny ears though, it makes women look like they have an old time toothache.

Love that Galliano coat with KM in it and without all the runway frippery.

Thanks for the eye candy, guys.

This is a great editorial. But my favorite part is that a) they used a model in her 40's, correct? and b) she has long gray hair in the photos, which could make her look even older than she is. Using a model over the age of 20 and the styling her so that she looks possibly older than she already is ON TOP OF an already beautiful photo shoot? Awesome.

Isn't she gorgeous?

You guys fucking rock! What a FABULOUS post! I LOVE it!!!!!

Stunning, amazing. There aren't enough adjectives to describe all the emotions she projects. This is what a truly outstanding fashion editorial should be. Thank you, I would have never seen this otherwise.

"Donny B said...

This is a great editorial. But my favorite part is that a) they used a model in her 40's, correct?"

Absolutely. I believe she's 41 or 42, not sure. Gorgeous!!!

WOW! She's a different person in every photo. I love this, Tlo!!

Krirten McMenamy is an amazing model. I haven't seen her in a photo shoot in a long time. She is perfect for this avant garde fashions, she can wear anything. The second from the bottom McQueen is my favorite.

She looks AMAZING in that shot where she's wearing V&R. Absolutely stunning and I want those boots.

That Ferre shot is killing me. LOVE! The entire editorial serves as yet another reminder of the blandness that is American Vogue. Models jumping in front of a plain beige background... in every. single. issue. Yawn.

what great photographs--
it is the perfect storm of photographer, model, styling, sets and clothes.

And it came off amazing!

Finally those McQueen pieces don't look so ridiculous.

Gorge spread, indeed!

Apparently blankets and duvets are in, James-Paul! Haha...

The photography here is stunning and she rocked every outfit better than it looked on the runway. But please, let's stop using those stupid bunny ears. And she wasn't even wearing LV!

Hate the clothes, love the shoot styling and McMenamy could make a bathroom rug look great! She is so beyond fabulous!!!!

Wow! Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous!

In the Chloe and the Ferre, she looks like a higher fashion Julia Roberts.


Wow- Honestly I don't think I truly apprecited McMenamy as a model until I saw this feature.

She was born to wear, and work that number from Nina Ricci-so perfect for her.

Oh, and love the Galliano coat!

Thanks, TLO-this is a fabulous post

*gasp* I love Ms. McMenamy too.
I also love the Bottega Veneta.

(now think back to the Gwen Stefani editorial... ... ...heh.)

She has always been one of my absolute favorite models. Thanks for posting this.


I love the feel of the fabrics that the photographer created.
I got a sense of joy at the photography and the thought that went into these photos.

Is it good that my mind zeroed in on the fabric textures rather than the dresses themselves?

Thank you,TLo, for making this available to us.

I wish there were a cyber-way I could erase the Alexander McQueen lipstick from his models- it's too intrusive. In a bad way. It's almost mutilation.

The Frere double exposure .... gives the dress a softness it lacks in reality. To me, that's both good and bad.

And I do watch Survivor too much and if there are others here who remember Survivor China, you, too, might have thought of Bailut when you saw the feathered dress.

Stunning. Why can't American Vogue be like this?

fucking bunny ears!!!!!!

other than that, faboosh! galliano, yes please!

She and Nadja Auermann were two of my favorite mannequins in the 90s. I really LOVE that Victor & Rolf coat. It's Balenciaga brought into the 21st century!

Very dramatic. She is such a presence - the clothes are such strong statements that most women, even models, are turned into nonentities - clothes hangers that are too small for the garment they support.

The Galliano coat, in particular is so improved by her presence in it, rather than the way it dominated the model in the runway shot.

When that hair-y Givenchy Fall 2009 Collection outfit first walked the runway, Chris March was somewhere saying, "Wait, WHAT?!?!"

I want that Viktor and Rolf coat. I would never be able to wear it, but I still want it.

Wow, very striking. These are a bit stark for my tastes but still fabulously done.

It would be impossible to have an ordinary day while wearing the Viktor and Rolf coat.

This editorial is stunning and it's nice to see a woman who has matured beyond looking pretty into someone who truly commands your attention in every way.

Viva Italia!


Is that a grocery bag on her head in the last shot?

These editorials are making me hate McQueen's runway presentation even more. I had NO IDEA the clothes were so frickin' gorgeous. I was too busy being freaked out by the horror movie clown make-up.

Love, love, love it.

I don't want to be a downer, but I find this editorial really scary - the models look dead, they are so thin (particularly the featured model). Blah.

The photography is fantastic!


it's CRAZY how different she looks with eyebrows!

in the late 80s and early 90s there were so many models with interesting faces -- mcmenamy, linda evangelista, naomi campbell (DUCK! SHE'S GOT A PHONE!), christy turlington, yasmin le bon, tatjana patitz, rachel williams, even kate many models seem so bland and same-same and flounder-eyed to me nowadays.

frankly, i just wish american vogue (and magazines in general) would get over this obsession w/ using celebrities for covers & editorials and feature people that actually know how to pose and wear clothes: models. great models can become whoever or whatever the photographs and clothes inspire them to be, but celebrities usually look like they're playing dress-up. especially since we must have suspension of disbelief if they're in clothes far afield from their usual fare. (not that some celebrities can't pull it off [cate and SWINTON, i'm looking at you], but the majority make me sigh w/ disappointment.)

Wow -- she is just breathtaking. Each photograph is a work of art.

Simply amazing. Thanks for posting this, guys.

Vogue Italia is by far my favourite vogue. Meisel takes fantastic atmospheric photos, and the styling is always dead on. Beautiful.


I love how they paired the Alexander McQueen hat/"plastic bag" with the Bottega Veneta dress.

You bitches are opinionated AND fabulous, for sure. Thanks for this, it's a nice way to end my day.


Thats your favorite model Lo? Yikes! I appreciate her talent but her look doesn't do it for me at all.

Sorry I hated this spread, I didn't even like most of the clothes. The outfits I did like I thought looked better on the runway.

Fabulous! All of the clothes looked better on her than on her runway counterparts.

Thanks for this, TLo. A real treat.

BTW, for those who miss the models from 80s/90s (and there seem to be a lot of us here!) I recommend "Runway Madness." It's a large-format book with Lucien Perkins photos & Robin Givhan captions.

HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Why is Kristen M. not being hailed from here to Timbuktu as better than Kate Moss? Damn, she's good. And the styling makes me want to cry tears of joy (including the bunny ears).

It's nice but it's certainly nothing I haven't seen a thousand times. Generic high fashion spread with little to no concept, just black and white and weird. It hardly seems worth breathless praise.

Are nipples in this year?

the first lulu

Sorry guys, I'm a little... uh...freaked out. Some beyootiful clothes, I love black and white art photography, but I'm left feeling a bit chilly here. Maybe if the entire spread told a story or felt more cohesive. I do love some of the individual shots though—Gaultier, Givenchy, Ferre, Chloe. Kristen is a very striking model, and I love that she's over 40.

Thanks, TLo. Well done

Will NEVER get behind a tv antenna atop a woman's head. My head is not a tv set, DishNet or Direct tv. Rabbit ears? Why not Unicorn horn or a modest set of antlers?

Galliano. Is all I have to say.

the 'Chloé Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Freja Beha Erichsen' one looks exactly like julia roberts ... kooky

the last dress is to die for

Donny B on 7/10/09 at 12:23 PM said... "This is a great editorial. But my favorite part is that a) they used a model in her 40's, correct? and b) she has long gray hair in the photos, which could make her look even older than she is. Using a model over the age of 20 and the styling her so that she looks possibly older than she already is ON TOP OF an already beautiful photo shoot? Awesome."

Could not agree with you more. Models under the age of 30 wearings $5,000+ dresses has always been a bone of contention with me. Most REAL women (not celebrities) who buy theses clothes and pay FULL price are usually over the age of 40 or at least 35.

I love the Lanvin and would buy it in a minute if I could afford it.


Genie on 7/10/09 at 1:50 PM said.... "Stunning. Why can't American Vogue be like this?"

Beacuse American Vogue became a 'lifesyle" magazine focusing on celebrities years ago. I now buy American Harpers Baazar for fashion coverage. I still buy the September issue of American Vouge (the ads are better than the editorials) because I collect them. I only read the other issuses of Vogue if my hair dresser has them.


I know I'm biased, as a hag myself, but I just find that the clothes look more interesting on an older model. Maybe b/c the model has more experience and can work it better, dunno, but she is WEARING those clothes, not just letting them hang off of her frame.

LOVED the fact that all of the photos improved on the way the clothing featured looked from the runway shows! Wow! talent on the part of the photographer & model together!

'tho I coulda lived without the bat ears in the one picture...was that where Madge got the idea? not a trend to catch on, please....

"AMAZING" they truly rocked this shoot. gotta pick this issue up. thanks for sharing. Epperson

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