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Virgins v. Vixens

You bitches are in for it now!

If you thought the last bout was tough, you ain't seen nothin' yet! You see...


And while it pains us to think she's out of the game, to be perfectly honest, we don't see how she could have won going up against a legend like Dame Julie. We're sad, because we love that old broad, but Julie just has too many iconic moments on her resume.

Well, now it's Julie's turn to struggle, because as many iconic images get conjured up at the mention of her name, her opponent this week has just as many, if not more to hers.

We're glad we don't have to vote in this one because we have no idea who we'd choose as


is in for the fight of her life against her chief rival in so many ways....


Ouch. Someone's gonna get hurt in this one.

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Ever and always, AUDREY HEPBURN.

She was so lovely, both inside and out.

All the best,


I love Audrey but I'm going to have to go with Julie for the win!!!


I've never understood the love for Audrey Hepburn (or Natalie Wood for that matter).

Julie Andrews!

So unfair...
two women with so much talent
both beautiful
both seem (or seemed) like genuinely nice, caring people

Gotta say it though


Oh. Hello. Audrey Hepburn? Is there any question?

I hope Julie won't get upset with me for egregiously overlooking her but it has to be Audrey. (no one else could have ever made me sit through 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. Repeatedly.)


Julie, absolutely Julie.

I like Audrey, but I LOVE Julie (almost as much as I love Doris Day).

For me, no contest.

I loved Julie in Victor/Victoria & SOB, but I gotta go for Audrey.

The Nun's Story? My Fair Lady? The Children's Hour?

Wait Until Dark?

No contest.

Nobody can beat Audrey.


Good Lord, that hurt.

If I have to choose between Audrey and Doris Day, I'll have an attack of the vapors.

The lovely & unique Audrey. Her features are the only old films (besides Hitchcock) that I watch & keep me glued to the screen. Hers b/c she was beautiful in voice and being, a joy. She held a unique place & I miss her.

Audrey Hepburn - no one can beat her

Def. Audrey.

Audrey! The end...

Elle Driver


Youthful, forever and always

AUDREY. the epitome of classy dame.

No. Absolutely not. Are you guys crazy??

Julie ftw!

Audrey for the win!

HAS to be Audrey for the win!

Audrey. It'll be a harder call when Julie goes, but she's not (yet) the icon Audrey is. Moon River!

I remeber an interview on 60 minutes. When asked how she kept so trim, she said, "if it tastes good, I spit it out!"

Damn, anyone with that kind of will-power gets my vote!

Audrey, Audrey, Audrey!


Wow, this just isn't even fair to poor Julie. Audrey just has a certain magic onscreen that few other actresses have ever matched. It's got nothing to do with talent. Lord knows Julie is chock full of it. I'd love having cocktails with either one of them, but if I'm basing this solely on who I want to watch onscreen, it's Audrey, hands down.

Both are beautiful and talented, but Audrey lip-syched while ms. Julie is all voice,
Julie for the win!

Audrey. She came through the German occupation, during which she danced to raise funds for the Dutch resistance. 'Nuf said.

Absolutely Audrey. Not just because of her amazing movies, but also her work with UNICEF. And those fabulous Givenchy dresses.

Julie FTW. I'm still not over Hepburn stealing My Fair Lady.

Audrey because Julie never did anything as fab as Breakfast at Tiffanys.

Audrey for the win!!

I'm shocked. SHOCKED. How could there be any debate?


It has to be the timeless and classy Audrey. Hands down!


Audrey there is no question.

It's a wash for me. I cant even vote.

How could you do this to us, TLo? How?

Julie Andrews

Oh, Audrey. No contest.

Sorry, Julie.

Audrey, no question.

Ouch guys. These two are my two faves.

I'm going to have to go with Julie. She's the ultimate virgin, even now.

No question - Audrey.


She's a far better actress than Audrey ever was, and that voice cannot be denied. Audrey's cute, but Julie's substantial.

This is ridiculous. I am THIS far from throwing a tantrum.


You sadists.

Gaaah! This is tough.

While I love both, I have to say that I grew up on the children's books written by Julie Andrews so I am going with Marry Poppins!



The look
The style
The humanitarian work

She's the END. I'd only be torn if you made me choose between her and Liz Taylor.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola


For Funny Face, Roman Holiday, The Children's Hour (please DON'T put her up against Shirl!), and looking so f*cking fabulous in Givenchy....

Audrey! - Sorry Julie...

Authenticity ever and always. Dame Julie Andrews.

Julie, by a thread



Audrey FTW! I love love love Julie, but I can't turn my back on Audrey...not yet at least.

This was HARD. But I'm a sucker for an AMAZING voice. Julie it is.

Never voted before, have been a reader/lurker for awhile, but I have to cast my vote for Julie! Mary Poppins for the win!

Julie Andrews! Miss Hepburn would need Marni Nixon in a post position next door to take this one.

Damn, this is hard. Audrey.

Love Julie, but I really thought Audrey was gonna win the whole Virgins vs. Vixens competition.



Audrey. I think we have yet to be graced with another Audrey. Perhaps we never will.


Forever Audrey, elegant, beautiful and dare I say it? Sexy.

Undoubtedly - Audrey


Sticking with Julie.

Have to go with Audrey. Poised, elegant, can't beat that.

I ADORE Audrey, but I have to say Julie for the win!

Have you seen Victor/Victoria? Julie threw some mean jabs and crosses!

Agreed, Jenn. Without Marni Nixon, there's no way Audrey beats Julie in my book.

Julie FTW!

If Julie Andrews wins this one I'm gonna hafta choke a bitch. How can you throw her up against Audrey? For God's sake, the woman fled the Nazi's. NAZIS. Supported the Dutch resistance, practically starved to death... and THEN became one of the absolute best stage and film actresses in the world.

Audrey. Number 1 in the whole contest.

I know I'm a minority, but I don't get Audrey.

Julie forever!

Oh you EVIL BITCHES !!! I can't believe I just gave you praise for the Sandhurst interview and you're making me decide between these 2 goddesses ? Argh


its gotta be............This is HORRIBLE........................................Julia !!!

Myra Flection

(for Victor/Victoria BTW )

Holly Golightly for the win.

Oh, absolutely Julie FTW. She might not have got the My Fair Lady film gig, but she did more with Dolittle than Audrey could have dreamed about.

And I love Audrey, so that's saying something.


Why is this more painful than an appendectomy? Maybe because there is no percoset involved...

Uuuuh... (dumbfounded, indecisive, pained look on face).


Audrey Hepburn. She has all the best clothes, especially in Funny Face.

With all due respect to Dame Andrews, Audrey Hepburn gets my vote.

Not even close. Audrey, please and thank you.

Sorry Julie--but how can I forgive you Mary Poppins.

I go Audrey!

Could Audrey Hepburn writhe on a neon piano and sing "Le JazzHot!" at age 60+?!?!?
I think not.

This hurts so much, but I have to say Julie.

Has to be Julie

I'm going to base this off of the one person who can actually act AND sing.


Ugh, I've always found Audrey horribly annoying.

Dame Julie for the win!!

It must be Julie! Audrey is beautiful and a great actress. But so is Julie, and she also is a wonderful comedienne, singer, and dancer.

I love Julie especially for her later work with her hubby Blacke (10, SOB, Victor/Victoria) but Audrey did Breakfast at Tiffany's Sabrina, Charade

They both got Oscars but I think Audrey's got more noms

Audrey for the win

She's got the faboo Givenchy edge. Plus I just could not imagine Julie look nearly as good in the ball gown in the film version of MY Fair Lady.


Oh man! Why must you be so cruel, TLo? I love me some Audrey but I have to side with the smug sopranos on this one. Julie could shatter poor Audrey with one of her high notes, back when she could sing.

Julie FTW
SOB I'm sorry Audrey!

Audrey all the way!

gotta go with audrey, luminescent and charming since roman holiday with gregory peck!

Audrey, of course.

Audrey is gorgeous and talented, but before my time. I grew up on Julie Andrews. That voice alone sealed the deal.
Julie for the win!

Julie! Have always loved her.

Oh Girls, you just have to make it difficult don't you?
I love them both, but unfortunately it'll have to be AUDREY because she has some glamour that Julie just can't live up to D:

Audrey Hepburn, All the Way!

Julie, for the coloratura she once was, and for the fantastic actress and great broad she still is.

Audrey for the win!


Oh, I've been waiting for her and will vote for her as many times as she's up!

Audrey, please!!!

No contest- Julie, who never needed to be dubbed.

It must be Audrey, though Julie can sing.

Julie. Hands down.

My first post, I'm so excited!!

Gotta go with my namesake on this one: Julie, Julie, Julie


(no one else could have ever made me sit through 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. Repeatedly.)


Oh, ain't that the truth, Gotham.Audrey is the only reason I can ever sit through "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

I'm going to go with Audrey-Julie has iconic moments, but Audrey had fabulous fashion instincts, and got to dance with Fred Astaire

AUDREY! Julie has the voice, but Audrey has that *je ne sais crois*, pure magic. And no one else on the current scene that can hold a candle to either one of them.

Amy sez.

Dang...this is tough. Love Audrey...she was the epitome of style. But gotta go with Julie..that voice. Sound of Music kicks Breakfast at Tiffany's ass.




Julie. Final answer.


Julie! I love me some Auds, but PLEASE! No one else could make me love that complete asswipe Christopher Plummer! And suddenly realize I'm singing about lonely goatherds while shopping! Julie has permeated my brain since childhood. Yes, BAT is a wonderful film. But I don't think I could live without Sound of Music. Or Victor/Victoria.


Audrey. Hands down, always. Sorry Jules, you are fab but I can't go against the Hepburn. Nope.

Ohhhhh, this is evil. Simply evil!!!

It was a horrible shame that Julie didn't get My Fair Lady ...

However, Julie has had the luck to live long and prosper ...

Audry was such a gamine, so elegant and a lovely personality .... escaped the Nazis and did wonderful work as a UNICEF Ambassador ...

I gotta go for Audrey.

Just sayin from my heart-


its a must that i choose her...

So terms of fashion and style, Audrey is the star, hands-down. In terms of grace, poise, and classic beauty - Julie wins......

so...... impossible as it seems.... my vote goes for.....


AUDREY AUDREY AUDREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Duh! As if!!

I absolutely ADORE Julie, I even sat through 2 "Princess Diaries" (ugh!) for her. But Audrey is a fashion & acting icon, whose like, while constantly & poorly imitated, will never be seen again.
Audrey, FTW!

Oh Jesus no question: AUDREY!!!!

OOPS! I meant *je ne sais quoi*!
too many decades since French class lol!

Against my better judgement.....


(I really like Roman Holiday)

Audrey Audrey Audrey!

Wow - it looks like this one's gonna be a nail biter. I didn't expect it to be so close.

I'm torn - on the one hand Audrey is the most chic woman who ever lived. And she had some iconic film roles. And she survived the Nazis. On the other hand Julie has that voice and her film roles are even more iconic. Plus under that prim English exterior she seems really funny and bawdy. Hmmm..... I'm going to have to sleep on this one.


Julie Andrews, completely.

Who won the Best Actress Oscar when it was Mary Poppins vs. My Fair Lady? No brainer.

You are heartless. The agony! And yet I must vote for Audrey.


I have yet to vote in these contests, but I feel so strongly about this one that I have been compelled out of the shadows.

Audrey is the one.

another laura


It's Audrey.

It's not a singing competition, darlings, it's virgins v. vixens.

But, GAH!!

I can't stand it.


Can you go back to some vixen rounds, please? The sweetness is killing me.


julie. julie. julie.

Audrey! Just think of how adorable she is in Roman Holiday!

Wow, but then we knew this day would come when the choices would not be so easy.

I was waiting for this one for awhile. Sabrina, Funny Face, UNICEF, etc.

Ms. Hepburn FTW.


I always thought that Audrey Hepburn was horrifically overrated, and that it was lucky she was pretty and thin. But I never thought she could act or sing! In fact I even preferred "The Truth About Charlie" remake to "Charade" because Audrey bugs me so, so much.

Audrey all the way!!

Since my beloved Debbie was sunk, I'm now going to stick to Team Julie!

Which makes me wonder if I'm a jinx...


Gotta go with Julie

I had to go with the Audrey vote since the last round was so frikkin' lame.

Audrey, Audrey and once again Audrey.

Without question or hesitation, it has to be Audrey.

This isn't a painful choice at all.

Sorry, Ms. Andrews, but it's clearly Audrey.


Gotta be Julie! HOw could you not take Julie when she was robbed of the role of Eliza Doolittle, by none other than Ms. Hepburn herself?

Julie showed her then by winning the Academy award!! If Julie can do it then, She can definitely do it now, 45 years later!!

Julie. Absolutely.

Dame Julie

It has to be Audrey.

It's Julie! (Miss Andrews if you're nasty.)

Tom in Chicago


I'd rather sing Moon River than since A Spoon Full of Sugar.


I've been a fan for too many decades to desert her now, when it looks like she needs me most. She remains one of my Favorite Things:


And I have to say, I had the honor of seeing her live in V/V in Chicago, before it moved on to Broadway. Yowza!

AUDREY (and that is despite my hatred of Breakfast .. sacrilege I know - but I hate that movie with a passion)

Audrey and Breakfast at Tiffany's. Always.


Audrey is flawless. The gamine. I have to say AUDREY but oh my god, Julie is gonna kill me!

Already voted.

I thought Audrey would come out later in the game, because this...ain't gonna be pretty.

Still kinda virginesque, though, and I LOVE Audrey.

But I can't wait for the "vixen".

JULIE. Julie julie julie.

Audrey! I adore Roman Holiday and one of my favorite movies ever is Love in the Afternoon.

WAY too tough bitches! I cannot decide so I'll leave it up to everyone else, don't beat the ladies up too badly.

AUDREY! Of course.

Puh-lease. Julie.

Well, this is a hard choice. Two women I love, neither of whom is a particularly good actress, but both of whom are incredibly charming and lovely. I give the win to Julie because even though they both are modest talents as actresses, bitch can SING. Or could anyways. Poor dear.


Long time reader, first time poster. If anything could get me to start commenting it could only be JULIE!!!

Julie, Julie, Julie.

Audrey, all the way

On a fashion blog, and you *dare* put anyone up against Ms. Hepburn???

Audrey. Of course.

It has to be Julie.

Choosing between Julie and Audrey is hell, but I had to go with Audrey. It's the vulnerability she showed in her acting that put Ms. Hepburn over the edge for me.

But man, that was a tough one.

Julie, no contest.


First time voting: AUDREY!

The one and only Audrey Hepburn.

As lovely and talented and fabulously voiced as Julie Andrews is, does anyone still copy her look to this day?


So Audrey

I love both of these women, but Audrey Hepburn against anyone gets my vote!!!!

without a doubt... AUDREY!!


She was a WWII refugee, struggled with personal trauma, and then worked as an ambassador for UNICEFF. Definately more impressive than Julie, even though she was good.

Definitely Audrey.

I adore Dame Julie, but, sorry, there is NO contest here. It HAS TO BE the ever-lovely Audrey Hepburn. Love her!


One of the great ladies, and beauties, of all time!

The greatest Virgin Vs. Vixen smackdown would be Audrey vs. Marilyn Monroe!

A U D R E Y ftw.

The incomparable Audrey, forever.

one of the many heathers

julie, it has to be.

Audrey Hepburn forever!

Well I gotta say, when I was a little boy on the farm I saw Julie on a TV commercial for Sound of Music and after that I would find myself walking in the fields singing and twirling just like her, which worried the shit out of my father.

My appreciation for Audrey came later when I was taking fashion illustration in art school and began to understand clothing and style. Her first scene at the train station after coming back from Paris in Sabrina is heartstopping still.

I guess I never wanted to BE Audrey, but for a short time I wished I was Maria.

Julie, for bringing out the girl in me.


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