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In or Out: Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet attends a screening of "Away We Go" at Landmark's Sunshine Cinema in New York City in a Stella McCartney dress paired with Louboutin shoes.

Stella McCartney Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Toni Garrn

It's funny. If this was anyone else, we might have taken her to task for not really putting the effort in. The reason we're not doing that is because during her whirlwind "I want that fucking Oscar" press and red carpet tour of '09, we were a little distressed to see her morph into a too-polished version of herself. For a while there, she looked like a walking airbrushed picture. A national monument to acting that bore little resemblance to the talented actress and interesting woman. A buffed and polished, starved-down version of herself under 60 pounds of couture and a couple million bucks worth of jewelry.

This is the Kate we know and love. Streamlined and beautiful and not suffering under the weight of trying to be perfect. Nothing overdone, which is good, because this isn't all that high-profile of an event. We love the hair, makeup and jewelry but we don't really like the dress. We're just happy to see a return to a less goddess-like Kate.


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Subtract the ruffle across the top of the chest and I really like the dress, especially on Kate. Like the shoes, hair, makeup, and jewelry as they are.

That ruffle really should have been scaled up in step with the size of the dress. It's not big enough to work on Winslet's not-model-sized body.

Hmmm. The ruffle is the only thing I like about this weird softball-tee-with-illusion-netting-sleeves. Really, when was the last time I liked a Stella McCartney frock?

Love you, TLo, but can't agree. Better than Oscar time, yes. All that went to her head. Still MUCH too mannish. She used to be a girl. What happened? The hair? What hair? Dress fugly. Makeup very good. She does have a great husband, tho. OUT

From a distance it looks like she's wearing an old, thin t-shirt under an apron. The somewhat frayed look of the sheer material adds to that impression.

I agree, the ruffle seems out of place. It looks like it needs....something else on the black part of the dress; I'm just not sure what.

Makeup is great, hair is meh.

I don't like the dress at all and the super tight hairdo doesn't help. She looks like she's fading into the background, big OUT from me.

The dress looks nice on her. Her hair is a bit too "just got out of the pool" for me, but I guess she has the face to pull it off.

Hate those sleeves sooo much

I HATE her hair, it looks like she has a receding hairline.

Ew - no. Out. I don't like how the dress is fitted around the bust. Sometimes tight looks sleek. Other times (like here) tight just looks too tight.

The hair is too severe for that dress. The tightness could have been nicely offset with a looser do. Instead, she looks like she's been wrapped for shipping.

"Out of the pool look" is also apt as her eyes look pretty bloodshot in that closeup.

She looks tired.

IN. Not crazy about the dress, but she looks incredible.

I am so sick of these celebs thinking that Beatle Paul's daughter is the bee's knees of fashion.

As usual, its uninspiring and tacky.

Kate's a classy dame and probably wanted to vamp it up, but this dress just looks chip in a chip way, no?


This dress reminds me of an ice skating outfit, with that sheer skin-colored fabric on the arms. I'm not a fan of this one.

6/6/09 2:03 PM This dress reminds me of an ice skating outfit, with that sheer skin-colored fabric on the arms. I'm not a fan of this one.

Chloe did one for Sasha Cohen with the sheer fabric. Except it was well-made and beautiful.

Love her, really dislike the dress. A qualified IN.

OUT, she looks like a sausage

Like the dress, like her. In!

OUT. Both the dress and her.

I just don't see this dress as doing her any favors. She looks so broad in the shoulders with that cut.


You love her hair? What hair??

Winslet is #2 on my list of hair rescues. After I get done dying Nicole Kidman's hair red again, I'm heading for Kate's house to free her hair.

I'm just traumatized that there is red carpet in the East Village?!!
What is this world coming to? Will we all be forced to wear Zac Posen at some point?

Instead, she looks like she's been wrapped for shipping.

Hahahaha! I completely agree. A definite OUT.

I think she is naturally gorgeous.

But that dress looks like 2 different dresses that aren't speaking to each other. She could have bought something off the rack at Saks and done better.

She's In. The dress is Out.


Now for the unsoucient reaction: I am the Hostess at the Diner, not the waitress! (Unique - diners don't have hostesses.)

A large frame Sharon Stone in rhe making. "Oh yes, I am a goddess." This SM dress is at least one size too small, and tho kudos on the perfect length, the scalped head distorts the proportions mightily, and she just looks large. As before, Out.

The dress is enh on her. But my main problem is the no-makeup/no hair look. You gotta have one or the other if you're dressed up--don't care which, just one or the other.

But I'm glad to see she's put some weight back on and seems to be scaling back on the highlights, she was looking haggard--she can be thin, but she's better looking when she's not.

Jocelyn, you'll be happy to see that Nicole's red again.

Kate? OUT. She looks like a linebacker. Still love her, though.

Oh Kate. It's not you.

It's Stella.

The cut of the dress eliminates her waist, diminishes her curves and makes her look like a cinder block. OUT

I don't love the dress, hair or makeup. As a whole, she looks washed out. Sorry Kate, I love you but this look is OUT.

Oh Kate, no.

As beautiful as she is, she doesn't have the face for such a severe hair style. It makes her features look absolutely huge, when they really aren't. The makeup isn't doing her any favors, either.

As for the dress... Stella McCartney is a joke, and this is a bad one.

i'm not dorothy gale

She is a truly beautiful woman and the dress, makeup and hairstyle do nothing for her. I say OUT.

I think the dress is not right for her at all and makes her chest seem too large in an unproportional way. The hair is too pulled back and severe for the flirty ruffle at the neck of the dress.

Normally, I love her, but in this case, I say OUT.

It's those awful sleeves, stopping right dead at the elbows they look totally weekend chores. I feel like she's going to go out and wash the car.


SUS said: "Hmmm. The ruffle is the only thing I like about this weird softball-tee-with-illusion-netting-sleeves. Really, when was the last time I liked a Stella McCartney frock?"

Uh, yeah! I'm with you - can't remember!

IN. I love the dress and I HATE Stella M.

IN. She looks chic and relaxed.

Is it just me, or are those shoes too big for her? They look odd somehow.

Not crazy about the dress, but I adore Kate. She'd have to choose something pretty heinous not to look good. It's a hard look but it's definitely IN.

IN. She' always IN.

On the fence. The dress would have been so much better as a halter without the sleeves, and the hair is just too severe - it looks painful. I do like her make-up and jewelry, and I love that she flaunts her curves.

While I appreciate that she is not trying to overdo here, reluctantly OUT.

For one reason only - the top of the dress highlights her broad shoulders rather than balancing them out.

So close, girl. Keep it up, we're with you.

TLo I am with you, she looks paired down, sleek, sophisticated and beautiful! Fabulous!!!


I really don't know why everyone loves Stella so much?
Like "SUS" I can't remember when I really liked a Stella McCartney outfit!

out !

Dress out - I made something like that in home ec 20 plus years ago, trying to be elegant and chic and the home ec teacher said just what someone has said here - "it looks like 2 different dresses, and I don't like either one of them." Stella McCartney is overrated, although I do like her perfume. Hair on Kate is unflatering, but her face is so pretty she gets away with it.

IN but meh.

Yeah her make up gun doesn't need to be set on whore, but it shouldn't be set on blah either.

She looks a bit like Kim Catrall.

The dress looks too much like a figure skating costume, but I agree, her whole look is a welcome return to normalcy.

The severe hair and severe dress make her look like a bad drag queen version of herself.

I think only one thing can be severe at a time.


"Linebacker", "cinder block". I agree. This is not the dress for Kate, who's naturally soft and feminine. The dress and the hair are both too tight, and she looks like she's not wearing any make-up. Not in a good way, but in a "I was in a hurry and didn't have time to put it on" way.

The dress itself is all kinds of tacky. It does look like two different dresses. Maybe Kate became confused just by looking at it.

How can this be considered "IN"!!!!
You guys have lost all credibility

"MadisonC said...
How can this be considered "IN"!!!!
You guys have lost all credibility"

Lost all credibility because you don't agree with them this time?
Have some perspective, will you? My god, go out for a walk or something.

The dress is OUT. She's IN.

another laura

I'm with Croque Monsieur. Do not like Stella McCartney frock, love Kate W.

The ruffle would flatter the body of someone who is flat-chested, like 99% of models. It does not flatter someone who has real-woman curves, like Kate. It's a beautiful dress, but it's not right for Kate.

MadisonC on 6/7/09 at 8:19 PM
said...How can this be considered "IN"!!!! You guys have lost all credibility.

WHAT!!! PUT THE CRACK PIPE DOWN or HAND IT OVER TO NINA! TLo could neber lose credibility.



I love Kate Winslet, but I am joining the ranks of those who wonder how Stella McCartney got a reputation as a good designer. that dress is meh.

Ehhh, doesn't do a thing for me. Neither does this actress. Never understood the appeal.


Kate is a goddess no matter what. That's all I'm sayin'.

It's fucking Kate, folks. IN IN IN!!!

I can't stand Stella McCartney!

OUT - her hair looks like she pulled it back to wash her face. Sleeves are distracting and weird.

I hate the dress, but the logic behind the "In" vote is flawless. Yes to a more normal Kate. I love your reasoning.

Love her, but the dress reminds me of old lady lingerie! Ugh.

I think it would be more fun if the sheer-sparkly were in a color.

Too much boob for the ruffle.

I'm a girl with boobs (as in, big) and the first thing that stands out to be is how unflattering the neckline is on Kate. The way the sleeves start doesn't help. She looks way too heavy on the chest. Also, she looks so pale!

When I said pale, I don't mean the fact that she's not very tanned--I don't mind that myself as someone with fair skin. I mean...she looks pale in a sick way. The hair is kinda severe too.

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