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In or Out: Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster attends the Women In Film 2009 Crystal + Lucy Awards at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Century City, California in Giorgio Armani.

Giorgio Armani Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Ilze Bajare

Clearly, Jodie's not an "I enjoy being a girl" kinda girl, but she always pulls it together when she has to make an appearance on a red carpet. She always favors classic designers like Calvin Klein and Armani in neutral tones and this look is no different. Everything's tasteful and flattering and put together well. It's not the most exciting look in the world but that's just not her thing. True style is about dressing yourself well, not dressing according to the whims of fashion or even dressing to impress others. For that, she's an IN.

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Hey y'all, I just found you site when I was looking for blogs analyzing The Fashion Show, and I finally found your blog "Thank you Jesuuuuuuuuus" (copyright Reco), lol!

Anywho, back to the topic at hand: I like Jodie Foster's style, unpretentious and still classic. The dress is actually a beautiful shape (especially above the waist), and I prefer the metallic to the black that originally went down the runway.

My only concern is that because it's a neutral metallic, it can look like gold or silver depending on how the lighting hits it. However, when she wears the gold shoes (which are fab, what brand are they?), it emphasises the silver in the dress. Which is a bummer for me since I'm not a fan of mixing metallics. I'm not sure I would have gone with those shoes, and the clutch blends in with everything, so you can barely see it. It's a bit too much matching going on for me.

However, I agree, she's not a "dress-up" type of gal, but when she does, she does it well and beautifully, with a form of respect actually. I gotta agree with y'all.

I gotta disagree on one point, I wish she'd stuck to the black or a darker neutral.

The dress is stunning and so is she, but she looks a little washed out in that metallic. Or maybe its just the lighting...its hard to tell.

I love that she dresses for herself and not to brand a name.

Classic, chic and very IN.

She's doing everything right, it's her stance in the photos that's bothering me a little. A hand on the hip and a little throwing it out there would be nice in these photos.

She looks great and she looks like someone I wouldn't mind hanging out with.


You forgot to insert, "Smile, you're skinny and rich."

The dress and SHOES fit perfectly! Therefore, I am willing to bet this was not a freebie or loaner. Pefect custom tailoring makes anything look great.


Jodie never makes any tragic fashion missteps-- she's got a great body, good taste, and she's never felt the need to flaunt the goods, or cling to youth.

I'd love to see Jodie in the runway version-- in black, with the same accessories, and red lips. She could pull it off.

She looks about 12 yrs. old in her go to function meeting dress. The model looks about 26. The black is adult & does the amazing architecture of the dress a favor.

Jodie is American pie & "cleans up nicely". Too bad she has such utter lack of interest in being pretty as she actually is. Makeup always scrubbed look. No chances taken here.

Shoes normal nice, not great with dress. Bag o.k. but matchey-matchey detracts from overall.

Painful admit IN. The dress does all the work.

A little boring? Yes, yes it is. But she is as well put together as she usually is and her tried and true style works for her. IN

She looks great, age and personality appropriate. I like the dress better in black though.

In in IN! Love her style and I love the fact that she is true to herself.

That and she's a great actress (actor? not sure what the PC is these days).

what is with all this matchy clutch business that EVERYONE seems to be doing lately? Jodie is definitely an IN because... it's Jodie freakin' Foster. But no more matching your clutch to your dress and/or shoes, people. You're on the red carpet, not going to prom.

Gotta say, I usually agree with you boys, but not in this case - she looks good because she always does, but I am not loving the dress. Major case of titscrepancy, which is never in. I think the black would have been more flattering. OUT

Jodie looks beautiful and everything fits perfectly. I had never thought about her style before, but I agree that she does play it safe. However, I LOVE everything about the model's styling, including the sassy beret. And if she wanted to, Jodie could totally pull off that look too, and look really HOT. I prefer the dress in black also, and I don't usually feel that way.

She looks great! The hem bothers me; shorten it about 2 inches and iron it out. Other than that, I love it!

I like the dress better in black, also; the metallic is washing her out. But she looks fantastic, nonetheless. She reminds me of one of my aunts (now in her 90s) about whom we always say, "She never changes!" Some people never seem to look any older, and Foster is one of them.

She is a classic beauty who doesn't seem to depend on that beauty because she has actual talent (& brains) as well. I think that's the reason she never has the air of desperation about her, the way some actresses do who rely soley on their looks.

She's an evergreen like JackieO.



She looks fabulous! Love her!

IN! The dress is fabulous!

She looks more put-together, pretty, and feminine that 98% of lesbians out there, and for that alone she is IN.

BarbH said: She looks about 12 yrs. old in her go to function meeting dress. The model looks about 26. The black is adult & does the amazing architecture of the dress a favor.

I personally like it better in the black, too, but that she looks so young wearing the neutral isn't exactly a bad thing, considering that she's 47. Jodie is one actress who knows what works for her - I think the black would have been harsh and aging. Definite IN.

I say "IN" because she's dressing her age in a style that becomes her. No trying to look twenty years younger than where she is (yes, I am looking at you Miz Stone).

I just wish we'd see more of her on film! She's smart, quite talented and can do funny very well when she chooses. Would rather see her in a movie anyday over Katherine Heigel & the like.


I think she looks great, dress, makeup and hair all tasteful and elegant.I can't believe y'all didn't say anything about the clutch and shoes all matching the dress, though.

In or out? Kinda both. I mean she won't discuss it, but she doesn't bother to really hide it.

Oh, you meant the way she dressed . . .

To those of you still complaining about "everyone" doing "matchy-matchy" bags and shoes:

Maybe that's the new trend, and YOU are the one who's missed it.

Just sayin'.

Really, REALLY hate those shoes, though. Bad enough in the first place, but especially bad for this dress.

Her face looks amazing. She's more beautiful now than she was 20 years ago. Talk about aging well.

I don't love the dress even though I think it's better in black. There's too much busyness in the chest area. However, she looks great overall and I think the monotone look with everything matching works well on her. It's elegant and a bit minimalist.

Big IN.

To my own surprise. I always appreciate that she can do glam & womanly in ways that don't fight with her tomboy vibe. But this dress just doesn't flatter her. Maybe it's the camera angles, maybe the dress and shoes are too busy, but, sadly, out.


She has such fantastic gams, I wish she would show them off more. Although I wouldn't want her to wear that dress with the hem the model is sporting, she would look great if it was just slightly above her knee.

"You forgot to insert, 'Smile, you're skinny and rich.'"

When we start applying this to men evenly, it'll be funny. Until then? Not so much.

Anonymous said:"To those of you still complaining about "everyone" doing "matchy-matchy" bags and shoes:

Maybe that's the new trend, and YOU are the one who's missed it.

Just sayin'.

New trend or not, it's atrocious. Neon pink leg warmers with variegated sequence dresses, and beehives may become the new trend. Certainly doesn't make me like it any more.

Jodie, as always, looks incredibly put together. I hate to use the term "age appropriate", but that's exactly what she exudes.
Though I do like the dress better in black, and I am not at all enamoured of the "new metallics", she is definitely an IN!!!

Wow, she is really stunning. Can't be easy to get the proportions right on such a teensy frame, and I think she's doing it right here. As far as I've seen, Jodie doesn't do the false smiles so much... It's either a genuine smile that derives its energy directly from the sun, or it's not there.

To me, "matchy-matchy" has always meant say, a sweater and a hat that are both an identical hue and improbable color, such that you know they were purchased together as a set. Jody is just wearing a lot of muted, nude-ish metallics. The clutch is way closer to the dress than the shoes are, but overall it's a minimalist look that still highlights a lot of detailing. I can see how that might be boring to some (personally, it's not my thing either) but to call it "atrocious" seems to be a little much. Certainly far better than anything, uh...more "interesting" that say, Lisa Rinna or someone of her ilk would wear.

I like the black runway version better. Otherwise, it's okaaaaaay, I guess . . .

She's good.



Perfectly fit, refreshingly tasteful, unusual design, great color, stylish metallic, shoes that actually flatter. Also, fabulous visual interest created by changing the direction of the fabric's pattern in the design of the dress. Very smart and chic.

God, I love her.

She is gorgeous, but I just can't warm up to that dress. I think all the hoo-hah going on in the bodice is ugly. Sorry, out for this one.

Love the upper part of the dress. I wish she had the skirt part shortened.

I don't like the folds in this dress just below the bust, but she looks great and I don't visually reject the image of her in it. I agree with the in.

Jodie is an ageless beauty: face and body. It's good that she is more of a tomboy, because with her frame and her facial type, she looks so much better in pared down, tailored, fitted looks than in frou-frou. I am the same way in that my face is, I don't know how to say it exactly, thin? So it is at odds with overly fussy and "feminine" looks. (Body type is similar, too.)

She has a pleasant expression on her face, even a slight smile, so she's not a sourpuss like some, but nor should she go the toothy smile look. She probably looks better this way.

Also, she is someone who has always made her statements with her talent instead of her clothes, makeup, hair, or body.

She's an IN.

I think Jodie looks lovely. She always hits that "tastefully understated" note that I wish more of Hollywood could.

Definitely IN


She looks terrific, if slightly uncomfortable - IN.

Love the shoes!

I agree with brilliant--isn't the hem hitting the widest part of her calf? I thought that was a no-no? Knee-length might have been better. I don't like the shoes and think the dress is better in black, but she's perfectly unobjectionable, so w/e.

Look how tiny her waist is in the bottom left pic! She's talented and effortlessly beautiful. LOVE HER

I think the dress looks better in black... the texture makes the flap things look weird.

But I absolutely love the fact that she went with an age-appropriate show. I'm so not a fan of over-40 actresses (or just women in general, for that matter) wearing sky-high platforms and such. Past a certain age, it just doesn't work.

I'm not crazy about the way the skirt hangs, but the bodice is beautiful and flatters her. And her make-up is wonderful. She looks spectacular (and so young!) in that second photo on the left.

And I would totally wear those shoes.

another laura

What was this, the "wear silver metallic" awards show? I'm recalling your post with Jennifer A the other day. I don't like the dress in metallic. I suspect in motion it was clinging to the hips a little more than desirable.

Jodie is usually in with me because she usually has great taste. She's disapointing me here ... but she's still IN.

Girl dresses appropriately and stylishly for her age and status. Minimalism suits her and she has hung on to her figure and face without surgical enhancement. She is herself and for that (and her giant brain) she will always be IN!

I give Jodie and IN for being Jodie, but I give the dress an OUT. I don't care much for the color, shape or the length on her. But it's nice to see that Jodie looks great as always.


Ms. Foster looked wonderful here.

And she dosen't look sourpussed like Claire Danes. She's just being herself.

She dosen't do the fake Julia Roberts laugh or is a grinning idiot like Kate Hudson. That's just fine.

IN, but why was the fabric all puckery on the skirt? It looks like she has cellulite and I'm positive she does not with legs like that!

I love Jodie Foster's intelligence, acting and her class. Many other Hollywood girls could take some lessons from her on how to conduct themselves and have a sane life.

Love her look - it is perfect for her.

Jodie can do no wrong in my book. She's amazing, classic, and chic.

But that puckery skirt doesn't do her any favors. Not sure what happened there.

She always looks classy yet sexy and she never embarrasses herself by wearing skanky, age inappropriate clothing.


puse, shoes and dress too matchy-matchy though....

needs some colourful jewelery, maybe, to offset the neutral palette?

Is it just me or does anyone else think that the dress makes her boobs seem waaay too far apart? They look like they're growing from her sides. I like interesting plays on seams and patterns, but this is weird, not flattering for her age.


hmmm. Not quite as shiny as Anniston's jiffy-pop OUT from a mere four days ago but metallic all the same. Makes her look washed out.

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