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Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2009 Couture

Fabulous, poodles!

"There was no misunderstanding the opening at least: the MGM signature tune and Lara Stone strutting petulantly in a leather trenchcoat, beehive, and giant pout—it was Bardot to a T! Jean Paul Gaultier always lets us know where we are at the outset, and for Fall, we were off on a movie buff's coach tour of the gracious wardrobes of Hollywood heroines, ostensibly. In fact, it proved a bit of an elastic theme that at times meandered off script. It ranged so widely—from a Louise Brooks flapper dress and gilded fur coat to an ultrashort gold T-shirt under a black leather vest that looked like a possible choice for Lindsay Lohan—that it was sometimes hard to see where the designer was going. (Geometric-deco meets sci-fi was a particularly odd patch.)"

We're a little torn on this one. We adore JPG and we can't deny that this is a collection of beautiful looks. It's just that...Hollywood? Really? We feel like a designer of his caliber can do better than a "theme" that has been done to death, not only by tons of his predecessors, but by tons of less talented and important designers. We can't help but cringe when a review of a JPG couture collection mentions Lindsay Lohan. You know something's gone wrong when that happens.

But like we said, these are some incredibly beautiful looks. We're just a little underwhelmed by the inspiration. The end product is beautiful, but because of the starting point, these aren't nearly as interesting to us as a lot of the stuff he's done before.

Watch the video:

[Photos: Getty Images/WireImage - Video: YouTube/michelepierro]

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I ADORE the fur (sable?) trimmed suit. I also love the black dress with the white chiffon sleeves/train. The corset looks like it was inspired by HR Geiger's drawings for "Alien". Cool to look at, but I wouldn't want to wear that on my hips!

Most of them are fab. #3, the military outfit, makes the model's abdomen look bloated. But I love the color and the boots and the styling. I can see #13 on Madge.

I meant row #13, I think -- the gray number.


The one I'd most like to see up close is third row from the end, on the left. The skirt is made up of cloth strips printed/painted/embroidered? to resemble film? And the top is - ?

What a mix of extremes from the many extremely wearable, familiar (if pretty or elegant)pieces all the way out there to oddball costumery.

i can't get behind leather overalls or all the Lady GaGa costumes without bottoms


Wow, I really loved a lot of these, but the ones who are basically wearing an entire crocodile really sick me out.

And what's with the rhino-head bangs?! Those haven't been popular since my teacher used to measure them with a ruler, to see who get it the highest, in 1992. Don't bring it back! Remember how crunchy the hairspray felt!

ugh, way too much dead animal for it to be worn by anyone with a heart

I love it all! So there.

Trite inspiration or no, I think this collection is really beautiful. There are some pieces in there that are gorgeously cut and tailored, and overall, I really enjoyed this collection much more than some of the others that have been profiled recently. Woo!

That last outfit, though... never before have I been so struck by the similarities in shape between condoms, traffic pylons, and crayons. That's a difficult look to pull of with dignity.

Some really loverly clothes and some ROFL that made my day.

Fur and Leathuh?????

Oh PLEASE let a PETA brat come over here!!!

I'm loving some of these, but having a bit of trouble getting past the onesies. WTF? What woman wears a onesie besides Madonna and Lady GaGa?

Okay, so in my long series of Paris Haute Couture posts, I haven't quite got around to this one yet. Actually, I was commencing on the research portion right when I found this post. Any who, I like some things.... and I don't like others.

Like for example I love love love the double breasted trench cum dress, (reminds me of Chanel just a tad with Lagerfield's inspiration of "floating panels") but I detest the JPG "Sasha Fierce" leotard! I don't know what it is with this fasicnation with attatching pads to a woman's hips!!! They look like cysts, and in my opinion, it looks disgusting!

More than likely you can feel how passionate I am about that stuff already so I'm going to just go back and start writing on my blog... you might not see the negativity so passionate though. I try to keep it to a minimum.

7/9/09 1:48 PM
And what's with the rhino-head bangs?! Those haven't been popular since my teacher used to measure them with a ruler, to see who get it the highest, in 1992. Don't bring it back! Remember how crunchy the hairspray felt!

JPG's underwriters courtesy of AquaNet Inc.

I'm a huge fan of his work. I love the collection; agree on the inspiration. That last dress is to die.

Next to last dress is very reminiscent of Kara Saun's BP Show.

Still my very favorite show of all.

Much of this is lovely.

But I can't stop laughing about the trench coat one-sie.

don't think there will be too many orders for that.

There's some fabulous stuff here. My favorites are the sparkly black coat with the sable; the killer chinchilla coat, the black coat with white fur trim; the gold sweater with the pastel mink; the sparkly, multi-colored coat, the black gown with the white chiffon, and the thirties-style metallic, sleeveless, drape-necked gown.

The leather coats (#9 and #11) are GORGEOUS. Ohhhhh, I want, I want, I want!

Beautiful : )


That one model with the red hair is wearing both of my favorite looks. Absolutely gorgeous.

I know it's couture, but the tailoring is impeccable.

Did anyone else have to look twice to make sure that first model wasn't Katie Holmes?

I really like some of these. That brown leather coat has amazing construction. The LBD (6th on the right) is adorable but edgy, I can't wait to see it out and about. I also like the concept of the army like cage on top of the aqua green dress. It reminds me of PR's Jillian.

"Trench romper" is not a phrase that should be realised. Nor should "crocodile jumpsuit."

A few are a little Lady Gaga inspired don't you think?

Yeah, like the silver sci fi tube bodysuit, which I <3 <3 <3

The trench romper/leotard/onesie makes the model look like Jack Lalanne's wife on the show circa 1965 -- the whole leotard with foundation garment that visually translates into granny-panties.

Not crazy about the agent provocateur black gown with the weird nipple x's

Want want WANT the multicolored coat. Do you think they do layaway?

I've seen that shimmery gold gown AT LEAST 2000 different times - seriously there's NOTHING to differentiate it from its predecessors. That's the kind of thing that annoys me.

I feel the same as B Rye a few posts above me; the skin-heavy looks squick me out to the point that I can't really judge if they're "beautiful" or not.

The not-dead-animal-draped looks were, for the most part, alright. I definetely had a few favorites, but the onesies are too weird.

OMG. this is fabulous!

I adore! Some of these are really beautiful. I hope some fool wears that bare-breast-illusion gown on the red carpet so we can hear everyone complain.

Love the sculpted collars on some of these.

And as trite as it may be, there something quite lovely about the majority of the collection.

It seems like a lot of these make the models look hippy, and I'm not talking about the ones with the obvious structure at the hips. Just can't get behind the onesie in the third row at all.

Some looks I loved, some I hated, and some were in between, but the look that struck me the most, perhaps because it is so reminiscent of Carole Lombard, who is my all time favorite, is the second from the last look.

the first lulu

Gorgeous show, whatever the inspiration, it matters not to me. As a fashion neophyte, I have this blog to thank for even discovering this designer. I usually adore almost everything he does. It's evident that he clearly loves women, and has such impeccable design and styling skills.

I, too, dislike fur and excessive leathuh, especially exotic leathuh.

I do like 1, 7 (minus the fur), 9 (now that is how you do shoulder-pads!), 23/24. 29/30, and 33/34. I'm having difficulty seeing a few because of the black-on-black issue.

Not much to say about the bodysuits except that we might see them on the concert stage soon.

The model in the trenchcoat romper (which IS pretty cool) is thrusting her hips forward. That is why she looks like her "abdomen is distended," as someone said upthread.

I personally LIKE to see models looking like they have hips!

I also LOVE the hair. Big '40s waves, '30s style Marcel waves, '20s bobs--that is just too cool.

Wouldn't it be farout if women really wore those pantsless, Lady Gaga designs in public? I just think it would be so funny and sci-fi-ish.

The collection and styling did seem a bit all over the place to me and old hollywood is a pretty tired inspiration but some of these looks are incredible and I can see them being translated into ready to wear. All in all I'm pretty happy with this collection.

On another note whoever did the photography for this show did an AMAZING job.

Great collection! I love anything inspired by old Hollywood.

GORGE!!!! Now, is that real fur?

I like this collection, normally I rail against the preponderance of black but it works here, as well as with Givenchy's and Valentino's HC collection.

i'm not dorothy gale

All that fur and freakiness is not fabulous. OUT.

I'm usually not a Gaultier fan, but I luff a lot of this. Well done!

Some of it is gorgeous, and some, especially the silvery onesies, remind me of the Drill Thrall from the old Star Trek episode. All she needed was a weird fighting weapon and she could have been in the ring teaching Kirk how to be a space gladiator.

I just can't get behind all the fur, though. Or snakeskin. I'm sorry, the only creature that should be wearing a snakeskin is a snake!

Echo the love for the next-to-last dress, the black velvet wilma sheath with white chiffon ... AAAAAHHHHHHhhhhhhhh *dies*

And a few were obviously translating "film" literally: I saw a couple of dresses MADE of celluloid, and the laddered hosiery evoking film sprockets.

Plus tinsel-y tunics for Tinseltown, why not, for goodness' sake?

Great shoes.

very kylie minogue-ish.

The whole collection is really gorgeous, even the bits that are hilarious--like the onesie. Sure, it's crazy, but it's still beautiful; same with the JPG version of the padded hips.

The coats are just breathtaking. I want them all. Sigh.

5th look on the right is Micheal Jackson's jacket from Thriller--imagine it in red.

Some great looks but I agree with TLo, a little cliche with the 'theme'. However that black evening gown, asymetrical shoulder is FABULOUS!!! And I have the pattern to that dress--so that's probably why I like it. LOL

RyanGross said...
GORGE!!!! Now, is that real fur?

7/9/09 8:31 PM

Its got to be, look at the way it moves, polyester doesn't move like that unless its eyelash fur. LOL.

Incredibly gorgeous pieces! JPG is really amazing.

Look #21 reminds of the James Paul evening gown on TFS show that landed hin the bottom two of the last elmination challenge.


Love, love, love the fur.

Glad to see that designers aren't afraid to use it. Well, I guess JPG isn't afraid of much!

For a while those crazy ass paint throwers had everyone running scared.

Great looks...I especially like the ones that evoke Metropolis and/or Flash Gordon. Remindes me of his work in The Fifth Element.

Some of this looks great but I hate looking at so much fur and exotic leather, sorry. OUT.

Something I don't understand: is fashion SOOO important that it justifies the killing and skinning of animals? I'm no peta hag, but I do have compassion for other animals. Disgusting.

The blue (?) snakeskin coveralls are so Sarah Palin.

Seems a little disjointed.

I love eating and wearing dead animals.

i love how he used real film strips!

Amazing collection!

You even approve of the dress that has the see-through upper half?? BOOBS!!! It totally reminds me of the dress that Wendy did for PR that horrified that judges, haha...yikes.

I hope PETA didn't go to that show. I guess not, seeing how none of the fur outfits have fake blood on them?

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