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Jason Wu Resort 2010 Collection gives their take:

"Wu's Resort show was full of reliably pretty dresses, among them a print chiffon frock peeking from underneath a navy trench and a short strapless number in three-dimensional petals. What really felt fresh, though, was the lemon silk shantung blazer that he opened with, as well as the blue tweed pantsuit he sent out a little later on. They weren't necessarily the first pieces of tailoring Wu has ever put on the runway, but they conveyed a message."

Once again we feel we have to point out that's being a bit diplomatic here. Don't get us wrong, they hit the nail on the head with "reliably pretty." It's just that all that talk of "fresh" looks conveying a "message" is perhaps overstating it a bit.

There's a reason Michelle Obama put his name on the map: he makes inoffensive, attractive clothing, perfect for a first lady or politician's wife. "Reliably pretty." Not necessarily the kind of stuff that's gonna light up a Vogue cover, but it's all tasteful and well done.

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This resort collection is a vast improvemnt over the Heather LaMiz resort collection. However, there is nothing to get excited over.


I don't really see "resort" per se...

Like the pantsuit and the yellow and black dress. The rest? meh.

And what is with this weird trend in petal skirts lately? They have the unfortunate effect of making women look as if they have suddenly developed elephantiasis of the thighs.

The yellow number only reminds me of that filter mess that Mean Girl made for the Saturn competition.

And I hate those droopy drawer-curtain skirts that are showing up more and more nowadays.

Other than that, okay.

We'll see the First Lady in several of these, so we'll hear the cat calls later.

Look #13 has Shelly-o written all over it - - pushed up sleeves, belted.

the yellow look you featured is the prettiest. All looks are fairly inoffensive. Most of it is, as you say, more real-world and less vogue. But that is his market.

Unexciting but OK.

I like it. I don't think there's anything wrong with 'just pretty' after all since there's a lot to be said for just enjoying looking nice without the fashion with the big F. It looks comfortable, which is the most important thing, and realistic which is the other important thing. Sure, we all loved LeAnne's car dress but who would realistically wear that sort of thing? I prefer a more realistic perspective to fashion though I would say that this collection lacks a bit of personality (but most resort collections do). It's also a bit on the homely side (30s-40s depression era femme with a film noir touch but still smelling of cinnamon buns much?).

It is mostly just yawn, but I really like the Judy-noodlesesque orange skirt. It isn't as voluminous as the layered skirts have been getting lately. The navy dress is simple but sophisticated, so love it. And I'd love to see Michelle rock that last green dress.

Nothing really turns my head. It looks like the collection of an older established designer that has lost interest. Jason Wu is too young for that.

Enh. I don't think they're very pretty, actually. While certainly a bit more interesting than Mizrahi's, I thought his bland catalogue clothes were prettier.

And frankly, I'm bored of Jason Wu anyway. Never been too impressed with him.

I don't even know if "reliably pretty" is how I would describe this collection. I would probably go with boring and kind of ugly. It's retro, but not in a good way. I was really expecting to like this collection and I just don't.

The whites against the off-whites are aesthetically pleasing. I looked at those outfits more than anything else.

There's some good stuff here. I liked quite a few of the skirts, but when he abstained from color or prints, the looks bored me. The orange and black and white skirts particularly standout to me. Very good textures and silhouettes there.

The last look is very Siriano-esque from his spring collection.

this collection is very wearable and I can a lot of women who admire the first lady wanting to buy his clothes so they can emulate her style.

In the end, Wu is not an earthshattering designer. But you don't have to be as long as you make good clothes. I think the collection passes.

Is it me or does it seem like every outfit had a belt?

Another Suburban Mom
6/16/09 1:33 PM Is it me or does it seem like every outfit had a belt?


Is this what got Michelle addicted to belting absolutely everything?

Such a disappointment.

The lemon and black suit was pretty. The below-the-knee sleeveless navy was nearly elegant, but missing any oomph.

The suit in look #4 is attractive, but the color is dull. The top & skirt of look #3 might be lovely if mixed with other pieces. Share the hate of skirts draped to exaggerate the breadth of one's hips. REALLY hate narrow-shouldered jackets over such skirts.

Several otherwise nice skirts were too short. In general, silhouettes which make runway models look hip-heavy (trouser suit!) are a disaster on the rest of us.

I can go on with the negativity. This collection came so close to being something that women might love, even if there was little drama or innovation, and it was such a disappointment.

This has Shelley O written all over it!

Yes! this one's for you Shelley O!

*yawn* i like the pantsuit. *yawn*

I don't like these at all... to me, the yellow dress with the black detail looks like she's being swarmed by bees.

I'm not liking the color story here. But I do like that orange skirt (where have I seen it before?), and call me kooky, but I kinda like that red Tournament of Roses Parade coat.


Eh. The red fluffy coat and blue fluffy dress are head scratchers. The short tight shiny purple dress+bustier is awful, but everybody does that look. I can't bear it (see Jennifer Aniston + Prada). The rest is . . . eh.

another laura


another laura

damn, I can't come up with ANYTHING original today.

Eh.... Did Wu always look like this? These are so Shelly O that I would have guessed that he designed these with her in mind.

I'm not reading resort at all from this collection. It's summer office to me...except for last pic where the poor girl looks like she belted the bath mat around her to answer the front door straight out of the shower. I can't see Michelle in this situation in the White House or on vacation.

Love the two-piece second row down on the right.

This is RESORT?? Maybe he is presenting this collection for a resort somewhere in an office building in downtown Podunk.
Dull, boring and disappointing.

Belts....all I see are belts.

that red skirt looks a little noodle-y, no?

Pretty, chic, wearable, and safe. This collection doesn't scream "creativity",but there are several pieces I could see myself wearing.

The red coat is crazy, and I love it. I also like the dress that's 5th down on the right. It's one of the few that looks OK being really short. The one right above it is pretty awful.

Second down on the right is also nice. Other than that, it ranges from blah to OK.

it seems very J. Crew.

The 7th and 8th dresses down on the left scream Shelley O.

Is it just me, or is the blue dress made out of the Cookie Monster (oops, sorry, the Politically Correct Veggie Monster, circa 2008)?

Also--hate the waist ruffle. It reminds me of secretaries in 1989.

The resort is evidently in East Germany, because baby these are depressing. Blah, blah blah. This makes Mizrahi's collection look positively energized.

Just one ethnic model huh? after all what Michelle Obama has done for him. SMH.

I do like a few of these: the navy dress, the green dress, the suit near the top (#4 I think) and there are some nice pieces here. Over all, the ensemble with the orange skirt is the nicest. This surely doesn't say "resort" to me and the cohesion is missing.

I hope we don't start seeing Shelley O in peplums!

Oh, and Noodles didn't invent any of these types of designs any more than Rami invented draping or Anna invented horizontal pleats.

The yellow and black is nice. The cocktail dresses seem a bit off from the muted first portion of the collection. Which was just too drab for me. It's ok, I like Mizrahi's better.

Faves: 3, 6, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19

It's ok. I LOVE the orange layer skirt in the 7th look.
HATE the last look. Cookie Monster called. He wants his fur back.

Are those supposed to be ants crawling on the ruffle of the yellow dress? It looks like it but I can't tell. What a boring collection. Our first lady is really inspiring Jason with her signature belts and 3/4 sleeves.

I hope Michelle abandons wearing Jason Wu; regardless of how bland his clothes are, he uses fur in his designs. I hope she doesn't half-ass the new-found respect she has by wearing pieces from designers who still use fur, even if the specific piece she's wearing has none on it.


The first-half of the collection is pretty boring and unrelated to the second-half. But I must say that I do love love love the second-half. Especially the last four pieces.


As someone middle-aged, I find plenty to like here if only because I could actually wear it. Maybe not fashion-forward (definitely not fashion-forward, actually), but that navy blue dress is lovely as a style for a woman of a certain age.

I really like #17 and 19. : )

I don't understand what people see in him or his designs aside from the fact that he dressed the First Lady, and until then two thirds of the country didn't know who he was.

"Afrika said...
Just one ethnic model huh? after all what Michelle Obama has done for him. SMH."

Not everything has to be about race or Africa.

Doesn't it all look like his previous collection?

Sigh... It's a pity that more than one Muppet was sacrificed to make this collection.

Meghan Collison looks SILLY in Jason Wu.


I love most of it (and would wear it) except for the ruffly furry looking things towards the end.

I know it is not ground breaking stuff but I am not a very ground breaking fashionista :)

LOVE the looks with the orange!

I really dig that second number-- subtle, demure, smart.


haha, the yellow dress reminded me of that zebra print atrocity Kenley made...

Just sayin'...

Resort collection? No way.

Are those ANTS on the yellow and pink dresses? If so, that's a little disturbing - in a way that I like. Swarming ant bodice! Swarming ant bodice!

I only remotely like look #10, and... it's sheer, isn't it?

How do ppl wear sheer? Ugh, I think I'm just less tolerant of heat than other ppl, hence less able to layer in the summer.

I think those are tiny bows, not ants, on the yellow and fuchsia dresses.

(I hope.)

Embarrassingly childish. I think he is incompetent and amateurish as a designer.

Not very exciting. It's either colourless or with ugly ruffles, not my taste at all.

Anonymous 5:32 PM said:

"HATE the last look. Cookie Monster called. He wants his fur back."

And the design above it is a tad too Elmo-esque for me.

I didn't realize Sesame Street was so, um, chic!

Aside from the skinned muppets, I don't see what's so bad about this collection.

Is it resort wear? NO.

But it is department store worthy, and looks like something us normal everyday 9 to 5 schlubs could wear and feel fashionable. There's nothing wrong with that.

We all can't afford Alexander MacQueen or LaCroix. Most of us can't even afford this. But it looks approachable.

No!!! I LOVE the fluffy red coat! I would love to see Michele Obama rock that with a simple sheath underneath--no belt!


I only like the blue almost long dress.

Let's carry on.. haha

Orange skirt - ripping Leanne Marshall's final collection!

There is just no fun in several of these resort collections. Perhaps growing up on The Love Boat I received an incorrect understanding of resort wear, many of these are the ensembles are what Betty Davis wore before her makeover in Now Voyager.

Random Thoughts:
The first few looks suffer from the bland color palette.

I really like the muppet coat.

Brighter colors, more youthful styling and flirtier model expressions would have elevated this collection tremendously.

I know it's not all about race but after Shelly O generously decided to kickstart his career, the least he can do is diversify his models a little bit (considering the lack of ethnic models on runways). He has clearly seen that his clothes attract women of all color so why is he white-washing his runway show? the fact that he is Asian and he uses only one Asian model (the only ethnic model in the entire show) just baffles me. What is seriously wrong with these bloody designers? people of color should start boycotting some of these designers. They underestimate our purchasing power in the industry; it is time to show them we won't tolerate this nonsense anymore.

6/17/09 4:04 PM Orange skirt - ripping Leanne Marshall's final collection!

Leanne did not invent pleats.

Is this going to happen EVERY time we see a pleated piece of clothing?

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