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In or Out: Maggie Grace

Maggie Grace attends the 2009 Whitney Contemporaries Art Party And Auction at Skylight in New York City in Christian Siriano.

Christian Siriano Fall 2009 Collection

She rocked his dress at the CFDAs the other night, but this is a big bleh. Shapeless and plain and just not doing a thing for her. OUT.

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I have to agree, it looks ten times better on the model.

I'd say OUT. I like the dress on the model, I also don't like her hair.


Oh God, that hair.

The dress is ok, but really does nothing for her.


too many cats

It looks as if the fabric collapsed on her, the smoothness from his show just isn't there.

Even in the first photo, it looks as if an underlining failed.

The color is good on her (who ever she is) and there are lots of much worse looks out there.

It just didn't zing.

Have no idea who she is.

All the way OUT.

I know Maggie Grace from her role of Shannon on "Lost."
It just isn't the same dress anymore. It's shapeless on her, she has no waist and she can't be skinnier than the model.

The dress needs a big fat rhinestone belt. Maybe Maggie could borrow one from Shelly O. The fabric is beautiful but the style looks like very very highend bridesmaid. DO NOT LIKE THE SHOES or EARRINGS.


The hair is what kills it for me. But I think if she did something different with the hair, moved the waistline up a little and stopped pressing her purse into her dress, it would look much better. I don't think this one deserves an OUT though. Just not an IN. I like that she has been giving Christian some love this week though :).

In her defense, it looks sloppy because of the fabric. That's a fabric that shows every wrinkle & I doubt this humid, rainy weather is helping it hold its' shape.

That is the type of dress that requires the wearer be delivered to the Red Carpet on a refridgerated slab.


But why is it bunching up on the hips like that? On the model it falls smoothly-- guess you can't have any hips to wear a dress like this.

I don't see the difference in the dress on her from on the model.

Not a fan of the color, but I'd say it looks OK; not a winner, not a loser.

Triceratops head.

fire the hairdresser.

"That is the type of dress that requires the wearer be delivered to the Red Carpet on a refridgerated slab."


The wearer needs to be standing on that slab, or the back of the dress looks like a Kleenex that went through the wash.

Also, that pose makes it look like the hem of the dress got caught in her undies. The petal skirt looked good on the runway, but not so much in the photo. Loved the color.

Not to be picky, but what is that black thing behind her feet in the full length shots? Looks like someone's tiny dog crawled into the photo and collapsed..

OUT for the hair and the shoes more than the dress. I thought someone left a wig or frilly purse behind her feet, then realized it was her shoes. Yikes!

To me the problem is the dress itself, the split in skirt isn't hitting in the right place and it looks home sewn. It looks slightly better on the model because of her height.

Rosie's Girl on 6/18/09 at 9:52 AM said.....Not to be picky, but what is that black thing behind her feet in the full length shots? Looks like someone's tiny dog crawled into the photo and collapsed..

I think it is feather frou-frou on the back of the heel of the shoes. I HATE THOSE SHOES.


When the dress is standing still it looks like the wearer caught the front part of the dress in her underwear. It doesn't help that she isn't really standing up straight. Posture, girls, posture!

thanks for identifying her, Croque Monsieur. I really am not up on current starlets!

Ow Chica Ow OW

Holy 80s Batman!

Can we please for the love of God remove teal from the color palette forever?

I love the color, but then I love all bright blues. It's great against her skin. I don't mind the dress too much, but I think it needed a belt or something to define her waist better.
The hair is AWFUL. Way to make her look like a 1950s housewife.

This was one of Christian's better dresses in his collection. But the fabric is not doing Maggie any favors. I wish she had gone with the blue color on the model. I'm becoming less and less a fan of teal. The blue is far prettier.

It's not a disaster, but I don't think it quite gets an in.

This is one ugly dress, one ugly hairstyle, one ugly cocktail ring and one ugly pair of shoes.
On the other hand, I do love the earrings, but not at all with the rest of this miserable look.
OUTTA here!

I hate the dress everywhere. I hate the hair more.

Hair and makeup is awful.

Oh no... OUT, for sure. It looks a million times better on the model. And the hair is atrocious.

Is Maggie a new arrival on the fashion scene? Or have I not been paying attention. I've seen her in several roles in addition to Shannon on Lost, but never thought of her as someone to watch on the fashion front.

She's so adorable, and she seems like a tomboy at heart, but I think she can pull off a glamorous look. I'm just not crazy about the dress. As "a" said, it looks home sewn, and it definitely looks like the front is caught in her underwear. I'm not liking the color either, or her hair, or the shoes, which are kind of scary. Maggie herself is the only good thing going on here. A reluctant OUT.

I actually really like the color, as well as her accessories for the look. The orange/coral color adds a great pop. it's just a pity the thing wilted on her. I would give her a mostly OUT, but with a lot more pause-and had her hair been less of a disaster, I would have leaned toward IN.

Maggie is cute-she recently starred in the Liam Neeson hit Taken, in which she was, well, not that great, but she's an adorable woman and seems to be on her way.

Somewhere along the line that dress got sat on and lost all of the interesting shapes. On the plus side, great earrings.

The dress looks pretty on the model but appears to be drabbed down here. The color is washed out and the accessories don't add anything. Don't even get me started on the hair.

The dress color is nice on her, the hair is ridiculous. It's borderline Cone-Head.

I can't take my eyes off that awful hair. Makes her forehead go on forever..a fourteen-head.

Part of the problem is the way the folds in the front are arranged. On the runway they tuck in to define that draped line, but Maggie has them tucked out to try and poof and they don't. The bodice is a bit long on her, and she needs to pose with hands on hips to not destroy the lines. I do like the color though.

Agree with others that the hair and shoes are bleargh.

Agree, it's an OUT.

I like Maggie because of Lost (yes, Tlo converted me and now I'm a hopeless Lost addict) but that hairstyle is distracting and unflattering.


If she'd put her hands on her natural waist like the model did, it would have looked better. Hands on the hips = awkward wrinkles.

Even with that though... It's not a cute dress (and I agree with whoever said it looks the same on her as the model), and it just looks cheap-cheap-cheap.

Honestly, I just don't get the current trend of making dresses with skirts that look like diapers. It's like designers got together and decided that ALL women need to be pear-shaped.

Is this look flattering on anyone?

Ugh, sorry, Maggie. This isn't your fault but OUT.

Eh, I like Maggie, but not this dress. Or that hair.

I think the only reason some might think it looked better on the model is that the model just put that dress on 30 seconds before this photo was taken. It may be more crisp, but it's still kinda shapeless.

I don't like the "slit" or whatever you'd call it being right in the middle -- and so high! The dress is saying "here's her cooch!"

Is there a reason she's wearing orange Mike and Ike's as earrings? No? Ok then. OUT.

I like her jewelry.

It's just so...blah. And the hair. I hate the hair. OUT

I don't like the hemline on her or the model. It looks like she went to the loo and her skirt got accidentally tucked in to her panties.


I love the color on her, but the poofiness.... no, Shannon. Please.

K, help me out, you younger hip people. Is the poofed up look in again? I'm seeing a TV commercial for bump-its that you put in your hair to raise it up.

It all has a Peggy Bundy 80s vibe to me. Is it really back in style? Also, I'm also seeing it with the bangs, which is very very 80s.

It's a great color, but the dress is not interesting at all and it looks awful on her. OUT.

Looks like the front of the dress got stuck in her thong.

I think she looks great in this color, and I love her smile. Maybe she should just try 1 size smaller and see if it fits her better.

That waistband is doing seriously weird things to her figure. It doesn't even look like the same fabric as the model's; on the model, the fabric is sculptural and stiff, whereas on her it is lifeless and droopy. Colors are a bit off, too.

Oh. My. God.

Didn't even notice the boots Christian paired it with. Serious fug up in here.

disagree! a big IN for me. love the dress (especially the color) & adore the earrings and ring.

She is uber attractive. Like to see her lots. Bad dress (sorry Christian, try another time the last flouncy one worked great), she looks unconfident and it is the dress's fault. I don't dislike it as much as I should, she still looks appropriate and is so very pretty. I don't hate the hair, it is just a dated older Hollywood look. The dress is screwed up. It is not a JOKE like midgety desperate housewife in the ocean swirl bottom train dragging wreck meant for an amazon, just off a mere 8 inches to a foot minimum in fit/length. It is a wonky style and the fabric and color killed it. Sorry, cute chick. OUT this time. Keep up the good work.

The dress is doing nothing for her body, and she has a great body.


OUT. No one of my favorite PPS dresses.

Somebody must tell me the name of the model; if that epitome of the fieceness isn't the next big thing, I don't what is.

She is a lovely girl with a great body, and she certainly does have a waist. The reason the skirt looks better on the model is that she is smooshing down the gathers at the waist by putting her hands on them. There are fit issues on Maggie.

I'm not crazy about the bubble-head hairstyle, but she is just so pretty I'll give her a faint IN.

She was quite good in "Lost" in an unsympathetic and complex role.

She (or her stylist) sure likes Christian.

Oh, the color is lovely on her. And I think "two many cats" is right about the lining. Maybe it was messed up when the dress was altered.


Who the hell is Maggie Grace? I am too lazy to google her but I am giving her an OUT based on that stupid hair do. I like the color of the dress but that is it.

Those shoes make me angry. grr.

Those shoes on the model are a bit silly but jesus louisus is she incredibly fabulous.

"Regular" (non-model) women are savages who sit, stand and run around in these dresses without quite paying attention to what's happening to the garment. This leads to death of volume in dresses like this one.

honesty.not.pc, if you'd read upthread (too lazy?) you'd see that she played Shannon on Lost and appeared in the Liam Neeson hit movie, Taken, playing his kidnapped daughter.

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