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Vivienne Westwood Menswear Spring 2010 Collection

Let's stretch the old muscles, shall we?

Here's what WWD had to say about Westwood's collection:

"The Vivienne Westwood man is boarding an ocean liner for spring cruising, Twenties style, with a dapper wardrobe of fitted blazers, striped and checked pants and light and breezy knitwear."

We've seen more descriptive text in an auto parts catalogue.

Just kidding! We've never even SEEN an auto parts catalogue! Okay, here's the thing: we've got quite a few men's wear collections coming up and we're very excited about this bold new direction for T Lo, but we've spent the last three years ripping almost solely on women's wear, so we're finding ourselves struggling to come up with the vocabulary for this stuff. In addition, Westwood has never particularly been to our tastes.

Having said all that, we find ourselves liking quite a bit of this collection. Most of it is not stuff we would personally wear, but there are still some hot looks here. What surprises us is how normal most of this stuff looks. It's like she got halfway through the collection and thought "Oh shit. I'm Vivienne Westwood. I need to throw together some crazy shit or no one's gonna know it was me."

Seriously, WHAT is the deal with the guy in the whiteface?

We like: most of the jackets, some of the pants, all of the bathing suits and NONE of the sweaters (except for maybe that first one with the anchors). If we had to sum up our problems with it, we would have to use the phrase "loosey-goosey," which is a phrase that we plan on singlehandedly bringing back. It's all too big and loose and disheveled and tied-together to our eyes.

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Is Tim Burton producing and directing this show??

Glad to see some Westwood on the blog!

I love Viv, and I would buy this entire collection if I had a huge discretionary income.

StkrShock, I was thinking the same thing! Once I drew my eyes away from the Batman, Zorro and Johnny Depp inspired accessories, I liked a bunch of the pieces. Not sure my husband would wear any of them, and the leggings outfit looks like something John Galliano would wear at the end of a Dior show.

I was giggling the whole time I scrolled through this. I'm not sure if that was the appropriate reaction or not. But seriously, the pirate with no pants? You need to put a warning label on that! What if I had been drinking a beverage?


The gigantor-crotch pants look like Huckleberry Finn is trying to be Jack Sparrow for Hallowe'en.

The pants that fit properly look good... and I would love the pink plaid suit for myself if it were fitted for a lady.

How do the models not crack up laughing as they walk the runway? Seriously. The styling is so damn silly.

I don't like any of it. It all seems so ridiculous. I am positive that some of them are wearing women's suits (that gray half vest thing?), and is that K-Fed in the pink bathing attire?

It also looks like some of the models looked at the stylist and flat out refused to be pirates.

Oh my...just no. I guess the oversized suits are a reaction to the skinny, shrunken suits that were trendy for a while but seriously, this collection looks ridiculous. A few individual pieces here and there are fine but overall...just no.

Tim Burton? Pirates? Batman? why are people surprised? how many more decades of Westwood do you need to finally understand her style? I like it; fun, whimsical, playful and very Westwood-esque. You can clearly see The Joker influence in these designs.

"Why so seeeeee-riousssss"

I like the sweater with the cat's eyes. I would totally wear that.

The 'Joker' look is so last year...

another laura

Keith Ledger as the joker homage? On a cruise ship?

Hard to get past the show and to the clothes. I think there are some attractive pieces in there somewhere.

The dropped crotch (whatever the technical term may be) has got to go. It looks horrible, like the young gentlemen took very large dumps in their diapers. nonononononono

I see somebody's on a Joker/Jack Sparrow kick.

They all look so...dirty.

I'm liking the menswear reviews---there are in general far fewer reviews of the men's collections than there are of the women's. Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts on Calvin Klein Collection and Jil Sander from a few days back.

umm...I believe there's a serious epidemic of INSANE crotches in this collection...the tight star-stripe pants are probably the worst...

Way too costumey for my taste. I couldn't even have fun with it because of how disjointed it all seemed. I didn't really see the 20's all that much either.

After a 10th look though, I can see some individual pieces that I like.

The Pirates of Dumb Pants

I think that I'm most disturbed by the Persian kitty t-shirt.

i look at it this way. even if i dont get the mens wear collections now & in the future at least it is MORE TLO for us!

The good news is that if the objective was to make these guys look insane and terrifying, she did a fantastic job!

The styling reminds me of the Joker in Batman.

There are some excellent examples in this collection of how not to use different patterns together.

And what is with that one outfit that looks as though his pants got sliced off at the thigh and then fell down around his ankles? And the bathing trunks with the pockets hanging down?

There is some very weird stuff here. (Yes, I know that saying "Westwood" and "weird" is probably redundant.)

Even the models can't keep straight faces. It's like they're walking the runway going, "Can you believe this bullshit?"

Bill said...

The Pirates of Dumb Pants

Bill! It's so good to see you posting here again. I've missed you!!!

Ahoy there, mateys!

I like a lot of it, actually, but:

Lillithcat said, "There are some excellent examples in this collection of how not to use different patterns together."

Yeah. I don't get it. My husband just tried to go out the house similarly mixed and I told him I was gonna give him an apron, stick a barbecue fork in his hand. and put him in the back yard.


Where the hell have you been, dear Bill?

i'm sorry but why does she think the trailor park girl practice of cutting jean shorts soo short that you can see the pockets was a good direction to go in

as for the rest of the collection, yeah yeah, i get it, she's fun an wacky. not my taste, but whatevs (though i agree that first sweater with the anchors isnt that bad) but i completely draw the line when you start copying trailor park trash

Most of the collection is very fun. But covering no new territory for Westwood.

I like thePirates of Dumb Pants
and I think there is a song in there somewhere. Come on Bill, sing it one more time for ol' times sake.

Sewing Siren

Am I blind? I thought I saw Ashton Kutcher there (the one with the cigarette?)...

The polka dot capped toe shoes, the striped sportshirts, the charcoal suit with bow tie, The plaid trench coat, the gray checked and striped suits. The whole look on the guy with the red turban. Gimme now.

The way the stripes and plaids go in an angle at the fly of the pants I suppose is meant to be purposeful but it just looks like bad tailoring.

There's a lot of things I'd love to try on just to see what they would look like on me. But I would bet most of them wouldn't work.


Foot long crotch? No.

Pockets hanging out of the bathsuit? NO.

Vampire Pirates

If we're calling PeeWee Herman and Don Johnson "a couple of looks" then yes, I also see a couple of looks in there.

i'm not dorothy gale

Um, spring cruising? Like on a boat? Or cruising for a bruising for wearing costumes? Ugh.

Am I the only one who's getting a Joker/Batman/Zorro/POTC vibe?

Gorgeous, but that's weirding me out a bit.

I think I'd wear about 3 things from this collection.

The pants are stupid for the most part.

Do what you want cause a pirate is free, YOU ARE A PIRATE!

Half deranged Cockney, half zombie poolboy.

Pink plaid? I can't help it, I'm taking that personally. Cripes.

There's something about that dropped crotch that makes me laugh. The joker/whiteface stuff needs to go, but amidst all the dopiness, there are some pieces here that are pretty cool. And who doesn't love a VAMPIRE PIRATE?

Why are they smiling?

There isn't a single properly-fitted rise in the entire collection. They're either ridiculously long or too tight, resulting in whiskers.

That said, aside from the pants, some of it's pretty cool.

wow I love it. a great Westwood collection. Totally punk in a surprising new way. the line of the pants is really different, although I wish she had gone the extra mile with the crazy pant design.

I see the "no pants, no service" rule has been lifted from the pirate ship. Things have really gone to crap since Blackbead died.

I got whiplash from this collection, it is allll over the place.

laughable. the entire thing. the joke's on us.

Oli, that certainly looks like Ashton to me...he did used to model and lord knows he's plenty pretty enough still.

That said, there were swimsuits? Oh wait they must have been those splotches of color beneath the abs...sorry I didn't get past the abs. :o)

When did the Insane Clown Posse get into town?

Seriously, I like the shirts and sweaters, and a couple of the suits are really nice. But it is a two-part collection, divided neatly between well, neat, and kooky.

Afrika, how can we relax and have fun when you keep criticizing us, honey?

the hell? looks like a thrift store barfed all over the runway.

A few nice pieces - separately - but altogether: no. just no.

"And what is with that one outfit that looks as though his pants got sliced off at the thigh and then fell down around his ankles?"

He looks pretty bummed about it, doesn't he?

One of the models looks a little like George Clooney.

I like some of it, perhaps paired with other pieces from other designers, but as it is, most of it looks like circus clothes.

My boyfriend is rolling his eyes.

I love the collection but that crotch is insane.

Awesome! I thought the Versace post was just a (tasty) fluke! How silly of me to doubt you lovely boys so. Loving the menswear posts, keep 'em up fellas :D


These make about as much sense as anything else these days....

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Fun collection, not sure how much is actually wearable outside the fashion scene, but fun. Thanks for doing menswear, guys. I'm loving these posts!

While alot of the collection is unwearable in public, I rather enjoyed it. I thought it was alot of fun! Some compared it to Tim Burton films, but I like Tim Burton!

Um, no. The Joker meets Pirates of the Caribbean meets Meth Head look isn't working for me. Although....maybe I should try to get my boyfriend to rock the blazer, short-shorts, and galoshes look next time we go out.

I like it! fashion needs to relax and play too!

drool drool drool. Yes, the styling is silly, but that's fashion for ya.

I would wear every one of these pieces.

What's up with the zombie-pirate-gay fetish club theme? I don't get it.

I do like some of the pieces. A lot of them are a little out there. And some it seems like she threw together two seconds before curtain. But, she's Bibienne Westwood; she can get away with it...


that's about all I can say honestly. I know Westwood and kooky got together but this doesn't go together!

Someone said they got whiplash, I agree.


There are a few really nice pieces here, mixed in with a whole lot of ASS.

I also thought Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Batman & Friends when I saw this.

But Pirates without Pants really made me laugh.
I bet back stage was fun at this show. I would love it if any of the models would comment.

My husband would wear the eye patch-- that's about it.

I'll have to look at this again once I can control my laughter. I'm sure I'll like most of it.

Revenge of the Vampire Pirate Nerds.

Enough said.

the first lulu

What.The.FHell. SNORT!!!! I know it's Vivienne Westwood, but this goes so far beyond "it's a whole lotta look" that I am awestruck and doubled over in painful laughter at the same time. I think she's toying with us.

I agree with Jess that the pink plaid suit, fitted for a woman, would be fabulous. I also love the cat eye sweater, but am confused by the buttons on the shoulders and what appear to be slits in the material below the buttons. For what? To facilitate easier breast feeding?? The pants are almost all a big "no". The hats are almost all hideous too, particularly the red do-rag with the bow tie number. Whole lotta fugly going on, even for Westwood!


This comment has been removed by the author.


Vivienne Westwood ROCKS! I think she's amazing!!!

Bwahahahahahahaha! Sure hope this is supposed to be funny. I guess there were a couple of wearable/interesting items, but for the most part it was comedy. The models sure seemed to think so.

Look#2 (Pirate of No Pants), your tampon string is showing.

#25 Shiny Blue Shorts: with all of the foot-long crotches in this collection, why does this model have a wedgie? Check out the posterior view of him in the next photo. Poor guy must've been dying to yank those shorts outta his crack.

The Mile Long Crotch Club look is bad enough when rendered in baggy pants but I wonder what model #29 looked like on the runway. Must've had to walk like Morticia Adams.

30: appropriate, if the background music was the theme from Deliverance.

#34: Is that a Benetton sweater?

#53: Seriously? (insert this comment for most of the collection)

It's kind of odd. The only things I like are the red/pink plaid shoes, and the shoes that are worn in the 4th and 5th looks.

and OMG, the plaid trenchcoat? I'd wear that in a heartbeat, but with a better outfit underneath.

I meant red/punk plaid SUIT hahah. That's what I get for commenting stuff at 2:30 in the morning :p.

Normally when a designer desides to go the crazy styling route, there is one crazy style. Here she was like ok you are Batman, you are Zoro, you are the Joker, you're a pirate, you're Johnny Depp and you sir are a salsa dancer... Go!

As for the clothes, I could not see my husband in any of it, but I like the striped suit and the plaid suit for someone a little more adventurous. It would be nice to see guys on the red carpet rock something other than a tux. And if someone makes a female version of the plaid coat, you boys let me know!

Ha, I looked through it again and there is a Peter Pan too. Awesome.

Westwood, as usual, is crap on toast.

"The Vivienne Westwood man is boarding an ocean liner for spring cruising, Twenties style, with a dapper wardrobe of fitted blazers, striped and checked pants and light and breezy knitwear."

What I want to know is where in the hell are they headed on this cruise? The Bermuda Triangle? Somalia? All I gotta say is God help 'em.

Well, several people beat me to the "insane crotch" comment.

Must say that it's fun to look at, but I can't figure out how those pants will translate to the real world.

The bathing suits are the best part of the collection. I have no problem imagining them in the real world:)

Lmao at Zorro, the baggin saggin barry pants, and the appearance of the Robin Hood hat (errol flynn is cringing in his grave). I'm too mad at the cutoff shorts with the pockets hanging out. Some of the pieces are nice, some of the complete outfits are also enjoyable, but this as a whole is so [(derelict + culture club + 80's duran duran) x rum runners]

It seems like a bunch of frat boys got together and dared each other to steal peoples laundry from the laundromat. And whoever stole the most random, ill-fitting, clothes without being caught gets to hit the beer bong first.

Really, what happened? I'm all about the hideously tacky, mismatched, 5 & dime store couture, but W T F ?



I'm a fan of Vivienne Westwood but this collection makes me question why.

Nice first pic.

Glad to see Mel Gibson getting work these days.

Dudes, the guy with the cigarrete dangling from his lower lip looks like Ashton Kutcher

the nipple eyes are penetrating my soul

I'm sorry, but what self-respecting man would wear most of this stuff? I don't get it!

Maybe it is just me, but some of the shirt & tie outfits seem reminiscent of Sweet Pea's menswear disaster from Project Runway. Just missing the Joker makeup . .

I had a sweatshirt with cat's eyes on it 2 decades ago; it also had the name of the show and Winter Garden Theatre printed on it.

The ridiculous styling merely added to a collection of costume designs. (Lil Abner?)

Shiny Blue Shorts - I think these are on backwards. If they were turned round the other way they would fit better and make sense...if a codpiece detail ever makes sense.

I think the designer in the '80s who did the cat face sweaters was Krizia? Am I right?

I had one of those bitchin' black "Cats" t-shirts with the cat's eyes. I wish I still had it. Towards the end of its life, it was my sleep shirt.

Still, I do think some of the shirts are very nice, along with the (non-cat-face) sweaters, and a couple of the suits. And of course the trench coat. I'd love to have that.

That one model really has a creepy smile. He scares me.

Oh, Bill, how about "The Pirates of Zen Pants"?

You know, they (the pants) are THERE, you just don't see them?

Anyhow, it sounds cool.


great individual pieces (I love the mostly brown w/ black stripe shirt on the left in the third row from the end); I like the off-center button-fly pants, I like wide-legged pants, especially in the more formal fabrics.

The way too long crotch look is silly. The blue satin-look shorts(?) and shirt are too disco for me, and most of the sweaters are wrong. Just wrong. Like someone's costume direction was "put him in a "gay catalog model" sweater, but we don't want it to draw the eye because he's not speaking in this scene" (well, that last example makes sense in my head, anyway)

This looks like clothes Robert Pattinson would wear.

I just have five words for the purple shirt look: Sweet P Tiki Barber outfit

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