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In or Out: Lucy Liu

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Lucy Liu attends the Persol "Incognito Design Exhibition" at The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City in Giambattista Valli.

Giambattista Valli Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Kasia Struss

Does this bitch age?

Y'know, this could have gone either way. That's a tough dress to pull off, no doubt, but the girl managed it. It looks as good or better on her than it does on the model. Of course, it helps to be tall, thin, and beautiful (in fact, it's a requirement for this dress), but it was still a risky choice for her and we sit at our desks and applaud her for it. For once, we think it was a smart choice to keep all the accessories neutral. You don't really want anything fighting that dress for attention. Two minor complaints: the bracelets are a little distracting and she didn't need them, and it looks like her hair stylist skimped on the product because what should have been a sleek 'do is instead looking a little wind-blown. Still, a big ol' IN.

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Pretty -- but the bodice reminds me of cauliflower....maybe it's the color.


I'm mixed on the dress. I mean, it's -- to use a favorite PR term -- "a lot of look." She's so freaking gorgeous, though, she could wear a potato sack.

IN!!! I Like


I don't like the dress. Yes, young sally, it DOES look like cauliflower, or like it's gone very, very moldy.

She looks beautiful, but the dress reminds me of a comment made by "Fiona" in the movie "Four Weddings and a Funeral" (one of my fav movies, BTW)....regarding the first bride:
"You're blind, Scarlett, she looks like a huge merengue".

IN - although I think the dress would have looked even better on her if the cauliflower had been reduced by a third.

What in carnation?

hydrangea, I believe. But I do kind of like it. It's a lot of look for sure, but she's working it.

I love Lucy ever since a long ago episode of ER. Need to see much more of her.
It's a whole lot of dress that's for sure but she looks great.

I love the dress, but every time I see it I'm reminder of an over-flowing mug of beer...

I love Lucy Liu, but that dress? Not so much. It looks like someone stuck cauliflower florets all over the bustline.

I disagree. I think the dress is fugly.

I was way torn on this one.

On one hand, I love her and she looks fricken stunning as usual. I completely agree about the hair. It looks like it's come undone.

On the other hand, that dress is borderline fugly and I agree with every flower and vegetable reference made (though I lean towards cauliflower.)

IN - but ONLY because it's her.

I'm gonna nitpick your sentiments a touch: "It helps to be tall, thin, and beautiful.." Lucy Liu is 5'3". That's shorter than I am, and I'm just average. It doesn't detract from how beautiful she looks in this dress -- and she's gorgeous -- but sometimes it's nice to point out that you don't HAVE to be an Amazon to pull of these clothes...

Ornamental cabbage. It's hard to see the texture though, as the photography doesn't pick up the detail of the light color.

It's nice to see a celebrity boosting her bustline with something other than plastic surgery, chicken cutlets, or way-too-tight fashion.


The dress is fabulous and fun, I love it!


It looks to me that the cauliflower-dress ratio was increased. Lop off a few florets and it would suit her smaller frame.

Puhleez, the top of that dress looks like her couch puked up stuffing. Awful.

Really? In? The word that came to mind when I saw this dress is "growth" -- as in, "There is a strange growth on your chest, Miss Liu." WAY too much dress for her tiny frame. Maybe too much dress for anyone.

I love the hydrangea action! She looks interesting and the dress isn't overwhelming her petite frame so I have to say, good for her!

I agree about the bracelets though, she coulda ditched them and we'd all have been a bit happier.

Whipped cream, cauliflower, hydrangeas, brain coral, meringue, whatever. It's gorgeous. Not for everyone, but gorgeous. I also suspect it's even more gorgeous in person than when photographed.


Wow! Reading some of the comments here, I just went WOW. And what's about fashion that excites you guys? This dress exudes fashion and fabulosity. She's IN, darlings.

She's really fabulous. I love her! Automatic IN.

Qualified IN. Yah, a few too many florets, as someone said. (Also love the "merengue" comment, that's one of my favorite lines from 4W&AF.)

She's beautiful anyway.

Am I the only one who thinks the top looks like a yeast infection? I applaud a non-boring dress, but not one that requires a trip to the drugstore.

la aterciopelada

I just see poodle. It's Rorschach fashion!

"Lop off a few florets and it would suit her smaller frame."

Or intersperse some orange circles and green florets and make it a smiling reference to a bland restaurant veggie du jour.

OTOH, that dress looks as good on her as it could on anyone.
She is so very, very slim (see side view) that the dress could flatter her more.

In, with reservations

Fab! In!

I heard (a makeup artist friend of mine) she's a bitch in real life.

Lucy's an automatic IN for me. Can't help it, I adore her.

Went thru all the comments, love the vegetation references, then went back and studied the pix.

Straight on, it works for me. I love the cascading beads down the torso. The 3/4 shots... not so much. I agree it's out of proportion with her small frame and all those calling to whack 1/3 off the top.

But again, I worship Lucy so definite IN.

IN! She looks smashing, as usual.

She is one fierce bitch and her face is flawless but I hate the dress.

I'll grudgingly give her an "IN", but if the dress was in a different color with no competing pattern on the torso the dress (and Miss Lucy) would have been stunning. Also, as you said, the hair could have been a lot better.

LOL "Rorschach fashion"
I see those wet-paper-towel ceiling sculptures that were popular in my middle-school restrooms.
Or, I see oatmeal.
But I think she is beautiful, and the dress certainly makes a statement. IN

The dress is gorgeous; she's one of the few who can pull it off.

I can't believe Persol uses that font. I glanced at it and thought, "Why does it say Lysol behind Lucy Liu?!"


Lucy is undeniably gorgeous and this dress works for her. Most people would look insane, but she looks great. Also have to give her props for being brave enough not to wear something terribly boring.

Egads, the bottom of the dress says "elegant cocktail", but the top of the dress says "whipped cream bikini contest!". I can't get past it. OUT.

She's beautiful, but I have to say there's just too much of the frou-frou top. Looks like freezer burn. Melt it down a tad and the proportions would look better.


To me, it looks like that tree fungus is growing on her torso. Don't like it at all! Sorry!

CroqueMonsieur on 6/25/09 at 12:00 PM said...I heard (a makeup artist friend of mine) she's a bitch in real life.

If I looked as good as Lucy Liu I'd be a bitch too!


This coming from a short girl (5"1'), and I hate to limit our choices, but I think she's too short for this dress. The model makes it look like art. Lucy looks overwhelmed. Nice try, but there are ways to take risks without overwhelming the woman.

I'm a jewelry whore, so I love the bracelets.

She's beautiful, and I have to grudginly admit that she is pulling this look off well. I still hate the dress, though.

She looks like she has a caulifower growing out of her bosom.* The long shot would work, but then she messes it up with the contrived pose. I do like the color and the basic silhouette on her.

It's an OUT with an I'd like to see more from her.

* hee, just read some of the other comments.

It is "a lot of look", but she kept her makeup and hair simple, so overall it's not overwhelming or overdone.


This reminds me of Laura Bennett's Paris dress. On the first outing it looks fabulous, and in this case the runway look is fab and it comes off as floral. On Lucy, it lost something, it went from a runway flower to a red carpet cauliflower.

Better and less overwhelming on her than the model, but it still is fugly. Cauliflower, yes. Hate the hair. She looks tired.


Dammit. It looks like whipped cream. I'm on a diet and now I'm seriously craving whipped cream. Straight from the can. Mmmmmmmm.


She's amazing. So short, but she can carry off designs made for much taller women; partly attitude, partly body proportions, I guess.

I love hydrangeas--blue ones.

The bodice could be fitted a little better, but she's IN.


I think this dress needs a girl with a larger bust. :)

Sewing Siren

In, definitely. She has the perfect skin tone to wear that dress.

Rorschach fashion: I thought maybe her boobs caught fire and someone doused them in fire-retardant foam.

i'm not dorothy gale

Fleurchons on steroids.

What I love about Lucy is that she is NOT tall. She is like 5'1! And she knows what works for her and looks fantastic.

I like it. I love this cream color and it perfectly compliments her tones

But I look at the runway model then her and I have to wonder if this particular dress would look better on a woman with a thicker waist.

I think the volume of the bodice should have been toned down for Miss Liu. The contrast of bodice to waist appears too excessive. It does not do so on the runway model and I have to wonder if her garment had less "fullness".

I don't know about this one. It kind of looks like she just wrapped herself in a tube of stiff fabric and then started to cover herself with whipped cream but got distracted and had to leave. Her face looks nice, though.

IN! And Vive La fashion!

Love the dress! IN. IN. IN.

Very nice. Slim. Very over the top, like a French Provincial Farce done in neutral and because of the toned down quality and perfect fit and reflection on her skin, an IN. (It would not have worked on most others, and I think owns it.)

Good job, LL, and take TLo's advice on better hair styling with an award winning dress like this, next time, o.k.?

"she" owns it. Oops.


As another short woman (5'1") who has met Lucy in person and can verify that she is also very short, I give her mad props for pulling this off. She looks tall! (another ad for great tailoring - though being crazy skinny helps too). This is not an everyday dress, but I love for the red carpet. IN!

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That foxy dress on runway looked like a moldy dress on her !

Only very skinny lady like that model can wear this dress which not designed for woman with average breasts.

When I saw her in that dress suddenly I heard a flight attendant saying "In case of water landing Lucy Liu may used as a flotation device"

But still... a marginal IN mainly due to the fact she is Lucy GODDAMN Liu!

The top of the dress looks like somebody sprayed whip cream on her also looks like carnations. Or cauliflower. I don't like it.

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