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MMAS: T Lo Interviews Sandhurst

Hi Sandhurst, what a pleasure to be finally talking to you!
The pleasure is all mine, I’ve been religiously reading your blog.

You thought you had it in the bag, huh?
I’ll be honest, I did. I had tied with Jonathan for the most weekly wins, and unlike Jonathan, I had been in the top three in eleven of the thirteen weeks, so, in my calculation [laughs] I had a good shot at winning, and I didn’t, and that’s how it went.

It was tough this season to pick a winner, don’t you think?
That’s true, I mean, c’mon, between Jonathan, Branden and I, you could send us to three completely different castings and we would rock, but competing against one another in the looks department was different, we are too different. The judges definitely had a hard task, a hard decision to make. I can’t fault them for choosing anyone. We had all performed well up to that point. I think Branden, at this point, I think he needed it and that was the deciding factor if you understand what I mean.

As Tyson said, in a female-dominated industry, it was nice to see a finale with three male models.
I agree, definitely. We went into the competition knowing that there were some extremely strong female contenders, like Jordan, Mountaha…c’mon, Mountaha was excellent. I will say this and may be putting myself out there, I actually thought she was robbed of the spot in the final three. Salome…she won half of the pictures, she too has extremely strong claim to the final three. So, for us to make it there; you know, some people may say that some of us didn’t deserve it, other people should have been there, three guys making to the final three, I mean, we really work hard for it.

You’re a classically trained ballet dancer and one would think that that would be an advantage in the competition, but somehow the judges saw it differently. Shimizu even said, rather negatively, that you were too aware of how you move.
[Sigh] You know, I’ll be very honest with you. I’ve gone over, over, and over since November what exactly it was that I did or didn’t do that made me lose. When she said that, I said to myself, you know what? Some people may think that one of your qualities is a strength and some people may think it’s a weakness. The thing about modeling is that it's based off of a select group of people, their likes and dislikes. I’m not going to please everyone, so whereas Perou loved the fact that I could do so many different shapes, Jenny might not; sometimes they like long hair, sometimes they like short hair. I’m not going to change, that’s a talent that I have and next time I just have to find someone who likes movement.

They also kept talking about how built you were, most of the sample-size clothes didn’t fit you and you had to struggle with that on top of everything else.
I’ve done a lot of research about the industry and I knew what I was getting into before all this happened. I knew that male models run from 5’11” to 6’2”. I was beyond those proportions; however, I still wanted to do it. A lot of people want to do things, but they never have the courage or listen to what people say ‘no, you can’t do it’ because this and that and the other or they never try. As I said, I knew that, so I was never frustrated when it happened because that’s the industry. I’m just hoping that one person likes me so much that they’re willing to look beyond sizing. I’m not going to let them say ‘no’ or say ‘no’ to myself, I’m one of those types of people.

And it’s kind of tough to hear that argument when Tyson is standing right next to you and he is no skinny model.
The difference between Tyson and I is that he is a supermodel. Tyson comes from the age of supermodels when the guys were big. In the 90s the guys were built, they had bigger bodies. They looked like men [laughs], big men. The aesthetic has changed, now we like youth, we like young, slimmer frames, the sleek look, and I may not be able to pull that off because my natural frame is larger. People make concessions for Tyson because he is Tyson. They want him in their collections because he’s Tyson. I’m not Tyson yet.

Right, and that doesn’t shut every door in the industry for you. There are many photoshoots and runway shows that require your type of body.
No, it doesn’t shut every door, except that on the show for example, they were bringing sample-size clothes and that’s just not my size. I’m mega size [laughs]. Someone will find clothes for me, I’m not worried.

You said that the competition helped you get over your insecurities. How so?
It’s so stupid but when I was growing up I had really bad acne to the point that I had keloid scars and I always felt that everyone was looking at me, looking at the scars, that kind of thing, so that was my problem going into it and that prevented me from pursuing modeling when I was younger, when I was 18. Being on the show and having cameras in your face 24/7 broadcasting every little feature, every flaw, imperfection to the world made me get over it really fast. It’s all out there now, get over it and grow up [laughs]!

How was meeting your sister coming from so far away just to see you? Are you guys close?
I didn’t think they were going to bring my sister. When Branden’s mother came through the door I thought that I was going to see my friend who lives in Philadelphia. I thought, she’s probably going to come. I really didn’t think that they were going to fly my sister from another country. It shocked the hell out of me. My family is extremely close. I call her almost every day. We call ourselves the twins but she’s four years older than me.

What was favorite photoshoot?
My favorite photoshoot was the fire one. I must admit, I really enjoyed it. I think the picture is not model-esque, I’m not going to sit here and say "Oh, my god, I can see this in a magazine," no, I think it looks like a still from a movie. I like that; I like the action, the drama, the excitement, the craze of it. My favorite photo was the nude one. I love that shot.

Are you still in touch with the other models?
I think I may be the one model that actually speaks to everyone. I try to call most of them every week. Shawn and I are always contacting each other. Jordan and I talk every week, Jonathan, Mountaha…I speak with everyone. You have to think, the experience was amazing, from beginning to end, it was excellent. I had an amazing time and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Are you excited about moving in with Branden when you both move to NY?
Yes, Branden and I are thinking of moving in together. It’s just a matter of when because I’m still in school, graduating in a week, and Branden and I just have to coordinate when it’s the best time to move to NY. I’m excited about that. Who knows? Maybe a spinoff?

Well, good luck to you, Sandhurst.
Thank you, thank you.

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And it's so cool that he and Branden will be living together. I think that Sandy's got a good head on his magnificently-sculpted shoulders, and could probably be a real mentor and voice of reason for Branden (that is something most 18 y.o.s need)

Thanks for the interview, TLo. Dayum, you bitches got the bizness!

Looking forward to Branden! :0)

I was rooting for you, I'm sure you will have a great career. Great model and also you seem like a genuinely nice person!

Aw he was a genuine sweetie.

And a Sandhurst-Branden spinoff is actually a pretty cool idea!

I'd watch!

What a sweet man. I'm sure he will find the success he is made for. That positive attitude and strong, beautiful body are a great combo!

mmmmm, what a gorgeous man.

also: i repeat, do not, to NOT WIKIPEDIA KELOID SCARS. good on you, sandhurst, for overcoming your insecurities. not only are you stunningly goegeous, but you are a very talented model.

He has a great attitude, and he'll do well! Congrats, Sandhurst - you are a winner!

Great interview, thanks TLo and Sandhurst! I have to say, I liked this guy more and more as the show went on,and he sounds so human and down to earth in this interview, wonderful! It would be awesome to watch Sandhurst and Branden on their own show!

I would definitely watch that spinoff. :)

Okay, I cannot stop staring at the naked picture.

Umm, Trinidadian, Trinidadian, Trinidadian, INDEED!!!!

Great interview TLo.
A gorgeous man with a great attitude.

A spinoff, YES!!!!!


This is no sidekick. Sandhurst is a genuine star. He's got astounding potential. He will definitely go far.

He's so sweet : )

Naked Sandhurst photos are good, who cares about the clothing sizes? Let's hear it for Sandhurst eye-candy!!!

Sandhurst, to me, was the most fun to watch out of all of the models this season-- his looks certainly, but also his presence of mind, and definitely his sense of humor...especially when he tried to be cocky but then humbled himself! I really wanted him to be the one to win, in the end, but I'm sure he has a bright future no matter what. Thanks for this interview.

Unh. He's so fucking beautiful it makes me want to cry. The B&W is stunning and the nude is FABulous in a totally non-erotic way. But also in a totally erotic way too. Don't even get me started on the blue one.

And he sounds like he's got a good head on his shoulders too.

I love him soooooo much. He's just got the best attitude and personality plus um, hello, he's GORGEOUS. Here's to an amazing career, Sandhurst!


More love here for Sandhurst. He seems to be very mature, and very grounded.

As he said about his size, when Tyson got into modeling, the aesthetic for male models was very different. I have to believe that there are modeling campaigns in which Sandhurst would work wonderfully.

Sandhurst, you rock! MMMMWWWAHHH!

I thought he was the best of the lot, measured in whose photos had me riveted.

Now I suspect he's best of the lot in other ways - based on this fantastic interview, TLo - it really illustrates the difference between someone who "has a great attitude" and someone (Sandhurst) who has a great attitude and is also smart as a whip. He may or may not be a super model - but I sincerely doubt he'll ever be the "formerly successful now broke and struggling" model. If he loves the business I'm betting he's still in it and successful decades after his modeling days are over.

So how tall is Sandhurst? Is he over 6'2"? That's a whole lot of fine man. Damn!

Heh, my favorite Sandhurst photo is the nude one, too.

Thank you, Bravo, for introducing us to all those foiiiine men.


Girl, I'maboutta faint! LOL!

...Someone will find clothes for me, I’m not worried....

Just thinking -- who needs clothes.

For those commenters who asked, I think Sandhurst is 6'3". He was saying the norm is 5'11" to 6'2" and he's bigger than the norm, which was part of his problem.

But also, thanks T.Lo for pointing out why it's OK for Tyson to be hugely built but not Sandhurst. That had been driving me crazy the whole competition when they would criticize Sandhurst's beautiful thighs or ass when sitting right next to them is one of the world's only male supermodels and he's built like a tank. I didn't know it was just due to his peaking in the 90's when that look was in. Why, oh why, can't we bring that look back?

Sigh. I have to say, it's not the best show, but I do miss MMaS. Not a lot of glamorous shows on TV right now. And without MMaS or PR on, there's less opportunities for you guys to do your great recaps.

Sandhurst, you were my favorite model from day one. You're so gorgeous and such a sweet person. Good luck in the future, and if that spinoff happens, I would definitely watch!

ur so beautiful!!
was rooting for u to win!!

Love him!

AWESOME!! Thanks, Tlo!!!!

Isn't he 6'4''?

Sandhurst was this fan's favorite! His confessionals were HYSTERICAL! I love a man who can make me laugh, and the fact that he is GORGEOUS is just a bonus!

Good on Sandhurst, he should let Branden pay the rent!

When is the Tlo interview with Perou? Will you ask him about his Queen Latifah outfit?

All through the show I just wanted to strip him down and put him on a pedestal - that man is pure art.

But he's also such a smart, nice guy that it'd be a shame just to stare and not let him talk!

I would watch a Sandhurst/Branden show religiously - they would be such a great mix!

And I agree with the upthread comment that rooming with someone like Sandhurst would be very good for Branden.

Congratulations on your graduation, Sandhurst!!!

In that naked pic, he looks VERY slim - yes he is defined, but his frame does look thin.

Geez, anything thinner would border anorexic.

Great interview. Good louck Sandhurst.

YAY! I love him!

My mother and I were rooting for you. Good luck, sandhurst!!!

Isn't he the best?

OMG- A spinoff of Sandhurst and Branden living together and navigating the NY modeling world? YES. YES. YES. YES. Bravo, i know you're reading this site. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

What a sensible young man!

And even though he's not "standard" size for a model, he has such a strong look that he'll be plenty in demand.

Another great MMAS interview, TLo! You guys are great, and so is Sandhurst. I wanted him to win but am satisfied that he, Jonathon and Brandon were the F3 as they were my favorites. Sandhurst was the glue that held the group of models together -- he could be a bad boy with the occasional somewhat catty quip but he appeared to respect all of his fellow contestants and I think that elevated the group behavior. Thank goodness there wasn't a repeat of the juvenile boys vs. girls BS from last season.

Now bring on Brandon! And I hope you get to meet some of these folks in person and give us more reports on their progress in the modeling world.

Sandhurst is 6'3"; he said so in one of the episodes.

The instant Sandhurst spoke to the camera in the first episode I was hooked

His soul and spirit shines through. I feel like he would be an amazing friend who would go the extra mile. How fortunate for the real people in his life

All three of the final men were amazing in their own right. I am sorry they could not have awarded a three way tie. I feel each man carried themselves like a gentleman. I am sure the media and the agencies all took note and none will have a problem pursuing their dreams

I love Sandhurst, and I was glad he made top three.

I would totally watch a Sandhurst/ Branden spinoff! It would be most amusing to say the least.

He's gorgeous! Thanks for the interview, guys!

Love him. He seems like such a nice guy. Glad NY model mngt was smart enough to snap him up.

Sandhurst, you rock, man. You are gorgeous and such a nice guy to boot.

I was glad to see him in the top three. He's a beautiful man and has the right attitude to match. Thanks for the interview, guys, I'm loving them.

"Bettie said...

Sandhurst is 6'3"; he said so in one of the episodes."

That's tall. :)

i just adore sandhurst! he was so great to watch on the show, smart, funny, good-looking... i hope his career goes far.

Aw, I liked Sandhurst. I wanted him or Jonathan to win. And I will admit: I read his part of the interview with his accent going through my head lol.

Anonymous said...
Aw, I liked Sandhurst. I wanted him or Jonathan to win. And I will admit: I read his part of the interview with his accent going through my head lol.

I could hear his beautiful accent too!I has MANY cougarish moments watching Sandhurst. I loved not only his body but his personality. Funny and down to earth. He should go far with that combination.


Branden and Sandhurst in the Big Apple! With occasional visits from the other models = Jonathan has to come over for a sleep over.

Branden might get more gigs ... but Sandhurst might get more camera time ... he has such a fun personality.

Bravo ... MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

Just sayin!

Sandhurst !!!! You rock kid !
I'm sorry you didn't win. You were my pick from week 1 and I thought you had the most unique look and the most interesting pictures.

I must say that the finale was a pleasure to watch because all 3 of the finalists were such sweethearts. There were no "reality show" personas being hauled out for the cameras. I'm burned out on all the fake drama on so many of these shows and just the whole people behaving badly and nasty towards each other thing. I honestly hope all 3 of those guys have wonderful careers.

Thanx for another great interview TLo. You da bomb !

Myra Flection

oh man i love you sandhurst

Nothing. I just wanted to look at Sandhurst some more.


I love him soooo much. I love Johnathan, too, but I have the serious hots for Sandhurst. SUCH a sweetie!

He is awesome!! Great interview, guys!! By the way, I'm new here, great site.

Yes, we got the artfully posed nude shot in profile, but never once got a full-on view of the Sandhurst ass. His was the exception for the final three men, and I do not want to leave it to the imagination. Branden's skinny ass? That would be better left to the imagination.

I fully expect to get pouched on for saying this, but beautiful as Sandhurst is, he does have a facial flaw. He has tiny eyes and his left one is smaller than his right. I noticed this all through the season and I am surprised no one has ever brought this up.

I meant to say his RIGHT eye is considerably smaller, not his left.

Anonymous on 6/12/09 at 1:20 PM said... Sandhurst !!!! You rock kid !
I'm sorry you didn't win. You were my pick from week 1 and I thought you had the most unique look and the most interesting pictures.

I agree whole heartily! Sandhurst you were my pick from week one also.


potty mouth princess

Aw, what a sweetheart. But we already knew that. :-) I was a fangirl from day one.

Congrats on graduation and best of luck to you whatever the future holds for you. Take good care of the kid.

He's astoundingly self aware. I think he's got the look and mind to make it.

I love the shot of him in profile against the blue wall. Yum!

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