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In or Out:: Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow at the Children of The City Champions of Hope Benefit Gala in New York City wearing Preen and Giuseppe Zanotti ankle boots.


Preen Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Edita Vilkeviciute

It's not a bad dress, but for some reason it's not the dress for her. It's not very flattering and she's not wearing it well. We just want to walk up to her and yank the skirt into place. Of course, that would probably get us arrested, but we'd have public support on our side during the trial since most of the public would like to walk up to her and at the very least pull her hair or maybe just get in her face and yell at her. Oh, sorry. We got sidetracked. So the dress looks askew and ill-fitting, the hair looks like she just came from a water aerobics class, and the personality (or, more accurately, "personality") is a complete turnoff. OUT.

The booties are cute though.

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The orangy face color is what really distracted me...

Out. Always out.

Her whinier-than-thou ennui will overpower anything she ever wears.

I do hate the hem on that thing. If it were straight, I think the dress would look much less lopsided and might actually be pretty cute on her. However, she is wayyy too tan to wear this dress, and it doesn't look good...but, the boots are cute (and I think the hair is, too). I would say this is somewhere in-between OUT and IN.


Perfectly stated.

But I think it IS a bad dress. Cut outs, silver sparkles, body hugging, and mini. Bad dress. No dessert for you.

She's really starting to look like Loretta Swit.

she looks fat.


While she has overdone the spray tan, I have to give her points for having conditioned her hair.

While I definitely do not like the hem on the dress (thought the skooching up must have been an error) I think it and the combo with the shoes suits her.


She needs a bra, but even if she wore one - O-U-T!!!

any dress that can make a woman that slender look weirdly puffy is out.
also one with the aformentioned hem issues, shiny cutouts, and generally cheap look.

give me Cate Blanchett every time.
i think that's who Gwyn tries to be.

The dress itself I love, but agree that it's not too flattering on her. Also don't like the booties w/ the dress. But her hair looks purrdddy and silky.

Fabulous dress but not on her. OUT.

I really don't dig the whole Scandal "Warrior" look. Ever. On anyone.

I must say...the model is workin' that dress!


Out. IMHO this dress needs someone with a bit of an edge to do it justice, and Paltrow doesn't have that.

And,BTW, what is with the hairstyle, or lack thereof?

Agreed on all points but the shoes. With the rest of her looking the way she does, they might as well be aqua socks. Lay off the fake bake and find a bra or something to give your chest a little support. Everything about this look is awkward...

She's trying to be Heidi and it ain't workin'.

Short, tight, shiny and orange is only doable on Frau Seal.

I didn't even have to look at the picture to know she was OUT. Of course she's out. Pretentious twit.

It kind of looks like one of those new super swift olympic swimsuits.

Like a fishstick that shopped at Contempo Casual. OUT!

The dress looks like a school project, a pre-school project. Who ever dressed her must have small children.


Oh my goodness, did I ever love your comments, TLo! She's SUCH a raging jackass, regardless of what she wears.

The dress is too young for her and too edgy as well. This is just not her thing and I don't know why she tries to force it. Hell, the last time she did "edgy" we were looking at her floppy boobs smashed down through a top that was essentially black cheesecloth. ICK!


Ack. Too orange. And that dress looks a little like something from a bad 80s dance video.

The hemline looks like that on the model too, but her confident stride makes it work. Gwyneth's tendency to do the I'm-just-a-wittle-giwl-and-I-need-go-potty thing with her feet just makes it worse.

I like her day at the beach hair. She's usually so angular and rigid, so it's nice seeing her look a little softer.

Yes, after two babies, a bra is needed.

I actually like her hair but that dress is awful... and so is her grip on reality and her ridiculous "Goop" website. Ugh.

What is her deal with booties? Ugh. And boobies, too? What is her objection to bras? And how is it possible for someone who does as much yoga and Pilates as she alleges to have such sloppy posture?

I love to hate her. It fills a void in my life.

Just Plain Christine

No, no and no. Gwyneth is a classic icy beauty. She needs to embrace it and stop trying to be edgy - especially now that she's a mom in her 30's. It just looks silly.

Isn't the hem assymetrical on both dresses? The big problem is that her torso is too short. She looks happier and less constipated than I have seen her look, that's a good thing.

I don't have it in me to hate Blythe Danner's daughter.

I just never understood how she became such a person of interest when it comes to fashion.

why is it that people who live in the public eye can't seem to figure out how to stand up straight?

the booties are cute and all, but it's july. i think they're a little severe for mid-summer.

If there is nothing left to hate Gwynnie for, its the fact that she'll look exactly like her mother in 30 years, if she lays off the orange stuff.

I guess she's trying to look "funky", and she does, but in the wrong way.

She's a classic Hitchcockian beauty in the same vein as Grace Kelly, Tippi Hedren and Eva Marie Saint. It's a work that looks for her and maybe she should stick to it.

Then again, there was a whole lot of criticism about JLo and this issue a few days ago...

Whatevs, Gwynnie's OUT.

Thanks for identifying her, that's not the face I associate with GP.

The hair looks well tended, but not well cut.

Orange looks better on my cat and dog.

She's accumulating a black dress wardrobe so she'll fit in with Spanish matrons (any woman married over the age of 21) in the smaller cities and towns of Spain.)

Someone already mentioned the miniboots.

It's fuckin' JULY! Can you imagine how sweaty her feet were?

I'm sorry, this is Gwyneth. How "glistened" were her feet...

"It's a work that looks for her"

Maybe I need to lay off the orange stuff...:op

Ah, Gwennie - so hard to take her seriously in any way, when all I see when I look at her is a bitchy Pekinese with an entitlement complex. Sigh. Always OUT, regardless of how she looks.

Out out out out out out

The shoes are even more out

Aren't her 15 up yet?

The dress is too young for her. And I'm sorry, but booties ALWAYS look bad with dresses. WHAT IS UP WITH THIS TREND? It's the express train to Stumpytown! Ya know what I mean?

Oy. Even before clicking the tease picture, I knew this was an OUT.

The dress demands an hourglass figure--so a more supportive bra would have balanced out her hips. Gwyn can't get any thinner.

The dress also needs more streamlined styling--like that of the model.

"We just want to walk up to her and yank the skirt into place."

- Isaac Mizrahi would have done just that.

7/30/09 11:37 AM

I don't have it in me to hate Blythe Danner's daughter.

Oh I do... she acts so entitled.

I just cant get behind anyone who puts up things online that are supposed to be for the everyday person featuring clothing in all price ranges... which actually showcases things from 600-1700 dollars.

She is just sooo out of touch... and when she gets criticized for it she says its people fault for not wanting to step outside their box, and says things like "My life is good because I am not passive about it". There are plenty of hard working people out there being effected by the economy and natural disasters and just bad circumstances that I just want to shake her until she wakes up!

Ok, sorry for the little rant.

her hair drives me crazy! If I had her money my hair would be impeccible. And Gwynnie is just not edgy-this type of dress is just a too-hard-try. I'm not even fond of the dress without her. And sorry-hate booties with dresses.

One of the best purchases I ever made was an inexpensive Lycra form-fitting panty/slip. That way an outfit like this can't return to the womb.


For someone who is quite thin, that dress makes her look rather thick around the middle.

I must be getting off the radar but when did she start sporting tan? Orange? Oh cmon! I usually adore her for her romantic yet edgy looks but this is appalling. It doesn't suit her at all. The colors are all wrong and the cut of the dress makes her look like a big trunk.

OUT before I even scrolled down to the full-body pics.

Out out out to the outy outh power. Ditch that tan. Ditch the dress. Ditch the shoes. Start over. That is all.

"How do ya turn her off?!"


TLo, I just knew you were going to do this outfit.

I liked the dress quite a bit, and even for Gwyneth. It's a potentially stunning look for her.

Problem is, it seems not to be lined and is sticking to her skin at the thighs. Also the shoes are WAY too klunky for this dress. The model's shoes, on the other hand, show that very minimal, ladylike pumps perfectly complement this dress and don't draw attention away from it.


It is just not flattering. It makes her look lumpy and bumpy when clearly she is not. And no one should wear "booties" in late July/early August. Yuck.

Just looking at those shoes makes my feet feel hot and swollen.

I like the dress a lot but she is too OLD for it, sorry Gwen.

It's stripperiffic! I almost feel bar for her kids, as in "Why does mommy look like a lady of the evening?"

Two different things, I realize...and surely, the kids may not say 'lady of the evening', but they are British, no? Most anything sounds classier with a British accent.

Oops - meant 'feel bad', not bar.

OUT. She's always an out in my book just because I'm not 'civil' enough.

There's so much more I would love to rant on the snobbish twit about but I shant because I do have manners.

That dress is seriously stupid and ugly and is very unflattering on her. And I'm smelling the stinky feet through the computer. Seriously, who wears booties when the heat and humidity are so high?

I cannot believe that Cate Blanchett lost the Oscar to this idiot.

She looks very uncomfortable in this dress. One of her stylists must have pushed it on her.

Heidi would have LOVED wearing this dress. And on a good day she could have rocked it.

And I much prefer the shoes the model was wearing as well.

to be honest...i dont mind the dress all that have it right on the hem though...
and i dont understand yalls complete dislike for her. i like her.

Oh, dear.

Dear Gwyneth,

You're a frakking established, award-winning, 30-something actress with great genes and an even greater pedigree, not the girl from that vampire movie. Stand up straight. And stop acting like one of the cool kids at the prom.

P.S. I don't even hate you.

I knew it would be bad when I read "Preen"--it is just not her style. I think it is a BAD dress--not flattering at all; even the model looks hippy in it. I don't like the booties either.

I like her hair and the expression on her face. You rarely see her smile like that.

Oh, and I can't believe that "Shakespeare in Love" beat "Saving Private Ryan" that year. And that she beat both Cate and an older South American actress who had given a fantastic performance. It's as bad as Helen Hunt beating, who was it,Dame Judy Dench?

I have no words except OUT.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Please confirm to me that all the crack I have been smoking and the fact that I watched each episode of TFS three times has not effected my brain because when I look at pictures of Mrs. Chris Martin, I keep seeing Shelly O figure flaws: narrow shoulders, small bust, thick waist line and hips out of proportion with the rest of her body making her hips look large when they are not.

If what I seeing is correct then Mrs. Chris Martin needs to be careful when wearing tight...and short and shinny for that matter.

I think the model looks great but this is the wrong dress for Gwyneth but I do love the booties.


AGAIN with the short dress and the booties?? yeah, we get it, you have killer legs thanks to Madonna's trainer and now you portray yourself as the image of health, blah blah.

But whoever said she looks fat should be SHOT. If maybe fatTER than before, definetely not fat.

Ellen M, Dame Judi won an Oscar for a part she phoned in and that amounted to less than six minutes of screen time. I don't think anyone's crying about her Oscar history except the four people she undeservedly beat, since she shouldn't have been nominated for it in the first place. She won her sole Oscar for her least challenging and shortest role. Blame the Academy for that, not Helen Hunt.

Help! Gwynnie left boob is melting!

Her skin looks positively orange. OUT

i have such a visceral hatred for her; it's hard for me to be objective.
oh the hell with it: OUT

Love the dress, hate it on her.

God, this just confirms that knees are the ugliest human body part. I just cringe when I see her's... and she supposedly has great legs.

She's been an OUT to me for years already.


That bitch is always OUT in my book. It wouldn't matter if she was wearing the most lovely ODLR gown. But in this case I don't like her outfit on it own merrit.

Ugh - too tan, hair too light. Terrible.

Why does she feel qualified to offer fashion advice on GOOP? This dress looks stupid on her.

My advice to Gwyneth -- 1. STOP TRYING SO HARD. We get it, okay? 2. Wear a bra. 3. Choose clothes that accentuate the positives of your figure, and not overly-busy formfitting cutout tight spangled spandex dresses that make you look thick through the middle.

OUT, outey out.


And what is with that pigeon-toed stance? I am getting so SICK of that! It's only cute on 3 year olds, people!

Yeah, the red carpets are lousy with pigeon-toed, waif-like urchins.

It's a trickle-down effect-- non-models imitating the poses they see in contemporary fashion photography, itself an imitation of Carnaby Street-era fashion photography.

I'll take the outstretched leg/ turned-out-ankle of my mother's generation any day...

hem sucks, orange face sucks, hair is too blond (sucks), boots suck.

I guess she's OUT~

She's so... ordinary looking. I mean, she could be much much much les attractive, obviously, but she's so blah. If only this were a sign that her success were due to merit and talent, but no.

Could this be improved if the dress were white instead of black? I mean, then she might look *really* orange, but I still feel like it would work a bit better.

No comment on the boots.

Also, there is always something about her expression. She always looks kind of... anxious, like "oh, are the cameras on me? oh wait, let me pull out my smile, eheheheh". Her more spontaneous poses always look kind of insincere. I don't mean that that's actually the case, it's just some weird effect of her affect.

CAN'T STAND HER. OUT OUT OUT. Now, Heidi could get away in that dress and I'm sure she'd wear better shoes, and have her hair and makeup look better without even trying!!!
momica in ca

Out! She looks like she has had too much of that stuff that the plastic surgeons inject into your face. I think it is called Juvaderm or some such goop.

You can have the booties - I want the model's pumps. I need a new pair & those are exactly it! Whose are they?

The model's confidence in the dress shines though but on Gwyneth? No.

The orange tone of her face is really off-putting and quite surprising, since The Divine Ms. G always scrupulously uses cool tone makeup rather than warm tone makeup. Looks like somebody talked her into using a bronzer -- a mistake for her skin tone.

Very competent actress, watchable, easy spirit. As a famous mom, wife "of" and style icon she is total frumphood on a very big budget. Can't think of one image of her that she looked anything but dressed wrong. How does this happen with all the good features/attributes mom nature dished to her?

The skirt looks just as dumpy on the model; the odd cutout on top looks horrible on Paltrow. It looks 2 sizes too small on top and screwed on the hem. Booties cute.

She's a f'ing mess. O.K. for Cub Scouts, odd as hell (and like a certain famous current Washingtonian, a repeat fashion felon)for one acclimated to stylists and such. I bet you a capaccino she eschews stylists and dictates her "own" sense of style. And boy, does it show. Hubbie must like her the way she is, don's you think?

P.S. Long time ago there was a picture of Hillary Clinton (then First Lady) hienaing herself (laughing and a grin from ear to ear) AT PALTROW caught underneath strong lights in a vivid blue ball length dress that went invisible under the lights and showed, ahem, a large black triangle" where one doesn't wish such a triangle to be seen and it wasn't a cute pair of undies either. I'll never forget it. Paltrow alert, look the other way.

man, there are some mean comments being made about Ms. Gwynnie here!

myself, enjoy her as an actress, ignore a lot of the other stuff, and respect her quite a bit for not allowing her children and relationship w/ husband to be fodder for wretched celebrity news.

but having said the nice stuff, that is one seriously FUGLY look! how is it possible one can be that good looking and walk out of the house in such a wretched state? not the way to get attention, dear - leave short, tight & shiny to Frau Seal!


Seems like Gwyneth wanted to be edgy, but stopped before getting to the hair and make-up part. This look does not become her at all.

I can't say I am a fan of that dress, but I agree that the model is working it. Gwyneth, on the other hand, is NOT. She had a beautiful body and you would never know it to look at her in this dress.

I personally am relieved that she has FINALLY given up parting her hair in the middle like a second grader, but agree that the cut and styling seen here is not good.

Not a hater, but she is OUT.

I bear an irrational hate for her. OUT, OUT, OUT.

Gosh, she's soooo OUT.

Okay. Not that too many people are still reading the comments at this point, but it's hot, I'm avoiding work, and Gwyneth Paltrow-bashing irritates me. Yes, it's not a good look for her, so comment on that. But I met her when I was an awkward, weird sixteen. I was the youngest apprentice at a summerstock, the bottom of the totem pole, and she was really friendly to me. She was down-to-earth and very kind. So there.

Gwyneth present or not, that dress is just fuckin' HIDEOUS.

Cheap 90s knockoff with cheezy 80s cutouts. It would look ugly on ANYONE. If we are going by Gwyn and the human hanger, it does.

Short tight and shiny.

I don't know if it's the dress or what, but all I see are knees.

Seriously, I would be embarrassed to be seen with her in public. The only redeeming part of that is that I would have the confident knowledge that everyone would be looking at that butt-ugly dress and ignore my presence. As TLo would say, she needs new gays.

i'm not dorothy gale

Out. The look and the uh, "actress".

It seems more like something someone would wear to the MTV music awards or something. And for some reason she seems either too old or too uncool to pull it off. cute outfit, just not for her.

I swear to god that dress looks like something made by someone's mother trying too hard to come up with a costume for her child's team-dance presentation. What's it supposed to be, an oilslick? And you know it would feel just horrible. Static-clingy with itchy lurex insert panels sewn in with the overlock stich. Truly, truly, wilfully bad. And of course it cost a bomb, which makes the whole spectacle even less edifying. I dunno about Paltrow, but you've got to wonder at the judgement of someone who would want to present themselves to the world like this. Sigh.

She's so Out, she's not even In, she's back Out again.

OUT. God she's awful!

The dress is hot but not on her. She's too old for that look.

Shouldn't Gwyneth just be an automatic out every time? Even when she's wearing something well, it's still GWYNETH PALTROW wearing something well. GWYNETH PALTROW. Case rested.

Paltrow's slouch is just not working.

That and the fact that I loathe and despise her. She is never ever in, no matter what she wears.

Gwyneth Paltrow is probably the most loathed American actress of all time.

People just don't like her much.

Has something to do with her haughty, superior attitude.

In any case, it's not the right dress for her. Her attempts at being outre have backfired.

She looks better in classic, Anne Klein type shit.

It's an amazing futuristic dress, but would look much better on someone with a bigger waist-to-hip ratio, like the model.

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