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January Jones in Interview

The Devil and Miss Jones.

Are we all gearing up for next month's start of season 3 of Mad Men? God knows we are. We've been watching and re-watching the DVDs of the first two seasons and we are salivating in anticipation. To whet your appetites, here's a little of our favorite repressed housewife.

In the latest issue of Interview magazine, you can read a (what else?) interview with January Jones conducted by none other than Jack Nicholson, of all people:

"We get the scripts two days before we’re going to shoot them. I don’t have time to think about it. I’ve never been trained as an actress, so it’s all instinct. I just let myself go into this kind of a free fall. Sometimes I feel scared, or out of my element—like everyone else knows what they’re doing but me. I don’t know . . . Maybe I function well with fear or I like to be faced with a challenge . . . I think I’m just a work in progress."

"I think men are still attracted to what they’ve always found attractive, which is a woman [both laugh] who is feminine, soft, real, and . . . womanly. In the time of Mad Men, women were very polite and soft-spoken, and they didn’t express a lot of opinions. Now, I think women have become a little more rigid or hard—and I don’t think it’s because of men. I think it’s because women have become more masculine or we’ve forced ourselves to become more masculine. What’s in fashion now is very thin and hard."

Read the whole thing. It's pretty interesting. Plus, eye candy:

Bodysuit: Marc Jacobs - Bra: Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci

Bodysuit: Marc Jacobs - Bra: Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci - Gloves: Jil Sander

We've said in the past that she doesn't look nearly as good when she's out of her '60s drag, but we have to say, she looks pretty amazing here.

And if you don't feel like shelling out the money on DVDs to refresh your memory, Season 2 of Mad Men is currently OnDemand in its entirety.

[Photos/Video: Vinoodh Matadin/Inez Van Lamsweerde/]

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Jack, you old dawg, you!


the hair amuses me. it's not just teased and's POOF. good photos though.

I love her hair in those shots; Betty couldn't get away with that 'do, could she?

I can't wait for Mad Men, but more importantly, I can't wait for T Lo's recaps!

Just curious why do the captions tell us who's bra she is wearing?

Thanks for the post.

Whose. And is that a joke?

Love that she puts Jon Hamm in the same category as children and animals.

Love that she's a fan of ANTM.

Season two's ready on On Demand?! Gotta go ...

Interesting hair. Before it's all tousled it works on her, I think.

I will actually have to get the magazine for the whole interview - the conceit of J.J. being interviewed by Nicholson is fascinating.

He's not an interviewer (so many points in the excerpt where TLo would have followed up with a much more interesting question) - but he can talk about acting, and every now and then there's a flash of the intelligence that is behind his legendary appeal to women.

Also now and then a flash of his experience/age where he sounds about 100 years older and more sophisticated than Jones, who is over 30 and an established actress.

I wonder if she really is quick to shut herself down (from answering a question more insightfully) as she sounds here, or if it was the dynamic of being interviewed by Nicholson.

(& yes, Anon 11:31, he IS a hound dawg, and he's gonna be flirting with the nurses on his death bed.)

Anyone else besides me find January Jones to be insanely boring? Despite her eyes being open, I think she might actually be asleep in these photos.

vesperbeauty typed Anyone else besides me find January Jones to be insanely boring?

No. You're not the only one. People say her acting style is 'subtle'. I just think she doesn't have the depth so surface is all you get.

She also has a blonde blandness about her when she's not in costume.

This may work for Mad Men but I'm not sure if it works anywhere else. Certainly not these photographs.

I'm just not convinced about her.

Mad Men, Top Chef, AND PR. Sigh. August I love you.

She does come across as a bit bland, not a deep thinker, surface pretty, someone who has always had things happen to her advantage, without angst. Is there any depth? cause it's not evident here.

I sound like an echo of anon 12:59, but I didn't even read any comments before posting. So I'll bet a lot of people are going to come to the same conclusion.
—anon 1:02

What's the attraction of Mad Men? I"ve missed the frenzy over this series- clue me in

Thanks, boys! You reminded me that Season 1 is on demand right now. I still haven't seen it.

another laura

January? zzzzzz
Mad Men on Demand? woo hoooooo!!!

The hair is fabulous! Great photos!


She is FABULOUS!!! Love love the show!

I think she's pretty. Great interview!

I love her character on the show and the clothes she wears are fabulous. Love the look here, quite different from what I'm used to seeing.

She lacks something I can't quite put my finger on it, but she's very beautiful.

These are the best pictures I've seen of her outside of Mad Men.

Maybe she cuts her answer short so she won't seem "hard" and threatening to men.

Jack Nicholson started as a screenwriter BTW. He's multitalented.


Those black and white photos are beautiful.


Ulle said "She lacks something I can't quite put my finger on it, but she's very beautiful."

I think it's called a personality.

While I'm absolutely transfixed by her character on the show, I haven't yet seen Jones in other contexts and not been somehow "put off" by her. She looks wrong somehow, flat and unreal, in a way Christina Hendricks and Elizabeth Moss don't. I just read something about her DVD commentary lacking pizazz as well.

But I'll forgive everything, because she's just amazing as Betty.

Love mad men but she just looks supremely dull in photographs (hello, anybody in there!) and doesn't sound so bright either.

Gee women were softer? The major premise of Mad Med is that women were treated so horribly and her character's softness masks a supreme bitchiness and aggression. The way her character is with her children! Oy!

yeeeeeaaa her comments were quite shocking....

As for the show I never made it past the first season :eek I know,its good but CTV (canada) never picked up the 2nd season, Im not even sure when it aired in Canada. We got season 1 about 8 months after the states. I guess I need to start catching up then!

She’s beautiful but I don’t like the cover.

She's also in an indie film called "Swedish Auto" with Lukas Haas.

She plays the part of demure housewife so well. I can't wait for the next season and your commentary, boys.

Kay said...
As for the show I never made it past the first season :eek I know,its good but CTV (canada) never picked up the 2nd season, Im not even sure when it aired in Canada.

Bravo is running the entire 2nd season (again), scheduled to end just before it starts on the 3rd season. Methinks it's time to fork over some more $$ for an upper cable tier to get the channel.

I don't even remember the show being on CTV... .

I've got both seasons of Mad Men on Blu-Ray DVD. All those beautiful people, and sets, and costumes in HIGH DEFINITION!


She looks gorgeous, but the editorial itself is blah - although, I am not sure if the photos in Interview are supposed to be an editorial or just a couple of pretty photos.

I thought her comments about her lack of experience is interesting, especially for what was probably a sought after role.

I adore Betty, I hope she is meaner and crazier than ever next season. I don't want the writers to make her into a modern woman anytime soon.

For a moment I thought you guys interviewed her. I almost plotzed.

I have actually entered the Banana Republic contest to win a Mad Men walk on role. Can't wait for the return.

Love her as Betty Draper. Definitely my favorite character on the show.
Her tousled hair looks good here. It suits her better than the bland combo of long, straight, and blonde (not referring to the show).

First off, it's REALLY refreshing to read through comments like the ones above and not have to maneuver through nasty, bitchy and irrelevant posts.

I do think January Jones is very pretty but something about her is just so bland. Her acting skills, while okay, really do lack any kind of 'uumph'. There's a real lack of character in her. It's kind of a shame.

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