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In or Out: Nina Garcia

Darlings, before we tackle last night's offensively bad TFS, let's all bask in the glow of Nina, shall we?

Nina Garcia attends the New York Botanical Garden 2009 Conservatory Ball
in Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Anja Rubik

Nina knows that it's always best to show up with two dates in case one can't fulfill his duties for the night.

It's funny, we were torn on this dress when Scarlett Johannson wore it, but we kinda love it on Nina. Maybe Scarlett was just too young for the look or maybe it's because Nina knows how to wear a dress like this, but we think she looks great. She could've chosen a better clutch, though -- and WHAT THE HELL IS THAT GUY WEARING ON HIS FEET? Go back to the arm candy you walked in with, girl. Never get your picture taken with someone in their bedroom slippers.


[Photos: Patrick McMullan]

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She is wearing it much better than Scarlett Hohannsen. I'm guessing it's because she has the class and maturity to pull it off, even with completely casual, undone hair. IN.

i think her hair looks miles better than ScarJo's did, for one. and the makeup is better too.
also, she's less buxom and so doesn't resemble a couch as much as SJ.

* suggest a couch. my bad. SJ had a lovely curvy body. the dress just wasn't right for her.

I like the "updo" hair on the model better than the straight and plain hair "do" on Nina. However, I have never seen Nina with her hair up so maybe she doesn't due "up" hair.

Agree with TLO, this is an IN.


Nina looks great. This is the perfect dress for a Botanical Garden Ball. Girl was paying attention - she's IN.

you're right TampaBay. they both could have rocked an updo to complement the dress. oh well.


Love her! She looks phenomenal!!!!

I love the dress on her. The hair looks great too.

La Nina is IN!

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Hmm. Not a fan of the dress, but I AM a fan of the arm-candy to her left....

Work it, Nina fabulosa!

Updos are so dated, so prom, wedding-like. Look how old the model looks with that hairdo; no I love her hair like that.

She's wearing the dress better than Scarlett, but it still looks like upholstery.

And yet it works for her.

I think its our desperation for PR talking, here. :0)

She needs two dates to guard the perimeter of her train.

Love the dress and the way Nina owns it. It's the perfect dress for the occasion and she has such a confident and comfortable air about her. Her hair looked cute tucked behind her ear in the last picture. Definitely IN.

Definitely IN!

The fabric on her version of the dress is cut differently than the runway version so that more of the bright contrast of the flowers is up near her neckline. That effect is extremely flattering. It causes Nina's face to pop and makes her look very alive.

In, but I´m not in love with how this dress looks on her.

Anyway, IN, she is f**king Nina Garcia people!

TLO said "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT GUY WEARING ON HIS FEET? Go back to the arm candy you walked in with, girl. Never get your picture taken with someone in their bedroom slippers."



She looks fabulous. I miss Nina!!

Can't wait to hear what you have to say about last night's episode... I was so offended I almost turned it off (what kept me going? Knowing you were going to blog about it!).

I agree that Nina pulls it off well, and considering the event it's not a bad dress. But there's just something so Laura Ashley about that print. It's like the sexier grown up version of the flowery dresses my mom forced upon me and my sisters when we were growing up.

The dress is fabulous!!!
I did not even remember when ScarJo wore it, and when I went back to compare, she wore it much better, the hair color and the skin color makes a huge difference when trying to pull off this print, ScarJo is too fair-skinned, maybe if she was a blonde....

I do like it better on Nina than Scarlett, but still, the fabric is too wallpapery for me.


he is wearing velvet slippers, which, although risky, are one of the possible footwear options for a tuxedo. it takes a certain amount of style to pull it of, and that is, obviously, not the case...

Isn't it awfully literal to wear a floral print dress to an event at the Botanical Garden. Me no likey.

Oh Nina, how I miss your weekly presence on my television.

I don't lerve this dress, the pink background color is a too bubblegum for my taste. And just a tad darker lip color, please, chica.

but In! For the Love Of Nina!!

A little bit of an obvious choice for a botanical exhibit, but she still looks lovely.

I think it failed on Scarlet b/c she needed to go up at least one size. Her girls were struggling for air. Also, she looks so much better without the super dark hair that she was rocking at that point.

Um, no TampaBay. Nina has a long face. People with long faces typically do NOT look good with up-do's at all. It's called "balancing out proportions." The wavy length adds body to the sides of her face and off-sets the length. SJP has a long face, same thing - up-do's really emphasize the long face.

I think Nina looks absolutely radiant!! The dress so suits her figure and complexion. Love her entire look!!
Totally and completely IN!!!

LOVE IT on her. LOVE IT!!!

And it's funny, because I really disliked it on SJ too.

Here's the deal. Ms. Garcia has the (non-sexual, fashion) IT. She is objectively too old for her hair style. She is not really tall enough for many of the clothes she chooses.

And yet, somehow, she almost always looks fabulous. I think part of it is that she knows how to dress her particular proportions, she almost always chooses colors which work for her, she knows how to use (or to eschew) accessories, and she has the basic tenets of grooming down cold - you may not notice her nail color, but I promise you her nails are never ragged. (A few fly-away hair exceptions around the time of a new baby are excused.) She never seems to look awkward and graceless in a photo, which takes considerable command of one's body (or iron control over what photos get published!).

Somehow it all adds up. I never thought I'd say it about a mostly pink floral dress - with a freaking train! - worn by a woman well past 40 whose hair is still hanging down like a teenager's - IN!

Nina is always aesthetically pleasing.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT GUY WEARING ON HIS FEET? [stuff cut] Never get your picture taken with someone in their bedroom slippers." (TLo)

That's what happens when the poor males have no real fashion choices except tux or dress suit, black on black or black with touch of grey. Sooner or later, the driving need to express oneself a tad just crumbles the edges of sanity!

I think it works on Nina because I can envision her going all Scarlet O'Hara, and making this dress out of a bedsheet or slipcover (because let's face it, that's what that fabric looks like) and then wearing it with all the confidence of a lady who knows she can look fabulous in a dress made out of a bedsheet... because she's La Fucking Nina.

Whereas Scarjo just looked like she got suckered into wearing a dress made out of ugly fabric.

I agree with everyone ...

Love the Nina ... perhaps not the best dress, but she makes it work.

And love the way she carries herself ...

And I so love her for showing up with two handsome dates ...

Totally IN ...

Just sayin -

P.S. Can't wait to see her on PR.

P.P.S. Still totally over TFS ... if you have the chance, would love more Nina coverage instead of TFS ... just sayin-

Love. I looked at it and thought, Hey, that was that ugly dress ScarJo wore! But here, it's just lovely. Different coloring, different body, different attitude. It looks better on Nina than on the model, too.

I love the dress on her, but her hair looks so straw-like. She should get a nice hair cut to rid of the damaged-looking stuff.

The pukey, old lady's couch upholstery dress didn't look good on Scarlett and it doesn't look good on Nina either. Yuck.

While I'm never a fan of the grandma's couch type printed dresses, I have to admit that Nina manages to look fabulous no matter what she's wearing. She's not exactly a beautiful woman, but she certainly is a fabulous one.

Oh, and about the hair. She's doing that thing that a lot of women her age do...hanging on to that long hair for dear life. After a certain age, it's not youthful anymore. It just looks like...well, you're hanging on for dear life.

It's the color--that pink was totally wrong for Scarlett Johannsen's skin tone and current hair color and made her look sallow. Nina just looks better in that shade of pink.

She has two dates to make sure no one sits on her.

Here are the shoes --- apparently there is some debate as to "correct" shoes for black tie -- but some people think these are good.

On the other hand -- if these are $699 at discount --- maybe bedroom slippers would work just as well.

Does Mr. Bedroom Slippers have his hand on La Nina's ass??

Does she ever do anything different to her hair?

Love it on her! Hate the dress, isn't that funny?

Nina? IN, when is she ever not? She could wear an actual slipcover and make it look fabulous.

But I will admit, in a tiny corner of my heart, that I wish she would one day do something with her hair.

La Nina. Le Sigh.

IN, chicas, IN.

Nina is always IN! La Chica Fabulosa rocks this dress. To think I hated it when I saw it on ScarJo? Well, ScarJo had a bad dye job on her hair when she wore that dress...but I digress...Nina, don't ever change!

Beautiful. As per usual.

She looks gorgeous, I love her hair!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)


I miss her : (

I hate the fabric but somehow Nina pulls it off. You go girl!

La Nina is always fabulous.

As for the shoes, well, men's pumps are hard enough to pull off without adding the gold embroidery! What about plain? Or a simple grosgrain accent?

"Nina knows that it's always best to show up with two dates in case one can't fulfill his duties for the night."


"he is wearing velvet slippers, which, although risky, are one of the possible footwear options for a tuxedo."

vbd, I'm fascinated, tell us more? I didn't know that!

I had a dress very like this print, no train, perfect fit. I posed w/ my older brother in front of a popcorn decorated Christmas tree, glowing away. I long had dark blond hair, was 19/20. I therefore really relate to Nina here, a very similar moment. All good. And good memories. IN

I am so with Smartass on this one. Tlo, more La Nina less TFS! What she wears to the corner grocery would be more thought-provoking than that trainwreck of a show has proved to be. Maybe the guy with the evening slippers shops there too?

Be still my heart.

Minou Mechant

Oh, Nina. IN. I especially like her accessories, except the one in the last pic. Not only is he wearing fridiculous shoes, he looks like he is about to flap his ears and fly away.

thanks for the Nina post after the bad taste I got because of TFS.....

she looks fabulous in that dress, maybe this dress suits better a latina type like her.... in Scarlett it was a little too costumey....
anyway, is any of the guys she appears in the photos her husband?

Nina's fella is wearing a proper shoe for an evening jacket (actually the correct term as opposed to tuxedo). His other alternative would have been a tuxedo pump (we women stole that term as well) with a flat gros grain ribbon bow.

yikes, I meant to say "dinner jacket", not "evening jacket" father would be horrified by that error!

Nina is IN.

I don't think the dress is exactly the right color for her, but it works.

Scarlett was too curvy for it. It came off as too va-va-voom.

I like Nina's taste in men, too. (Besides the slipper guy, I mean.)

Gorge! In!

Minou Mechant

I have to say, I thought the monogrammed velvet slipper was for at-home wear only but perhaps times are changing. In any case, I think those particular shoes look ridiculous with formal attire. Especially with those ears.

My guess is that the dress looks better on a less curvy body. Nina looks great.

I think Nina has enough presence to carry this dress...and it's a lotta look.

I'm impressed that you remembered it was even worn previously. I'm not crazy 'bout the print, but agree it does look better on Nina. She brings class to everything.

Dearest, dearest Boys,

Ms. Garcia's escort in the final photo is wearing Stubbs and Wootton evening slippers, as ANY good WASP walker would wear. Or is that her husband ?

The Conservatory Ball is THE final event of the Spring Social Season, for REAL New York opposed to those parvenue's featured on the "Real Housewives of New York". Those bimbos are merely nuevo riche wanna-be socialites.

Google Stubbs and Wootton, you won't believe how FABULOUS those shoes really are. They make them for women, too.

I refuse to admit just how many pairs I own.

xoxo Sewhat?

sorry, I think it's a hideous print. Even the model looks bogged down in it.


IN! She looks amazing!

I think this is one of those dresses that curves make it look whacked. Whereas Nina is pretty much stick straight body wise like a model, it looks great.

Throw it on someone like Scarlett who has curves and the print is too much.

Can I see the back?


The dress is not my favorite but it looks divine on her. Did she change her hair or something? It looks much better.

Wow, she really owns that dress. Fabulous.

Wow. I wouldn't have even recognized the dress as the one Scar-Jo wore if you hadn't pointed it out.

She is SO working that dress. IN!

The dress looks less "couch-like" on Nina and works better on her frame, but I give it an OUT. After all these years, Nina's hair is starting to bug me.


I think it looks better on Nina because of her proportions. She is a tiny woman with a modest chest and the dress looks lovely. Scarlett, on the other hand, looks disproportionate in the dress. It makes her chest bulge and her arms look like they drag on the floor.

Yes, tuxedo slippers are considered correct for very formal events rather than the shiny pumps that most men wear- but you certainly don't see those slippers too much any more!

I remember Carson Kressly having a long conversation about tuxedo slippers at some point too...

I know I'm asking for it, but what is TFS?

BALMAIN for women

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