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In or Out: Whitney Houston

Are we seeing a return to Diva-hood?

Miss Whitney's cleaned up her act and has a new album, "I Look To You," which will be released September 1. The requisite promo shots are by the legendary Patrick Demarchelier. Let's take a judgmental look together, shall we?

Hervé Léger by Max Azria Spring 2009 Collection
Michaela Kocianova

Carmen Marc Valvo Spring 2009 Collection

It's amazing what a year or two without crack can do for a girl, isn't it? Let that be a style lesson to all you ladies out there.

She hasn't looked this good in years. Oh sure. Photoshop, lighting, blahblahblah. Can it. The fact of the matter is she's 46 years old and for quite a while there we were all subconsciously assuming she wouldn't make it to her 50th. She's come back from the edge and she's looking pretty damn good. The dresses are both gorge and look fantastic on her. Welcome back, girl.


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The second pic is fun, and she looks good. But that album cover? Oh honey, no. No no no.

Work it Whitney!! **diva snap>**

Love it! Especially the Herve Merlin would say...'delicious!' =)

That Herve Leger reminds me of something Christian showed last year. (Or, rather, that should maybe be the other way around.)

I look at her and think: she looks pretty good for a crack addict. Okay, EX-crack addict. But the bar is not very high for ex-crack addicts.

Although I don't care for the '80s styling (the hair, the earrings) on the cover, she looks terrific. Good for her for getting her shit together.

Kimberly said...
I look at her and think: she looks pretty good for a crack addict. Okay, EX-crack addict. But the bar is not very high for ex-crack addicts.

7/22/09 11:45 AM

Dude, I know 40+somethings who never so much as taken a drink who don't look as good, much less smoke crack.

I am glad you told me who it was, because I would have not known who was in that photo. It looks like she has had some major work done, and I don't mean photoshop! Her face looks so different.

Don't get me wrong, she looks pretty, and her body is fan-tas-tic, but she looks like somebody else.

she have a lot of style i think

love Lars ♥♥♥

I love the album cover! Those earrings are great. Welcome back, Whitney!

I hope she stays clean. I always loved her singing, and it was just sad to see what happened to her.

It's amazing what a year or two without crack can do for a girl, isn't it? Let that be a style lesson to all you ladies out there.

You two crack me up. No pun intended. Love the second look, not sure about the earrings in the first look.

I love love love Whitney, and am definitely pulling for a fabulous comeback.

I wonder if it is serious work that is making her look so much different than her old self in the first pic, or if its just photoshop.

I think she looks amazing...but totally unrecognizable. She must have had some major work done. But it/she looks great.

When did the 80's come back? That Armani collection, and these looks on Whitney are giving me flashbacks.

Yep, there's some Photoshop goin' on, but Whitney looks good

I want to like it, so so badly. Atfer all, growing up all I heard was "Are you named for Whitney Houston?" (my brother is named "Jackson" and my dad is a musician. For the record, we are named for writers...)

But Tyra would flip her weave a those dead eyes. She looks beautiful, but lifeless.

Still, here's hoping for a comeback and real/continued sobriety. Recovery is a hard road....

Not digging the cover photo...too statue-y/ashy (?). The second one -- fabulous

1st pic was fab! 2nd pic was more realistic, but still fab! I'd kill for that figure at 46. (Though I wish they'd show a full shot.)

I'm surprised no one has yet mentioned that she looks a bit like Patti LaBelle on that album cover. Take a look again.... it's a little weird.

I'm usually pretty cynical, but I'm kind of hoping that Whitney has actually gotten it together and will pull off a real comeback this time. disrespect to Patti, of course!

IN. The bitch looks FABULOUS!


She's in on the merits, but it is downright uplifting to see her looking so good. In addition to her voice, she is a gorgeous women.

TLo said... It's amazing what a year or two without crack can do for a girl, isn't it? Let that be a style lesson to all you ladies out there.
Yeah but the crack is for those who choose their a** over their face. ;-P

What is it with the cover photo? Somehow it doesn't look like her. Granted, I haven't followed her down and back up again, but it just looks really different, like she lost her cheekbones or something.

Love both of those dresses.

The first picture looks more like a wax figure but that's not her fault and the second picture is FAB..........................IN!!

I'm kind of over Herver Leger b/c they are all starting to look the same, but she looks great. Hopefully she'll keep it up!

Have to agree with everyone who said the cover was lifeless and did not do justice to miss Whitney, because the second photo is wonderful and joyful.
Also the first model is just gorgeous and complete reverse with the second one. Sorry if it was too harsh, probably it is just the styling and not the poor model.


Second look - IN. Twenty six thumbs up. She looks deliciously sexy, mentally healthy, and very appealing.

Album cover - The hair, or the wig, whatever it is, should have been styled to create bangs that de-emphasized a receding hairline. It draws the eye right up, and away from her face. Yet I can't help thinking it's intentional. Why does she look this way, a damaged beauty? As your eye travels downward, you see that she looks like she's in pain. Despite that, her eyes also say that she's been to hell and back, has regrets, but also acceptance, and this is what she is. The photographer has captured a lot of naked emotion in those eyes. It's an intriguing photograph, one that stops you dead and keeps your attention. It's really a portrait for the ages.

IN. With appreciative applause.

Sorry, Mouse is me. I type so fast that sometimes the computer can't translate and the thing posts before I finish typing my name.

I'm glad to see her looking so good. She was on pretty shakey ground there for a while. IN.


She looks fierce again. This is the Whitney that I know and love.

The first shot, cover, doesn't even look like her! -Sparkles

She's been out at several events promoting her new album and looks impeccable these days. Welcome back, Whitney!

the album cover looks a mite too much like an ad for botox, imo. like the second picture better.

And it is SO good to see Ms. Whitney back in action again - here's wishing her a lasting recovery. We've had enough train wrecks crashing this year to last for another decade.

She's only 46? Hmm...

Good for her. I love that Herve Leger dress.

Can we make a list of singers/actresses/personalities who could stand to be reminded by Ms. Houston that one can look pretty darn good in a dress that doesn't qualify as "ho-wear"?

Whitney has always been a beautiful woman, and I'm so glad to see her looking fabulous again. I hope she really has cleaned up her act, because it's a shame to waste such talent because you would rather sit at home in your sweats and be a crackhead.

Bitch alert: I'd be willing to bet good money that girlfriend had a bit of a face lift. She definitely looks tweaked. Fabulous, but tweaked.

She has such an amazing gift, it's hard not to root for her! Go Whitney!

Not so in love with the first pic, but she looks fab in the second one. I have always loved Whitney, and surely missed her when she was cracking up. I hope she stays clean and has great success with her career now.

I agree with Mouse...Ms. Houston does look pained to me. It would be interesting if it was a conscience choice.

Anon 11:48 AM said ...

Dude, I know 40+somethings who never so much as taken a drink who don't look as good, much less smoke crack.

I know what you mean. I was kidding around, really. I hope she can stay clean.

I really hope she makes a huge comeback.

MJ is gone, but we can still root for Whitney to triumph!

Although I will admit I'll miss those MADTv skits with Debra Wilson and Aries Spears.

Yes, I watch MADTv. I ain't ashamed to say it! :0D

Her face kinda still looks a little battered but, hey, she was on crack and got off it long enough to make an album and how up for a photoshoot. Good for her.


Isn't Dionne Warwick a cousin or something? She looks like Dionne Warwick; i.e., an older beat-down Whitney.

With all due respect: Whaaaaaa? That album cover doesn't even look like Whitney Houston, and her cover expression is awkward and confused. She doesn't look bad, but she doesn't look like herself -- which is what, I think, everyone really wants.

That said, I hope this album is awesome. I've already coped with knowing she (or most others) won't ever top "How Will I Know," but here's hoping she at least matches "It's Not Right, But It's OK."

She gets a perennial IN from me just for getting rid of Bobby and getting off the stuff.


YA! Me likey and from what I hear the new cd is as good as she looks.

Welcome back Diva!

She's gorgeously IN. I'm so glad she's getting it together. She's got incredible talent.

She looks great! But I can see the damage from the drugs. STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS PEOPLE. IT DESTROYS YOU
I pray she stays clean this time. I'm praying for her and all people addicted to substances!

I've never been a fan of her music, but I'm happy to see her doing well. She looks fabulous in the second photo. She gets a big IN for rocking that dress, and, most important, for being a survivor.

She looks great especially in the second photo, I love that dress.

IN. She looks amazing, good for her!

Bobbaaaaayyyyyyyy! Sorry I had to do it.
Love the Hervé, finally a break from the same damn Hervé every other chick in town is wearing. I think it might even look better on her than the model.
The second photo is very reminiscent of her last album. It's a younger look and she certainly pulls it off in print, in person not so much I suspect.

Iman looks great! Or is it Beverly Johnson?

Less Photoshop than Madonna, though. In, for sure.

Dunno if it's the lighting or makeup or what, but she looks a bit ashy to me. And her eyes look like she's still using. Or is deeply unhappy. What a weird thing to see in these pix!

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