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TFS: The Mini-Challenge

Alright, bitches. We've hooked up our coffee I.V.s and we're ready to get our bitch on.
Hit it!

"Designers, this week we've decided to have you tackle one of the most pressing and important jobs in all of fashion."

"Dressing the slutty unprofessional girls who show up at 11 am smelling like the floor of a bar."

Y'know, Becki Newton looked fabulous in a 3.1 Phillip Lim dress, but she had to be silently cursing out her agent for not only booking her for this show, but for a challenge that makes her sound like she's some sort of expert about running around the city with your mascara smeared and your panties in your purse.

Congrats to Team Queen!

Lorenzo doesn't think that jerry-rigged top really goes with the jacket but Tom kinda likes it for its creativity.

We're both in agreement that turning the belt buckle into a brooch was pretty damn inspired.

This was our favorite look. It was the most polished and professional out of all of them.

Granted, they had the best pieces to work with, but as Lidia said, it's all about having the eye to pick them and use them correctly.

She's the only one who really looked like she worked for a fashion magazine.

Meanwhile, Anna and Haven took a 20 year old party girl and turned her into a 50 year old executive assistant in 1989.

Certainly, the cardigan was a nice touch but they could have styled it a bit better than that, especially with the way they used that scarf. That's just not a chic way to wear a scarf. There's nothing at all youthful or modern about it.

Now, THIS was a disaster, kittens.

Clearly, Reco and Daniella have staked their claim to the top spot among the designers and they've both turned out some good looks, so you can't find a better representation of their emnity toward each other than this horrific collaboration.

There is literally nothing of either designer in this look. It's just a total mess. So bad that we actually felt sorry for that girl for having to wear it on television.

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"That's just not a chic way to wear a scarf."

It is if you're a cowpoke. Or a messy eater.

Yuck to all of them.

Okay, the tiny ones did well, but I would just call in sick and leave the transformations alone.

And these poor girls' hair was a mess.

Way to go, Tressemme!

Aw, I love Becki Newton. Poor girl...

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Haven's model ended up looking like... Haven. Except no 20-year-old wants to do that.

Hell, no 40-year-old should, either... .

The winning look managed to look chic and relaxed. Well deserved.

I don't give a shit what Lane Bryant is pushing, unless a larger woman has well-maintained, well-contained boobies, she doesn't want a shirt with an empire waist that looks like it's going to get lost under the boobflop or the draping doesn't end up draping, it ends up obviously laying across the upper stomach.

Terrible look

"Granted, they had the best pieces to work with, but as Lidia said, it's all about having the eye to pick them and use them correctly."

I agree, and since this was clearly a stylist challenge, they should have won.

Reco and Daniella gave fugly a new meaning with this challenge.

Having spent the 1980s in my own mash up of Tess (Working Girl) and Roberta (Desperately Seeking Susan), I might have actually worn Haven and Anna's ouchfit a time or two...


This is 1 of those challenges that probably looked better on paper than in reality.

I love Becky Newton and her character on Ugly Betty but it really doesn't make sense for her to be the judge since it's not her character that's doing it.

But Reco and Daniella's. MAJOR FUG. I can't understand how he could proudly brag to the confessional camera about his contribution to that ugly mess


My God, I just realized Haven's jacket has padded shoulders. And that white collar. It's the most Sugarbaker thing she's worn yet. Pretty soon we'll see colorblocking.

The tiny twosome really should have won this one. Johnny & Merlin's was clever, but that sarong top was hardly appropriate office wear, not even for a fashion intern.

Well, this little slutty mini-challenge just confirms that this so-called reality show is being written by 20-somethings on a shoe string budget. Who else would have thought up such nonsense?

When will Bravo give us all an apology? And why do I continue to tune in? Sigh.... but I know I will watch again this week. Color me pathetic.

Dressing the slutty unprofessional girls who show up at 11 am smelling like the floor of a bar.


What did that poor girl do the Daniella and Reco for them to make her look so awful? Now that I think about it, wasn't that all Reco's idea? Geez. There are "taste issues" and then there's just plain crappy.

Lidia and JP should have won. Their girl was simply and nicely dressed when they were done with her. I can't imagine trying to mess with Johnny and Merlin's shoulder knot when I'm hung over and haven't had any sleep. Under the best of circumstances, it would make me lose my mind.

I thought that Lydia and JP's girl already looked well put together, especially with her leather skinny pants. Very chic.

Forget the challenge, what THE HELL is Haven wearing?
Honey, 80's inspired and plain old 80's are two different things.

I think the Team Tiny should have won this one. But I'll give Team Queen credit for wrapping up the top and using that belt buckle in a way that was much more attractive than as a belt buckle.

Alternate reality check - I wonder if 5 minutes with Isaac would have saved Lydia?

I am bored by the Reco/Daniella death-matching. On the other hand, I want to see more of what Anna can do. Is she the unexpected finalist?

When they were done with her, Daniella & Reco's model looked like a mental patient.

But none of those models looked happy to be there. You'd think they could find at least one underling who was happy to be on TV. Makes me wonder about what was going on behind the scenes, as well as at the magazine.


"Tlo said: "Dressing the slutty unprofessional girls who show up at 11 am smelling like the floor of a bar.""

Actually, they looked like they got lost on the way to a 'Real Housewives of NJ' convention.


I almost liked this challenge. But who has a "lost and found" box of clothes to dig through at work?

Gotham said, "You'd think they could find at least one underling who was happy to be on TV."

I think they were "acting" their parts. Anyway, that's how it looked to me.

As for the Housewives of NJ, I suggested the other day that they could be the clients for the final five Fashion Show contestants for an Alien vs. Predator style match up.

6/22/09 12:57 PM
"But who has a "lost and found" box of clothes to dig through at work?"


Unless you work at a Bus Station, and they wear unifoms. So coming in smelling like gin and shame is part of the rapport.

Eric said:
But who has a "lost and found" box of clothes to dig through at work?

I thought the same thing, until I thought further:
Who would drag themselves to work looking like this... wouldn't they either go home to change or call in sick all-together?
Even if there was a lost & found, who would be willing to walk in looking like a tramp and ask to pour through the gaments...

And then I said, "DUHHHH... suspend belief! This isn't even a realistic reality show... why should I try to make sense of their challenges?"

And since their challenges make no sense, let's give suggestions for the next mini-challenge... I'll start:
"Who can make the best looking pizza out of cloth and ribbon...."

ToddNY said..."Forget the challenge, what THE HELL is Haven wearing?"

Amen! And not just Haven. That poor intern and Anna looked like crap too. I actually recoiled from my computer screen when I scrolled down to that pic.

As for Team Queen's twisty sweater, I kept thinking about winding sweater parts in dirty armpits. Yuck. (yes, I'm sure the girls were clean, but the challenge...)

I had the Lost & Found/reality confusion too. It must be REALLY different in the fasion biz, because in my office building, all you'd have to work with is an umbrella or two.

My question is, what the hell were these "models" wearing in the first place? They were supposed to have come out from a night of clubbing having VOLUNTARILY chosen that fugly, worst-of-the-eighties shiznit to begin with? I go clubbing fairly often, and am just barely out of my twenties, and while I do see some eighties inspired stuff (since that's our fashion zeitgeist), I have NEVER seen anything this bad. None of them even have coherent 80s looks. There's some Valley Girl and Sex Pistol mixed in with Golden Girl and, as another poster said, Working Girl. They had crap to work with and it was a miracle that two groups came up with something decent.

I hate this show, but can't quit it due to TLo fabulousness.

Am I the only one who thinks Maggie looks like Maggie Gyllenhaal?

And yeah, I felt sorry for Becki Newton. I love her, and she deserves better than this hot mess of a show.

All I could think of was school uniform from "The Facts of Life" when I saw Reco and Daniella's attempt.

The "Facts of Life" uniforms:

Another quickfire challenge more suited for "Stylista." Why, oh why, do they waste my precious time with these useless challenges?

You know, it's really hard to transcend the scarf-ness of the scarf. It might work when you're on holiday in Tahiti, but doesn't translate well in an urban environment (and especially at work). Johnny and Merlin's concoction looked like she broke some ribs or something. At some point, wouldn't a jacket look better just over the party dress?

You know what would have been awesome? If Johnny's shoe bag coat was in that Lost and Found box! Make that into something!

"So bad that we actually felt sorry for that girl for having to wear it on television." And so bad for us having to see it!

That was just...bad. BAD!

I'd just forgotten about the horror, too, and there it is again. Time for a valium and a nap.

Anon. 1:26:

It's DISbelief you want to suspend. Logic tells you not to believe what you're seeing. You have to suspend your desire to make sense of things and accept what you see as its own reality.

From, a reasonable explanation of the phenomenon called Suspension of Disbelief: "In the world of fiction you are often required to believe a premise which you would never accept in the real world. . . In order to enjoy such stories. . . you put aside your disbelief and accept the premise as being real for the duration of the story."

Eric said, "But who has a "lost and found" box of clothes to dig through at work?"

Weeellll . . .

We do have a couple of racks of clothes for clients who are going to trial and have no one to bring them clothes. Everything gets drycleaned after it's worn. Granted, the clothes aren't the greatest, but one could make oneself look relatively decent from them.

Our lost and found is in the security office. Not the place one wants to go if one looks "suspect" at all. No idea what's in the box, but would bet it doesn't have anything remotely useful in it.

Reco and Danielle's get-up really reminded me of Hermione Gingold and company in their Grecian Urn "interpretative dance" costumes in "The Music Man."

god Bless Hermione Gingold, but I don't think that was what the "look" this young lady was hoping for.

The interns DO look rather surly...but I have a few theories as to why:

1) They really are hung over.
2) They really are fashion interns and some ass dressed them in the Ugliest Clubbing Outfits EVAR.
3) They were models who were initially excited to be on TV on a fashion reality show, only to learn that they'd be paraded out as examples of the "after" picture from a cautionary tale of drunken debauchery.

All of which would piss any normal girl off.

well done, Team Tiny Tim. I agree that they deserved the win, but Merlin and Pebbles was certainly passable.

I don't want to sound like an incredibly critical person, but every week I am increasingly puzzled by Anna. She resembles something familiar to me...I hesitate to say, possibly a Muppet? Is her mouth just really long or something? Someone throw me a bone here...

I too think Anna looks like a muppet. Kinda like Janice the Muppet on Valium.

Lidia and JP's look was definitely the best one overall.
Johnny and Pollo's look was ok, but I agree with Lorenzo on the top. I just don't like the awkward way that knot sits at her neck with the jacket. The belt buckle/brooch is good.

Ok, so they go out clubbing, dribble beer down their bodices, outlast their deodorant, and need a change of underwear. Yet with a few magical touches and some found junk, they're supposed to be office-worthy?


This scenario is a good argument for keeping duplicate makeup, deodorant, and a toothbrush at work. But does anybody really think you can transform your outfit from "party" to "professional" in mere minutes? Or that you have sufficient spare outfit parts lying around to pull this off?

Let's remember, they stayed out ALL night and didn't have time to go home. So, where, in the real world, are these extra things coming from? Oh, the office? Great, let's just hang a stapler on that lapel to create a unique "pin," and, hmmmmmm, swipe the cheap, pilly sweater off the back of the chair three cubbies over, to be artistically wrapped until it is unrecognizable. Then, rip the tie right off the boss' neck to make a belt to hold the whole thing up. Yeah. Looks really great. And now for the finishing touch - a quick necklace from silver paper clips! Genius!

What a stupid mini-challenge.

Sorry, not buying it.

Dude, didn't Johnny Samurai make the same type of dress on the first challenge?

I guess I was always prepared in my young, corporate days, because I always kept a blazer, a scarf or two, a box of toiletries and undies in my office. One never knew what fun was to be had after office hours, after all!!
Those were the days. Sigh.

Something is clearly wrong with me this morning, but I like the Reco & Daniella look the best.


You know, this show sucks so bad, but I am sitting here at my desk laughing out loud at how clever and witty you all are -- the Facts of Life uniform - snort! And particularly the Hermione Gingold and grecian interpretive dance comment. Bwaaahahahaha! My office mates think I'm drunk or off my rocker. So much for dignity.


Another poster had a great point...Team Queen's girl would have looked much better with just the jacket (buttoned) over the original dress. Plus, every girl keeps at least one pair of work appropriate shoes under her desk, so there ya go.

"Honey, 80's inspired and plain old 80's are two different things."

I was thinking the same thing! We're seeing a lot of 1980s interpretations this year, but this is straight '80s, no chaser.

I like what I can see of Johnny and Merlin's. You probably wouldn't want to take off the jacket in the office, depending on where you work. (It's surprising what you see in offices here in Arizona!) However, there is no full-length view to look at.

I had to look twice to make sure James-Paul and Lidia's girl wasn't still wearing her original outfit, but with a skirt. Still, it was a good job.

To me it's not unreasonable to think that a fashion magazine or clothing designer or other employer in the fashion business would have spare clothes sitting (or hanging) around. Maybe not a "Lost and Found" box, per se, but old samples or things like that.

I work at a dance studio, and our lost and found consists of dirty sweatpants, unmatched ballet shoes, and the occasional pair of underpants. I'd love to see them make something out of that!

Random comment unrelated to this post entirely, but Ongina from RuPaul's Drag Race is in the Black Eyed Pea's 'I got a feeling' video.

"There's nothing at all youthful or modern about it."

sadly, that's the way most college kids wear their scarves now. i think it looks ridiculous but i see tons of people who wear it like that.

Haven's comment about having had to make a number of walks of shame seriously made me laugh and cringe at the same time.

I agree, team tiny should've win this time, they had a best put together outfit. And if they would let them win, they probably wouldn't be on the bottom at the elimination by having an advantage as team Queen had to talk to Heather and seeing his collection instead of translating his wild mood board...

- Fab

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Haven's personal style is so conventional and boring, it's hard believe she's a contestant on this show.

Did anyone else note the sexy "Blue Steel" face she makes while looking at herself in the mirror, this episode? (The strange, contorted faces that people adopt, when looking at themselves, just slay me!)

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