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Jean Paul Gaultier Menswear Spring 2010 Collection

JP got his drag on! was there:

"...the show became embedded in Gaultier's gender games. Usually, these are efficiently dispatched by a model casting that includes women as well as men, but perhaps it was budget (or maybe just plain old perversity) that this time around dictated a denim bustier on a male model. (And as is always the case with Gaultier, he was but one in a cavalcade of the studliest mannequins in Paris.) I'd call the thing a "chestier," except that the broad-shouldered jacket it was paired with evoked Dietrich. And then there was a jacket whose shoulders were sheer Joan Crawford. That one was worn with a man bra. The striped cloche hat and sun-ray pleated skirt also felt defiantly feminine—and quite retro. Despite what Gaultier may be thinking, these clothes—sequined or not—were scarcely a Trojan horse for societal change."

We proudly stand in front of our rainbow flag and declare our queenhood every chance we get, but we draw the line at bandeau and halter tops. We get it, though. That kind of genderfucking is what Gaultier does. We're all for it; just don't ask us to wear it. Those jackets and coats, on the other hand, sign us up.


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Well...I like the coats a LOT...but it will take a bit more enlightenment for me to get on board with bustiers for men. Sorry.

some of these looks are fucking awful. but for MEN, they would be damn hot on WOMEN.

I'm sorry, but no male bustiers. Bustiers are supposed to boost your yays (not my original joke), so I think it's beside the point for men.

Re: the denim bustiers...

Looks like his Levis denim jacket lost a fight with a pair of shears and he said, "Fuck it, I'll wear it anyways," and just buttoned up what was left of it.

Love the jackets.

Love the guy in the hoodie and skirt (kilt maybe?). Men in skirts are hot!

-- Anun

Great jackets but no bustier for me.

No. Just. No bustiers for men.
Ditto the No. Just. No Beetlejuice look in frames 21 and 22.
However, I do absolutely LOVE the look in frame 23, and if I could in any way afford that shirt for my hubby.....sigh.

Well, here's the thing. I too have to voice an absolute "NO" on the bustiers.....BUT.....I really like the rest of it.

I love the jackets and most of the suits quite a lot.

Seeing an obvious trend going on with black, white and red. Now of course that combo is not an new thing, but it's really making a comeback. (one which I whole-heartedly endorse)

I'm sorry, but no one needs to see a man in a tube top or a denim corset

I agree, but have to say that I do like the shape of that sleeveless shirt on the penultimate guy, even though you typically only see that on women. It shows off his chest and arms so very nicely!

LOVE the bandeau tops over the shirts; there's a solid corsetry vibe. Over the skin, not so much...

The bustiers and corsets? Sorry, but no.

I LOVE most of the rest, though. The coats, jackets and suits are HOT. And Marc Jacobs has single-handedly convinced me that men in skirts = hot.

Thank you so much for covering the menswear collections. These posts always make me smile.

Dominic is killing the runways this season.

As for the collection, it's pretty decent but nothing new, nothing inventive , nothing original.

I generally love Gaultier, and lord knows I love a good genderfuck (of the non-sexual sort. I mean... oh, hell, never mind), but this collection?

No. Nonononono.

Seriously? Why all the vehement rejection? The halter looks amazing and the bandeaus look beautiful. The denim "chestier"s only look bad because they look like cheap denim. The material is more wrong than the concept. The beauty is DEFINATELY there, so what's wrong here? Gaultier's genderfucking is hardly new, so for the audience of a particularly homosexual blog, why is the reaction against this amazing collection so strong...?

I love the coats. And the rest, well, it's JPG, what can you say? I still love him.

Gaultier! Oh my darlings, treat after treat! Love the genderfuck; I'd wear one of his skirts any day.

I absolutely loved everything in this JPG's collection but the "chestiers".

The Coats, Jackets and Raincoats shown here are simply one of a kind. Loved them all. Amazing!

The 'chestier'-thing, is a little bit avant garde, but it's way too much for this decade, let's leave it for 2015 at least.

Loved everything, please send me every coat in several colors to apartment. haha

I love every coat, every jacket and pants. Love it!

I could make love to that striped red and white coat all night long.

Hmm...bustiers on men just look wrong. But that halter in the next-to-last pic, believe it or not, actually works and is quite striking on that model. However, it wouldn't work on many body types -- I imagine you'd have to be either buff or buff/slender to pull the look off.

Meh: The bandeaus, the bustier

Liked: The skirts. I'm all for men in skirts, especially if they've got nice gams.

Loved: The cloche hats, the halter top.

I love most of this collection. It is actually pretty straightforward and very well-done. He has to make his statement with the more femme tops, of course. The skirts, I actually don't mind so much.

These "womanly" looks seem to be catching on with the young, more avant garde gays, if some of the guys we have seen on The Fashion Show and others are any indication.

i wish he'd turn out identical collections sized for men and for women. i'd wear all of this.




That's all I have to say.

Thank you.

The bustiers look cheap and tacky, but I actually love the low, straight neckline of the strapless tops under blazers -- it's a strong line and makes for a hot, manly look.

Men wore self-objectifying, decadent looks in the '70s... I'd love for that to come back...

I find those sleeveless tops at the end bizarre on a man. The bustiers don't bother me as much, but those tops are just odd. They'd look fabu on a woman.

bustiers for men...hmmm. I don't know about that.

There are some very sharp looks here, though, that I would love to see more men wearing.

I agree it's a "no" on the man-halters and bustiers, but those coats are fabulous! I love that red striped one.

Well its Gaultier, you can obviously expect something like this, something taboo
thats what we like, we like to stir things up a little lol
is there beauty in it?
perhaps...but we also see a sense of breaking the "rut" if u must, fashion out therre is getting worse and worse, but by all means Gaultier always makes me think "I wonder what's in that man's head"
---and not at all in a bad way


I really like that black pea coat with a white lining. Such a simple idea--or, perhaps, a Revolutionary (war) one--but it creates such an interesting look. I shall steal it. With better colors...

The red-n-white stripes are awful.
And aren't Converse "out" yet?
They make men's feet look big and clownish.

i can't help it! i love red, white, and black combinations; i love stripes and pinstripes; and i like this entire collection, save for the bustiers.
(the men are pretty though.)

i don't wear bustiers myself, but i really don't want to see them on a dude. specially when they have a nice hairy chest that looks better uncovered.

Look 5 is the thriller jacket without zippers. The second to last look could have Madonnas head photoshopped on and look totally realistic. I think the striped suites are GREAT! They are saved by the cut and fit.

He really did get his drag on, you boys weren't kidding. I can't get behind the male bustiers.

The second to last top, I want in my size. Now. I'm totally fine with taking it off the model's back. :)

the pants w/ the straps remind me of the ones mychael knight made for the jet-setter epi, except his were white seersucker.

How can I say anything bad about "chestiers" when I was wearing satin jean cut hotpants in 1973? I actually love the sequinned ones with the suits. I think they work because of the classic shapes of what they're paired with.

The other touch I loved was the vent at the front hem of some of the trousers.

The one thing most all these collections have had is a baseball style jacket with knit collar and cuffs. I may have to look for one next year.


The bandeaus and bustiers look silly on men. I already hate the camisoles (or manisoles) that some men sport. It's so International male, and that ain't good!

I agree that some of the jackets are awesome, though!

Lots of pieces I like, though I'm probably imagining them in my closet (not my husband's).

But, really . . . not to get all gender studies, but why do we find menswear on women sexy, but when we reverse the equation it's seems so odd?

BrianB said, How can I say anything bad about "chestiers" when I was wearing satin jean cut hotpants in 1973?

Oh, my, you can't! Haha.

Look #11. Does it look the this dude accidently threw on his wife's Chanel jacket to run out and get a paper & 6-Pack or I have been smoking too much crack?



Honestly, I like the whole damn collection, bustiers included. I wouldn't buy one for the redneck men in my life, but I don't find them any more provocative than wearing a wife-beater in public.

I LOVE the long Bermuda shorts! I really think those could catch on in the mainstream.

The tailoring is exquisite. His models look tremendously muscular, too. Sandhurst would have fit in perfectly.

After a hiatus in no-Internet-land, I am THRILLED to come back and see menswear. I've got a lot of catching up to do, but have got to say the coats & jackets are mostly lovely.

Gotta say though, that these models are heavy on the chiseled cheekbones & that is waay distracting.

I don't care how gay you are,

if I see a guy wearing one of those tank tops, I'm laughing my ass off!

Aside from that, everything else looks really cool!

The bitch is crazy. Me no like it.

Second row right.

Oh how I covet it.


Must. Be. Rich. To. Buy. That. Coat.

The collection overal is at least interesting to look at. But some of it crosses too strange for me.

I love the pants. They're hot.

The bustiers are a no-no and I'm gay as a pink xmas tree.

freaking FANTASTIC collection. Now thats amazing. The jackets brilliant. id take everyone of them even the tacky whacky where's waldo ones! The shorts, beautiful. the skirts and skorts, mmm, not on me but they serve the purpose on the show and i can see them being used in editorial spreads. and the bustiers and the lady tops? mmm , okay here is where things get controversial. the lady tops are a no (the orange/ pinky shiny one for instance) or the racer neck one. (last two) but the bustiers it sort of depends. For one they cant be worn as they are shown here. but if you pair it with a gorgeous button down shirt, be butch enough (or on the flip side just let your inner girlfriend out) i can see it working. its a piece that requires confidence and amazing shoulders and its exceptionally forgiving of a little cushion for pushin. On models in a magazine it works. it works for like 5 other guys , one of which might be photographed by the sartorist. but i wont rule them out, they just need to be pilfered through and edited. its the new waistcoat if we ever need an update on it.

speaking of waistcoat. i want to make babies with the model in the waistcoat, necktie and the shades. lots and lots of beautiful babies.

The last time I saw so many men wearing bustiers I was a cast member in Rocky Horror Picture Show--- scary!

Men in skirts, hell yes!

stick a blond wig on the model with the halter top and you have got Madonna.

I love most of this, actually. No bustiers, though. You need a bust for a BUSTier.

jpg in the 80's and early 90's.... the models/staging/clothing couldve been costume national, anyone.jpg?

Dose someone know the model the third one to count from the end wearing sunglesses,a waistcoat,a white shirt and a necktie?

JP, you've done it again--created clothes that cause me to get me 'thang' on! :) The bustier? Fc*k! Saw in 'Hommes International', lead me here and I love them all--the whole collection. The world has to get it over it's straight-loving self. I'm queer and love it! Millions of us are. Take it. OK? LOL garraud

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