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In or Out: Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock attends a photocall for "The Proposal", at Villa Magna Hotel in Madrid, Spain wearing Michael Kors and Azzedine Alaïa platform shoes.

Michael Kors Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Anna Jagodzinska

Y'know, we've always had a bit of a thing for Sandy. Anyone forced to spend their salad years referred to as "the poor man's Julia Roberts" is more than likely going to form a hard, cynical shell around herself and what's not appealing about that? Couple that with her insistence on staying out of the game and producing her own movies whenever she gets the urge to make one and then marrying that biker dude, and she sounds like the rare kind of celebrity it might actually be cool to know.

Anyway, this is a roundabout way of saying that, when she really wants to, she can show up looking mighty well put-together. Because she's got a hit movie out, she's been making the effort lately and this look is one in a line of pretty decent looks. We love the way this looks on her. It's chic and summer-y and just screams "movie star on a photocall." While she's thinner than about 90% of the population, she still has a healthy figure on her (by Hollywood standards) and yet the skirt still flatters her without making her look bottom heavy. The only weak point is the shoe. Unlike Beyonce's outfit of the other day, which required a clunky shoe, this dress would have been better served by something a little lighter. Besides, those shoes are just plain ugly.

A minor point, though because she's IN.

[Photos: Getty Images/WireImage/Celebutopia/]

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Best that she has looked in a long time.

Big, big, BIG IN!

She looks GREAT! Big IN!

From the little tease picture I thought it was gonna be an out, but she looks fabulous. You're so right about that horrid shoe, but even so: an unqualified IN.

I just wonder... with her hubbie having so many tats... where is she hiding hers? ;-)

Love Sandy Bullock. She looks cute

I actually think the shoes are quite cute. Maybe not perfect for the dress, but I would definitely wear them.

Even though I'm not crazy about the dress itself, I love the unconventional use of pinstripes, and it looks good on her (as does everything). She's one of the very few Hollywood actresses who looks real (ie; not shot up with fillers and stretched like a bongo drum).



Out....The dress is wearing her, she looks swaddled and the shoes are just not good...I really dislike the way her upper body looks.. Love her though!

Fer cryin' out loud! Why can't these actresses put up their hair when wearing dressy dresses?

A woman's neck and shoulders need to be visible, to wear clothing to best effect-- notice how much more smart the model looks, in the runway photo.

IN. Like PR5's Joe, I like pinstripes. I like the belt she is wearing on its own and it looks fine with this dress, but the runway belt looks better.

As an Austin gal, I like Sandy (even though I don't dig her movies).
Like the dress, agree that the shoes could be better, but I LIKE those shoes! I think they're cute.

Not my favorite dress, but she looks great. And I love the shoes!

Wow. I usually totally agree with you but I have to say those shoes are GORGEOUS. So sexy. I actually thought you were going to give the outfit an out but give props for the fabulously hot heels.

I love the look, including the shoes which I am drooling over. IN, IN, IN!!!

Bitch has great hair!

She has been wearing those Alaia shoes everywhere. I am not a fan. But otherwise she looks amazing. IN.

She looks terrific! Not a fan of the shoes, but at least she is not in dire need of a pedicure and podiatrist like (ahem) some others we have seen on the red carpet!
This is a big IN for me!!!

Ugh. Have to disagree, sorry. But the top half of the dress does something funky to her chest. I can't decide if her boobs randomly cut off in the middle or if they exist at all. Out!

While the dress is not bad, it looks slightly messy on her, especially the top half. And the hair really needs to be pulled back in some way.

I love Sandra Bullock. She has always been my favorite of the romantic comedy leading ladies. It isn't the best dress in the world, but she looks great in it. And I love those shoes. They may not be the best choice for the dress, but they add a little sex appeal to an otherwise tame look.

I can never predict y'all. I love the shoes, unlike most of the ones you think are HOT! I say IN for the whole outfit, and I second the poster who complimented the pedicure. I have been amazed at the sloppy summer feet I have seen in some of the shots lately. It takes very little effort to keep polish on the toes, and makes a big difference in the appearance.

Forgive me: you guys aren't at your best on shoes. These are beautiful.

Definitely IN. I kind of like the shoes too.

she is still cute and still funny. (took my mother-in-law to see the Proposal.)

love the pinstripes, like the hair and makeup, LOVE the attitude!

Maybe the shoes were a subtle tip of the hat to her Spanish fans? They have a quasi-Mediterranean feel to them. Then again, it's not like she's first lady, so pay no attention to my nonsense.

just saw the movie. reminded me why she is a fan fave.

The skirt is shorter on the model, and I have to say, I prefer the shorter hemline on this dress.

SB too cute to be swallowed whole on the bottom by a pin-striped shark.

Nope, I love the shoes. But otherwise I agree 100%--love her!

The top is doing slightly strange things to her chest, and you can see that on the model as well. However, it has a loose blousey feel that goes with the overall summery feeling to the construction, so I can get over that. I like the tension between the structured pinstripes and the billowy construction. I like the addition of a belt with metallic hardware, as it breaks up the darkness of the dress, and helps balance the fact that the hem is longer.
I like the shoes, but not with this dress.
She looks comfortable in the dress: IN

Don't like the way the dress drapes on the top, but it looks from the model it's supposed to be that way.

Love everything about the shoes except the weird heel.

Sandra B could wear her old, unwashed bathrobe on the runway. She's gorge with a great attitude. IN.

I like the shoes! And I like Sandra. I crossed paths with her once while shopping here in Austin, and I was amazed at how tiny she is in person. She's adorable, and smart, and seems to have a good sense of humor.

Ah, but the shoes are a nod to Madrid!

I'm not a big fan of the dress, and would love to see her hair up, but agree: IN!

Definite IN!

but I kinda liked the shoes....

You've totally missed the point with the shoes. They're a play on the traditional, manly wingtip. If you look at the detail on the ankle bands, you'll see the resemblance.

Paired with the pinstriped dress, the shoes make it clear that Sandy is THE epitome of the chic, modern businesswoman.


IN - and I love the shoes too.

The skirt flare on the hips does make her look a bit more bottom heavy than she really is. She can pull it off, but a woman with actual hips? Never. Also, a wider belt would have helped. The shoes are OK, not an atrocity. She looks good overall.

"You've totally missed the point with the shoes. They're a play on the traditional, manly wingtip."

A few perforations on a patent leather open-toe sky-high platform do not a wingtip make-- that's quite a stretch.

And, the only "businesswoman" who'd effect those shoes is one who plies her wares on a street corner.

I don't get the shoe-bashing. They look great.

And BTW, I've always considered Julia Roberts as "an unpleasant Sandra Bullock".

another laura

Hey, I like those shoes! Just not with this dress.

Good dress for her and her strong, big legs, plus good styling (don't know about these highlights, though).

She's IN.

I love the shoes! I want the shoes!

The dress - a bit of a "meh" for me.

BIG IN and sorry guys but those shoes are lovely!

I always like her wearing long hair "ala" Miss Congeniality.

And I'm glad she decided to keep it long for a while.

IN and she looks stunning!

The "wingtip" thing with the shoes would've come across a lot more clearly if they had a white backing behind the black cut-out bits. And I would like them a lot more. ;-)

Also, Sandra Bullock's belt choice is better than the model's. She looks great overall.

LOVE the SHOES!!! I think she looks great.

I like the dress and I think it should have looked better on her if it were a little shorter....
and sorry to disagree with you guys, I LOVE THE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the shoes.
Love Sandra & the fact that she doesn't look miserable.
Hate the changes made to the dress. It looks like the bottom of the dress has been straightened.


I love those shoes. The pedicure, manicure and makeup are all very appropriate and she looks really good.

The hair is gorgeous, but I agree that it should be up or back or something. The hair style would be great with a more casual look. This outfit calls for more "tailored" hair...does that make sense? But she does have great hair! Wonder if it's all hers?

I like the dress, too, but think it should be just a little shorter, specially since she's got great legs. Overall, IN!

love the shoes!!

I think she looks good and definitely IN. I like the point about the shoes being a take on wing-tips with the pin stripes - clever.

But the "dress" looks like a long piece of pin-stripe fabric that is wrapped around her and could very well just be stapled into place. Kors is this a PR challenge outfit? (or TFS?)

It looks good on her but is bottom heavy. It needs to be shortened to hit her at the knees like it does on the model.
Agree about the shoes. A pair of spectator-type sandals would have been a better choice.

I dunno. I wish it were more tailored. To me it just looks like a pin-striped toga, which is not a look that I can get behind. I hate to be contrary, but I'm gonna have to say OUT.


IN. The dress looks better on her than on the model, love the belt, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes!

I'm not usually into the mainstream starlets, but I do love me some Sandra. I totally agree that while uber-thin, she still looks healthy. I think she's just naturally very slender.

I like her shoes better than the ones on the model. She might have gone with something a little sleeker, but, all in all, Sandy's IN with a win.

Another Austinite here. Sandra looks great. Not a big fan of the dress, it's ok, but I want that belt!

Her hair and makeup IN.


Also, can you believe this woman is turning 45 in a few weeks?!

"Ugh. Have to disagree, sorry. But the top half of the dress does something funky to her chest. I can't decide if her boobs randomly cut off in the middle or if they exist at all. Out!"

Agreed, I don't like what this dress does to her, it just looks weird.

IN. She looks great. The shoes I do not like, way too clunky.

She's so cool. I love her. IN.


I could forgive the shoe if the hair had a little more oomph to it.

I hate the dress but she can pull it off.

Yep, I love the shoes, too--even though I agree they're not great with the dress. (The runway model was wearing pretty clunky shoes too--though because they were white, they weren't quite as noticeable.)

As to the dress--it looks better in some of those pictures than in the others.

I love Sandra Bullock and she looks beautiful here.
Not sure the Proposal will turn out to be big hit although I did like her shoes in the movie.

Sandy's always in. And cool.


She looks good. I give her an IN but I hate the hair...just kinda blah. Disagree with you guys bout the shows though. I LOVE the shoes and think they look good with the dress.

She looks really great.

I do like the shoes - they add the perfect touch of femininity to an otherwise slightly businesslike look.

Big IN!

Twelve thumbs up!

IN Love the dress, do wish it was a bit shorter.
LOVE the shoes. Cute platforms that still look feminine, especially with the ankle straps.
Makeup - Good
Hair - Have to agree with the comments how much better and sleeker it would have looked pulled back and/or up.
Belt - Fab

OMG, I love those shoes. Y'all are crazy. Dress is good, love the belt.

It doesn't look imo. Potato sag couture is now in huh?

IN. She rocks!

"CPK said...

She has been wearing those Alaia shoes everywhere."

I noticed that too. I don't like them.

Not loving the hemline or the length, but I think she looks great anyway. I don't think I like the shoes. The belt, however? I'm covetous at the moment.

OK, I know that sometimes hair should be up, but her hair is so fab I don't think she should hide it.

I love Sandra, even if some of her movies suck.



Love her, love her public persona, love how she really seems to have retained more semblance of common-sense normality than most celebrity leading-lady actors. (of course, that could just be a well-managed public persona)

It's a good, not great outfit. For HER, that means it's out of the ballpark.

Very late to checking this out -- I too LOVE the shoes (and her hair). I think the runway shoes are mega-ug; Sandy's are way cute (and I also agree that there is a subtle wingtip reference). I also like her hair that way; it's very sexy.

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