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David and Victoria Beckham for Giorgio Armani

Just two tired old whores flogging their wares.

David and Victoria Beckham for Emporio Armani’s Fall 2009 underwear campaign.
Photographed in Milan by fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Don't get us wrong, the pics are fabulous; a fitting tribute to greed, Photoshop, flattering lighting, and eating disorders.

But aren't we all a little tired of these two whores by now?

Can't they just stand in front of a mirror professing their self-love like everyone else?

[Photos:Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott/Giorgio Armani]

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was beginning to feel as though I was the only one in the world who is so sick and tired of these two!

jkelsofarrel said:
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was beginning to feel as though I was the only one in the world who is so sick and tired of these two!

7/3/09 9:06 AM

I am adding my thank yous also. Can't stand either one of them.

I'm only tired of half the equation -- even with Hitler hair Mr. B. is mighty fine! That reminds me, when are you fellas going to do Grease for Musical Mondays?

Yes, add the Beckhams to my list of "you can go away now" celebrities. Plus I don't really like the photos. Too stylized for my taste.

yeah, i need to go against the grain on this one. these two are hot, although ms spice does greatly annoy me. and although they are photoshopped, they look this great generally.

Yeah, I'm just tired of them. period.

It's a little too much, but he is so hot : )

What's up with his hair?


These are great photos but I'm kinda tired of them. I think they're slowly fading away, don't you think?

To me they are supermodels these days so I'm just as tired of them as I am of Tyra and Gisele. I have to say I don't really see the "eating disorder" side of these pictures...

Don't get us wrong, the pics are fabulous; a fitting tribute to greed, Photoshop, flattering lighting, and eating disorders.

Hilarious!!! I was groaning when I saw the title and rolling when I read what you wrote. I can't stand them, they are under Vapid in the dictionary.

Don't get us wrong, the pics are fabulous; a fitting tribute to greed, Photoshop, flattering lighting, and eating disorders.

Quotes like this one remind me of why I love your blog so much.

These pictures are hot and they look incredible. Love it all.

Compared to Mr. and Mrs. Willis , who I never, ever want to see again in anything, these two know how to work it.

These ads are somewhat of a letdown in comparison to their previous ones. Over-styled and over-photoshopped. I also don't think they really look too anorexic here, I suspect they may have actually air-brushed pounds on to her.

Can't they just stand in front of a mirror professing their self-love like everyone else?

I have a mirror he could borrow...

I can't get sick of them because I never cared about either one of them to begin with. I wouldn't say they're the most uninteresting couple in the spotlight, but they're in the top 5.

Great photos, though.

I don't think I could get sick of Mr B - because he's still gorge to look at.

But Posh Spice needs to gain some weight and then I'll start caring again.

But, Boys, I think the problem is the pictures AREN'T fabulous. In addition to being over-thought and overdone, they're lifeless, devoid of feeling, soulless. They communicate nothing at all.

I will always have a soft spot for Posh since she's clearly an alien and I confess to wanting to give her a sandwich an a milkshake every time I come across a picture of her. Although, she hasn't been looking nearly as insane as usual lately, and I find that disappointing. Mr. Posh, however, lost me the first time I heard him speak. He looks so awfully manly in photos and while running around kicking his soccer ball, but as soon as he opened his mouth and heard his voice, all that pretty was ruined. I liken it to the first time I heard Mike Tyson speak. Just bizarre.

The pictures are pretty, but dull. Been there, done that. I think I liked the Willis' better just because they were straight up weird.

These Paris Hilton, seem to represent our culture when everyone was living on borrowed money.
Now that we are all tightening our belts, they seem disgusting in their decadence. Best thing about the Great Depression of aught nine, if you ask me.

TGorgeous. TLo, I may be going upstream on this -- but Mr. BECKHAM CAN always "put his shoes" under my bed.

I see them as a LA o.k. Fine with me - I am at aafe Midwest distance. He can model till he drops as far as I'm concerned. She's like an appendage.

Do they need the money? They earn more than a third world country selling themselves out. Keeps MLady in lip gloss!


Boring shoot, no spark and no life. Sure they're technically highly attractive but there's no life to these.

Beauty is more than fitting pegs into the holes. It's a sign of the times unfortunately, as opposed to Shelley O who oozes the spark of life- belt or no ;)

Lady Jane Grey

These photos have a Herb Ritts vibe that I like. Maybe by using them, Armani is trying to bring back the Big Supermodels trend, as Ritts was a key component in their rise? One can only dream! The photos are very artificial but also showcase this glamorous couple to the hilt. And I don't mind looking at them either. David Beckham is always nice eyecandy and as someone mentioned above, Victoria has a nice alien/manga look going on that's kinda freaky and interesting.

Umm, the rope ones. Are they supposed to be phallic and conjure up images of a man embracing a giant penis?

Or does it mean I've been critiquing too many gay romance novels lately?

love them

Tired of David Beckham?

And you said Shelly O was boring...


It's like in the quest to make everything about their bodies and features perfect in these shots, their souls were erased.

I never got the preoccupation with either of them. He just comes across as trashy to me, and she as a bobble head.

They're so trimmed, shaved, groomed...they don't look real.

"Can't they just stand in front of a mirror professing their self-love like everyone else?"

See, this is why I love you guys. :)


Thanks for the lol's...

If they had a connection, and the photos told a story then yes I would like them. They almost seem like paper dolls that were glued into a collage.
Although B is still hot-- but as eye candy. I like a little soul with my men.

Love the way the way the twists of the rope mimic his abs.

He is so hot. I could look at him all day.

"a fitting tribute to greed, Photoshop, flattering lighting, and eating disorders."

Bwahahahahaha! EXACTLY.


the first lulu

When I opened the blog just now, the first words out of my mouth (involutarily I might add), were "oh no, beckham." And as I scrolled through, I had no reason to change my mind.

Soulless, joyless, a fitting tribute to greed INDEED.

the first lulu

*involuntarily* lol

I never had any particular interest in these two, so I can't say I've lost interest!

These pics are just boring. There's no spark, no connection, nothing. It's merely posing.

And his hair looks like it ought to be on a guy modeling tuxes. That sleek, formal look does not go with tattoos and hawsers.

The pictures are meh and the posing is completely awkward. They look like wooden mannequins.

He can fill out a pair of briefs, though.

I'm as tired of them as Brangelina and Her Madgesty. Go away. Shoo. Begone.

For two married people in sexy underwear, they don't even look as though they like each other. I swear I see more sexual chemistry while watching my fifty-something parents do the dishes together.

Thank you, Fellas! Can they please go now?

Remember Ricky Gervais saying he wrote to Obama because he wanted Paris Hilton to get out of England? he thought it was payback for Posh Spice coming here - like some kind of international trade. LOL!

they are welcome to get off my mag pages any day now.

Thank you! I don't believe I've ever witnessed two celebrities as paralyzing to my mind as these two. But I guess somebody out there loves them because they will.not.go.away.

Definitely totally over her.

Done. Put the plastic Barbie back up on the shelf and leave her there for posterity.

As for HIM ... would so totally love to be over, under, and around him.

Sorry .. I am gay and shallow that way.

And, I think he improves with age ...

Just sayin-

Sick of 'em, but they're still better than Bruce Willis and his new wife.

Does Posh know that she has a hair penis growing out of her head in those photos?

i'm not dorothy gale

Oh yeah. You are so right...David and Posh are two old whores who bore.

I never found either of these two attractive. Ok, so David is good-looking, but in such a typical way that it bores me. And she's just not good-looking in any way.

You know, this country has a whole herd of good looking sport-lebrities and entertainment eye while they might be FAB on the Brit scale, they are somewhere in the middle of the US scale.

Frankly, we don't love soccer enough to kiss their areses.

Love David a lot. Never warmed up to Victoria.


I will never be "tired of [those] two whores!!!"


They have reached "don't ever change" status with me, I don't know if it is because I like them or I have reached the acceptance stage. As long as there is photoshop and diuretics, they are going to prance around in their knickers for the whole world to see. I can see them still doing the Armani campaign in their fifties looking the same way they do now.

I agree with the soulless comments, but I think that is part of the appeal, kinda Cabaret.

I thought they'd disappeared. Too bad they hadn't.


Good Lord. LOOK at those abs. Tired of that? HELL no! And she's a doll. I hope they continue whoring around for years to come.

The shots featuring both of them seem like caricatures of their image -- they are so arch and distant. I think they may be playing with their image and laughing at us. Or am I giving them too much credit, i.e. assuming that they don't take themselves totally seriously?

DB solo seems like typical erotic/vaguely homoerotic underwear marketing. I would stop and study these photos if I were turning pages in a high fashion mag (guess that is the intended reaction).

I have been sick of Posh for years now and Im starting to get sick of Becks too. Thank you for saying it.

You asked why they cant just stand infront of a mirror like the rest of us, its quite simple.....they wouldnt get any money!

He can stay. As long as he never *ever* puts his hair back in a ponytail.

I've seen absolutely nothing that makes her worthy of a second thought since I spent 3 seconds watching that first Spice video last century. She simply hasn't been loathesome enough or intriguing enough to raise my hackle or interest.

He's so very very purty, though. Yeah. As long as he doesn't open his mouth, he can come on by my place any time.

And he looks like he'll age very nicely, too.

I think they look hot.

If he'd just stuck to playing football, it would have been fine. He had to go and marry Posh! :P

WOW she was photoshopped to high hell. That woman's face and body look NOTHING LIKE THAT.

noooo i still love them. she always looks fabulous

David Beckham can go piss up that rope as far as I am concerned.

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