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Isaac Mizrahi sells cheesecakes

From the "We couldn't make this up" file...

Heather is getting his own show on QVC called "Isaac Mizrahi Live!" WSJ has the details:

"In December, Mr. Mizrahi will be selling those cheesecakes—along with his designs for everything from potpourri to furniture—on a new program on QVC airing eight hours a month to start, the company says. The show, called “Isaac Mizrahi Live!,” will be a significant departure from the standard sell of cable shopping channels. Part pitch, part reality television, it will follow Mr. Mizrahi around as he pitches items like a $200 handbag or $80 shoes while he engages in his other activities, riffs extemporaneously about his life and takes questions from callers.

QVC is erecting an expensive set within Mr. Mizrahi’s New York studio that can capture his day-to-day life in high-definition video, a first for the network. “Once in a while you make a calculated bet,” says Mike George, president and chief executive of the Liberty Media unit. QVC, which reported a 10% drop in first-quarter sales to $1.6 billion, says it aims to turn Mr. Mizrahi into one of its top five brands, like Philosophy or Bare Escentuals—brands the network says garner more than $100 million in annual sales apiece. Mr. Mizrahi will receive a percentage of sales as part of the arrangement.

Doug Howe, chief merchandising officer of QVC, says he was fascinated by the way Mr. Mizrahi spoke, leaping from tea patterns to sheets then rain boots. “We were just sitting there watching him talk, thinking, ‘My God! On air, you are going to resonate so strongly with our consumers!” Mr. Howe says."

It'd be easy to roll one's eyes and make jokes about it, but Heather ain't no fool. If it's successful, he'll stand to make a ton of money and if it isn't successful, who cares? It's not as if it's going to do any damage to his image. He's already established himself as a personality who'll do whatever strikes his fancy to make a buck.


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Really? He's hocking Junior's cheesecakes? Oy.

hmmm...could this mean that he's not planning on being a part of the second [cough] season of TFS?

mmmmm, cheesecake!

I used to watch his show on Style and it was good, I guess he's OK if he's not judging any other designer or competitor and having the camera all for himself.

"How cheesy."

PPS teams up with Starbucks, Heather sells cheesecake, what is going on with the fashion world?

Actually this is a great idea for Heather becuse it will be all about him. Part of the problem with TFS is that when Heather is among normal people he stands out in such a way (as the Duchess and Rachel Zoe do not) that makes him look totally abnormal instead of just over the top. I will definitely watch this show and will be willing to bet it is very entertaining.


Krystina said...
Really? He's hocking Junior's cheesecakes? Oy.

Isn't it supposed to be the best cheesecake in NY? I've always wanted to try one.

Anonymous said...
hmmm...could this mean that he's not planning on being a part of the second [cough] season of TFS?

He can still do the show, I don't think this would interfere with the shooting schedule.

FashionFanatic on 7/25/09 at 1:09 PM said.."PPS teams up with Starbucks, Heather sells cheesecake, what is going on with the fashion world?"

Cross pollination of all facets of pop culture by Madison Avenue


If someone was stupid enough to offer you $500,000.00+ to talk about overpriced burnt coffee or cheesecake and tea cups would you not be smart enough to grap the check, cash it and run? I would.

If I wasn't successful, I would cry all he way to the bank while toting three shpping bags full of new shoes from YSL.


Sorry--I'm too distracted by the reporter's mangling of jewelry ("jewlery") and esthetics ("estetics") to think about cheese cake. Oy.

I would not buy or watch anything Mizrahi (which means "misery" to me).

This makes me laugh. How does he find the time. :)

"‘My God! On air, you are going to resonate so strongly with our consumers!” Mr. Howe says.""

Mr. Howe, make sure the consumers know the history of cheesecake.

Somehow, the more and more I see Heather, the more I think that she's turning into Richard Simmons.

"sfnative64 said...

Somehow, the more and more I see Heather, the more I think that she's turning into Richard Simmons."

ROFL. It's true.

I don't know about Isaac Mizrahi live; he can be very inappropriate. The QVC ladies might find him offensive.

Hahahahahhahaaaa! Ohhhhh Isaac...

Those cheesecakes DO look delicious, though.

Apparently he doesn't know that there is such a think as square cheesecake. Italian cheesecake is made in an enormous square, and somehow it manages to bake evenly. It's a different animal, though, than the cheesecakes Isaac's talking about.

too many cats

JimParker saw this quote, as well,
"‘My God! On air, you are going to resonate so strongly with our consumers!”

Eight hours a week? Four hours a month was very close to being too much.

Say what you will about Isaac, he has managed quite a career for himself seeing as how is not really very talented. He is a personality and he is able to sell it. I am sure the QVC crowd will be eating this up, both figuratively and literally. I say good for him, regardless of how I personally feel about this kind of thing.

PS Junior's is NOT the best cheesecake in New York. Eileen's is. Trust.

It reminds me of some of his webisodes where he has "favorite things" or someone with their favs.

Just when I was heading out for ice cream!

Interesting endeavor, hope he's successful at it. Just don't bash your audience, Miz!

too many cats on 7/25/09 at 1:54 PM said..."Eight hours a week? Four hours a month was very close to being too much."

STOP! coffee spit time! Thank jaysus chrysler i am still in my sleepers!



scarlet slippers

Every time you post a screenshot of him, I am reminded of Hades from the Disney movie "Hercules." Never fails.

BrooklynBomber said Sorry--I'm too distracted by the reporter's mangling of jewelry ("jewlery") and esthetics ("estetics") to think about cheese cake.

BB, I thought exactly the same thing!

Krystina said He's hocking Junior's cheesecakes?

That's a truly disgusting image. I think (and really hope) that you meant "hawking"!


"Hocking" actually means annoying someone as in "stop hocking me already" So it's not really
"hawking" the cheesecake - it's just being annoying. Which, cosidering what we have just been through in the not to be mentioned show - is quite appropriate.


TLo, you are so right - you canNOT make this kind of thing up.

Are QVC viewers ready for eight hours of Heather? and will it be TV worth watching, to steal Bravo's catchphrase?

Anonymous said; "hmmm...could this mean that he's not planning on being a part of the second [cough] season of TFS?" 7/25/09 12:54 PM

Seems that way, doesn't it? The article says QVC is constructing a special set right in his New York showroom, and will begin airing the show in December for at least 8 hours a month to start.

Wouldn't that be the time he would otherwise be cranking up to film TFS Season 2?

They intend to build him into one of their top five brands. I'd say he's going to be a tad busy.

Also, immediately after TFS Thursday night, Isaac shed his suit, doffed jeans and a hoodie, and hopped over to Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens. There, in a live broadcast, he disposed of TFS quickly and then prattled on and on about other things. He didn't radiate any aura of pride or accomplishment, more like he was relieved to be done.


We are, too.

From the same network that brings you the Quacker Factory Christmas light-up sweaters --
Isaac Mizrahi and his amazing life and cheesecakes!
I wonder if he'll be on with the Quacker Factory lady. I'd watch that.

I swear if I see another article/blog about Issac Mizrahi and QVC today, I will go insane! Regardless, I still love you guys.

Actually, in the Wall Street Journal article, it says that QVC will be following Isaac around as he engages in "his other activities" while hawking various wares. So theoretically he could still play a role in The Fashion Show, Season 2.

Oh, Lord. I can see it now.

"Kids, you'll be making your garments in the rear workroom, where I've also set up a table of food. Don't forget to eat that deLISHous ISAAC MIZRAHI cheesecake using my specially designed line of ISAAC MIZRAHI silverware and wonderful ISAAC MIZRAHI Japanese style plates.

You know how to eat cheesecake with chopsticks, right Kids? Here, let me demonstrate. Shove over, Pipsqueek.

I AM ISAAC MIZRAHI and I'm demonstrating how to eat my wonderful ISAAC MIZRAHI cheesecake, $26.99 right here on QVC, served on my fabulously beautiful ISAAC MIZRAHI Japanese plates, $89 for a set of four right here on QVC, by using my gorgeous ISAAC MIZRAHI chopsticks, just $12.99 per pair right here on QVC. You really must have a DOZEN pair of these, Darlings.

Oh my, I just got some on my lovely ISAAC MIZRAHI dress shirt, $25O for this fabulous limited edition shirt in 76 different colors right here on QVC, kids. No matter, I'll just pop it in the washer with one of these fabulous travel packs of ISAAC MIZRAHI cleanser, available right here at QVC at $8.99 for four little pack, sand then have it ironed with this special ISAAC MIZRAHI professional iron, available right here on QVC for $275 in eleven easy payments. You can get all this wonderful ISAAC MIZRAHI merchandise today, Darlings.

Now I'll be painting my toenails bright orange with my new ISAAC MIZRAHI toenail polish, also available right here at QVC in 65 colors at today's special introductory price of $35.99 a bottle, while the lesser peons at QVC stand in front of me and run the sales of each of these items I've mentioned one right after the other.

Once my toenails have dried, we'll look at some more FABULOUS merchandise designed by ME, ISAAC MIZRAHI.

Where were we? Ok, designers, don't forget to use my wonderful ISAAC MIZRAHI irons when the QVC cameraman comes over. We need a live demo by somebody who actually knows how to use them correctly. Thanks, kids!

Now I want some fuckin' cheesecake.

Challenge: Create a telephone call to Isaac on live TV from a Project Runway or a TFS designer, regarding cheesecake.


1. Hello? Isaac Mizrahi here, Darling.

Isaac? This is Laura. I just thought I should tell you that I told QVC that I didn't think you made that cheesecake all by yourself because it just looks too good, like a Junior's cheesecake.

It IS a Junior's cheesecake, Darling. Next!

2. Hello? Is this Isaac?

Yes, it is, Darling.

I just wanted to say that cheesecake really gets me off.

Who is this?

Vincent Lib...

(click) NEVER MIND. Next!

I'm sorry, but I'd have to be dead to care less about anything Mizrahi does from now on. Watching TFS has cured me of any interest I might have had in him. I'm over it. Next!

Tampa Bay wrote...

Actually this is a great idea for Heather becuse it will be all about him.

ITA with this. Part of the reason that TFS was destined to flop imo was that Heather is genetically unable to share the spotlight.

I won't be going out of my way to watch, but more power to ya, Heather!

Fun! Sounds like an extended version of his video blog, which is quite entertaining, AND there will be shopping too. What could be better? Good for you, Isaac. Enjoy your life and never mind the cynics.

It looks like Isaac should lay off the cheesecake. Either that or buy new clothes that fit him. Just sayin'.

This kind of show is a much better fit for him than TFS. He can be quite charming and funny in the right situation.

Isaac's no dummy. I'm sure he realized TFS was a loser.

BTW, Krystina, it's "hawking" not "hocking." Hocking is when you take something to a pawn shop, or cough something up.

I'd prefer he'd stuck with Target. But what's an Isaac to do when there's $$$$ involved.

It ain't easy being cheesy.

"WSJ said: Part pitch"

Must be a typo.


i'm not dorothy gale

Oh dear God. Yet another reason to avoid QVC.

I will have to watch at least once. (I suspect you have it about right, MouseAnony @ 5:19 & that's too much selling for me) I *did* enjoy his show, where it was all about him, he might be entertaining babbling on about himself, his "favorite buys" and whatever.

And really, why wouldn't he? He sells a line at Target, for god sakes, he can't cheapen his "brand" much more than that. Money in the bank is a good thing.

For this next challenge, designers, you will be making a dress for women who eat Isaac Mizrahi cheesecakes. Keep in mind that your outfit should coordinate with her favorite flavor.

I sort of miss Isaac's talk show that he had on style. He was still over the top but I liked the interviews. And I loved the ends where he would sketch 'designs' for people in the audience.

Yeah, I liked Isaac's talk show too, but a lot has happened since then and now. The man is creative director at Liz Claiborne, he still designs his own line, and now he's going to be on QVC 8 hours a month? (And who knows about TFS season 2, although I suspect it's road kill.)

Along with the expansion of his professional responsibilities, his ego seems to have expanded in kind. I saw him on Craig Ferguson the other night and he seemed much more demented than usual.

If he wants to Martha Stewartize himself, more power to him. I definitely will watch him on QVC at least once, just for the laughs. And I would love to see him in some Quacker Factory duds, maybe wearing one of those big headbandy things like the Quacker Factory lady herself.

The first time I hear him plugging "Flex-Pay," I'm going to howl.


Well, I've just been touring Isaac's web site and watching some of his video blogs. Before this, all I knew of Isaac is what I saw on TFS. And I must admit, I now feel guilty for trashing him so harshly.

Gotta say, the man is an exuberant, restless, mad genius and a non-stop talker. He's also hilarious in a kind of maniacal way. Containing him long enough to film serious scenes must have required heroic effort.

I think the producers of The Fashion Show undoubtedly had their hands full editing the show. No doubt a lot of wonderful, chatty stuff ended up on the cutting room floor.

The videos also explain why Isaac's tours through the TFS workroom resulted in such stilted comments and weird and unbecoming facial expressions. This was a man trying so hard to stifle himself that he was nearly exploding from the effort.

The incongruity that always struck me was how much the designers seemed to enjoy Isaac as they came to the formal judging. I think the Isaac they saw behind the scenes was much more the mad genius of his web site rather than the muzzled, formal guy we saw on the the show. And it also explains the wary, resentful manner of the designers on the finale. I don't think their resentment was directed at Isaac, but rather stemmed from their horror at now having seen the episodes and suddenly realizing how TFS editing was slanted to create highly unflattering and negative vignettes for "drama."

And poor Isaac had to get all dressed up and try to behave formally before the cameras. Geez, no wonder it seemed so weird at times. You'd have more luck dressing up a litter of puppies and getting them to sit still on pew in church for an hour than getting Isaac to sit still and shut up.

The thing is, he's really engaging when he just prattles along. The structure of TFS deprived us of this strength. After seeing these videos, I do think he'd be perfect as the mentor on a re-tooled version of the show. If permitted to wear his usual casual clothes and to not have to stick to such a formal script, I think he'd turn in some cinematic gold. Granted he'd probably still hog the camera, but we'd forgive it because we'd feel so affectionate toward him. I say let him be himself. Heck, even Tim Gunn frequently came into the workroom in blue jeans and a sports jacket until he hooked up with Liz Claiborne. Now granted, Isaac is Creative Director of Liz Claiborne as well, but in his case, the need to let him be more natural transcends the need to make him adhere to a stilted, formal executive image.

I think a re-tooled show with a separate panel of judges and Isaac as the mentor figure who presents the challenges and mothers the designers through garment creation could be wildly successful.

MouseAnony -I think your above post explains the problems Kelly had. I am sure the only time Isaac let her tak was when the producer told him they were going in on Kelly for her close up to read the audience vote esponses. Even Fern looked at times as if she wanted to slap him but was holding it in.


"CroqueMonsieur said...
Isn't it supposed to be the best cheesecake in NY? I've always wanted to try one."

I definitely think it's the best cheesecake in NY, I grew up on the other side of Brooklyn and we used to make the trip to pick one up for holidays. Not sure if you live in/around NYC but a lot of Pastosa stores carry them in the freezer section. You can also order them online and they are totally worth the trouble!

Or, you know, wait until they come screenprinted with a funky '90s print on the HSN.

I feel bad, I love Heather, but after TFS I'm cooling a bit in my affections.

"Pinup Dresses said: But what's an Isaac to do when there's $$$$ involved."

Really? Please explain.


" Brooklyn Bomber said: Apparently he doesn't know that there is such a think as square cheesecake."

It sounded like someone in the background told him they had to be round.

Someone else, in the thread somewhere, asked about Junior's Cheesecakes & yes, they are decadently yummy. They seem to be richer than most others & they're always fresh, never dry. Whenever I've bought a slice it has taken me 2 or 3 days to finish. Just one slice. That's how rich it is (and how big their slices are). And I'm no delicate flower.

This thread now has me thinking about walking over to their place and getting a slice this afternoon. (But I hope to god it's not plaid).


GothamTomato on 7/26/09 at 10:01 AM said..."Brooklyn Bomber said: Apparently he doesn't know that there is such a think as square cheesecake.
It sounded like someone in the background told him they had to be round."

Somone in the backgroung told him the finished cheesecake had to be round because the baking pans are round.


Well I have never, ever liked cheese cake, so round, square, plaid doesn't matter too me.

Junior's cheesecake? How is he connected to cheesecake? Did I miss something? I don't even like Junior's cheesecake. Ah, who cares, I'm not watching.

I would totally watch a Quacker Factory/Isaac Mizrahi special. That would be soooo worth it.

Great post, MouseAnony.

Will you all stop talking about cheesecake, for cripes sake?

My mother used to make a cheesecake that was shaped like a rectangle. The texture was more like flan, though.

You know, Isaac on QVC would be so entertaining. I'd love to see him creating or displaying those plaid and polka dotted cheesecakes with crumbles around the sides -- that could turn out to be an unintentional laugh riot. I'd buy them, too. Heck, bringing a bottle of wine when you're a dinner guest is one thing, but bringing a polka dotted cheesecake? Fabulous!

And, I don't think he'd come off as frenetic or overbearing either. **warning: more cheesecake discussion ahead** By pure accident, TFS finale Part 2 just started on Bravo (where I was happily watching Top Chef Masters a moment ago). The first scene, Isaac in his more relaxed garb back in the workroom, was -- surprisingly-- every bit as appealing as Tim Gunn. This is the character I wish we had seen a lot more of.

I luvs me some cheesecake.
I've never watched QVC, but I'll click by for Issac.

Ha! I love her!!!

Dear god, the title scared the hell out of me. I work at Cheesecake Factory. That place is crazy enough without him, I was scared that you were going to say he was going to be there hawking cheesecakes.

A word about the glorious cheesecake: The best and by far most cost effective one is the fresh one you make yourself, using no low fat or store brands. Use cream and Philly Cheese. The secret incredient is zest of fresh lemon (from the rind) and squeezed in fresh juice of one lemon. That ingredient gives the piquant taste that no one can identify, the heavenly taste. Go ahead look up a basic recipe on the internet, use vanilla in it also. I make my own pastry crust but no crust or any crust will work. Let it set before serving and for more heaven top with fresh berries. You won't ever miss anyone else's so-called best New York cheesecake again, promise (at 20 times the cost).

I'm having a senior moment - can you tell us again the origin of the "Heather" nickname? It does seem perfect.

And Junior's cheesecake - a total tourist trap, no?

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