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Armani Privé Fall 2009 Couture
What did you think?

"The pantsuit—recast with a drapey new glamour—is staging a subtle comeback at Paris couture, and if anyone's looking for a made-to-measure version, Giorgio Armani is the man with a lifetime's authority on the subject. His show, cast in monochrome with glinting highlights of silver, focused on jackets with rounded pagoda shoulders over softly pleated pants with an easy elegance about them. From the opening looks—steel gray tailoring with large diamanté buttons—he was on home ground."

We concur,! Nothing particularly earth-shattering here, just beautiful, stylish, impeccably made clothes. We especially like the silver and gold dresses with the collar detail and the black coat, and of course the suits are all gorgeous (if they ever decide to yank Chanel out of Karl's claws and give it to Giorgio, we wouldn't complain). In fact, maybe it would be easier to just point out the pieces we DON'T like.


We got nothing. It's all good. Enjoy.

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Some of those jackets are to die for.

Fern was apparently wrong on The Fashion Show. Color is out, sadly. The grey dress is to die for, but overall that collection was looking a bit subdued until the blue dresses popped at the end.


I really must come back in another life witht the income and figure to wear Armani Prive....

I want that stringy haute couture roadkill driving lenght car coat!


That is by far the most beautiful fall 2009 couture collection. Gorgeous, simply, gorgeous!!!

ya' know, i might actually be more interested in wearing such designs if the models ever looked like they enjoy wearing the clothing. granted, perhaps that's not their job.

but if you saw all the patrons coming out of a restaurant looking dour and/or ready to toss their cookies, would you want to eat there?

Dress # 42? I did the gay gasp
clutching my pearls.

"Anonymous said...

ya' know, i might actually be more interested in wearing such designs if the models ever looked like they enjoy wearing the clothing. granted, perhaps that's not their job.

but if you saw all the patrons coming out of a restaurant looking dour and/or ready to toss their cookies, would you want to eat there?"

It's not a toothpaste commercial from the 50s. Are you knew to runway shows?

Aside from the Mom pants -- front pleats? FRONT PLEATS? -- in the first look, I love.

tlo, i can understand where your chanel comment came from, 'cause some of these looks could actually have come from chanel.
do you think gio's planning an hostile take-over at rue cambon? looking closely, we can see he's already got the "stairs leading up to the atelier" at the end/begining of the runway...

Ahhh! Fabulous.

I would have hated to be a dresser for this show, all the models look exactly alike.

The clothes are pretty, though.

What on earth possesses any designer to bring back high-waisted tapered pants? Gah!

Otherwise, very pretty clothes.

LOVE the dresses. Almost all of them are stunning (not the biggest fan of the last two...). Can't wait to see some of them hit the red carpet. And the jackets are lovely. Also, an important lesson -- if you are going to wear a high shoulder jacket, do NOT pair it with huge chunky necklaces or you will end up with a severe case of "no neck" (nine down on left).

Daring! Vulgar! Strong! Armani is Killin' it!

It's alright.

Armani, Dior, Chanel, Lagerfield, Gautier, blah, blah, blah...all the shit's starting to run together for me.

I can't tell one from the other anymore.

I can see the Laura Bennett aesthetic in a lot of those dresses.

They all have the 'Posh Spice' haircut!



FASHION - I'll take GORGEOUS and well made over "avant garde" aka sloppy and ugly any day!

3rd from bottom on the right -wow

Only a few that I didn't like - mostly including that plaid shirt.

Can people please stop commenting on a) how skinny the models are and b) how unhappy the models look. I'm tired of reading the same thing over and over again whenever a fashion show is posted. How clever do you think the phrase "eat a sandwich" is that it has to be repeated ad naseum.

And those last 2.

Sorry I know only one person has said anyting negative about the models so far. I don't want to insult anyone or start a fight.

Lady Jane Grey

I would agree with the negative comment about the models above. In general, these clothes are to. die. for. On the other hand, the models are not grabbing my attention much. While they are extraordinarily beautiful, there is something about their hair that is drab, dull and lifeless. I think it was a mistake to go with shiny black hair only (and what looks like wigs in some instances).

The models aren't supposed to grab your attention. If they grab your attention, they're not doing they're jobs.

The drab sameness of the models isn't what caught my attention. It's the lack of any models of color on Armani's runway. Any color! The previous post shows it in high relief. And it's not just Armani, it's all of them.

Rereading this comment, I guess it is the drab sameness of the models that caught my attention.

First the underwear now the Victoria Beckham coupes people! I truely think giving all the models a posh haircut is part of the Armani/Beckham masterplan for the new world order.
Giorgio's stuff is to die for, these pics dont even do justice. His fabrics and fittings are out of this world.

Anastasia Beverhausen

Love it love it love it.

If I could afford it, I'd wear Armani. These are gorgeous, and the tailoring is extraordinary.

I was going to list the things I particularly love, but it got very long! So I will just note one quibble: I'm not a fan of pointy shoulders.

This collection rocks.

I covet that stunning fourth jacket. The silver cocktail dress and all of the gowns are perfect.

I'm not a fan of pleated pants or skirts, but they look great on the skinny models.

Thank goodness Armani is pushing the boundaries of women's suiting. Maybe some of this style will trickle down to us mere mortals.

I want a suit that allows me to walk into a boardroom and make the guys think, "Damn...and I'm stuck in this boring shirt and tie!"

Who needs color when the detailing is so impeccable? It's fall, after all.

anonymous 2:20 said but if you saw all the patrons coming out of a restaurant looking dour and/or ready to toss their cookies, would you want to eat there?

The models aren't the "patrons", though. You need to look at the reactions of the audience, the fashion writers, the buyers, the ladies who lunch. I'll bet they were smiling.

Now THIS is how one does grays, blacks, beiges (with a slight touch of blue!)....beautifully. I love every look except for the pointy shoulders and the pleated slacks.
Absolutely gorgeous!

High waisted, tapered, PLEATED pants?? Lord help all of us "non-models".

Look 39---now THAT's how you do a wilma. So wonderful. I also love number 19, that shimmery cocktail dress with the asymmetrical gathering on the shoulder.

Very VERY Chanel. The cut of the jackets, the use of trim, the chains, the bow accent... it's almost an homage. Gorgeous stuff.

I love everything but the pleated pants. Pleated pants look good on no one. The pants would be perfect without them. The rest of the collection is absolutely gorgeous.

I like the clothes, I like the hair!!! Applause, applause.

Did something wonky happen to the skirt on the fifth row from the top, right-hand side? It's got a weird bumpy poof -- kind of looks like her crotch is going to eat the skirt in a few more steps. (Same thing used to happen with gym shorts! Oops, I digress....) But I think it might have just been a hinky photo.

The suits, especially the jackets, are absolutely stunning.

But I hate the plaid blouses? vests?...they look like dish rag fabric.

I hate color, it looks terrible on me. Long live navy, black, grey and tan!

On another note-

"i might actually be more interested in wearing such designs if the models ever looked like they enjoy wearing the clothing. "

I'm quite certain that the women who can afford made-to-order clothing from Mr. Armani don't give one fine damn if the models on the runway look like they enjoy wearing the clothing or not.

This comment has been removed by the author.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Peaches on 7/20/09 at 6:44 PM said "Very VERY Chanel."

Peaches- I was not going to post what you said (though it was my exact thought) because I did not want to be heckeled but I agree with you 100%. FYI-I am a die hard Chanel lover.

IMHO, I think Armani did an updated modern version of Chanel that is better than anything Karl Lagerfeld has done for the 'House of Chanel' in the last three years with the exception of maybe 3 or 4 suits.


Love. Want. Now.

so much to love!

Especially that jacket with the crazy gorgeous collar (second row, second photo)


All of the pants are just horrid, but pretty much everything else is divine.

Fierce. Fierce. Fierce.

If you are going to have Rihanna styling, shouldn't you include an umbrella or 20?


Chris on 7/20/09 at 5:30 PM said..." High waisted, tapered, PLEATED pants??"

High waisted pants in all leg sizes are definitely coming back to vogue and will probably be in all the mall department stores within two years.


I really don't like this collection at all. I can't really enumerate why, though.

Really beautiful collection.

" bitchybitchybitchy said...

I really must come back in another life witht the income and figure to wear Armani Prive...."

Same here, I'd buy everything. Gorgeous!!

i can see a million starlets trying to snatch the gold, silver and the blue with THE cleavage from whoever is going to be delivering those dresses to cate blanchett.

Gorgeous. Why would wealthy women like Paris Hilton and the Olsens wear the awful things they do when this is in the world? Oh yeah, they're idiots. Har.

Gorgeous. So many looks that I covet.

This has got to be the first collection I've seen here that I would absolutely kill to wear every single outfit shown.

What also just makes this collection is the hairstyles of the models...but that could just be because I'm crazy about short hair.

All white models, all dark clothes. Sigh.

I do think this is a yummy-looking collection. But I'm with the poster who noted that all the "name" designers' styles seem to be running together. Moreover, I don't really see anything new other than the very last gown.

Granted some of these are very beautiful clothes. But the silhouettes and even much of the details we have seen before. I guess there is only so much you can do with winter fabrics and jackets, and that part of the "freshness" of the clothing just comes from reviving details and silhouettes we haven't seen in some time.

Anonymous 7/20/09 2:20 PM said:

"ya' know, i might actually be more interested in wearing such designs if the models ever looked like they enjoy wearing the clothing. granted, perhaps that's not their job."

all right, i might be showing my years here, but there was a time (esp. in the 50s-70s, and even parts of the 80s and 90s), when the models did smile on the runway and show some personality. this fairly modern trend of vapid-looking clone models is depressing.

and before anyone says anything about me saying "something negative about the models," i'm not criticizing the models--they're doing their job, and doing it well. i'm criticizing an industry that often intentionally styles models this way.

~~acb in jax

Yes, I agree. Whatever happened to smiling like you're actually enjoying the clothing you're wearing? Remember when Christie Brinkley's smile was so bright and genuine it nearly burst the camera's lens? To me, the current emphasis on insisting that models show no personality and act like they've been lobotomized is highly disappointing.

Give me a little vamp and a smile any day.

Christie Brinkley wasn't a runway model. There's a huge difference.

And can I just say how sick and tired I am of hearing these comments about smiling models? Every. Single. Post. Give it a rest. This is how the fashion industry chooses to showcase their clothes.

Amazing collection!

I wish we had seen more color. I know it's fall collection, but I'm so sick of black and gray all the time.

Current popular model, Karlie Kloss, has complained that she's not even allowed to stop at the end of a runway. No personality can come from these models--at least from the runway. The models in magazines who have to pose jumping in front of a white or gray backgrounds don't have a chance to show charisma. I would give anything for a smirk or even a pause. The girls are all styled the same. Along with the request for a smile, I would like some fucking diversity in the casting (That means you too, PRADA!).

Oh, right Armani Prive. It was lovely. But I'm annoyed to death about that blue, sequined, one shoulder evening gown. It looks like she's wearing one big, ugly zipper.

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