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Jay McCarroll's "The Colony" Launch (Contest: We already have the winners!)

Darlings, Jay McCarroll has relaunched his site with some cool new stuff!
Or as Jay says,

Welcome to my new and improved boutique - The Colony! Inside you'll find lots of new items from me and a couple other designers I handpicked. Super cute and fresh designs just in time for summer.

- Custom shirts, skirts, totes, sunglasses, jewelry, and more! Some of the designs feature images plucked right from my own Woodland Creatures and Garden Friends fabric line.

Happy Summer!


Check it out. To all those people who've been asking "When is Jay going to sell more stuff?" Here you go. Even better, how about this:

Tomorrow, Monday, June 15th at 2 p.m. EDT, we will be posting a series of questions (which will be posted here), the answers to which can only be found on Jay's site. The first two people who send the correct answers to (subject line: Jay Contest) can choose either the Doe a Deer Tote, the I Came to America T or the Bouncer Poet T:

...all of which are cool and will make people want to do you.

So, get studying, bitches! Test tomorrow!

UPDATE: Here are the questions, ladies:

What's his favorite place in his mother's house? Hall closet
Where did he sell his clothes in London? Camden Market
What's on the Cutie Pie shirt? Deer
How many circles are there in Jay's Signature Circle Tote? 5 circles

You bitches are FAST! And the winners are...

Chris M.
Bridget D.

Thank you everyone for participating!

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