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MMAS: The Finale

Boys on film!

"I'm a freaking supermodel!"

YAY! This may have been a surprise to some (it was to us) but in retrospect, you can kinda tell this was where they were heading.

First off, what a nice little sendoff for the season. Last night's episode was well-produced and well-edited, making for a finale that was tense and emotional but not maudlin or overly manipulative.

Best photographer they ever worked with, that's for sure.

He was very focused, very kind and very patient. Not surprisingly,

He got the boys to turn out some amazing shots.

For the last week, Lorenzo's been pre-fuming over his predicted outcome for this show. "They need to pick Branden!" he would roar to the heavens. Tom agreed, but always said in response, "You know they're not going to do that." We just thought it was a foregone conclusion that, even though from where we were sitting, he had the most potential out of the three of them, he was just too young and the judges were too in love with the other two for him to win the whole thing.

Well. As soon as the above picture flashed on the screen, Tom turned to Lorenzo and said "You're right. They HAVE to pick him." Not to take away anything from the other two portraits, which are both very good, but we literally cannot take our eyes off that picture of Branden. Give that kid a couple of years and some on-the-job training and he's going to nail it every time a camera is pointed at him.

The rest of the pictures were all fabulous, but again, Branden keeps standing out. Matthew Rolston (who is a great judge with very silly hair) made the very apt point that if you put Branden's two pictures side by side, you suddenly had an instant ad campaign. That's the mark of a really good model. Two shots and you have all you need. More than you need.

From the best photo shoot they've ever done...

To the absolute worst.

We don't know what the hell image Cosmo was trying to send by agreeing to do this, but "creepy and low rent" were probably not high on the list. Seriously, it was embarassing. A bunch of unnamed Cosmo staffers hung around and stared at the boys as they posed for them. Very weird. And again, unsurprisingly...

The pictures were all terrible. Although for some reason they never showed Sandhurst's shots.

And now, for the emotional blackmail portion of our program:

It's fine. It's a feature of the genre of reality competitions and it's not going away, so go ahead producers, manipulate us. We don't mind. It was all relatively sweet and relatively unstaged.

Besides, it was rather clever how they intertwined "emotional reunion" and "retrospective of their work" all in one sequence kind of seamlessly.

We do love those reality competition "parties," though. A bunch of production staffers artfully arranged to look like a crowd.

Runway time!

And the boys look ridiculous!

Fortunately, they also looked suave and smooth.

This is the look that Jonathan is built for. His walk was so solid and he looked sogood in BOTH pieces that we were sure he was the winner.

Sandhurst also gave an incredibly strong and incredibly smooth walk, so we thought maybe HE was going to win it.

We don't know what it is about Branden but it all sort of came together for him last night. Look at the long shot of him in that suit. He LOOKS like a model. He's got the unnaturally long and lean look to him and the clothes look incredible on him. That ostrich neck on him is probably a little weird in person but in photographs and on the runway it's really going to serve him well.

On a side note, what the hell was up her ass last night? What was with all the "I'm going to make you cry" leading questions?

"Branden, it sucks for you that your father ran out on you, am I right?" What the HELL? Where did THAT come from?

We hear people say "But Jonathan (or Sandhurst) is SO GORGEOUS and Branden just looks like a skinny kid!" Thing is, modeling isn't always about being the prettiest in the room; it's quite often about being the most interesting to look at and it's ALWAYS about the ability to sell something, whether it's an image or a pair of jeans.

All of them have that ability to one degree or another. It's to the show's credit that they narrowed it down to three such strong contenders. But Branden has that ability PLUS he's got youth on his side PLUS he embodies a certain look that's in on the runways and editorials right now, young, thin, pouty and chiseled all at once. It was a surprise to us that they went there, but it really was the right choice to make.

Aw. Yes he did. And the great part is, we have no doubt that these two will get careers out of this as well. We hope so.

A finale with three gorgeous men who are also sweet. What could be better?

[Photos: Timothy Greeenfield-Sanders/ - Screencaps:]

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love that shot of the three of them together. they are ALL winners here. what a great ending!

On the one hand, I was shocked that Jonathan didn't win, but on the other, it made sense for reality tv. The producers/judges love the arc, and Branden definitely improved over the season; Jonathan came in great couldn't grow as much as Branden.

I have to say though, I really liked Branden more and more throughout the season, so when he won, I was really happy for him. Initially, I thought he was a dumb jock, but he seems like a sweet kid who actually has heart. Why we needed to see him cry over his absent dad, I don't know (wtf, mean lady judge?)

And yay for Jonathan getting Fan Favorite!

i have to say i was totally shocked that branden won. even though i didnt expect that i was happy with the results. the finale was really good so much better than last year. branden & his mom were just ADORABLE!

I think what I loved the most was both Sandhurst & Jonathan going back to Branden to help him get pulled together.

Once I saw Branden's head shot...I knew it was over.


I've got to be honest, I was NOT rooting for Branden from the get-go. I wasn't a fan. Last week I expected him to go home, and was shocked when he didn't, but something changed over this past week and I was really rooting for him. I didn't think he'd win, I thought that would go to Jonathan for sure, but I knew when they gave Jonathan his book that it would go to Branden. He improved so much. Now this makes me want to hit the gym and crack out my camera. He just gave a little spark to all of the 18 year old straight guys out there ;P

"A finale with three gorgeous men who are also sweet. What could be better?"

Aw, what a great post, guys! I knew I'd be crushed not matter who was going to win or lose. I loved all of them. I'm happy for Branden. He looked amazing last night.

All three finalists were so strong that it really didn't matter to me which one won. I think that they'll all have successful careers ahead of them. You know that NY Models will take them all.

&, of course, Sandhurst got nothing.


I was a big fan of Jonathan, so I was disappointed for him, but I do see why the judges chose Branden, with his growth during the series, and his potential.

It was great to see three strong finalists, especially since they all seem to be class acts.

They made the right decision from the point of view of the modeling industry. Although Jonathan and Sandhurst are great looking guys Branden is the only one, IMO, with the potential to really make it in the business at a high level and in all aspects. I'm glad they made this decision. Good luck to all of them!

Ow Chica Ow OW

So does this mean Branden gets Nicole's number?

I was pulling for Jonathan but everyone here is right - there was no wrong choice in this group. It's so refreshing to see good people do so well.

"Ow Chica Ow OW said...It's so refreshing to see good people do so well."

That's exactly it. I don't mind producer's manipulation and drama....they are all going to be eliminated at some point, but I want to see the right person winning or being one the finalists.

Congratulations, Branden!


Great post, girls!

So happy for you, Branden! Congrats!!!

Absolutely the right decision. It was especially apparent in the trio shot, when my eye just went right to Branden and stayed there. And his walks seemed spot-on professional. I actually thought Jonathan killed any chance he had with the silly outfit because he didn't weave in just a hint of lightness in his facial expression as did the other two. But all three finalists really behaved like class acts. A very enjoyable finale.

I can understand why it happened but I don't like it.
I was never able to get on the Branden wagon...I just don't think he is attractive and his childish behavior made me cringe. I found nothing endearing about him.
Jonathan and Sandhurst had professionalism and intelligence that is completely lacking in Branden.
Very sad.

It's all summed up in the show's tag line: "We can make you a supermodel." Branden grew on me over the season, as the producers revealed that he was more than just a punk kid--he was a punk kid with heart! As a model, he was my third choice in the final three; I didn't think he was anywhere near Sandhurst and Jonathan in either talent or professionalism. But he definitely had the most potential. so now Corey can make him into a supermodel.

Agree with everyone that it was wonderful to see three genuinely good guys in a tight race. Jonathan, Sandhurst, it's a good bet that your phones are already ringing off the hook and that you'll have successful careers in no time.

Jonathan, you're gorgeous, your charming, and you're clearly a good guy. But get over the "I'm the provider!" bit. You're sending yourself to an early grave via coronary. This isn't the 1950s. Your beloved wife can get a job and keep the rent paid through the lean times. It won't make you less of a man.

Catherine Malandrino? Shame on you, Bitch. Even if the producers told you to hit the kid upside the head with that question about being abandoned by his father, you should have had the class to say, "Shove it!" So, congrats to you! Your legacy will be being known forever as the Mean Lady Judge.

What a great finale and love T&L's
write-up. These guys were all so talented,loveable and sweet. I hope they all get lots of work. Sandurst is funny and likeable and he would be great on TV in some capacity.

Ugh. It was incredibly obvious the entire time Branden was going to win. They kept giving him more and more screen time for his idiotic comments and his sob story, and the finale was pimping him out far more than the others. He's a good model, but I personally hate the beanpole ratface-type of male model that so many designers seem to adore.

I thought Jonathan's extreme close-up shot was really bad. I can't believe everyone gushed over it. Branden's, though not my think, was certainly captivating. Jonathan's was weird and awkward, and dare I say it - a little bit ugly.

The Cosmo pictures are shitty, BUT - those are exactly the type of shots the magazine uses. Weird, "casual" posey non-poses against neutral backgrounds. It did seem odd that they were doing test cover shots though, since Cosmo only uses celebrity males on the cover, and even then only like, once a year and for the fake back second cover.

Jonathan did the best on the runway. He managed to make the most ridiculous outfit up there look hot. Branden just walks with his permanent sneer plastered on his face. He has exactly TWO looks - sneer and confused sneer. Sorry, but I'm not blown away. I get why they gave it to him, he's got an angular face and he's built like a giraffe, but uh...18 or no, you shouldn't be asking if the pants come with the suit you are buying!!! He's just ingratiating. I'm glad it's over.

I'm happy for Brandon. I think he's a good kid. Yes he's immature but in an honest, eduring engenue kind of way. I feel there's no BS coming from him.

Sandhurst and Jonathon will have fine careers but from a business point of view I think the right decision was made. Though I too did not this outcome was going to happen. Those two are better, more consistent models at the moment. But Branden has it in him to exceed them and you can see he really wants to learn the craft.

I loved that shoot with the polaroid. As Nicole said no octopoid, no fire, no gimmicks. Pure modeling. A colleague told me each shot cost like $200. That's how expensive that particular polaroid's film is! So you can ill-afford to mess up. But I would love a chance to use that camera

BTW it was reassuring that peru is a jerk outside at the party. No act there. And I thought Jenny looked stunning at Judges' panel. Easy to forget what an impact she had all those years ago


For some reason, in the past week, I started suspecting a Branden win, but figured I was being silly. I should have been willing to go out on a limb! Ah well. Branden is entirely deserving (although I don't like his headshot from this episode) and became totally adorable as the series went on. Watching him interact with his mom was one long "awwww!" from me. Anyway, I think (hope!) all three contestants will have some sort of career after this.

I think Sandhurst is definitely the most beautiful of the three, but Branden has that cute little sideways smile and a certain boy-next-door-who-you-had-a-crush-on-growing-up quality about him that really appeals to any age group. No matter how old you are, there's always a special place in your heart for that boy. For me, that's what makes him so memorable.

Jonathan is definitely good-looking, but to me he's just not that photogenic. I don't know, I just think he always looks awkward. I don't really think he belonged in the F3, strong walk or not.

Branden is a sweet kid. At first when he had to do the first shoot w/ that overly skinny gay guy, I was quick to judge Branden. But thinking about it, I would have said the same thing at his age. (and also I'm not attracted to overly skinny guys anyway)

All three were just a joy to watch. I know they will all do amazing in the modeling world.

And wasn't Branden's Mom just adorable?!?! He SO loves his Mom. :) And that makes me so happy. :)

I was not happy at first because I thought Jonathan got the shaft all season. But after thinking about it, it makes sense.

J & S will definately get careers out of this even if they didn't win.

While Branden needs a little kick-start to his career.

I ended up happy.

PS Jonathan seriously got on my nerves the last few episodes. Just on and on and on and on and on about his wife and son and being a provider and blah blah blah. Yeah, yeah, we all have families, but he just seemed obsessive and weird. Anybody else?

Yeah, we could all tell Jonathan was getting the sentimental loser edit... that primed him to get the fan favorite prize (if he hadn't already locked it up; who knows how many people text during the finale).

I liked Jonathan's close-up because it showed the other side to him—that boyish look. Branden, however, moved far more frequently between bad-boy and innocent in his photos. Which has got to be more versatile.

I knew by, like, the fifth episode Jonathan wasn't going to win, not because he isn't a strong model (he's very strong) but because it would never be that obvious.

If any of the three had one (actually, if any of the top six had won) I'd be happy since I thought all were very strong. That said, I think the fact that Branden is so young gave him an edge and pushed him to the top.

Anyway, we all know Jonathan and Sandhurst are going to get lots of jobs.

If any of the three had one

Ahem...I meant "won" of course. Sorry, it's early. *sips more coffee*

I should have known something was rotten in Denmark last week when Mountaha was sent home before Branden in some I didn’t like how you wore my dress and I’m a judge and I’m going to take it personal and send you home shit! Booo @ Catherine Malindrino

While it was nice eye candy to have an all guy finals in my mind Branden shouldn't have even been in the top three. I can understand why he won he's moldable, he has that appeal to the Mrs. Robinson of the world (creepy), but I don't have to like it ahahaha!

Sandhurst: Good consistent pictures + good walk+ thigh/height issue = LOSER

Jonathan: Good walk+ Great pictures+ “I see money”+ Good look = LOSER

Branden: Sub par Walk+ hit or miss pictures+ Needs to bulk up (too thin for some looks) = WINNER


You have nothing to say about the incredible midget lady at Cosmo?

jessdavis said...

You have nothing to say about the incredible midget lady at Cosmo

I think you mean "little person." Her name is Ann Kwong, and she is the Design Director.

Branden only "needs to bulk up" if he wants to switch to underwear/swimsuit. If we are talking runway fashion, particularly if from the European houses, then he is the perfect build. Jonathan and especially Sandhurst are actually TOO bulky to effectively show European-cut menswear.

Someone help me out: Sandhurst has a height problem but Branden doesn't? That guy towers over Sandhurst!


Eh, I can see why Branden won, but I really don't think he wasn't the strongest model in the series, I would have put Jonathon, Sandhurst, Jordan, and Mountaha over Branden.

Too many of his photos seemed to have this "bad boy" side-ways smirk, and if he didn't do that then he just looked like he was a sad little kid.

I can see that he has a lot of potential and that he's come along way (but his long neck in his close-up shot kind of freaks me out), but for me I don't think that potential translated into consistent photoshoots and runway walks, he was far too hit and miss for me to really think he deserved the win.

The real supermodel here is Jonathan's baby! How adorable is that kid?

Apparantly that horny drunk Nicole got "something" out of the show?

Is that last judge on the right 4 foot tall?

I thought previous TLo comments prepared me well to expect Branden to win.

I think that when a contestant repeatedly talks about needing/wanting the money, you can assume that they are going to loose.

Never a Branden fan, but good for him. Jonathan has a fab body but his nose looks huge in profile and the weird hair/brow color is off-putting. Sanhurst was great all round, but not enough variety in his facial expressions.


I was sooo surprised. But to be honest, Branden took the BEST pictures last night. The best!

Although, I still say that Jonathan won the runway ... although Branden and Sandhurst were great too.

I was hoping that Jonathan would win ... Branden has years ahead of him, Jonathan needed the extra push now, not later. But Jonathan is instantly bankable and bookable and New York Models should be putting ALL the boys to work right away.

And, yes that Cosmo shoot was WAY creepy ... the total antithesis of that GREAT portrait shoot ...

(Geez, COSMO? Seems that GQ, Details or Esquire would be a better fit. But they probably considered themselves too classy for reality TV, where as slutty Cosmo was more than willing to whore themselves out cheaply ... not too surprising there ...)

And agreed that finale was well produced and edited, and aren't those the bunch of sweetest guys who look great and act great together?

But gurls, you know I have a rant comin on about something ... so here goes.

That button pusher question about the father that abandoned him (to an 18 year old away from home for the first time in his life on a freakin reality show) was TOO much... Luckily the boys came together to help out the kid, but that was just toooo much ...

Did I mention it was toooo much already? I'll give Catherine a little benefit of the doubt, because I believe the PRODUCERS wanted to PUSH that angle based on Branden's own comments from earlier in the show.

SHAME on the PRODUCERS for that, especially since they did such a good job on the show in every other way. Shame, shame, shame.

But, I am happy for the kid ... I want Jonathan to get some work (not just for his wife and kid, but because I want to see him in his UNDIES!!!).

And this show is better than ANTM, when it comes to modeling. Although I do love me some crazy TYRA and her crazy girls that have no career afterwards ... I just hope the boys here make some bank.

They sure have been FUN to watch.

Just sayin-

When I saw the pic of those three, I could NOT take my eyes off of Branden, and I was definitely in the Sandhurst camp.

I thought that whoever won deserved it, but when that kid turns it on, its ON.

Great choice, and what great eye candy, all three of them!

Looking at the groupo shot, am I the only one who thinks Sandhurst got a raw deal with that hat? You can't even see the guy's eyes.

Great choice, and what great eye candy, all three of them!

Agreed! The real winners here were us!

And yes, I liked watching the little Seabiscuit triumph over the two thoroughbreds.

I was manipulated, sue me!

It has nothing to do with the merits, but Branden and his mother are sooo cute!!!

Is it just me or does Branden have poor posture when he walks? Even in that portrait, his back is very hunched. I have noticed this throughout the season and am surprised more people haven't commented on it. It must be a habit from being a super tall guy, but models are supposed to walk upright and with poise. I feel with his constantly hunched shoulders/forward head, he just looks like a little kid.

If last season is an indication, New York Model Management is going to sign Jonathan, Sandhurst and probably half of the other S2 contestants.

;i;schizophrenic0 said...
Looking at the groupo shot, am I the only one who thinks Sandhurst got a raw deal with that hat? You can't even see the guy's eyes.;\i;

I totally agree, and was shocked that this photo was so poorly lit. Shocked, because the photographer was clearly a master and the other photos from this shoot were the most outstanding, both technically and aesthetically, that I've seen all season. Love the large-format Polaroid. Dark-skinned people often need slightly different lighting than lighter-skinned subjects, so a group photo with people of different skin tones can be a challenge. However, the hat just made things worse.

Agree that the Cosmo shoot was cheesy, though they're one of the show's sponsors, so something like Details or GQ (as a previous poster suggested) would not have been possible. And indeed, that is their aesthetic. Hopefully in the future the show will be able to get sponsorship from a publication with higher production values.

Loved Branden and his (apparently) lesbian mom - can't believe you didn't go there!!

I really have never been on the Branden band wagon (though admittedly, I had to stop watching when the judges would not let go of the Salome weight issue. As someone who has suffered from an ED, body snarking over someone as gorgeous as Salome was a little much for me.) But the times I did watch, Branden's immaturity was so obvious - and, more than once, obnoxious - it made it hard for me to root for him.

But, of course, he has time to grow. With a little life experience, he'll probably be a great model. I just didnt think he was good enough now to win.

I get it - Jonathan is the most consistent with the best portfolio and has the best walk, Branden takes some good pics and has an OK walk, so let's give it to him.

Salome and Jonathan were robbed!

wow, look at their profiles on that second-to-last pic...
Brandon's is seriously gorgeous...

YAY! Congrats, Branden!!!

You ARE a freaking supermodel!!

It was a tough decision, anyway could have won it. I'm happy for Branden. I know Sandhurst and Jonathan will get a lot out of this.

anyONE could have...

I confess I initially was disappointed with the result. I REALLY wanted Jonathan to win, with Sandhurst as my second choice. Yet, as TLo's screencaps demonstrate, Branden was exactly the right choice.

The tip-off was the episode where they were all being photographed for an ad campaign and the photographer kept pulling them out one by one and taking individual shots of the person who was pulled to the side. Jonathan got lots of individual shots but none of them ended up being selected; he ended up only in a single group shot for that ad campaign. Yet the sole individual shot taken of Branden, showing him sitting on the ground looking disinterested, drew raves from the judges. At that point, it became clear to anyone keeping count (excluding me, who was totally blind to it back then) that certain "images" were "in", and that Brandon could project them effortlessly.

The producers certainly laid down enough clues for us. Jonathan had his "off" days and didn't give a good enough walk whenever he failed to tuck in his elbows. Sandhurst had issues with his eyes turning into slits in some shots, and his ballet dancer thighs were too thick to model some of the outfits well. Thus, both had consistency and range issues.

With Brandon, the edited story line posed none of these issues. His troubles did not involve problematic body parts or sometimes giving "flat" images despite being blazingly motivated to hit one out of the park. Rather, Branden's story line is the cocky kid who lost his self confidence and had to get it back. As soon as he was able to telegraph that confidence again, he shot back to the top of the heap.

Duh! We should have seen it coming.

As to Catherine Malandrino's out-of-character emotional poke about Brandon losing his Dad, I think this was inserted by the producers as critical to rounding out Brandon's story arc. Could have been smoother, but there was a LOT going on in this final episode, and it just had to be quickly stuck in somewhere. Brandon had gone from successful but cocky and immature to chastened, insecure and blowing it, and then, in a sudden sprint to the finish, back to smashingly confident with ego now maturely under control. Having seen him in a bad light for several episodes, we needed that emotional hook to start rooting for him again.

Compliments to Bravo on the finale. This final episode was so well-produced and edited that it successfully created nail-biting suspense about who would be the judges' final pick.

I also appreciated that the show, taken as a whole, delivered superior value with increasingly interesting and complex challenges and top-notch photographers, culminating with portraits taken on the rarest equipment in the world by one of the very best fashion photographers in the world. We got a fascinating look at the inner workings of creating superior ad campaigns, and at the craftsmanship of high-end fashion photography. This was no crummy low-budget filler, but rather a surprisingly impressive and seductively addictive masterpiece.

All in all, highly satisfying. Bravo!

I was as shocked as anyone, but not disappointed. Branden grew so much as a model. I was really impressed with him, and seeing him with his mom was absolutely heartwarming.

It could have been anyone. I adored all three of the guys at the end, and I loved when Sandhurst apologized to Branden for underestimating him. Those guys were really all sweethearts. And they all deserved to win.

I know all those guys will be supermodels. They were AWESOME!

I'm so pleased Branden won. I was really rooting for him the whole episode. He really has the most potential to be "made" into a supermodel. His photos were stunning, and he has that boy next door look that women love. I actually liked the cosmo shot of him smiling. It's nice to see something other than the sneer.

What really won me over was Branden's first catwalk in the silly outfit. He truly learned how to smile with his eyes, which is something Jonathan just couldn't do.

I agree with whomever said Jonathan's close up was "ugly". He just looked a bit tired. His age, and the fact that he probably really doesn't want to travel the world without his family, probably kept him from the win.

Sandhurst is great. He has such a great attitude, he will be successful in life no matter what.

I hope to see more from Mountaha and Salome as well.

What a satisfying finale!

I loved all 3 of the top guys, and would have been happy with any of them winning...but I'm with TLo, I agree that Branden was just the right choice.

He showed an incredible amount of growth over a short period of time, while under incredible stress.

Fantastic as they are, Jonathan and Sandhurst left at the very end still showing traces of their weaknesses. Not that Branden doesn't have weaknesses...just that he showed more ability to learn and adjust and improve. Probably because he's only 18.

I'm glad Jonathan won the 10 grand so he can pay those bills -- but I wish there was a 2nd 10 grand for Sandhurst because he deserved it every bit as much.

OH -- And we know why no shoes now! They each had $1,000 to spend, and his suit cost $1,19-. So not only did he have no money left for shoes, he had to kick in $200 of his own money just for the suit. Of course, now that he's won, he can go buy some good shoes. (Psst, Branden, go with someone that's known for quality shoes rather than a hot designer an Allen Edmonds.)

P.S. Am I the only one who suspects that Jonathan might actually be a bit older than 26?


That definitely was a VERY satisfying finale! Kudos to the producers for keeping me guessing right up until the end - I really had no idea who would win, though by the final lineup I'd figured it wouldn't be Jonathan. And how about that wink from Nicole to Branden? A little cute, a little skanky, great reality television. Well done, everyone!

Branden . . . yeah. Right. At least, if the usual rules of reality TV apply here, the runner-ups will be more successful than the winner, and there will be balance in the Force.

Tamarama - they each got $2000 (Sandhurst had $4000). I don't know why Branden didn't buy shoes, maybe it had to do with what he bought for his mom.

Whew! So glad I agree with you! I respect you guys a lot, and when it ended as it did, I wondered what you two would think. They will each have solid careers, but Branden did deserve to win. And it was a great episode. Very satisfying. This should be another top show for Bravo that they bring back often.

But why no reunion?

This was a very enjoyable and gratifying episode right up until the end. When Jonathan was told he didn't win it, I said "Okay, so that means Sandhurst wins. If Branden wins I'm going to have to hit something."

Yes, he turned out some great pictures near the end. Does that mean that producing consistently great photos all through the competition is now a liability? Yeah, there's not much you can do with a model who starts out perfect and stays perfect, but that doesn't mean they should lose to a guy who started out shit and became slightly better. Maybe if the judges weren't so obsessed with viewing themselves as wise mentors, they would understand this.

Also, I disagree that Branden is "sweet." He is the same immature homophobic moron that he was in the beginning, only better dressed. Only 18? Hmmm, the 18 year olds I've known have not been homophobic and, if they only had one parent, didn't dissolve into tears at the mere mention of that fact. Branden is emotionally about 12. If anybody needs to wait a bit before their career takes off, it's him-- whereas Sandhurst and Jonathan are more than primed and ready. Bad call, judges.

I agree, the tears of the Mom Squad are blinding them to the fact that Branden is still kind of a cocky jackass 18-year-old without a clue. His looks is definitely more high-end and European, but just having a look doesn't mean you're a good model. Branden improved over the course of the competition but his skills still aren't as developed as the other two, nor are they on a hugely competitive level with real models. Considering Branden seems more interested in girls than learning about the fashion and modeling industries, I doubt we'll be seeing him again. And I'm guessing he's going to take the $65-$70k-ish that he gets after taxes and buy a $60,000 truck. Just a hunch.

I was pulling for Jonathan, but he won't have any problem jumping into modeling right away. Sandhurst probably won't have a problem either, despite his dancer thighs (what an affliction to have!). Branden will obviously benefit from the win, but he still has the most growing to do.

Branden was picked because he was young. The judges probably thought Branden could bring more years (and dollars) to his new agency. He's immature and obsessed with "boobies." His snarls in pictures can be fixed, over time. Yep, the judges probably thought he was a good investment, overall. It's a shame. Jonathan and Sandhurst were better, consistently good models. It's too bad that they were judged unfairly because of their age and experience.

Great finale. I didn't think this year was going to be as good as last year based on the initial promos for the show, but these final 3 were much stronger than last year's group. And I must say I found myself pulling for Branden last night and even shedding a tear. For so many weeks I wanted him to go home, but the last few weeks he has been great and last night he was spectacular. You're right, TLo. It's not always about who's the prettiest, but who has the most potential as a model. Gotta admit that the kid who had no clue at the beginning now has got that special thing going on. I really enjoyed last night.

YAY! I've been rooting for him since Jordan went home. He's young, a bit brash, very sweet, and will have a good career ahead of him if he keeps up his momentum.

"On a side note, what the hell was up her ass last night? What was with all the "I'm going to make you cry" leading questions?"

My thoughts exactly. But it was definitely the producers feeding those questions to her. I found it a little upsetting that those questions were being asked in a judging. Do you ever think if you were at a go-see the designer would ask you, "Does it make you sad that your father left you?"

I knew Branden would win because reality shows like Project Runway/Top Chef/ MMAS/ Shear Genius almost never pick a foreign national/legal resident/naturalized citizen to win.

Liu was clearly the most talented in Project Runway Australia and he was out. He was Malaysian.

Uli came in 2nd despite having a superior collection to Jeffrey.

And in spite of the fact that I though Korto and Rami deserved 2nd in their respective seasons, but for Korto and Rami lovers they can be added to the list.

I missed the first few episodes but later became hooked. The boys definitely outshone the girls. I thought Branden was just a dumb kid at first, but by the end, I felt he definitely deserved to win. Because he's so close to his mother, he probably will be onboard with older women. Fie on the commenter who thinks we cougars/Mrs. Robinsons are creepy! Young guys are fun and sexy; don't fault us for having good taste. Sandhurst is like a beautiful, sleek, big cat and certainly will have a prosperous future. Jonathan is hot but why did they chop all his hair off? He wasn't as attractive to me after that, and especially when they played around with the dye. I also got kind of sick of the impoverished family man bit. All three deserve kudos for wearing those laughable "fun" outfits on national TV. WTF? I'm all for guys wearing offbeat clothes, but no 10-year-old girl would be caught dead in any of those abominations.


: )

Eh, yeah, of the final three I suppose you can argue he has the greatest potential. But he still doesn't walk well and as of last week, he has had problems taking direction for photography. No sign that he's learned to use his body.

If it's a matter of potential, does he really have more potential than Salome minus 10 to 15 pounds?

It's unclear what the competition is about in a way. Colin also had the European look and was better looking--couldn't walk, but neither can Branden. Salome was supposedly thrown out for stuff while Branden was left on the catwalk time and time again.

I dunno, when they threw Salome out--even though her flaws were clear--I knew the winner would seem a bit second rate just because she was so much stronger on photos than anyone else. Jonathan might have been the one exception because he had good photos and the walk.

Gotta admit though I'm a mom and old enough to be his mother, the whole momma's-boy thing doesn't do it for me--just makes me see him as a kid.

Jonathan was robbed.

And since people keep commenting on how their eyes are just drawn to Branden in those final shots, allow me to posit a theory: It's not because of how good he looks (and he does), but rather because of how the picture is composed. The human eye is naturally drawn to negative space, and Branden's picture has by far the most negative space of them all. Whereas Jonathan's and Sandhurst's pictures are straight on, with their torso taking up the entire bottom half of the frame, Branden's body is in profile, so it only takes up half the frame. It creates a great shape, to be sure. But my question is (and I don't know the answer because I missed the beginning of the episode), did Branden naturally pose like that, or did the photographer position him? Basically, how much of the greatness of that picture is due to Branden and how much is due the photographer? Because if it's mostly the photographer, than Branden got a whole lot of praise that wasn't as deserved as it might have been.

Who are the Mom Squad?! Hilarious! Are all Moms the same? Hillary Clinton=Angelina Jolie=Lynn Cheney?
PS this actually turned out to be a pretty good show. It's certainly eliciting passions here (from myself included!)

Haha, the "Mom Squad" can have Branden! At 24 - hell, even when I was 18 - I just dont understand the attraction to younger guys. See a pretty girl? Cue predictable shot of Branden's "BOOBIES!" face. See a not so pretty girl? Cue the predictable shot of Branden's "BOOBIES!" face. See a girl AT ALL? get the idea.

Yeah, I'll pass. On him, on Ashton Kutcher, and on the whole "Cougar" phenomena.

" Whitney said...

Haha, the "Mom Squad" can have Branden! At 24 - hell, even when I was 18 - I just dont understand the attraction to younger guys. See a pretty girl? Cue predictable shot of Branden's "BOOBIES!" face. See a not so pretty girl? Cue the predictable shot of Branden's "BOOBIES!" face. See a girl AT ALL? get the idea.

Yeah, I'll pass. On him, on Ashton Kutcher, and on the whole "Cougar" phenomena."

Was someone demanding that you sleep with him?

YES. I was rooting for Jonathan, cuz I do think he's prettiest. But in the last post for MMAS recap I said that I wanted Branden to win, but I knew he wouldn't. Consequently, I am THRILLED. I decided he should win probably half way through the season. Cool that he started off as one of the cockiest with only a little talent, and ended up the winner. Yay!

Just stating an opinion, Anon. You really shouldn't take it so personally.

If someone DEMANDED I sleep with someone else, well, that would be problematic in all sorts of ways, wouldn't it? Legally, socially, morally.

And I never said that the cougar phenomena was "gross" or "creepy" -or anything else that you should be offended by. Just said I dont get it, and that Branden seems particularly immature.


I'm glad they picked the one with most potential. He'll be a great model in a few years.

"Anonymous said...

What a great finale and love T&L's
write-up. These guys were all so talented,loveable and sweet. I hope they all get lots of work. Sandurst is funny and likeable and he would be great on TV in some capacity."

My thoughts exactly!

Congrats, Branden!!! We love you!!!!!

Could Branden be any more adorable in that star outfit?! I just want to hug him haha. :)

Also, very spot-on commentery TLo

Yay for Branden. He was my favorite too. Although I think most of the reason was that he looks like Helo and I'm suffering from Battlestar Galactica withdrawal.

I don't get the brandon thing. He has the same look and he's always hunched over. I like more expressive people and I appreciate a more well-toned body.

Brandon winning is just a big disappointment for me. Yeah, he was improving, but he wasn't nearly as good as the others. Give him a cookie or an 'A' for improvement, but the grand prize? Really??

Branden** my bad. I have a friend named Brandon.

When don't the Mom Squad care about models having hunched-over posture?

When the models are 18-year-old mama's boys, and not pretty young girls. So typical.

Oh I'm so glad! I missed last night's episode because of work, but I've been rooting for Branden since the beginning. He's got a very "in" look for fashion right now and he's young.

I don't know that it's fair to say he's still the same person he was when he started, since we didn't see anything about Branden's attitude towards homosexuals after the first episode, but I certainly think that if he continues to work in the modeling industry that will swiftly be straightened out. You don't talk shit if you want to work. Also, I think his behavior was largely influenced (as many teenagers' are) from where he came from and the people he hung out with. Working as a model, the gay community will become more of a commonality and hopefully, less foreign and uncomfortable to him. Many of our top models were initially very naive and unworldly.

He definitely has maturing to do, but I think he can get some serious work as a model, whereas other's are more limited (Mountaha and Sandhurst).

6/4/09 6:50 PM When don't the Mom Squad care about models having hunched-over posture?

When the models are 18-year-old mama's boys, and not pretty young girls. So typical.

Oh cover up, Mary. Your slip is showing.

i always love when the contestants get along when the going gets rough, pull together, instead of tearing each other down. These guys behaved admirably, and I think furthered their individual careers by being so likeable.

i'm not dorothy gale

For a long time I thought Sandhurst would win but last night Branden was unstoppable. I enjoyed the fact that these guys liked one another and that basically they were all decent human beings - unlike the women on another scripted reality show I watch.

I think all three of them will be terrific models.

Branden winning was a no-brainer-- beautiful bones, features, and hair; masculine, healthy, but endearingly boyish.

Though classically handsome, Sandhurst looks a bit nondescript in photos, like he's computer generated.

The other one-- meh. He just doesn't radiate health or beauty or anything in particular.

What's going on girls? I deeply feel we thoroughly need to dissect that weird Cosmo Shoot with it's extras from Tim Burton's interpretation of the Devil wears Prada. Marc Baptiste? WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot?

As for Branden ( BrandEn people! get with the program!), he had me first episode. He and Jordan had the only real model potential untill she fell flat over her own vanity, little skank, it was pretty much done and dealt with then. Yay Branden! YAY!

Bravo BRAVO, best reality final in ages. So well constructed and delivered. We''ll just forget that LSD trip of a Cosmo shoot and the Mean Lady Judge.

Amazing. I'm sorry I couldn't watch this episode, but you guys did a great recap. I'm surprised about the winner, but it all makes sense now. I'm always learning from you, TLo!

Jonathan if voted fan favorite. He also gets the phone in vote for winner. And once again the "fashion" people show that they are not in touch with reality. It does not matter what we, the people, want. All that matters is the weirdness that is Fashion. Just look at the silly clothes they made those guys wear. Who wears that stuff on the street? Not even Elton John.
Blanden makes a perfect supermodel because he is weird looking; has an inflated ego; behaves in a childish manner. Remind me to check five years from now and see which of the three have made it in the real world.

Huh. Jonathan looks a lot like Jude Law.

I have to say, it did make sense in the long run. Branden is the most marketable of the three. But Sandhurst has that slightly more exotic look that will play well with crowds. And Jonathan will do just fine, too.

There really weren't any losers this time around.

That photo of the three men? Wow!


Personally, I much prefer reality competition shows with actual judges, instead of letting the audience vote. Then it just becomes a popularity contest. Feh! Let the "experts" make the decision - most of them are coming from at least a modicum of experience in the field in which they're voting.

I've never actually watched the show, but the few times I seen a preview or saw a picture Branden sent out this Paul Newman vibe.
Not as cool as Newman, but he really reminds me of him.

Jonathan was robbed!

Branden blew them away in the finals; he had the most potential of the 3!

Great episode!
BUT it should have come down to Sandhurst and Jonathan. My choices for the winner.

"bitchybitchybitchy said...

I was a big fan of Jonathan, so I was disappointed for him, but I do see why the judges chose Branden, with his growth during the series, and his potential.

It was great to see three strong finalists, especially since they all seem to be class acts."

I agree, they were so nice to each other. It looked like anyone could have been the winner until I saw that picture of Branden. Pretty amazing, kudos to him and the photographer, and I disagree with whoever said that it had to do with the way the photographer positioned him and his head, true to a certain extent, but you still have to have the good to back it up.


I finally figured it out watching the finale. When Nicole talks... she sounds like she belongs with Patsy on Ab Fab!!

Do we know how tall Jonathan is? He looks very short compared to Branden and Sandhurst...but then isn't there a minimum height for a male model?

How fantastic to see a reality talent show that has great finalists!
loved all of them so I was happy with the result. I would have liked Jonathon to win though, purely because he needs the money.

Finally watched it last night. If any one had won I would have been fine, but I agree with T. Lo's take on it.

And to those who think Branden just aced the last week, look again. If you take those 2 good shots from the finale, plus his football photo (which should have won, IMHO, as it was basically a Nike ad ready to go), his candy shot and his 60's shot, and you have a very strong portfolio. Plus, for all his thuggish swagger on the runway, he was strangely smooth in tuxes and suits.

And I agree with the other comment that Jonathan's huge photo this week was bad. Smiling is NOT his strength; he looked old and tired. But when he rocked that 2nd suit on the runway, I thought he might just win.

When the two guys went to comfort Branden and help pull him together in front of the judges, all I could think of was:
reality show alert!!!!!!!

Seriously, can't you see it:
*The older, handsome family man offering advice and eye candy whilst struggling for his wife and oh-so-cute offspring. And he has a great accent! (Jonathan)
**The wisecracking, humorous good looking sidekick with an even cooler accent! (Sandhurst)
and finally
***The young, naive kid you can't help but love (Gilligan, er, I mean Branden!)

Their adventures in the world of fashion coming soon to a cable network near you!

I am happy for Brandon but I never got his appeal during the run of the series. To me he has 1 look that he trots out every week.

I cannot say I an thrilled, but this was definitely one of the better finales I have seen. I totally was sure Jonathan or Sandhurst would win, but I'm kinda, sorta ok with Branden, though I don't care much for "Mommy's boys". He has time to mature, though.
PS: I have missed you and the gang, TLo. My elderly computer did a major crash, so I was computerless for a few days. It was total and complete withdrawal syndrome. SO HAPPY to be back!!

Jonathan deserved to win! outrage!

Hi, I realized when I was re-watching the finale yesterday that Branden looks like he could be Kate Moss' younger brother. Dontcha think so?

"Branden, it sucks for you that your father ran out on you, am I right?"


Yes, I loved that first photo-shoot with the giant Polaroid! Those are one-off images, like a painting. Very cool!

And why would they be on the cover of Cosmo? That was such a weird shoot.

Another good season. Although, I still think Jonathan should have won. Branden has the face but Jonathan is the better all-around model.

Loved all three finalists but was hoping for Jonathan. Not upset though - Brandon is cute.

BRAVO - GET RID OF PERU!!! His 1992 style and his self-grandoise arrogance got more than annoying as the season progressed - not funny, not charming, not anything.... boring and a bitch. G

"We do love those reality competition "parties," though. A bunch of production staffers artfully arranged to look like a crowd."


Latest comment EVER. But I don't think Jonathan has a body suit for suits (ha) at all, he's too short and stocky (just 6 feet) and you can cleary tell putting him side by side to Branden.

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