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Isaac Mizrahi Resort 2010 Collection

It's Heather's turn now, bitches!

"I've been using neons as neutrals for the last 25 years," Isaac Mizrahi said at his Resort presentation. True enough, but the designer seemed even more obsessed with vivid colors than usual this season. "It just feels right," he added. A nude twinset paired with a fluorescent lemon yellow skirt had editors calling dibs, as did a long, belted muumuu in a psychedelic candy print. It wasn't all electric brights, though. A black and white polka-dot belted pajama suit and a one-shoulder long dress in a microdot looked a shade more restrained, but no less fun."

Frankly, we think was being a little polite with that description. There's pretty much absolutely nothing of interest here. The relevant word is "tired." A tired, uninspired, seen-it-all-before collection of looks. Heather? We're just not buying it.

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Is that "M" for Michelle? Looks like he was inspired by her belts, for sure.

Some of it is actually really pretty and wearable. But the styling and lighting for the photos are absymal.

It's like he just grabbed the styling crew and lighting director from The Fashion Show and tossed some of his frocks on passing models between takes.

Ground-breaking? No. But in this economy, perhaps the more classic shapes are really what the market wants.

So big Fleurchons are good?

Angela will be so happy for him.

I've always thought his use of color is the best thing about his work, though nothing really excites me here.

And I'm left with one question: Why are all the models wearing bathing caps or wastepaper baskets on their heads?


I spy a Little Eddie influence.
My favorite piece is the summer coat on the top row. But I wouldn't wear it with a swim suit.
Over all it's a rather festive resort wear collection.

This looks like J.Crew to me.

"And I'm left with one question: Why are all the models wearing bathing caps or wastepaper baskets on their heads?


Vincet Libretti must be on staff.

Actually, though there is nothing much new in Heather's collection, there are a few pieces I would wear, namely looks 6, 12 and 19. But then, they just look like something I could pick up at Macy's or Dillard's.
Uhhhh, what's with the "Vincent" hat in frame 11???

Methinks you bitches were a little soured from the show.

Which if so, I don't blame ya.

Bye, bye dahling.

Wouldn't those neon colors have been better if they weren't combined with pastels? I think that's part of the problem here.

Ugh, what's with the Granny Panties in the first one?

I like the long floral second row, right (sans flower), but I can't think where/when one would wear actually it. And the white dress, second from bottom, left, is lovely, if not earth shattering.

Look #14 is the only one I would take to the dressing room ti try on let alone purchase. By the way, IMO, look #14 reminds me of toned downed JP Stealth Fighter.


"Katyola said...
Is that "M" for Michelle? Looks like he was inspired by her belts, for sure."

Is it is, that is lame as hell.

What's with the sorbet colors? I can't stand it.

As others have said, there are a few cute pieces - I like the coat in number 1 and I think I would kind of like the sparkly cocktail dresses - If I Could See Them Properly. Totally looks like a set and lighting crew from TFS.

However, overall, if TLo aren't soured on IM by TFS, I sure am. I'm just not buying it.

Will we see a full scale Heather backlash from this show? Time will tell.

Look #13 reminds of the Season 6 PR raincaot constructed from a shower curtain that got the contestant "aufed" in the first episode.


Sewing Siren stole my comment! So I'll leave you with a some insight from Little Edie:

My costumes? That's a protest against having worked as a model for the Establishment, believe it or not. A lot of models feel that way. Sometimes their lives are protests against having worked as models. Besides, I didn't have time taking care of mother to get out and buy any clothes. So I used what was left of mine and mother's in the attic."

Does anyone else see those hats and get PTVD (Post Traumatic Vincent Disorder) flashbacks?

A few of the pieces were cute, but mostly it seemed kind of...JC Pennys to me.

Why the Carrie Bradshaw fabric flowers? Makes half of this collection look dated to me.

"And I'm left with one question: Why are all the models wearing bathing caps or wastepaper baskets on their heads?

I thought one of the models got drunk and actually put a lamp shade on her head.

Most of it is pretty and feminine, which makes me like the collection, but there's nothing earth shattering. The fleurchons are rather disturbing.

Dude, he had purses on their heads a few months back.

Now the buckets.

We'll be seeing toilet seats come this fall.

What...the...fuck? I concur with you guys saying that we're not buying it. And what's up with his hats? They remind me of Vincent's out-there hat in season three of "Project Runway."

He should have a go on "The Fashion Show." He'd be kicked out episode one.

Leave Heather alone!

He dosen't do his own sewing, and it's not like he's working with REAL people!

Like Jillamina, the words "granny panties" jumped into my head when I saw that first look. Ugh. Awful. Yet the tight shiny black "polterwang" pants and the wide-legged white ones with the black dots are possibly even less flattering to the female body. Quite an achievement.

GothamTomato on 6/15/09 at 10:23 AM said...And I'm left with one question: Why are all the models wearing bathing caps or wastepaper baskets on their heads?

GothamTomato, No doubt heather La Miz was inspired by the I love Lucky episode where they were all in Paris and Ricky & Fred "made" designer outfits for L & E out of discarded feed sacks, ropes, bucekts and trash cans.


fabric flowers? really? don't we have another 10 years before that gets resurrected again?

The wastebasket hat amuses me. And calling it a Vincent hat is a disservice to I Love Lucy. Lucy was wearing it in one of her European episodes long before Libretti ruined it.


Was that a Tar-gay lampshade as headgear for the black strapless number?

And what about the giant breast goiter on the orange gown?

Heather, Princess Target, bye-bye, darling!

Is it just me? Or does that second-to-last dress look like bubble-wrap??

I'd wear most of it (minus the giant flowers), so that should be a red flag. I'm an over-40 suburban mom with a flair for dressing like a toddler.


RE: Look #11.
Vincent wants his hat back.

Why is the model in the short, black dress wearing a wastebasket on her head?

Seriously, some of this is fairly pretty, but there's nothing terribly exciting about it.

It's got a real Golden Girls vibe to much of it, from the granny pants to the colors. The only one I like even a little is the Oscar de la Renta ripoff apricot gown with the big flower.

I don't think many people are going to be buying it.

I liked 8 & 9 (though maybe mostly because those models have the skin tone to set off the pastels), the mentioned neon yellow skirt (sans ridiculous dangling giant M belt) and little black summer dress #11.

There were 3 or four more I'd try on, but not that I can see paying designer prices for. Kors' unexciting resort wear clothing at least photographed pretty uniformly as well made, up-scale unexciting - a lot of these look like only starch & recent ironing keep from looking like anything I could get at a Kohl's or Target or Penny's.

Wash-out colors.

A couple of these poor models have been forced to wear wastebaskets on their heads?

Buh-bye, darling.

Isaac darling, you're hanging by a thread.


Eh, these aren't that bad. It's his Target clothes that make me crazy. They're always in these slightly off way-too-loud colors, and they always have poorly fitted waists and puritanical strangle collars. I don't need to have my tits hanging out at the office, but a little breathing room, for god's sake!

If this was his target line, I'd be really excited about it. Because a lot of it is wearable and pretty. (Love the off the shoulder yellow dress.) But it's not terribly exciting. And if you're going to pay designer prices for clothes, they'd better be exciting in some way.

Oh, dear gods. Did Isaac let a kindergartner at his drawing board? The wastebaskets and giant flowers make me think of craft time when I was five years old.

He's not good with pants but I do like the psychedelic print. Some of this is nice and wearable but nothing jumps out to me.

Dull, yeah!

Why did he use such icky prints?

I do like the two looks in the second-to-last-row, though. Pretty chic, especially the B&W lounge pants (romper?) number. I can see Shelley O rockin' it at one of her music at the White House soirees.

My compliments to the models who, after a hard night of partying were able to pull it together for the photo shoot. If only they had remembered to take the lamp shades off their heads.

meh for the collection but I love the polka dot pj's ( naptime never looked so good).

Meh. Feh.

Just don't feel anything special there.

As if he dipped into my sister's closet filled with thrift store finds and haphazardly threw a few things together to see if they'd stick.

No. Nothing there.

This stuff is shocking from such a major name.

It's bad. Bad, bad, bad. No glam, no excitement, no innovation, no wow.

This is a guy who has lost his creativity, IMO.

Maybe that's why he's so crabby on the show.

#14 and #19 are pretty, but over all it's bleah. Is it the lighting that is making the colors look so muddy?

I'm not impressed, but again, I was never impressed with any of Heather's designs.

I'm pretty sure I can buy half those dresses at Banana Republic.

Eh, not really anything here that interests me. Even the models look bored.

I'm sure it will appeal to his client base.

Anonymous on 6/15/09 at 3:14 PM said... I'm sure it will appeal to his client base.

Who or what exactly is Heather LaMiz's client base? I have no idea.


What's with the "M"???

I like that lemon-yellow dress (or two-piece?) with the one shoulder - I think it's #14. but it isn't anything *I* haven't seen before, and if someone has generally clueless about fashion as me thinks something looks tired, it must be. really.

also: PAJAMA...SUIT...? do what?

on what occasion do you wear that clown costume?

I like the coat in #1 and the dress in #8. But I am so over the over-sized flowers.

I like it but I don't find it particularly exciting.

I like #11 and #13, but I bet I could find them for a lot less at a department store with a no name designer.

Hats aside (a whole problem in itself), most of these looks could have been created/produced by anyone, and for much less.

Not impressed, Heather. You are hanging by a thread.

"Katyola said...
Is that "M" for Michelle? Looks like he was inspired by her belts, for sure."

Is that his way of thanking her for wearing his clothes? I don't get it.

Vincent's hats and Angela's fleurchons.

Sweet gentle baby jesus, he's managed to channel the worst of Project Runway.

I'm going out on a limb here, guys, but could the "M" be for "Mizrahi."

Seems like something he would do.

The twinset is pretty, but you can get pretty twinsets lots of places.

" Ellen M said...
I'm going out on a limb here, guys, but could the "M" be for "Mizrahi."

Duh. You're probably right : )

Is this the season of silly hat wear? Everybody looks like a Monty Python skit this season. What's next Ministry of silly walks down the runway?

... looks like paisley in rainbow sherbet. Mostly boring, shape-wise.

i'm not dorothy gale

Looks like PRs Vincent designed a couple of those hats. And my mother-in-law wore a floral dress like that at my wedding...42 years ago.

Buh bye, Isaac.

Isaac designed that collection while rewatching every season of project runway.

It's gotta be the lighting. I don't love the color of anything. Why would I buy a nude twinset???

I like some of the looks, but I hate the flower/belt thing.

It looks like something you could find a department store. I'm not impressed.

Nothing interesting. Same old Isaac.

That's not a wastebasket. It's clearly a lampshade. He's showing how it will look when the buyer gets drunk at the Hamptons and starts dancing on the tables with a lampshade on her head.

You too can have a career in fashion styling and photography - just have someone stand in front of a white wall, slap something silly on her head, and quick snap a shot with your camera phone. Seriously, one of these photos isn't even in focus!

I like his collection. Full skirts, one shoulders, pretty colors.. I'm for it.

I've got to say that I love this collection and would wear 98% of these pieces. The one big no would be the 2 piece black/white polka dot clown outfit, yuck. And the orange gown is lovely for a magazine spread, but I prefer my corsages to be a bit smaller than a dinner plate. Anyhoo, I love the rest. Dreamy dreams for my closet.

I agree w/ those of us who are complaining about the styling and the lighting.
Right now it is pouring rain, and I'm saying to myself, is the pained 'haute couture' look on the models faces really appropriate for resort wear.
I'm just dying for a little bit of something in any of this that says "Shuffleboard on the Aloha Deck!"
-Windy City Wendy

It's tired, boring and dull.


I don't like it at all, you can find every dress or outfit of this "collection" in any chainstore.

I like the one-shoulder microdot long gown at the end. The collection as a whole, does not really feel like a collection of related items. It seems to be going off in so many directions.

Google says I am registered with them now, but my password does not seem to work here, since my first post. It's a good thing you offer an Anonymous alternative. I wonder if it would be okay to sign an Anonymous post.

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