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TFS: Confusion!

We're puzzled, kittens! Puzzled!

Let's discuss why we are puzzled, mkay? First, we must discuss Reco's dress.

It's not a great dress by any stretch of the imagination, but it's not the offense to the senses that the judges made it out to be.

Is it a shock that Reco didn't know anything about Halston? A little. While it's a shame he couldn't reference his work in any meaningful way, what really set the judges off was Reco's constant assertion that he had no idea who Halston was.

Sure, there's a bit of a snobbery aspect to the judges' collective outrage, but they weren't completely without a point. Part of being a designer is knowing at least a bit of the history of design. While Halston doesn't necessarily rank up there with Chanel or Saint Laurent, he's still pretty high up in the pantheon.

And what made it so frustrating was that, because Halston worked in such a minimalist fashion with classic shapes and draping, he would have been the easiest designer to imitate.

Of course, where Reco went wrong was in the addition of a corset, which, to anyone who knows even a little bit about Halston, was seen immediately for the bad idea it was.

The dress is unfortunately a bit too "village wench at the ren faire" and that's about the last thing you want to do when doing a Halston retread.

And despite the snobbery and the overreaction on the part of the judges, the fact is, they had a point. He had no idea who Halston was and produced a dress that failed on every level of the challenge.

BUT. We're still a bit confused. Let's look at the next dress to see why. Follow us.

See, to our eyes, Anna "interpreted" Chanel about as much as Reco interpreted Halston. About the only thing that says "Chanel" about this garment is the dropped waist and the color scheme. Everything else was a pure Anna addition.

So why, when Anna reinterprets Chanel by adding a lot of Anna-isms, is that a-okay with the judges, but Reco interprets Halston by adding some Reco-isms and ...quelle horreur!

Look, we can admit that Anna made a better, more stylish garment than Reco's, and we can admit that the fact that she knew how to reference Chanel played in her favor.

But she did THIS to it. And we don't care what you say, that is NOT a signature Chanel jacket.

Worse, it almost ruins the outfit. She would have been much better off sending the dress out without the jacket.

Bottom line: Reco made a long, drapey, red dress with an asymmetrical neckline, all of which are Halston trademarks. He ruined it by adding a corset. Anna made a black and white cocktail dress with a dropped waist, a Chanel trademark, that she almost ruined with some very UN-Chanel pleating and a big incongruous pink jacket. One of these looks got praised and one of these looks got so trashed that the designer burst into tears. There was as much Halston in Reco's dress as there was Chanel in Anna's. So why the huge difference in judging criteria, judges? Could it be that your decisions are oftentimes arbitrary and that you all have a tendency to make a big deal out of esoteric bullshit (i.e., b-girl)?

Perish the thought.

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Well said, TLo.

There is something to be said for choosing the parts of the style you want to incorporate as opposed to making a guess and getting lucky.
But, the real problem is that the judges don't seem to have any desire to judge fairly and honestly and helping these designers to grow and evolve. Instead, they want to trash people and create scenes. It doesn't ring true and it doesn't feel good to watch it...

Welp, lets get this out of the way:

Anna copied Leanne! Pleats, pleats, pleats! Blah, blah, blah...

Fact of the matter is, it was bullshit judging.

If Reco got the essential idea about how Halston was into drapey design, adding a corset was adding a touch of House of Chapple.

In other words, it was an interpretation.

So why was he beat up while Anna and Daniella was drooled all over?

Bullshit, mixed in with pure manufacured drama, that's why.

I like your typo:
"...that she almost ruined with some very UN-Chanel pleating and big incongruous pink jacked."

Jacked it right. That jacket was hideous. And what is with all the short-sleeved jackets this season of TFS? Can no one make a cuff?

I did like Anna's dress, but it didn't scream "Chanel" to me. It read more as "update the flapper look."

And I'll still bet a year's pay that BeNOTcye didn't know jack about Halston until this episode.

TLo, you hit the nail on the head.
I was so angry at that thing that Anna sent down the runway. I thought, "THAT IS NOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM (no pun intended) CHANEL-INSPIRED!! WTH???".
Rico really should have known that a corset was far, far removed from anything Halston would have designed, however, he wasn't any farther off the mark than Anna. If anything should have been trashed, it should have been Anna's soooo non-Chanel jacket and soooo non-Chanel pleats!!!

Isn't the 2nd pic El Pollo's dress?

I see your points, but understand this decision. If you had asked me what designer each was referencing, I'd have come up with Chanel in Anna's case, but I'd have had no idea in Reco's.

Wait, you guys have been watching the show up til now, right?

Personally I think this was a case of editing

Anna was voted in the top three by the audience so we saw more praises from the judges. However they did slam her about the jacket and did comment the outfit wasn't as Channel as they would have liked. In fact they made a point of saying how the win was between Johnny and Daniella and Anna was not in the running. I suspect they were much harder on Anna than the episode let on.


I think what you're ignoring is that, due to the way the show is set up, the judges don't pick the top 2 or 3 looks. The audience does. If it was up to the judges, I doubt Anna would have been included in the top as they really didn't seem that thrilled with the outfit. In fact, they basically told her she was out of the running to win.

But overall, Anna's dress (minus the jacket) was an attractive dress, while Reco's wasn't.

Also, Reco didn't just add a corset. He added a BEDAZZLED corset. Seriously, what is up with that glittery pink stripe? So beyond tacky. Dude needs to learn how to edit his looks.

For me, the big problem with Anna's Chanel look was that she did a drop-waist dress and then added a tie at the natural waist. The line of the dress was ruined and the Twenties feel was diluted. Re: the dreaded jacket -- Chanel did short jackets like that in the Thirties, and even much shorter bolero jackets. I don't think this jacket was meant to invoke her suits of the Sixties, but those earlier jackets, in keeping with the Twenties dress. If it had been in black or white, as the judges said, it would have been okay. (If she took off that damn waist tie.) Reco's was a mess from start to finish, other than the color. And yes, he deserved to be spanked about not even knowing who Halston was. Learn the history of your artform, Mr. Arrogance.

Oh, Anon at 11:10am beat me to it.

It all goes back to letting the audience decide who the top and bottom looks are. Kelly said that the audience praised Anna's look for being well-made and so on. Well, then the judges are stuck with whatever these people pick and come up with BS excuses to justify their choices.

I think they got on Reco more b/c his dress was just horrible and Anna's dress was awesome (jacket aside). Village whench is the prefect description for Reco's dress... If Anna had made that same jacket out of white or black tweet of some sort, she would have been much closer to Chanel.

6/29/09 11:06 AM Isn't the 2nd pic El Pollo's dress?

Nope. My bad.

It's too bad Rico's inpsiration designer wasn't Valentino. It's a really gorgeous gown but just not the Halston vibe at all.

Anna's pleated skirt looks like one of those aluminum vents that spin on the roof of office buildings and warehouses. Between it and that sad jacket I hated her outfit.


I liked Anna's dress, but the jacket is way too simple and boring. Reco's dress was that bad that corset killed it.

Let the designers have two days for construction, 1 hour to research, 30 minutes to sketch and 1 hour to shop so I have can heve the prue pleasure of seeing some great designs and possibly works of art.

If a designing mentor existed on this show who could properly advise, I believe both Reco and Anna's creations culd have been much closer to the "works of art" category. and definitely in the "great designs" caategory.


I agree, TampaBay. I feel really shortchanged by these supertight time constraints. I'd rather witness interesting-to-great designs over the "drama" of hot-glued buttons and safety pinned hems.

I am SOOO with you, TLo.

Reco's dress - I kept thinking of Kathryn Grayson in Kiss Me Kate:

In his defense, that vintage Halston hardly seems the most representative. I'm no expert, but when I think Halston I think more this:

But check this out: A Halston retrospective including CORSETS!!

Well said.. I would have to say though as a whole.... umm without thinking about influences. I like Reco's Dress more because to me I think it's better. That jacket was a horrible styling choice to go with that dress!

Ouizee said, "But, the real problem is that the judges don't seem to have any desire to judge fairly and honestly."

Yep. Judging often seems arbitrary and even somewhat pre-determined (complicated, as others have pointed out, by the fact that the audience chooses the finalists).

But the editing of this show is a major problem (are you paying attenion, Andy Cohen?). I know I've said it before, but this show is edited for snark, not story telling, and as a result a great deal of what we see doesn't make much sense. It's insulting to viewers and the contestants.

And may I just add that I was disgusted to see the New Jersey "housewives" in the front row in the pictures? You know how when children act out to get attention, you're supposed to ignore them; otherwise you're just rewarding them for bad behavior - you know? Bravo?

"Tlo said: And we don't care what you say, that is NOT a signature Chanel jacket."

Nope. I'd say it's a signature Mandee's jacket.


I think the big difference was that Anna's was at least moderately fashionable whereas Reco's looked like the village harlot who fell into a time warp and discovered the bedazzler.

Plus, I think Anna's interpretation was a lot more knowledgeable of the designer, she knew who Chanel was and could at least explain her choices whereas Reco just teared up and talked about how he wanted to stay in the competition.

Speaking of confusion, what was happening with the chod ties that both Reco and Merlin were wearing? I'll admit that I barely follow men's fashion, but is this a widespread trend or was it just twinsies day at TFS?

I think that during the creative process, Kelly and Heather did a bad job of describing to Reco what kind of clothes Halston made. It was clear he didn't know about the designer and they really didn't do him any favors. As someone said earlier it's like they don't want to watch them succeed. They want to tell them all the things they're doing wrong throughout the process and that's it. They wait until the very end to say "oh you did this right". Tim Gunn would've probably said plain and simple "Halston doesn't do corsets"

When Kelly said something like "a woman felt more feminine in a Halston dress" that doesn't tell me crap. But then again Kelly is never helpful in anything she says. If they had just said something like "think 70s sleek, goddess like dresses and you also picked the right color" then I think Reco could've nailed it.

And also I thought it was specifically said that this was supposed to be a challenge where they created things interpretating these designers but also with their own flare. Everybody's complaining about the corest. I think the corset and the off the shoulder thing was just Reco's touch. They did not say "Make a Halston dress." They basically said, "Make something inspired by/reflecting this person's work but we also want to see some of yourself in it." I could be imagining that but I don't think so

So once again I call BS


Isabella said:

It all goes back to letting the audience decide who the top and bottom looks are. Kelly said that the audience praised Anna's look for being well-made and so on. Well, then the judges are stuck with whatever these people pick and come up with BS excuses to justify their choices.

If Bravo brings this show back for a second season, I think one of the changes has to be that changing the way that the top picks are chosen. Letting the audience choose isn't necessarily a great idea. After all, MMASM dropped the audience call-in vote this year, and that proved, to my mind, to be a big plus.

when the judges have to choose from three outfits that they actually don't consider to be well-designed and executed, then it creates situations like this episode.

Anna would have been much better off if she had dropped the jacket-it really detracted fromt the overall look of her design.

I have to agree with Brooklyn Bomber - the dress shown to the designers was not, IMO, iconic Halston. I'm not crazy about the example from swankvintage either - it's Halston IV, when Halston was diluting himself with too many licensing deals. Halston III was done for JC Penney, so I shudder to think what came after that.

Here's a killer vintage Halston from retrodress

Or these two Halston gowns that went for $1800 at auction in April

One of the ways TFS could distinguish itself from PR as it retools for its second season would be to give the designers some research time, as mentioned by another poster. If there isn't going to be a mentor, it would be an alternative way to raise the level of output. It could be a fashion library stocked with books that did not provide pattern making help. They could provide multiple copies of the same books, or be evil and make the contestants claw and compete to access the sources they needed, if they chose not to cooperate.

Maggie -- great links, thanks. Did you see the little video I also linked to? It shows such a range of Halston shapes and styles (including, as I mentioned, some very fitted designs); I really had no idea, so it was pretty interesting.

6/29/09 11:58 AM And also I thought it was specifically said that this was supposed to be a challenge where they created things interpretating these designers but also with their own flare. Everybody's complaining about the corest. I think the corset and the off the shoulder thing was just Reco's touch. They did not say "Make a Halston dress." They basically said, "Make something inspired by/reflecting this person's work but we also want to see some of yourself in it." I could be imagining that but I don't think so

So once again I call BS

Precisely. One moment the judges are looking for an "inspired" dress, a cheap ripoff the next?

They don't know what the fuck they want.

So, my take was Anna clearly knew the line of demarcation between her inspiration and where her own style kicked in and you could see that in her garment. Having said that, I'm not a fashion historian but I would never have pegged that jacket for Chanel.

Reco, otoh, clearly was lost. I didn't think the gown was horrible, but not Halston although he did nail Halston red, no? His not seeming to know that one point was kinda baffling.

Had Reco never heard of Lisa Minnelli either? I kept thinking that if he had just designed something for RuPaul dressed as Minnelli, he would have nailed it.

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This show is dead to me. I haven't watched for 3 weeks and only know what is going on from the posts here. Quite frankly, it doesn't surprise me at all that the judging BS has gotten worse.

Thank goodness for TLo so I don't have to watch the actual eps.

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bitchybitchybitchy on 6/29/09 at 12:00 PM siad "Isabella said:"It all goes back to letting the audience decide who the top and bottom looks are. Kelly said that the audience praised Anna's look for being well-made and so on. Well, then the judges are stuck with whatever these people pick and come up with BS excuses to justify their choices."

Another BS factoring in the judging choices least we forget is (drun roll please) Anna's creation, Chanel inspired or not, is much more saleable/sellable and therefore has a much higher profit potential.

I see no profit potential in Reco's creation via


Hey, Maggie! Don't forget the Halston sewing patterns!

TLo said my exact sentiments today, I have nothing further to add.

Loved the comparison to Kathryn Grayson in "Kiss Me, Kate"! Wunderbar, indeed!

Anna’s jacket is straight from Walmart or Kmart or any-mart. Reco’s might have been village wench but at least I can’t walk into Walmart and find it for $8.88 with a smiley face above it.

Also, I’m convinced the producers and judges are on crack. It’s the only way to explain the inconsistencies, challenges and overall format of the show.

And they have got to get rid of the “bye bye darling” and “you’re hanging by a thread” catch phrases for next season. If not, I'm going to strangle my tv. My poor innocent tv.

And let's also ditch the weekly refrain of "Models! 10 minutes! Models! Now!" etc., etc. Same damn thing every time... we GET it.

Well, and Anna's comments in the workroom were almost identical to what we heard from the judges. She was ripping Reco for using a corset (Halston would NEVER use a corset, OMG, WTF?) and then saying immediately afterwards, "Chanel never did jackets, but I'm doing a jacket." That really irritated the crap out of me, and even more so when the judges echoed it.

""Chanel never did jackets, but I'm doing a jacket.""

Wuh. . .huh??

Reco's vs the blue sample...

Neckline - similar in influence

Shoulders - check

Sleeves - check (yes his were gasp wider)

(So shape to the breasts.. CHECK)

Flowly bottom half of the gown - CHECK


Waistline - Halston (apparently a lot of self tie belts) Reco detailed corset....

IM, Kelly and Fern... "STRING HIM UP AND FEED HIM TO THE LIONS, AFTER flogging him of course".....

It seems like the idea of TFS is to "trick" the designers- both Angel, Rico and others have fallen prey to this. Andy Cohen- we know you read TLO- stop doing this!! I don't care who knows Halston or Chanel. I want to see the entire creative process from sketching and design to fabric choice to sewing to fitting and styling. The show is good enough without "do you know a b-girl, or do you know your 70's designers?" If they need to do an icon or a genre, give them all info about their icon or genre so they can research them.

Anna's dress - I can definitely see Chanel in it - the dropped waist, the distinctive colour palette, the ease of movement. I can also see Anna in it - the modern pleating and the print choice. The jacket, though? KILLED. IT. If she was sticking with the '20's-'30's vibe, that jacket was not it. But the dress? I really liked it.

Reco's dress? See I think he really blew it by not being very smart about his situation, not about the dress itself (which for any other challenge probably would have passed for something better). The minute he knew he got Halston, he should have looked at the example and started his brain churning: "what does *that* dress have that the others up there don't", "look at the colour and find a similar one on a colour wheel and go with that", "what's the volume like on the dress?", "what are the detailings and seams like?"

Then he should have produced something without a corset, surely, and been able to honestly tell the judges that he didn't have a good feel of Halston but that this is what he took out of the example and then start listing the above. I mean, man, if you don't know something you know the judges are going to skewer you with, you find something that'll make them understand that you *do* at least have critical thinking going for you. The judges would have had to at least be impressed with that, non?

I have lots of problems with this show, but I think the worst part is that the challenges do not seem to be well thought out.
Look Books....they are your contestants friends.
(and I still do not know what a B-girl is or why Kelly was so offended)

Hell, even Haven could have used one to remind her that YSL did not start designing in the 70's, but created iconic looks in the late 50's and 60's.

I totally agree. And with the way this show has been going I highly doubt there will be a second season without some serious reworking of things.

thank you! I too didn't see the absolute horror in Reco's dress & hated the manufactured drama.


""Chanel never did jackets, but I'm doing a jacket.""

Wuh. . .huh??

What were those things atop the skirts in Chanel suits? Lampshades???

If Anna is saying that Chanel did not do jackets over dresses, well, I'm going to pull a Reco and confess my lack of knowledge as to Chanel, but Chanel most certainly did do jackets.


Good & fair evaluation, TLo. I am relying upon your posts b/c I am not a watchee of cable (until PR) inspired by how awful was TFS.

Reco's was about as much Halston as Madge is Deneuve. He turned Kanebo on this. But it was not bamboo sticks under the fingernail time. It just missed - totally. Reco flaunts his homeboy and it does not work for him. (Not news.) If the judges did what I am hoping never to watch them do again - turn into a Hogwarts 3-headed dog on a contestant, more shame on them. Their mean streak is ridiculous. Geezus, aren't they paying these 3 enough or something?

Anna's: If that was Chanel (as Coco turns over in her grave) my rag bin is Dolce & Gabbana. Ouch and NO it isn't. And she knew better.

So glad it's history to me now. May all 3 judges suck a whole lemon apiece after each airing of this misery.

I liked this episode a lot and even though PR is a better show, I think this episode and last week's represent the direction TFS should be going in. Even though it had problems, I would not throw the baby out with the bath water.

Regarding the garments being sold on, that's another baby with the bath water situation, I was always bothered by the fact that on PR a number of great designs fell into a black hole, never to see the light of day except in reruns. Wouldn't it be great to be able to buy Korto's kimono dress or seatbelt coat? OK, I haven't figured out how to make it happen with stuff that doesn't win, perhaps an audience vote. I think it is a great that the show offers the designers the chance to get their creations mass produced and sold to the public.

Brooklyn Bomber said: ""Chanel never did jackets, but I'm doing a jacket.""

Wuh. . .huh??

What Anna said was "Chanel never did pleats, but I'm doing pleats". Either way, though, it was my WTF moment of the week, considering her comment about *how wrong* Reco was for doing a corset because Halston never did them.

Here's what Fern had to say about the dresses provided by the Vintage Gallery:

I also think in all fairness, the dresses that were provided by the vintage gallery were not in all instances great representations of those iconic designers' most important or influential looks.

So Reco was still flying a little blind. He could have asked for help, but how much time are the other designers willing or able to spend helping him? It was the same problem Angel faced during The Great B-Girl Debacle of 2009.

I'm completely on Reco's side here. We can't speculate that he's entirely ignorant of fashion history, only that he didn't know anything about Halston. The designers were told to do an homage to their assigned fashion icon, which was to include their POVs. That's what he did. So, yeah, I'm also wondering why Anna got even a reluctant pass and Reco was made to feel like an unworthy moron.

Had Reco never heard of Lisa Minnelli either? I kept thinking that if he had just designed something for RuPaul dressed as Minnelli, he would have nailed it.

He could easily know who Liza is without being able to conjure up how she dressed in the '70s.

You can never go wrong by knowing about the history of your craft or art. God knows I suffered through pin curls, finger waves, and roller sets when I was in cosmetology school. But Reco wasn't dismissive of the idea. He said he's heard of Halston but didn't know anything about him. I'm not sure why that's such a crime.

Anna's outfit look soo much more Banana Republic than Chanel. It really did not look much better than Reco's "interpretation."

Honestly, I have to disagree with you. The judges did not praise Anna that much, they didn't like the jacket and they asked her to defend her choices with the dress. Anna was in the top 3 because the audience liked her dress, that was very clear. I sincerely thought that Reco's dress was hideous but the biggest problem was the fact that he could not defend his choices and inspirations because he didn't know who Holstein was and that was why he got so much shit about it. The show is not supposed to be like "oh, poor Reco, he didn't know who Holstein was." They have to treat everybody the same way regarding the challenge. Reco could very well have said that he was inspired by this and that and that the corset was his addition but he was not able to defend his garment. I know this show is not that great and you guys are frustrated but the judges did make sense this time.

" Anonymous said...
Anna's dress - I can definitely see Chanel in it "


Well, I already said I didn't think Reco was that far off the mark for a Halston inspired look that was also supposed to have a "Reco" element too.

I found the Chanel look irratating on a number of levels.
First Chanel only did the drop waist dress for a very short time in the 1920's after that she wasn't into looking back, and she most certainly did do skirts pleats during that time period.
In the 30's her work was not that much different from what all the other Couture houses were doing, big fluffy ball gowns, longish skirted suits, that kind of thing.
After the war she restarted her Couture house and that's when she came up with the signature Chanel suit and she pretty much stuck with it until the 70's when she died. The Chanel suit was in many colors, including pink ( see Jackie Kennedy on the day JFK was assasinated).
But of course they looked nothing like that mess that Anna did. The color was okay though.

That was me.

Sewing Siren

I reread the post and there's nothing in it about the judges praising Anna, so I don't understand why some people here assumed that that's what Tlo said. They just pointed out the fact that Reco was heavily criticized for doing more or less what she did. It feels like the judges go with whatever the audience says. Ok, these are the top two or three, so let's find good things to say about these; these are the bottom two; so let's trash it regardless whether we agree with the audience or not. You NEVER hear the judges say, well, the audience was wrong. Kelly came close to that by saying that she didn't see Chanel in Anna's design.

Also, let's not pretend that the judges on PR are without their contradictions. It's been said by TLo before (I think during season 4) that if the PR judges like a dress, they don't care if you followed the rules of the challenge or not. But if you don't follow the rules AND they don't like the dress, then they're all, 'but you didn't do follow the rules of the challenge!'

The same thing kind of happened here.

I am more on Team Reco in terms of his dress not being a disaster, than I am when it comes to his breakdown before the judges. Isaac was mean, but then he has had the nickname Heather for how long now? I don't think thing that Fern and Kelly (dodging tomatoes) were that mean to him. I want to see more constructive engagement between the judges and designers and questions like "what would you do differently?" Although I can live without the "how much do you want to be here?" question. Reco needed to live up to his own mantra, "confidence is the new black... get some!"

Now it is time to talk out of the other side of my mouth. Reco was told that 90% of the audience would not buy his dress, now I don't think that it was "the bestest dress eva," but I can live with that as a reason for his breakdown more than the judges being mean to him or his own personal insecurity about his lack of fashion education (you would need to have Vincent or Kenley level of delusion to not be affected by that feedback). Note that only fashion school teacher Anna got two questions correct in that quiz, so there was a lot of ignorance to go around whether you went to design school or were self taught.

With some refinements, I can see an older, more zaftig celeb wearing that dress on the red carpet and getting raves. Oprah and some other non-waifs would look better in that dress some of those than those Donna Karan dresses that the more mature actresses seem to favor.


I wondered about the randomness of the contestants they picked for the questions. Anna is a teacher and the questions the received were WAY easier than the others. I answered those two (right) without even listening to the a,b,c choices. The others I knew some and guessed right for others, but I did not know the answer to Merlin's last question.

Sewing Siren

I love Reco so I'll give him a pass. How old is he? We know he didn't go to FIT or Parsons. I don't know anything else about his background other than he's from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I'm not really sure how much any young designer without a formal design education is supposed to know about Halston.

I don't agree with the many who are saying that Anna's dress is good and Reco's dress sucks. I didn't care for hers at all - yes, the jacket was hideous, but I also hated the pleats in that pattern. And frankly, I saw MORE Halston in Reco's than I saw Chanel in Anna's. Granted, my knowledge of 30s era Chanel is very limited. I could absolutely see some disco queen in Reco's number. Pink sparklies & all.

Samantha said, "When Kelly said something like "a woman felt more feminine in a Halston dress""

Yes, another pointless comment from...her. (see how I restrained myself from calling names?) And "feminine" is not the word most people would use to describe Halston. Simple, clean lines, jersey (or Quiana. Remember the shiny?) And I can see Reco interpreting "feminine" as corsets & gathers etc.

(Anna's jacket made me think of Alfred Dunner or Breckenridge *shudder*)

The only reason Reco got raked over the coals so badly is because he couldn't stand up here and enumerate the parts of his design that he thought represented a Halston design. Anna could. So, Reco became their whipping boy for this challenge. I am SO glad that they didn't to get rid of him. The judging on this show stinks.

Whoever suggested dropping those catchphrases for any possible season 2 is right. Kelly saying, "...but MY DEAR, you are hanging by a thread" to Reco was like nails on a chalkboard. I never thought she'd end up making my dislike grow and make me think Beyonce isn't probably that bad.

Remember when Tim Gunn said to Kenley, "But isn't hip-hop all about baggy clothing?" I mean, he came right out and told her what he thought she was doing wrong. Why couldn't one of the hosts tell Reco, "Halston wouldn't ever in a million years do a corset." (If that's what they thought.) They already know he is unfamiliar with Halston (mortal sin, evidently!). Now he's supposed to figure out the challenge through mind-reading? Nuts.

Speaking of darling Tim Gunn, I'd love to watch THIS show with him!

I love this comment:

Could it be that your decisions are oftentimes arbitrary and that you all have a tendency to make a big deal out of esoteric bullshit (i.e., b-girl)?

I thought Reco's dress was a bit more Bride of Dracula than Village Wench... and the hair didn't help.

Did anyone else notice that when Kelly was telling Reco that he was(ugh)"hanging by a thread", it appeared she had tears in her eyes?

What was that all about?

"It feels like the judges go with whatever the audience says. Ok, these are the top two or three, so let's find good things to say about these"

They really resisted rewarding Anna's. I believe that her dress was the top vote-getter, yet they dropped it and concentrated on the other two. I don't think they liked it very much.

"Remember when Tim Gunn said to Kenley, 'But isn't hip-hop all about baggy clothing?'"

One of the other contestants told Reco he was making a mistake with the corset, but he pointed out that they were interpreting the designs. IMO, he did add the "Reco design esthetic" with the corset and sleeves. You can like or dislike the design, but to say it's not Halston is spurious when you consider the instructions for the challenge.

However, when you look at the winning look, it was very close to Versace. I'm not really sure where the "Johnny" came in, but I've had difficulty pinpointing his signature(s).

Thanks so much for all your critisism! I totally agree that we needed to lose the jacket. I loved the dress, however. I have to say though, I never said""Chanel never did jackets, but I'm doing a jacket." Watch the show again! Chanel actually did do jackets, beautiful, simple ones, that were short an square and collarless, however, my interpretation just didn't work that well. You will some you lose some! Regardless, thanks for all your feedback and I hpe you guys stick it out until the end. We are all different and unique and have something to offer to you as consumers! xoanna

The fact is, Anna didn't make her model look like a village wench. Also, Anna didn't win but there were a lot of merits to her design.

She got called out on the jacket, so not sure what the fuss is about. The judges didn't like the jacket. Also, the audience members voted on the outfits, not the judges.

At any rate, Anna's design was a lot better than Reco's. If you make a good outfit, you get away with a lot more.

Tampa Bay has a good point. Judging is based on what sells--both the ShopBravo dresses and the manufactured drama with a sharp eye to ratings. Letting "America" vote on who stays or goes is almost as good an idea as giving air time to the comments of the average Joe on CNN. Faux Democracy.
Let's stop pretending that this show cares anything about fashion or that it has a shred of integrity. My dears, it is hanging by a thread!

Anna's dress DID have a lot of Chanel references with also the ease of the flapper style. AND if you listen to the judges' critiques, they hated the jacket from the beginning, and even singled her out after the audience put her in the top three. They never liked the jacket, and knocked her down about both in the walk-through and at the critique.

As a result, Anna obviously did not win and so seemed to me the judges even made sure she knew she was there ONLY because the format of the show allows the audience to pick the top looks.

So while I'm usually with you on your critiques, I think you guys got a little too worked up this time around.

I love Reco! He's talented and I'm rooting for him.

Anon 12:57 said "Tampa Bay has a good point. Judging is based on what sells--both the ShopBravo dresses and the manufactured drama with a sharp eye to ratings."

I know this topic has come up a few times, and I hope I'm not turning it into a dead horse, but THIS is the thing that ma

AND....I posted before I finished my comment. Must get more coffee.

Anyway, Bravo's apparent movement into the "Real Unpleasant People" business is SOOOOO disappointing.

They used to be the place to go for Arts & Entertainment...maybe a little theater, Inside Actors Studio and the "classy" reality tv competitions. Feh.

Unlike early reactions to PR's move to Lifetime, NOW, it not only makes sense, but is a relief.

(worried about what's going to happen with Top Chef)

But the styling worked, in a Bianca Jagger/ Studio 54 way. So Reco at least gets points for that. Not that I have a clue what I'm talking about, mind you. But from pictures I've seen...

Here here, TLo!

Halston will always remind me of Tootsie.

BrooklynB: Thanks for the links, especially the retrospective!

What kills me about this is that the divine Miz M clearly said that, while it should be a homage, we should also see the contestant's design aesthetics in the final product. Reco did that. Horrible. Yes. He should have gotten a clue when his model asked if it was a medieval challenge. Not too late to change course, darling. But not so terrible to get stomped on by the judges. And really, I loved Anna's dress and short of the horrible little pink jacket, thought it could be the winner. But instead they gave it to Johnny...who basically did a knock off of the example. (Also another colorless dress...btw...don't be afraid to use color darlings, if you want to lose.)

Oh no! The judges would NEVER be arbitrary or trash the designers for entertainment value. Nope. Never happen. Oh wait. It happens every week. Ah yes. ANd still we tune in.

I think, if Reco had just lost the cuffs on those sleeves, done something different with them, maybe he could have salvaged a Halston look. It was too late, at that point, to ditch the corset, but the sleeves were what really made the dress look RenFaire.

How would Kenley have fared in this challenge?

"How would Kenley have fared in this challenge?"

She would have won...if she had Balenciaga.

BALMAIN for women

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