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In or Out: Kristin Davis

Darlings, we have tons to do today and the coffee's not working as well as it should be, so let's start the week off with an easy one.

Kristin Davis attends the "Chocolat au Vin" benefit for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital at Capitale in New York City in Oscar de la Renta.

Why so grim, Kristin? Listen, stylists are a dime a dozen. Just set this one out to pasture and you can start interviewing new ones immediately. Clearly, whoever dressed you in that deserves to be worrying about where their next check is coming from.

Oscar de la Renta Pre-fall 2009 Collection
Model: Heidi Mount

See? There's a nice, tight smile! Who's a trouper?

It's not a bad dress - it's not a great dress, mind you, but it's not the worst we've seen. The problem is, whoever's dressing you lately is making the mistake of not dressing YOU. It's a look that does nothing for you, hon. You are a beautiful woman with classic good looks and a lovely figure; you're not a 6-foot-tall, willowy 22-year-old model. It's a realization most of us have had to come to and now it's your turn.

So, what's the problem? Skirt's too full and too long; bodice doesn't look very comfortable on you; the whole style of the look looks wrong on you, AND they paired your black dress with a pair of rather plain black shoes and a black clutch. Plus that makeup and hair? Fire them, sweetie. Rip it off like a bandaid and move on with your life.


[Photos: WireImage/Celebutopia]

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Hmm. I liked it but thought it was boring. Then saw it on the model -- love it with the bold necklace and black hose. PS. Kristin has gorgeous gams.

C.C.-Agree with you! The necklace makes the dress and the black hose are necessary for a long clean black line separated and broke up only by texture.


Her legs look so stout... Sorry Charlotte, definitely an OUT...

It's a nice change for her. She usually does that 50's fit and flair silhouette that does look good on her.
If it were to be customized a bit more for her, I would have had the feather trim start just a bit lower, as give a slightly longer waist. I like the fullness elsewhere, but agree it could have been a tad shorter.
I still give her an IN.

To me, she's always an out, but this one is a BIG out for one reason - SHE doesn't like it! You can't fake being comfortable in a risky dress - either you have the self confidence to pull it off or you don't. And if you don't, work it at home in front of a mirror until you do. I don't know why she isn't more confident, she's beautiful!

OUT. Whenever I see someone wearing a strapless dress and getting the chicken cutlets at the armpits, it is time to put the strapless dresses away. Kristen, fire your stylist.

All that was needed was for the hem to raised to just over the knee and a different shoe. DONE

I'd give her an unenthusiastic IN.

This is a case where she is not worthy of the dress, nothing personal. She's just not working the dress' fabulosity.

I say she's IN! I don't hate the dress, and her hair is to die for!

"Tlo said: Why so grim, Kristin?"

If she feels bad, imagine how the ostrich feels. He probably hasn't been able to sit down for a week.

But you know, we haven't seen much from Madame since Wayland died. Nice to see her out & about.


I agree it's a little long and not "the best dress EVER," but I certainly wouldn't call it bad in anyway. You guys have such weird, inconsistent tastes.

I thought it was okay, but not great. Agree that the shoes/bag are wrong. Ehat's wrong with her hair? I love the hair!

GT: Chicken cutlets have to do with they way your body is, too, not just weight/age... I've had them since high school and I was skinnier than Victoria B. And I don't see real cutlets here... just an excess of boobage.

I think it's just sort of...lost on her. The dress looks great on the model, but it just isn't translating to Kristin. I think the bodice look nice on her, but the

Plus, I am not a fan of that iced pink frosted lipstick. It's too country club for me and doesn't fit with the dress.


I hate the dress, but I think her hair and make-up look very pretty.

Anne said...You can't fake being comfortable in a risky dress - either you have the self confidence to pull it off or you don't. And if you don't, work it at home in front of a mirror until you do. 6/1/09 9:12 AMTo me this is key, granted there could have been better choices in accessories and styling, but what is lacking is the dazzle that comes from within. Arguably Kristin Davis has a better body and look than Drew Barrymore and Debra Messing, but I suspect with the exact same styling, they would have pulled it off better. Also, as Sewing Siren said it's a departure from her usual look so hopefully she will get it right.

The dress looks chip in a chip way, no? OUT. Love her, but OUT.

Man, I just don't like that dress. It would fit the style of the Real Housewives of NJ much better. Too much gold, too much shiny, too much muppet skirt, just too much.

It looks like a dead bird, I don't like it at all. I'm surprised it's an Oscar de la Renta dress.

I'm with carolie, Gorgeous -- chicken cutlets aren't necessarily age and weight related. Even the model's got some cutlet goin' on!


I'm in the camp of those who noticed that she just doesn't seem as if she likes this dress, therefore it isn't working for her.

The dress itself doesn't seem to really make the most of Kristin's body-she usually looks lovely, but this is not working.


Very much agreed with C.C.'s original post - that the model's necklace & black hose would have improved the look.

The proportion & color would still not have been doing what a dress should for its wearer - her hair color just is not set off by black & it certainly was too long.

I call it OUT, not because its hideous but because it looks somehow as if it was a last minute unplanned choice - not quite altered correctly, not accessorized quite right, and doing nothing wonderful for her.

TLo, You have said it all just right!

Sourpuss in a dress she obviously isn't comfortable wearing. Patricia Field had her pegged and it's looks like she's trying hard not to be Charlotte. Although I like the makeup.


Gotham Tomato said:

"But you know, we haven't seen much from Madame since Wayland died. Nice to see her out & about."

Got a laugh out of me with that! I like how your mind works, woman!

Any dress that makes a good body look bad is an OUT. And it looks so uncomfortable, like she has had to stand all night because it is impossible to sit in. Her hair is pretty and her make-up is nice except she needs darker lipstick. The bag and shoes are all wrong.

"See? There's a nice, tight smile! Who's a trooper?"

Where do you guys come up with these lines -- and before proper amounts of coffee, too!

Still, I kind of like the dress on her. I don't love the dress and I agree the styling is rather sluggish, but I think she looks good, if not sparkling.

Dress makes her look bottom heavy. OUT. I'm so tired of her hair. It is really starting to age her. Wouldn't you love to see her cut about 5-6 inches off. He petite face would look so cute with a shorter cut.

It looks 100 times better on the model. Some stylists just can't get it right. They think all you need to do is get that dress from that collection and they're done. No fitting, no nothing.

Sewing Siren, in your yellow coat design, I can't see what the writing says, so I'm not sure what the surprise is. 'Splain, please! xoBB

Trouper, not trooper, unless you mean state trooper? What we got here is a failure to communicate. Love ya!

Now, I'm having an Abba moment...

"Tonight the super trouper lights are going to find me

Shining like the sun.

Smiling, having fun.

Feeling like a number one."

Hahaha, "rip it off like a band aid".
I love that. Thanks for the laugh!

Oh, and I agree. O U T

I added the words to my profile, just for you. ;).

I agree, Isabella. I thought there was something cheap and naugahydey about the polka-dot top, and just to much dying swan going on....until I saw it on the model. I guess you can work it if you are a million feet tall!

I like the makeup, except that I am sick of the pale lip. I love that Kristin has such beautiful hair, but she needs to mix it up and wear an updo more often. She's boring NINA! :)

TLo I have noticed on so many celebrities that the couture clothing they wear is just too long for them. Do you know if the designers are lending the actual model fit pieces or are these "off the rack" because most women are not model height and the dresses lose so much by being a bit too long on a real person.

Kristin Davis has a face, body, career, and bankbook most people would kill for. With all those advantages, why on earth does she keep making herself look awful? It's not as if she's expressing some quirky personal style, a la Bjork or Whoopi Goldberg. It's just really bad styling. If I had the opportunity to style her, I'd love to add some shine to her hair, smoke to her eyes, and depth to her lips, followed by something by Laura Bennett to wear. Like that yellow belted number from her final runway show!

I agree those aren't cutlets, but boobage, although that doesn't make it any better.

It's painfully obvious she's not comfortable with the dress, and it does need to be a bit shorter. I hate seeing her look less than fabulous. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time it's happened.

I love her hair, but it wouldn't hurt to cut a few inches off. If it were brought up to where it just brushes the shoulder it would have even more bounce and life to it.

A semi-Out. She'll never look as ridiculous as SJP, so she always gets points for that.

I don't think she looks bad per se, but the look doesn't really capitalize on Kristin's sense of style, which seems to be classic/waspy/safe. Actually, when I look at the model wearing the dress I think it's not her body that is making the difference, but her hair and the accessories. I could see Drew Barrymore working this look and pulling it off, even though she doesn't have a runway model's figure.

It is an okay dress. I'm not that crazy about it on the model either. But you are so right about it not being for Kristen. I know it is horrible for us to associate her with Charlotte forever, but that is the style that looks best on her!

OUT! It's a horrible dress!

It's so not her style. What was she thinking? Step outside Charlotte's box?

God, that is an ugly dress. Her hair looks terrible too.

I don't think the model looks a whole lot better than Kristin; definitely looks very hippy.

The main issue is that the dress is too long for Kristin. It is not a very nice dress; too shiny and feathery. Kristin looks better in more tailored, classic looks.

She definitely deserved a better dress

Kristin Davis

Mental Note: Smile so people can see the 'joy' clothes bring me while I wear them. That's the only qualification I need for this crowd's approval!

Well, Kristin's naturally sour, so no shock here.

Didn't Hedda Lettuce verify this for us?

i'm not dorothy gale

Too full of freeze 'n' fill to have much expression and the dress does not inspire. ZZZZZZZzzzz

I was about to give her an IN because I really like the dress, but not on her... until I realized she brought a spare pair of shoes to the red carpet.
For mor information please see grim picture on the bottom right... wtf is that???

I'm sorry hon': OUT

OUT. The dress is fugly.

6/1/09 10:20 AM
The dress looks chip in a chip way, no? OUT. Love her, but OUT.

Took the words right out of my mouth - well - the top anyway. it looks like wrapping paper - similar to something heidi wore a while back.

I love her but that's an OUT look, for sure.

It's too long, and the shoes are dowdy. Out!

If Ms. Davis gets the word of TLo's advice, she will have the best tip in the biz. Of course she is her own person, and should do it her way, but get a makeover and a new stylist. She has every asset known to man (Poster Tan Tan said her legs look stout? W H A T? Cheerleader legs they are not, they are gorgeous to the extreme) and is using like, none of it. And who noticed? TLo. I wouldn't have given her the time of day one way or the other. This is an utterly gorgeous gal. Needs brighter makeup, (esp. te globby Lisa Gibbons inch thick lip gloss look) new do and please, clothes that do you justice. Since it is a mind-reading moment, yes - like Laura Benett's. Her aesthetic was the first I thought of when imagining who could solve this stylist mismanagement. So, Ms. Davis, you have the panel's decision. Go forth and makeover and re-hire.


God, I wish she would do something different with her hair. It's terribly dated.


The ridiculous feathers make her look hippy. Also, open-toe shoes aren't the greatest look for wider little pitty pat feet.

Time to get new gays.

feathers = dead bird fashion


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