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Michael Kors Resort 2010 Collection

The Duchess showed her resort collection and has thoughts:

"I go to Asia every year for Christmas, but I've never acknowledged it [in my designs]," said Michael Kors. "Now I am." That explained this Resort collection's batik prints, built-in sarongs, and bamboo satin jacquard cheongsam. The seventies, however, seemed a stronger influence. Jersey dresses, wraps, and slouchy karate pants recalled the urban, disco-fied glory days of the Studio 54 era. But whatever the inspiration, this was Kors in pragmatic mode. "What keeps it Resort," he observed, "is that everything is packable."

Looks like Mikey got his Halston on. There's definitely a late '70s/early '80s vibe to these looks. One thing Kors does better than a lot of his contemporaries is resort wear. He gets it when so many (we're looking at you, Zac) don't. He also clearly knows his clientele and caters to them. These are practically Hamptons uniforms. That's a big reason why he's so successful.

He always makes great bathing suits. We like the shapes of some of these pieces, that folded-napkin-like skirt in pale green or that blue dress with the draped skirt. Lorenzo likes the puffy-sleeved romper but Tom simply can't get behind any look that is described as "puffy sleeved romper." We don't know if it's a Michelle Obama thing, but belts and sashes are back in a big way. That tied-off sash that he repeats a couple times here was also seen several times in Posen's resort collection.

All in all, we likey.


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Tom simply can't get behind any look that is described as "puffy sleeved romper."

Tom, you are a sage.

"What keeps it Resort," [Kors] observed, "is that everything is packable."

Hmm, that's kind of a least common denominator definition, but whatever works for him. With the exception of the gold cuffs & necklace, which I loved, and the final red gown, I found it all kind of unexciting, though mostly acceptable.

Some of the models, especially the one in the blue print dress with the tan belt look dumpy.

And if the model looks dumpy what is going to happen to the rest of us.

Perhaps if the models didn't look so miserable, I would consider giving this collection the attention it probably deserves.


They look ok. Probably nothing that I would ever wear as an ensemble but a few peices I would wear on thier own with some jeans.

Why are the models all standing like that? They look aweful!

I like a lot of the looks, but I can barely get past the models. They all look like an 8 yr old who's mother made them try on clothes they despise and are just trying to make them look as ugly as possible.

My question is this: Does Michael Kors even like women? There's nothing in this collection that would tempt me to part with my hard earned money.

This collection's been done before, but by someone else and better.

(The models are probably standing like that and looking morose because they know they look awful.)

The way the models are standing reminds me of a Barbie doll's legs.

Why do the models all look like they want to jump off the screen and kill me?

And sorry, may I add poor styling

Ugh, I HATE those gladiator/cage shoes with all these outfits. They make even the models' stick legs look short and stumpy. Please let this trend pass...

I actually like this collection more than all of the other so-called "resort wear" that TLo have posted here, but agree that it's in spite of the models, who all look sulky. The blue print dress with the wide brown leather belt is my favorite, but that model sure isn't selling it well.

The second bathing suit is GORGE. Me. Wants. It.

I love the necklace on the last 3 looks. Is that part of the collection?

I'm not sure how the blue and white print dress with the tan belt fits in with the rest of the collection, but overall, the line is a hit.

Michael Kors for Target?

I like some of it. It's definitely resort.

Same Michael Kors shit as always. Do people even notice that he sends the same collections down the runway every season? Alter a silhouette here, change a color there, and BAM, there you go. Boring and uninspired, I don't care how many aging WASPS adore this tepid crap.

I'm liking the last red number, and the fitted blue ensemble (with the sarong style skirt) the best. All in all though I agree with everyone else. It is pretty boring. I also agree with lalagigi, PLEASE let this horrible gladiator shoe craze pass! The sooner the better.

I love the B/W bathing suit with the belt. The rest is okay. Except the puffy sleeve romper. Big ol' pass on that look thanks!

I think I would like the pieces more if the models didn't look like they were all ready to jump off a bridge. What exactly was the direction they were given? "Ok, everyone, look like I just ran over your puppy or stole your last diet pill."

That said, I like the prints. They are interesting without being over done.

Enh. It's alright. It'll sell well to the clientele he's making this stuff for.

And OH MY GOD those models look miserable.

That obi belt and bamboo print reminds me exactly of the dress I wore to my high school graduation - in 1976. I always loved that dress.

But then he throws in those 80s shoulder pads - and I don't really like them.

So, I'd go mezza mezza on this collection

While interesting, I don't find the puffy sleeves on 14, 15, or 22 particularly flattering.

The last two looks resemble caftans. These don't improve on the garments my weird Aunt Bernice wore in the 1970's.

Who wears gold brocade and Wonder Woman cuffs on their resort holiday?

Prediction: That last red dress will be worn by Blake Lively in the Gossip Girl S3 premier when they do the 'what have they done this summer' flashbacks. It's such a Serena dress!

Do those big sleeves on several of the get-ups have cargo pockets, or what? I don't understand what's going on there...

I could see myself wearing the black caftan as long as I had that fabulous necklace (it is a necklace, right?) to go with it.

And I love the flat sandals with the double-cuffs at the ankles. Because I dream that they would make my ankles look smaller. :)

I think it's a fun collection. Very chic. <3 the sashes and the neclaces and the fun little sleeves.

I'm going to echo previous posters and say that I would like these more if the models didn't look like they were just sentenced to 12 years in a North Korean labor camp.

Those models look like they all just got off horses.

I can see a lot of older women buying pieces from this collection.


"Why are the models all standing like that? They look aweful!" - that was the first thing i noticed, too...they look like they were told to stand like linebackers when they does show the lines of the clothing straight on with no kinks or wrinkles, but it would have looked better on dress forms than on these morose teenagers....

that said, i liked a few of the pieces - i agree it's not an exciting collection, but it seems to me that the duchess tends to design for the palm springs set - definitely not the young and hip. they're not as likely to want as much innovation in their cruisewear. just classic, well made pieces....

I don't know if it is the models' terrible posture and lackluster expressions, or the clothes, but it all looks frumpy and grumpy. Yeech!

I'm with the others. It's hard to get around those models. I don't like the way they're standing. Are they computer-generated SIMS characters superimposed inside the clothes?

yes, really really weird choice on how to pose the models. This is not an edgy collection, so "weird" shouldn't be a factor. Also, these designs are so clearly aimed at the over-35 crowd that they look odd on these barely pubescent models. Lauren Hutton would ROCK this collection.

The models do look dumpy but I think it's because his clothes require an individual with more substance to them to carry the clothes off.

One thing I love about Michael Kors is that often his clothes look BETTER on the real woman than his models.

Also, from my experience he uses ALOT of fabric in his designs...once again, not for the petite or waifish set.

Despite the super sad models, the collection looks fine for its target audience. I wonder if the petals on the beige skirts were inspired by Lee Ann "petals" Marshall?

I cannot get past the models: they look like they are in a prison lineup. Was someone holding a gun on them? Resort wear should be fun and carefree! If this were his Funeral Wear 2010 Collection, I could understand all the gloomy faces. At least look like you're not miserable in the clothes. I just get the feeling that I'd need an extra Xanax to wear that stuff.

Pex, you nailed it!

too many cats

OK, we now know for sure that Michael doesn't dress in women's clothing, because wearing just one of those four inch leather belts in summer would cure him of pushing them as resort wear.

And it's really bad when I see some of his fabric choices and start imagining what I'd make with that fabric that would be pretty and flattering. (Seven and 8 especially.)

I know there's a huge market in NYC. The number of people there makes it so. But there're parts of the country where blacks and dark blues are too darned hot. And that light (?) green dress would be charming without the horse harness belt.

Did Mikey do his Model search at "Fembots R Us" or what?

Not bad, not great. Not so sure about what appears to be a leather belt around a swimsuit and cover up.

And #17? the blue tank dress with the holsters and Wonder Woman cuff bracelets? What is that all about? If you can't get your gun clear fast enough the bullets will bounce off your wrists?

Meh, it's good but not fantastic. I liked his last few collections much better. Last year's resort collection was superior as well I think.

Still, it's a good collection and there is plenty from it that plenty of his customers will want.

My first reaction is the same as many others about the mug shot model posing downgrading the collection.

Color me embarrassed, I had a lot of admiration for MK based on my assumption that he knew his clothes were kinda boring - well-made and marketable, but still boring, and therefore he introduced his clothes in the splashiest way possible: attractive rich kids wearing his classically tailored, often colorful ensembles, walking a crowded runway to uptempo music. Wow, take away all of those trappings and...


Do we know where these presentations are taking place? Miami?

"Who wears gold brocade and Wonder Woman cuffs on their resort holiday?"

That's the first thing I thought. That last dress looks like something Wonder Woman would wear to a formal event on Themyscira :p

I guess it's for women who go into seedy areas for their vacations; places where many bullets are going to need deflecting.

Several of these looks are very catalog - a dumpy catalog at that. I agree with whoever said that Kors would have benefited from casting older models, several of these models look like the kids from the local polygamist compound on a trip into town to pick up provisions. Judge Kors would rip a hapless PR designer to shreds over this clothes, styling and presentation... talk about going out for ribs.

BTW, I found the answer to my question about the locations - NYC for Kors' presentation.


Hate the cuffs...but for the most part I like the collection, especially the big gold necklaces in the last few...

6/8/09 2:40 PM The models do look dumpy but I think it's because his clothes require an individual with more substance to them to carry the clothes off.

Unfortunately, Bea Arthur has gone to that great resort in the sky.

It's okay, but this is retreaded territory for the Duchess.

I really like quite a few of these.

But, as much as I love Rhoda Morgenstern, I can't get with the 70's headgear & the statement jewelry.

I do love those sash belts though.


I'm not enthralled by the collection, but it definitely has some pieces that I could see Shelly O snagging in a heartbeat!

Those big belts may be the latest thing, but I think most of those outfits would look much better without them. Take that printed blue shirt dress: the big belt makes the model look like she's an East German weight-lifter/prison matron. Not good.

Models are really stiff but I like his collection. Cohesive, clean lines, looks resort and I'd wear all of it, romper included.

I don't like any of these pieces, although part of that may be the ridiculous way the models are standing.

I also hate the Wonder Woman cuffs.

I can see these looks on lots of women. I've worked in catering and would not be surprised to find these worn for a nice summer party by the lake.

The puffy romper, though, not so much.

I'm with lalagigi - HATE the shoes.

Don't think of the models as stiff -- think of them as paper dolls! Print them out, cut them up, fun for the whole family!

I don't know why people are so "eh" about it. I adored it. I think it's totally perfect for a nice spring/summer vacation. And it's cute! Plus, I think those shoes are fierce. I guess it's not a "publicly popular" trend.

mmm this is a collection (I know it's "resort") from a top fashiong designer??

It´s very simple. And some dresses are just OK.

Of course it could be due to the models which look like sticks on mug. They look not only dumpy but also bored.

Sometimes I have to wonder why designers don't just photograph the garments on hangers when they do a shoot like this. The models almost detract from the simplicity and the beauty of the collection, which I actually like, sans romper.

I am not a wagon-jumper-oner; that said, these pics were not fashion, they were mug shots. WTF? Michael Kors, with the exposure you enjoy? He approved these pics? Why? I am not o.k. with these. They distract from his line so much forget about it. Auf and see you next time, MK. You've become jaded. You phoned in this line anyway.

Are some of you new to resort collections? That's how they're presented. That's how the models pose. Overreacting much?

I've only got one problem with this.

The gladiator sandals. Nuff said.

richiXcore on 6/8/09 at 3:47 PM said.... "Who wears gold brocade and Wonder Woman cuffs on their resort holiday?"

A ton of women that live in Tampa, Ft. Myers and Miami, Florida wear that exact belt all the time.


Is it just me or do the last three caftans look like TFS knocked off Korto designs for ""?


It's just you.

I'm not a fan of the all-black pieces. Black absorbs heat viciously fast, and these are impractical for hot weather.

Plus, they look more New York City chic than beach-y.

Agree with Tom, hate the puffy sleeved romper! Love most of the rest. Especially the shoes.

Oh, Jeez, I just noticed the big wide padded shoulders on the dresses with sleeves and the jackets.

Mmmmkay, still keeping that group of 80's jackets just in case.

i am so distracted by the models ridiculous posing that I can't see the clothing.

Wow. I guess the days of women wanting tans really are over. Most of these chicks are pale enough to have been upper class Victorians.

I think it's perfect for the beach or some fabulous resort.

I think the shoes do the looks no favors. They look like they were stolen from the set of Barbie and the Spartans Meet the Flintstones. As do the bulk of the clothes.

I'm not feeling it.

I like the T-Shirt.

That's all.

First, many of these pieces look like office wear, not resort wear. What's with the "packable" definition? That's hardly the point -- the MOOD of the clothing is the whole point. Funeral wear can be "packable," for god's sake. Don't try to pull the wool over our eyes here. This ain't all resort wear.

Second, black and white prints always seem season-appropriate, as do the red and sand colors, but where are all the other bright, sunny summer colors that you would think of when you think of "resort wear"?

Uli had it right - a profusion of colors and prints clearly captures the spirit of resort wear.

you people need to get over the models! they're just channeling their inner rich bitch. besides the rounded shoulder silhouette, i really liked most of the looks.

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