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Kate Winslet in Harper’s Bazaar US

Watch us put our foot in it, darlings!

The lovely Kate Winslet is in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar looking fab and putting herself down again.

Michael Kors Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Anna Jagodzinska

On her breasts:
"If people are noticing my boobs in a movie and saying they do what real boobs do, then that’s great. I’ll be 34 in October. I can’t keep getting away with it… people have seen enough of my bum and my boobs. I have to put them back."

On the speculation about her weight:
"I’ve heard, 'Oh, she's toned and she's lost weight,' but I am exactly the same as I’ve always been. The one thing that had to go during awards season was exercise. People would say to me, ‘Oh, come on …' like I was lying about it! Some may find it hard to believe it, but I don’t care about that stuff."

On being the face of Lancôme:
"I really thought, me? Seriously. Because I think what you feel like as a teenager never really goes away. If you were teased for being fat or thin or having bad teeth, you're always insecure about that particular area of yourself. So I've never thought of myself as any kind of beauty, iconic or otherwise."

Ralph Lauren Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Valentina Zelyaeva

Jacket: Burberry London; Bracelet: Cartier; Rings (worn throughout): Kate's own.

Jacket: Yves Saint Laurent; Briefs and fishnets: Wolford; Shoes: Prada; Bra: Kate's own.

Jacket: Blumarine

Pictures? Gorgeous. Clothes? Ditto.

Okay, here's where we say something that will probably get us in trouble. Let's start off with this: we ADORE Kate. We always have. We think she's one of the great actresses of her generation and we think she puts forth a very likable personality to the public. We say "puts forth" because there's no real way of knowing who celebrities really are and the only thing we have to judge them on is the personality they choose to show the world. Kate has chosen to adopt the "ugly duckling who became a swan but still thinks she's an ugly duckling" persona. Which, good for her, because it fits and knowing what little we know about her life, it's probably largely accurate (or was at one time).

But here's the thing: she just won't SHUT UP about the fact that she used to be a little chubby and insecure about her looks. Kate, we GET IT, now could you please get the hell over it? It's one thing to adopt that persona when you're an up and coming starlet, but you up and came a long time ago and after countless magazine covers and editorials and award-winning performances, this schtick of hers is coming off as....well, schtick. At this point it's seeming to us like a somewhat cynical ploy to endear herself to the public rather than a true reflection of her feelings.

When editors and stylists and makeup artists and photographers and designers are falling all over themselves to make you look good and when you apparently cheerfully surrender yourself to their talents, you forfeit the right to be taken seriously when you go ON AND ON about how you're insecure about your looks. You're beautiful, Kate. Clearly, TONS of people think so. Just own it and enjoy it. You'd probably be doing a lot of those insecure girls out there (whom you're obviously trying to get on your side) more good by showing a little self-confidence rather than sending the message to them that no matter what they do, they're always going to feel bad about how they look.



I agree TLo. After a while it starts looking like a ploy for constant reassurance. She needs to move on from it.


I agree, she's beautiful and all but this is getting annoying. It's not even the "I don't feel beautiful" stuff, because it probably is true. She doesn't have to feel like a goddess just because some people misguidedly put her on that pedestal. But it IS annoying to hear about "Oh I love my weight but the tabs are always saying this and that" in EVERY single interview. We get it. Like, she's not even large. At all. Can everyone stop acting like she's morbidly obese just because she's like, a size 8 or 10 instead of 2?

You know I never really liked her until I saw her in Extras. Hilarious. Now I seriously can't get enough of her.

Could it be that she's constantly asked about her size and weight? I mean look at magazine cover!!

That cover shot is bad. It calls so much negative attention to her nose.

I love the phrase, "I'll have to put them back."

She's one of the most beautiful women in the world, and has consistently been so since I first saw her in "Sense and Sensibility." I have never seen her be "overweight," so I am kind of sick of hearing about how she thinks she is or other people think she is. Just stop talking about your weight, Kate. You're great. Now concentrate on your acting fate.

That image of her with the Chrysler building in the background is fantastic! Is that some kind of alternate cover? It should be the cover instead of that other type heavy mess--I hate when they do that. She looks beautiful in that arresting building photo, really an attention grabber.

Maybe to come so far from being teased about her size is really that important to her. She's embraced the beauty she's evolved to, but seems highly aware of her origins. Kudos to her for not being too full of herself, where many lesser actresses are.

If anyone else wants to see her talk dirty on Extras..


I just love someone who can poke fun at themselves.

I agree that one of the main reasons why she won't shut up about it is that the interviewers won't stop asking. She lost a great deal of weight when she was much younger, before she got famous. Since then, at most, she has been "chubby" and rather vocal about not fitting in with the ideal.

However, I do take issue with all this "I'm the same as I have always been" blather. Not. True. She has obviously slimmed down a bit since the earlier part of her fame, and specifically talked about having gone to some sort of face-reader who gives nutritional advice by looking at your complexion or something. Having always struggled with my weight personally, I prefer when celebrities are honest and consistent about what they do. Even though I think she is a terrible actress, I appreciate that Jessica Biel has always been open about how hard she works for that sweet, sweet ass. I am really sick of the women who clearly watch their diets and work out talking about how they don't really care or don't pay attention.

I get where she's coming from and it's a really hard habit to break once you've been thinking and saying something for years. However, were I her, I'd focus on the fact that I'VE ARRIVED and have some fun with it. Then, in 20 years, I'd go back to talking about how awkward I was and how unsure of myself I was for a new generation that missed my plight the first time around

"You'd probably be doing a lot of those insecure girls out there (whom you're obviously trying to get on your side) more good by showing a little self-confidence rather than sending the message to them that no matter what they do, they're always going to feel bad about how they look."

I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. I love you.

I agree, but what else is she supposed to say if someone asks her about the Lancome job? "At this point I I'm pretty much convinced I'm beautiful, so the choice was just... logical."

Some people are just consistently surprised at their successes, which is much more attractive than those who EXPECT them, right? I find her to be modest. Not self deprecating.

The pictures are gorgeous, too.

Kate Winslet's wonderful physical asset, a voluptuous body, is not the "norm" of beauty in Hollywood these days and I think it makes her a target. No doubt the press's need to "find" a story about how she's blimped up, lost weight, or whatever gets extremely annoying. It's also a blatantly hurtful attempt to press her self-confessed hot button to get a sellable sound bite or interview. Perhaps she talks about it first to control the inevitable inquiry and deflect the more hurtful prying. The press is rude, invasive, and believes it is "entitled" to every last detail of an actress's personal life and private thoughts, and will press mercilessly for any crumb it can trumpet in headlines. It's unavoidable that she'll face "weight questions" because she lives a stunningly scandal-free life and that's all they've got to pick, pick, pick about. She's wise to control the inevitable discussion.

Why do you demand perfection from her? Let her be human and have her insecurities. They are what keeps her real, down to earth, and safe from being just another plastic pretty girl flavor of the moment.

Go, TLo!

That said, Mimi and MouseAnony make good points about the press harping on the subject. My advice to Kate (had I the opportunity to advise her) would be: From now on, when members of the press ask you about your weight, smile and say:

"Darling, that subject has been done to death. What else would you like to talk about?"

Brooklyn Bomber:


7/30/09 12:38 PM Cool.


The picture with the burberry jacket is FAMAZING...I am getting a bit of an early madonna vibe from her...I mean VERY early before the sparkly, pointy 80s.

I'm with the camp that appreciates her relative modesty and thinks she talks about her weight and appearance ad nauseum because reporters keep asking her ad nauseum.

Love her.

She is such an incredibly beautiful woman, with a fabulous body, and seems fairly down to earth as well. IN.

Thank you! I absolutely think this "ugly duckling" thing is a ploy. Perhaps not from Kate directly -- I understand the reporter asks the questions and to that extent controls the topic of conversation -- but I do think the intent here is to make her more relate-able and therefore more marketable to the "average" woman, and I wouldn't be surprised if her PR flack is the one who keeps her focused on her body issues.

We've had this go around with other actresses as well. Hayden Panettiere talking about being bullied at school, Jessica Alba calling herself an ugly duckling, and I also seem to remember pin-up queen Megan Fox going on about not having any friends in school and being ugly and fat (even though she was far more attractive as a young woman before she let plastic surgery morph her into a poor woman's Angelina Jolie). You know, all that could have been true, but it also seems very calculated. Not to mention, it bad enough that Hollywood has an obsession with their actresses being pin thin, but hearing actresses going on about how "fat" they used to be they were actually probably wearing a size 6 or 8 dress size can be really damaging for young women to hear.

The 2nd cover, without all the dumb bubble writing all ower it.


Brooklyn Bomber-

so well said.

Kate looks fabulous. I have loved her since Sense and Sensibility,and she has only gotten better.

How did they get the picture of her hanging off the high rise structure?? Photoshop? It looks so real! Where is King Kong?

Love her.

Re: the covers. The first one is the newsstand cover. The second one is the subscriber cover. Harpers Bazaar produces 2 each and every month. I love that the subscriber cover is not junked up, and it always has interesting photography.


I would much rather read Kate talking about her insecurities than a talentless twit like Jessica Biel whining that her beauty is a great professional curse.

TLo makes many good points, yet I adore Kate and believe she can do no wrong.

She's evolved into a perfect Hitchcockian beauty, whereas Gwennie seems to be falling off.

She's got a fabulously creative husband. I think its time to write and direct her in a classic film noir.

I do love that "skyscraper"/2nd cover photo.

Maybe I don't read enough Winslet interviews, but it just doesn't bug me to hear her do the "ugly duckling schtick" since so many actresses are so much more annoying in interviews.

(I especially do not want to read about how much you love the new boyfriend, how you struggle to raise your kids in a "down-to-earth" manner, or how deeply you admire some other celebrity's fantastic work for some charity. Pet peeves.)

Maybe she was just being honest. I can sympathize with how she feels. It's hard to let go feelings of insecurity when that was ever present during childhood and adolescence. Some people have personalities to move past it, others not.

So while I think what you say is good advice, she probably has "everyone has to like me syndrome". When you feel like you have to please nearly everyone, it makes you feel insecure much of the time.

Anyway, she looks stunning in the clothes.

Thank you for your much needed editorial TLo.

I love your comment BB-- hopefully we will get to hear her use that sometime!

I would love for people to actually learn what "Hitchcockian blondes" are before applying the term to every blonde woman on this blog. Hint: the category includes neither Gwyneth nor Kate.

7/30/09 2:49 PM I would love for people to actually learn what "Hitchcockian blondes" are before applying the term to every blonde woman on this blog. Hint: the category includes neither Gwyneth nor Kate.

And I would love for you to define what the "Hitchcock beauty" is, since you're so enlightened on the subject.

Dang, she's lovely.

I sure hope the Chrysler Building photo as photoshopped!

It sounds more to me like the girl is TIRED of answering the same damn questions : weight. For some distorted reason, the press keeps just hammering at this no matter how beautiful she is.

So how do you answer the same question 10000 times? Maybe with the same answer. Maybe she needs to find a new answer. Or maybe all this pressing at her about her WEIGHT gets that little chubby girl inside her (maybe inside most of us!) insecure.

I love her, You guys love her.


Love everything on her, EXCEPT for the panties in the fourth shot. They are hideous and make her look weird and dumpy and much older than she actually is.

I think she talks about being an ugly duckling to avoid talking about other things and thus protecting her privacy. The magazines all have copy to produce and have been happy to write the same things about Kate for the last 15 years. Can you imagine anything on Liz Taylor that did not talk about her jewelry and husbands.

I think Kate is smart to continue to talk about turning into an insecure swan as long as the editor are happy to report on this. When they start wanting something different she will have to come up with another superficial topic to protect her privacy.



Geez. She missed an excellent opportunity to hawk Lancome.

"Look, I have an ordinary face, at best. So I'm a perfect spokewoman for make-up. This stuff is incredible! You don't want to see me without it on."

We are so fortunate to have our Anonymous poster(s) who are the ultimate authority on any given subject.

I think we may underestimate the constant pressure on actresses in Hollywood to conform to an "ideal" of beauty. I know that Kate Winslet took a lot of flak for her weight and, in the early days, her fashion sense, which was unorthodox in her early years. Also actresses (and actors) tend to be insecure people. They choose acting because of it, and then the life that they have, with auditions, critics, etc., reinforces that "never good enough" attitude.

I remember reading an interview with Emma Thompson where she said that she spoke to Kate during the filming of "Sense & Sensibility." She was concerned that Kate was on the verge of developing an eating disorder.

Wow, these pictures are so beautiful. She is one of the great beauties, IMO. And I love the sexy Lauren Bacall hair on her.

So she talks about her weight. She probably wouldn't if the press didn't keep harping on it.
I think she is gorgeous, smart and one terrific actress. Love the entire photoshoot.

MouseAnony, Kate Winslet is not voluptuous. When she started out, perhaps, but she is too slim for that word to fit anymore. There is a space between Paltrow and early Winslet.

With you on the "get over it," Tom & Lorenzo. She needs to relax and move on. Tell the reporters, "I don't talk about that, I talk about this," and let them stew.

This comment has been removed by the author.

It is a self-fulfilling prophesy, or a chicken and egg scenario. She talks about her body image because she gets asked about it and she gets questions about it because she talks about it.
I also think Tampa Bay's point is interesting and quite possible.
She does put out a likeable, identifiable image, which seems to broadcast to young girls and women: you don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. But I agree that at this point in her career and life, she should move past it, demur from those questions, and be more of a confident, equally poised and humble individual.
Because she is up there Cate when it comes to looking good in clothes. I love the trench coat pictures.

Yes, it seems a litte ridiculous to chalk it all up to "Well, the reporters asked her a question..."

A-List celebrities like Kate and their agents always, always submit lists of acceptable and unacceptable topics to the media before they are interviewed. True, sometimes reporters do not honor them - and that often results in said celebrity ending the interview. Lord knows Angelina Jolie's list is 10,000 pages long. The point is, Kate Winslet talks about it because she wants to. She is entirely within her rights to refuse to answer a question - hell, even take those questions off the table before the interview begins! - and yet she doesn't. Whether or not one finds this particular topic 'annoying,' Kate clearly thinks it is not...which is why she talks about it 24/7.

Lysana said...
""MouseAnony, Kate Winslet is not voluptuous. When she started out, perhaps, but she is too slim for that word to fit anymore. There is a space between Paltrow and early Winslet.
7/30/09 3:30 PM

Voluptuous = sensuously pleasing or delightful.

She's curvy. She'll never be one of those hipless, boobless wonders nor should she try to be. I think she's blessed to have such a great figure whether she's slim or has added a few pounds. Who actually gives a crap anyway? I'd much prefer that she stay well and eat healthily than starve herself in an attempt to please a press that will be critical no matter what she does because, hey, they've got to sell gossip, true or not. Few women can look as womanly and feminine as she under all circumstances. If she doesn't have the self-confidence to match her actual wonderful appearance, she's just being human.

I say lay off her.

I'd bet that she keeps talking about it (the weight, looks, etc), because interviewers keep asking her about it. That's what the press is like: They ALL ask the same questions. And I mean ALL.

That's why the interviews that you guys do are so good: You're not lemmings, and you care enough about what you're doing to ask more creative, informed questions & you listen to the answers. That make you exceedingly rare.



do us all a favor - please share your gays with Gywneth - she needs some help!


Uh, right Gotham Tomato. Those kiss-ass interviews of TFS contestants they conducted after bitching on their blog all season screamed "credibility."

Self-image and self-confidence have nothing to do with what is in the mirror or what other people tell you about your looks. Maybe she does repeat herself a little too much, but maybe those are the questions she is asked.

As for what empowers girls and women most -- that's individual. Some of us like to know it's okay to have insecurities. It's human. Everyone has them.

She looks so beautiful in the final photo -- I love her hair and make-up. Maybe she is just talking about topics that interest her. It's her call. I don't have a problem with it!

I don't agree with that at all. I actually find it refreshing that she doesn't come off as vain as she should be. I mean, if she were as confident as she should be with that body/face she wouldn't be very likable. I think she's one of the most beautiful women on the planet and if she were to realize that she would lose likability. I also don't think that insecurity is something that you can just decide to be done with just because two guys on the internet think the time has come.

" Anonymous said...

I don't agree with that at all. I actually find it refreshing that she doesn't come off as vain as she should be. I mean, if she were as confident as she should be with that body/face she wouldn't be very likable."

What's unlikable about a confident woman?

Love that cover shot.

Ok, I can't agree. I don't think she is actually that beautiful. NOT saying she is ugly, very far from it, but its more her presence, the way she carries herself, that makes her beautiful than her looks. I can see why she feels that way, plus she's English and they do that, they talk about weight and they poke at themselves in a way americans do not. Generalizing, yes, but take Trinny and Suzanna from the original What Not to Wear. They poke at themselves, the ladies they are helping in a way that is supprisingly honest to the American viewer. Compare that to how Stacy London works on the TLC version. Very different. Cut her some slack, I like her, eps cause she doesn't take herself so seriously.

"As confident as she SHOULD be" the key phrase. There is nothing unlikable about a confident woman, but there certainly is something unlikable about a vain woman. I highly doubt that Kate Winslet lacks any confidence, but I do think she lacks narcissism, or at least she isn't dripping with it, which is what I find refreshing about her.

srq-- I totally agree! Gwyneth needs Kate's gays.

I've never liked her with the really light brown/blondish hair. It just looks really odd. It needs to be a couple shades darker to match her skin tone etc. And fix the roots! I'm really hating the way it's now okay to let your roots go. Yuck.

I agree with Kay. It is a very British trait to be so self-deprecating. It can get irritating but that's just the way they are.

That said, I thought she was beautiful when I first saw her in Heavenly Creatures and she has only gotten more beautiful.

Kate Winslet is positively my favorite celebrity ever. She is so beautiful and classic and classy and Botticellian (if that's a word) and I just can't get enough of her. I really don't think her self-deprecating comments were really even that bad, I've heard worse from actresses who don't get as much bad "body press" as Kate does, because let's face it, I still see a lot of press re: her body.

Mariah, I'm with you on the Burberry jacket shot. Wow.

I like her just fine, a bit ballsy, but she's English & that's ok. (Great huz too.) But I DO understand her. She no longer wants to trade on her looks; she wants to be a character acter. She's is great looking but not girly, strong features. Her huz is no pretty boy, but he is a genius. She has an uncle who is HUGE and she worried of that for herself she said. Should she SHUT UP? YES! Her crush on Leo DeCaprio a while ago I was embarrassed at her for. When you are a friend with a guy leave it alone. Read some of her comments. She is very ballsy and like all actors, conflicted. That's why she's an actor. And finally, YES, when one has guilt and conflicts they play the Poor (I call it "poe") card to keep everyone disarmed. For a nickel and a half she would run off with DeCaprio if he asked! Let's live the fantasy...This is why women (straight women) do not ADORE other women. Yuk. I adore reality.

OK, I admit, I didn't read all the comments so I don't know if anyone said this already, but part of the reason she won't shut up about it is that she keeps getting ASKED about it. Entertainment reporters are not always the sharpest, most original or most daring of journalists.

Sure, she could do her part by steering the conversation in other directions, but part of it is the writer unable to come with his/her own angle and just copying the narrative that's already been put out there.

I'm thinking Nicole Simpson when I see the hair, facial expression and over-all styling on the cover. And tho glam, that ain't good. Problems.

Oh yes. Hitchcock Blonds. TLo's girlfriend, Cate Blanchett COULD HAVE been one (like Eva Marie Saint).

By the by TLo, you cited her as an icy beauty the last post. Icy is the LAST way I would define Cate. Warm and earth mother and humble all rolled into one. She is neither Nordic nor icy, just beautiful and angular. A treat as an actor. All the good ones are coming from Australia.

If Blanchett's eyes look icy, she's acting.

You'd probably be doing a lot of those insecure girls out there (whom you're obviously trying to get on your side) more good by showing a little self-confidence rather than sending the message to them that no matter what they do, they're always going to feel bad about how they look.

Amen! For the record, I love Kate Winslet too, but I agree she needs to stop the put downs already.

This is how a star is supposed to pose for a photoshooting!

Kate, God bless you!

She is simply AMAZING.

I loved the picture she is wearing a white dress.

Love the skyscraper/subscriber cover shot. Who was the photographer?

okay. now, i'll say it...

kate stop with the subterfuge. we all know that you're trying to deflect attention from your exceedingly ugly nose and upper lip area, by drawing attention to your big fat ass. some of us have eyes and notice these things, and have since your days of playing peek boo boobies on the titaniac.

some of us are on to you. but, read this: you're not fat. not your ass, not your legs and not your gut. you have been challenged with a very unfortunate nostril/upper lip. (and you do have some beady ass little rat eyes) embrace your flaws! give back a little the blessings you have been bestowed, you ungrateful harpy. it is not every woman who can face double for stacy keach, and still be considered beautiful.


I actually love her when she's neurotic.

I adore Kate Winslet, she's gorgeous and talented, but when you get naked on film as many times as she has, it's hard to really sit there and insist that you're chubby or an ugly duckling when you're willing to show your ass off to God and all Creation.

Well said, T.Lo. And Kate is amongst my very favorites. So are her Winslets!

I have to give Kate credit she knows how to pose. She looks tall in all the pictures but is actually only 5'5".


I don't know if it's fair to say that. Once you're put into that mentality for so long, it's so incredibly hard to break that, speaking from experience. I still look at myself the same way, and when I look in the mirror, I will always be that person, not the person I am now. I'm sure she feels the same way.

I think she's awesome - just the way she is.

~ muellersdayoff

T-Lo: one critique on the post: you mislabeled the Ralph Lauren model. That's Valentina Zelyaeva, not Anna Jagodzinska.

Gorgeous shots, though!

Anonymous said...
T-Lo: one critique on the post: you mislabeled the Ralph Lauren model. That's Valentina Zelyaeva, not Anna Jagodzinska.

Gorgeous shots, though!

Thanks. Fixed.


She's gorgeous but I'm not feeling it.

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