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Bottega Veneta Menswear Spring 2010 Collection

We'll take 2 of everything!

"Tomas Maier's exploration of male American archetypes has generated some mighty fine pieces of clothing in the eight years since he took the helm at Bottega Veneta, but he might have outdone himself for Spring 2010. The first hint was in the hairdos created for the show by star tonsorialist Guido Palau. It was a sticky-uppy, urgent look—hair for a young man in a hurry. And where might he be going? Well, a baseball jacket opened the show, then there was an army-ish group followed by tailored pieces in Chinese red and the pinks and oranges of a tropical sunset (also, exotic floral motifs and a blouson in red silk). Next came an extraordinary tie-dye moment, and, finally, denims paired with a midnight-blue tux jacket—quintessential all-American casual dressiness. The arc was unmistakably cinematic: young sporting star enlists, gets caught up in some Southeast Asian military adventure—with attendant psychedelic freak-out—and returns home as decorated hero. Okay, maybe I'm under the influence of the florid shade Maier labeled "fever red," and maybe what we saw really was a statement about mixing up formal and sporty with nary a care for rules (that would be the tailored jacket-and-sweatpants ensemble), but kudos to the designer for projecting such extraordinarily vivid images in his audience's mind, however delusional they/I might be."

Okay, that review is just a skosh too breathless for us to totally get behind, but we agree that this is a fantastic collection of stylish, wearable looks for the modern male. In fact, if we can continue the line of thought in Style's review, it appears to us that this collection takes a good look at all the archetypes of the modern man - from sports star, to businessman, to rock star, to lover - it's the grown up style equivalent of the little boy who can't decide if he wants to be an astronaut, a fireman, or President. From manly man to fop and everything in between, this collection isn't just for the modern man, it's about the modern man.

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Great collection. I love the jeans and red shirts with the interesting V neck detail.

It looks, to me, like an updated take on the Rat Pack era.


I can see a lot of this collection actually being worn by more men than some of the previous collections. I don't understand the asthetic of so many of the later jackets being so tight across the chest. Is that the look they're going for? It just looks ill fitting. And I just gotta say the 3rd down on the left flat out looks slovenly. Overall, pretty nice.

Love that orange-y red color!
The collection is great.

TLo (and others),
What do you mean when you say a garment or line is "modern"?
Is it just that it feels contemporary and "now" to you, or are you referencing Modernism as an artistic movement or a Modernist aesthetic or some particular fashion vocabulary?
I don't know much about menswear, so I'm attempting to learn by trying to see what you see. And I'm probably way over-thinking things! Thanks!

I love all the zipper details. Very cool collection.

LOVE LOVE the dip dyed sweater/shirts, as well as the interesting neck details. It is an incredibly wearable collection, though, as usual, you were right on it T-Lo: That review was just a little too breathless for publication....

"bearaymond said...
LOVE LOVE the dip dyed sweater/shirts, as well as the interesting neck details."

I agree, they're gorgeous. I want them NOW!

WANT the sport coats with zippers, especially the 1st brown one.

Also love some of the patterns, but definitely do not love the pointy shoulder pads in the jackets.

Awesome looks!

Wow. No African-American models at all. No one of apparent color, for that fact.

WOW. I love this collection!

Me likee for the most part, but just cannot get into the red zoot suits with the batman shoulders and pegged pants. Nor can I get into the ill-fitting one button jackets.
I must say the models are scrumptious!!!!

Love the color palette, but I have to agree: the jackets fit is questionable.

If I had the money I would buy the guys in my life shirts/sweaters from this group. "Dip-dyed" - new term for me but I liked, especially when put together with the scarves.

(sadly, only one of the guys forementioned has the self confidence to wear multi-colored scarves with multi-colored shirts, however muted the palette, but I keep hoping for a learning curve.)

Also liked the off-center zip jackets, especially the rust(?) color with pewter-colored zips.

Dislike seeing ankles with shoes & trousers. It's too reminiscent of preppy styles I detest. Really dislike the jackets pulling across the body when buttoned. They just look ill-fitting to me.

Who the hell let the guy with the face tattooed on his chest take his shirt off? Seriously.

Anonymous at 10:56 it's time for an appointment with the optometrist if you don't see the models of color.

The ideas are fresh and bold, but the fit is horrible. Not just the jackets that pull away from the chest, but the "insane" fit in the crotch in most of the pants.

If you can't fit "perfect" models, is there any hope for the line on real people?

I guess they design bags as well. But try to get a "manly man" to carry an open topped tote that isn't one of those "green" grocery bags.

Who the hell let the guy with the face tattooed on his chest take his shirt off? Seriously.

I figured it was a fake tattoo, put there for effect, because I didn't think any model would be dumb enough to ruin his money maker with something so ugly.

Those jackets look too much like women's jackets right now to me -- the nipped waists and perky little shoulder points -- so I'm not too sure about that. But I love the color palette, and deep V necks on men are a YES.

"Anonymous at 10:56 it's time for an appointment with the optometrist if you don't see the models of color."

Well, anonymous, maybe you should follow your own advice. I'm sure you can strain to opine that this model or that model could be hispanic or might be biracial or perhaps is asian; however, it's clear that a monochromatic color palette exists for the models. And it doesn't involve people of color.

26, 29, and 30 are clearly men of color.

Very cool sweaters, I loved all the casual looks, and the hair but thought there was too much jewelry. I don't know any men who would wear a match-y necklace and bracelet set.

I like the overall styling-the scarves, bags, and especially the hair. The pointy shoulders on the blazers are not to my taste. I like the casual pieces more.

I don't like this collection as much as the last few that have been posted but there are some very nice pieces. I really like the jacket in the first picture. And I can't imagine who would wear it but I like the red suit.

"26, 29, and 30 are clearly men of color."

If you say so. Glad three ambiguously made the cut.

Finally a men's collection I can really get into! :) Well, not on me but on my fiance! Minus the orange..

I love everything except the orange suits (I love orange, but not a whole suit) and the ugly pointy shoulder pads.
Great collection.

I'm sorry, were there clothes in these pictures? Seems I've been distracted by the pretty.

I guess I'll go have a second...and probably third look.

The fit on all the pants is horrendous. Seriously awful and distracting.

well, I'm still too distracted by the blonde, Aryan boytoy in the final shot to post coherent comments on the clothes....

I surprise myself -- I am in serious Like with the business blazer/tie combo paired with Wild One biker jeans & boots. An amiable dissonance.

Was there someone giving noogies backstage just before each model walked out?

That blond model... le sigh

I love this collection too. Especially the shirts in photos #2 and #3.

Love it! Great prints, fabulous scarves, and the casual pieces look easy and relaxed without looking sloppy. I think this is one of my favorites in terms of the actual clothes.


I agree with those that said there are some fit issues with a good portion of this collection. I do, however, love the tri-color cardigan and henley.

I love this collection. I would wear EVERYTHING and I rarely say that about any collection.

Love the shirts! Awesome dye job.

Wow, I didn't even notice the pointy shoulders. Yeah, that's a bit too much.

Lots to love here.

However, several of the double-breasted jackets are rather... feminine in cut.

I'm not digging the hourglass shape for menswear.

I like this alot. Some of the pants fabric is iffey though.

Love it!

Love the hair too!

I agree that there are fit issues with the whole collection and that the pointy shoulder pads are not working. I like the look of the collection in general, though.

To me, it looks like these slightly beefier models are too big in the chest and possibly the butt for the cut and proportions of the clothes. How much alteration do they do before the show? It seems that even contstructing the clothes specifically for the models' bodies would be a good investment, since the whole collection would look so much more polished.

What's the tatoo?


AMAZING! I love everything!!!

I'm speechless, and that's a lot to say. Congratulations and thank you for making my day happier :)

One of the best mens collections you've featured recently.

But I'm thinking a David Cassidy tattoo on the boobie isn't a look that will work for many men.

a great-looking, wearable collection.
I must say, though, the jeans and suit-coat look is one I cannot get behind.

Love this collection. I have to disagree with the doubters of the roped shoulder. So fresh.

Also, the models aren't your skinny strip, weed boys. These boys fill the beautiful clothes.

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