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Marc Jacobs Resort 2010 Collection

Darlings, we're still wiping the sand out of our eyes and stubbornly refusing to even look at our work emails, but for now, let's rip dresses.

Although we don't have much ripping to do. Why? Style sez:

"As ever at Marc Jacobs, the references and ideas came fast and furious. You could see Old Hollywood in the cropped jackets worn with bathing suit tops and high-waisted satin shorts, a touch of chinoiserie in the silk lamé pajama sets, perhaps a bit of Carmen Miranda in the toucan-print wrap dresses, and even a little of his home away from home, Paris, in the marinière tunic sweaters accented with flowers at the shoulder. The overall effect? Bright, upbeat, and equally suited for island or city."

It's just a pretty, modern, chic little collection; all prints and colors and textures, which (to us, anyway) is what a resort collection should be all about. Even better, it doesn't lapse into the "tropical print caftan" trap that designers often get into when dreaming up resortwear.

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It's alright. It actually LOOKS like resort wear, but I'm not too crazy about some of the floral prints. It's as Madame Gunn would put it, "a lot of look".

Ugh. I know it's a matter of taste, but I just hate that everything this season is so fussy and busy.

This has to be my favorite resort collection thus far. Also, yellow coat? WANT.

i love looks #1 and #3, with the stripes contrasted by a bit of floral.

and i second the yellow coat desire.
mch less frenetic and outlandish than the previously seen resort collections. more detailed. very, very nice.

I want that red and black dress so much.

I like the look with the solid orange skinny leg pant and the shorts/skort with platforms. The individual pieces are great but would not wear them as shown on the runway.


Love #1

The last look (the Kate Moss Dress) looks awful with the black shoes. Kate wore it better on the red carpet with the YSL Trib Two shoes.


Wow, it really looks like beach and beachtown wear. In a few cases, sadly, it looks like what I would throw together out of the bottom drawer to keep warm on a cool West Coast beach evening. I'm talking to YOU, you striped sweaters with God only knows what beneath - I hate those 3 looks.

One that I'm loving is the wild orange-printy camp shirt and cropped pants. That's comfort and sportiness, yay!

no no no no on the metallic.

I agree with Mary...too fussy and busy.

Some of the dresses are "cute" but overall, it looks like crap.

And I like Marc Jacobs...but this? NOPE!

Love the collection, especially the jackets and that fabulous mustard coat.


" Anonymous said...
Some of the dresses are "cute" but overall, it looks like crap."

Perhaps not your taste, but it's a bit of a stretch calling Marc Jacobs' designs "crap", don't you think?

I don't know. I think the first look is super cute and then the rest are kind...not as much.

Also, whenever I see "old Hollywood" used as a reference I just think of "Eleven Minutes" where Jay totally rips on designers who fall back on that as such a cliched, lazy source of inspiration.

Except for the pants and that God-awful gold lamme, I really like this collection. I love the tucan print dress, but I can be a sucker for a novelty print.

I agree with other commenters' dislike of some of the floral prints. Too big, too eighties, too much. The orange floral shirt and pants are terrifying. Something Blanche Devereaux would wear if she had really, really terrible taste in pajamas.

The 13th look reminds me of Reco/Daniela's outfit from the past episode. But it's amazing how a change in fabric/colors changes a look dramatically.

I'm with Lilia B. - this is my favorite of the resort collections thus far. Once you separate some of the pieces, it seems like one of the most wearable collections I've seen. I also dig that yellow coat...and quite a few of those little flirty ruffled dresses.

That last one looks like a metallic superhero costume. Ick. Most of the rest of the collection is pretty cute.

Mary got it. "Fussy and busy" and not even very well coordinated - the pieces together look like the models grabbed something from their closets the day they came to the conclusion it was time to do the laundry 'cause there was nothing left.

I just can't help get the feeling that I can already get the vast majority of this stuff in a mid-size city's mall. That's not suppose to happen with Marc Jacobs, is it?

Styling is uninspired, too.

This whole 'resort season''s been a snooze. Then again, why even have a season like that?

How odd: the gold number looks exactly like the Michael Kors that Heidi wore (in silver) to the CFDA awards.

A lot of this is great, but there's an unfortunate and misguided mixing of prints that screams "trying too hard" and takes away from the appeal of the individual pieces. And what is with the mid-calf socks @ #25?

Nothing says "I design only for very thin women" like horizontal stripes.

It is very resort, though, in the best way possible ("resort" can conjure up some pretty cheesy images in my head), and mostly pretty and feminine.

So far, it looks like Chanel's got the best resort collection out there.

Even though I'm not exactly sure how well it translates to an everyday person's type of wear.

I really like the yellow coat, the black dress with the birds and the black dress with the yellow detail on the skirt. Everything else is just too much...

I am very, very confused by the blue pants in picture #14. something very peculiar is going on there, but I cannot tell quite what it is.

There are horizontal stripes everywhere these days, it seems. No one except little kids and men in rugby shirts looks good - I mean REALLY, TRULY GREAT - in horizontal stripes.

I want the 80s to go back where they came from, and take their busy, loud, bright colors & prints with them.

Moi said, "I am very, very confused by the blue pants in picture #14. something very peculiar is going on there, but I cannot tell quite what it is."

1) Paper Bag waist: looks good on almost no one.

2) Puffy at the top, tapered at the bottom: mom jeans cut. Disaster.

As for the horizontal stripes, those tops are my favorite things in the whole collection! But I'm with you on leaving the '80s in the '80s.

I love those black shorts with the black/blue jacket.
And that pink and black dress is just so damn cute! I definitely like this Resort Collection more than the others posted here.

Yes, it does look like a resort collection, but perhaps too many resorts: the resort in the Catskills, circa 1954 - aka Dirty Dancing, the singles getaway, a soiree at Trump's joint in Florida, and the resort that Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia took their grandkids.

Another characterization is that it is a hodge podge of the looks that that you expect to see from a major designer present on a runway or in a campaign, along with the same designer's collection for H&M or Target.

All of the pants are heinous with the exception of the bold blue ones and purple/black ones at the end.

Love the black dresses.

I second Mary's "ugh." It's all just too, too much.

I don't get it. Looks like the same mish-mash of items that can be found at any WalMart, Kmart, or other fill-in-the-blank Mart.


oh, I am not happy to see all the volume around the belly/butt of pants and shorts. Pleated shorts? really? Have we learned nothing? And those baggy top/tapered leg pants? *whimper*

Some of the prints are a bit much, but some of the dresses are pretty cute.

The pants and (OMG PLEATED!) shorts? No.

That yellow coat? HOT. I want.

Love the yellow coat. Though I imagine the vomit that shoots into my throat when I hear the tired "Old Hollywood" cliche is a similar color.

People the coat is not yellow, it is closer to a burnt orange or a mustard.

Learn to use your fashion color terminology.

I really like this collection, best one so far.

I seriously loved everything up to the ghastly orange floral pajama set. Then the whole collection took a turn for the worse. I can sum it up by saying that I love all the dresses but the pants and jackets are very bad. Hate those '80's shoulder pads.

That coat is sooo far from burnt orange -- it's tangerine at best.

Hating on the shoes a bit...

I don't like a thing except for that orange trench. The gold lame number at the bottom?? Hideous!!!

I just can't get past the fact that in almost every collection lately, it seems that the models look like they're crazy. This one is really the champion of that look: big bold patterns in garish colours all mishmashed together, unflattering cuts in dresses, pants, and jackets (except for the typical wrap trench style coat--nice in a bright shiny colour, but a lot more nice in a turn out with far fewer blasts of "trends" in one grouping).

If these models weren't extremely skinny, these clothes would show how unflattering they really are. The four inch platform "block" shoes aren't helping anyone either.

definitely a lot of look, as anon said.

I love the striped shirts, but I've always been a sucker for them. It's really the first resort collection that looks like resort. I like the mustard coat but that color really doesn't like me, so I'd pass.

must have the bird dresses and tweed jackets with rainbow colors. weeee! i love marc jacobs. some of this is rather garish, but in my mind that's a million times better than boring.

Pretty basic vergong on boring. Some of the pieces, like those atin and patterned long pats, are pretentious, mostdresses look too cutsey, some of then ure just fugly. I hate the clunky shoes, Love the yellow coat. Overall, another collection fit for a model's body only (for the most part).

I like!

Reminds me of the pajama pants I save to use in the summer for trousers (stripes & floral & dots -- usually topped off with hubby's discarded white dress shirts or white T or tank).

This gives me courage to go all the way & wear contrasting print top. Cool.

I see "Marc Jacobs" and my brain turns off. I just think this is so terrible, sorry.

I'm glad you guys agree! This is my favorite resort collection of the season. It's resort, without being too self-consciously resort and it's versatile, whereas Michael Kors' resort is for a certain type of clientele.

same thing I said about the "winning" look on TFS this week... WTH is with putting the ridiculously mismatched patterns together. They look inane -- oh I was typing INSANE and realized, either word fit!

Ditton your comment, urumgirl

It's more than a whole lotta look, it's a whole lotta crap. What's with the colours? Nothing says resort collection like black and purple, I always say. Marc, could you at least make an attempt at prints that go together? You're giving the gays a bad name.

The styles are for teen agers, the models need a meal, the shoes are one step away from an orthopedic disaster and who the f*ck wears anklets with an evening dress?

In summation, I don't like any of it.

Love it!Love the striped pieces.

"People the coat is not yellow, it is closer to a burnt orange or a mustard."

There's a lot of difference between those two colors, if you want to talk fashion terminology.

I think it's a great little resort collection. My understanding of separates on the runway (I think I got this from TLo) is that they are very rarely seen again in the same combination as on the runway. If you look at them as separates, to be paired with a plain tank or shorts or whatever, you get a different idea.

The other thing is the market for the particular designer. Doesn't Jacobs market to a younger clientele than, say, Kors? I think he hit a bullseye.

Kors's resort collection was nice, if bland. And was it Karl Lagerfeld that did the one on the winding walkway on the beach? That was great.

Eh, it's not my favorite collection ever. I'll agree that the styling is slightly uninspired, but overall, especially in comparison with some of these "resort" looks, this collection is both the most resort and the most wearable. Sure, some of the pants/shorts are a bit...much for the not size 00 among us, but some of those dresses are downright gorge, and you know that you can practically see celebs strolling around wearing them.

Too much mishmash. In general, I agree with the posters above who think this collection isn't anything very special. For me, there isn't anything here that screams "MUST HAVE."

Look 12 looks like a pair of Pajamas that one might find at TJ Maxx.

On the clearance rack.

For $4.99.

The yellow coat is cute, though, I suppose.

Looks like bad mall stuff to me. Except that yellow coat, which I love. The rest? YUCK.

I think it just looks dreary.

Anonymous said...

People the coat is not yellow, it is closer to a burnt orange or a mustard.

Learn to use your fashion color terminology

Lol, I have no idea why anybody (including you) is calling it 'mustard' either because it's not. At all. Burnt orange is a bit closer but still I'd say it's more of a carrot orange or tangerine. Being snooty's fun! *rolls eyes*

You're right maybe it IS more carrot orange than mustard.

Elaine what do you have against TJ Maxx? Seriously.

Haven't you insulted them in other posts? (If it wasn't you, mea culpa)

I honestly can't imagine seeing something like that (designed or no designer) at any of the Maxx/Marshalls that I've been into). Usually (Desginer) ugly can be seen at plenty of of the "upscale" stores.


Yellow, orange? What kind of fashion people are you? How about saffron, or marigold, or day-lily . . . actually, the color of that wonderful coat is pretty close to Kraft mac 'n cheese.


itsjustme said...

Yellow, orange? What kind of fashion people are you? How about saffron, or marigold, or day-lily

How about because it's not any of those colors? Just because you don't want to say something as 'simple' as yellow or orange doesn't mean you can just throw out any names of related shades and have them work. Marigold is more yellow than this coat is and saffron is a darker, more saturated and slightly reddish-orange. Daylily perhaps, but that's as much a color as "Kraft Mac 'n Cheese" is. As in, it's not.

Love every square inch of this. Prints! Combinasi! (sigh)

Not bad. I like most of the dresses, but hate most of the other pieces. The red and black dress is to die for, although I'm not sure it screams "resort."

gag me with a spoon! all of the pants and old farty prints are so FUGLY.

those shoes (the wedges) make me faint - in a good way!

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