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In or Out: Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz attends the screening of "Home" held at Stella McCartney's Store in West Hollywood, California in Stella McCartney.

She looks really cute and put together, we have to say. That's a great dress.

Stella McCartney Resort 2010 Collection

Granted, it's not all that difficult to put together a look in black and white, but still. For once, we like the disheveled up 'do. It's a fairly low-key event, so we wouldn't expect her to show up with some sort of intricate or too-polished look. The only criticism we have - and we fully admit that it's a minor one - is that we don't like the lip color. Nit-picky? You betcha. But when it's the only color on her, it stands out. Other than that, IN.

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Wow. I think this is the first time I've ever loved one of Stella's dresses!


So NOT a fan of the "enhanced" shoulder, but otherwise, it's a great look for her, and I don't mind the lip color. IN.

The sleeve is a little long for a short sleeve, other than that it's right cute. IN.

I love the dress on her but is it that difficult to make her hair presentable? She looks like she's about to wash her face.

I gotta disagree about the hair. There's artfully disheveled, and then there's unwashed and unbrushed for 3 days.

The dress is pretty cute, though.

"So NOT a fan of the "enhanced" shoulder"

So much this-- looks like an 80's shoulder pad. Dig the dress otherwise, though.

i love the dress. i am a bit suprised you didnt say something about her shoes???? anyone?

Cameron is trying to dress more for the "Mom" role she has now in "My Sister's Keeper." or whatever that new movie is called. Cameron is growing out of the sexy girl roles, and into a more mature phase of her career. She looks beautiful. I like her lip color, too. My only tweak would be to change the color of the clutch. Some pop of color would have been nice other than on her mouth!

I love the dress and I HAAAAAAATE Stella McCartney.

I think the overall look is okay.

The Lipstick however is VERY "Monet"

From far away it looks great and perfect for the outfit. Close up it looks 80's drag queenish which was fine back then, but not today.

....I'm gonna go watch "Clueless"..

I think she looks good but I wouldn't call it a "great dress." It's an ok dress, worn by a beautiful woman who often makes herself look fug. The lip color doesn't really bother me but I am a bit tired of the va-va-va-voom Old Hollywood glamour red lips lately. I think Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera have ruined them for me for good.

This is the first anything of SM's that I have not shrunk away from in horror. And Cameron, thank you for not dressing in bubble gum colors for once.

CD's stylists must just hate working on her hair. It looks like it will not do anything so they are left with making it look purposefully messy. Too bad.


Before I go watch Cher and Dionne, I must say I HATE this trend of gorgeous dresses with toned down accesories or hair. Sometimes it comes off beautiful and quirky but most often it's stupid. The WORST in my book is Beyonce in the gold corseted Mugler that time.

Don't celebrities have their own looks anymore? Do they ALWAYS have to do trends? D###!


I think it makes her look like Suzanne Sugarbaker.

Why does her hair and make-up always look so terrible? Doesn't she own a mirror?

I know a lot of you girls hate the belted look, but I think this dress would have looked better with a skinny black belt. The middle just has no definition on Cameron. A little sinch at the waist, tone down the shoulders, brush the hair, ditch the dark lipstick and this would rock.

I agree with Gotham and Phanthom...

No matter what event, from a film opening to the Oscars, Cameron Diaz always looks like she forgot to set her alarm and just jumped out of bed, threw her dress over her head, and slapped on some lipstick in the car. Occasionally someone else in line will loan her some earrings before her pictures are taken. Seriously, the woman is ALWAYS a mess.

She's normally so sour, so I guess it makes sense that she wears a sour dress from a sour designer.

In. Begrudgingly in. The hair...I just want to smack Cameron upside the head with a hairbrush sometimes and ask if it's really all that difficult to brush her hair.

She looks great (even the lip color, which I like very much), but the shoes are really boring. Not just boring, kind of dreary-looking. Don't they look like work shoes?

I love the little square-toed pump...anyone know what brand they are?

When I see her face with its rictus smile, I see Estelle Getty.

The made up face is too old for a woman who isn't yet over the hill.

SO 80's. The print is just ok - not a fan of those weird florals. (the fabric reminds me of something Kenley would like.)

Without a doubt, the black flower design is a late 60's vibe, ala Mary Quant. I like it. Length perfect. Nice fit. The back could have been the front. Makeup fine, hair distractingly messy but o.k. I so frequently do not like Cameron's makeup, I'll take it if she has some color. IN

I like it all. Maybe not thrilled with the hair. I'm curious, TLo - what color lipstick would you put on her instead?

I'm with you Gotham - I am not a fan of Stella's designs (though I AM a fan of her ethics)

Cameron looks fine. Shes in, but I don't think I'd capitalize it...because, cute as the dress is. my hair looks better when I go to the gym.

She always reminds me of what my grandmother used to say. "Cute don't age."

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

In! Love the dress!

Love the dress, sleeves and all.

Sigh. Enhanced shoulders on a broad-shouldered girl. Thought I'd seen enough of that in the mirror in the 80's to last me a lifetime.

Boat necks are death with broad, enhanced shoulders. Should be a V or scoop.

Other than that, the fabric is sharp and summery.

Mostly IN.

The boat-neck with shoulder pads is going to make anyone except a swan-necked gazelle like Diaz look like a hunched, bulky, neckless wonder. Even Jennifer Connelly looked neckless in those high-necked, puffed-shoulder Balenciaga dresses.

This is NOT a good look for 99.99% of women out there. For the other 0.01%, it's merely passable, not flattering.

Let us all pray to the fashion gods that this trend dies an early death. -victoria

I think she chose a more mature look instead of her usual surfer love-child style b/c she's been promoting her new movie where for the first time, she plays a mom. I bet she actually hates this dress. I think she's kind of loopy and I think she'll be the Sharon Stone of 2025.

After reading TLo's analysis of MTV's movie awards and seeing this latest Cameron entry, me thinks Cameron needs to have a pow-wow with her stylist and rethink what her image should be.

I think she can still inject that youthfull hippy vibe while acknowledging that she is indeed a bit older than she was when she first did "The Mask." I was going to say "like Goldie Hawn" but she isn't always a good example.

This dress is only the second thing of SM's that I have liked. Cameron looks really classy and cute. I don't like how prominent the pockets are, though. That is a terrible design element if you have even 2 more inches of hip than Cameron does. Hellooooo panniers!

GothamTomato said: "Wow. I think this is the first time I've ever loved one of Stella's dresses!"

Yes, for SMcC it's not bad. I just hope the shoulders don't start a trend. Nevertheless, I say OUT. The makeup is garish, she is too shiny, and, as usual, her hair looks like she's been through a hurricane.

I think overall she's IN. If I were going to change something, it would be to give her a bright clutch and less-bright lipstick.

It's almost wonderful, but -- damn those shoulder pads!!! Damn them!

IN, though I can't really give a pass on the hair. She'd have looked so put together, so appropriate for a still beautiful but no longer young-slip-of-girl, and just so close to *chic* (not quite there, but close) if her hair had just looked as if she'd combed it, or had it styled, or anything but, as Paigicus said, as if "she's about to wash her face."

And the hard dark lipstick look works on some of the dewy young (even Gwen Stefani has aged out of that look, IMO)and the aging doyenne - on everyone else it makes the face older & haggard and is not good.

But still. Still an IN. Good dress, sleek look, with better hair she'd be all the way there, despite the lipstick.

Love the cut of the dress but HATE the print. I actually like the lip colour on her...not with this outfit but it take's away that over-sunned/beach look she generally sports.

I can't believe nobody picked on those side pockets. I'm in agreement about the neckline's problems and how the shoulders are wrong for Cameron. But the pockets. Dear gods, Stella, the slash pocket exists for a reason. It is there to prevent the pockets from making the woman in your dress look as if she's got growths on her hips. Of course, pockets on a dress strike me as bizarre in the first place, as one carries a purse or clutch in such attire. But if they must be there, they should not interrupt the line. It's a dress, not a messenger bag.

The dress is only halfway in for me because Stella still can't design. I love Cameron too much to hold it completely against her for wearing it to the designer's own event.

I love seeing a dress with SLEEVES and POCKETS. What a novelty! Can we have more please?

I think Cameron Diaz is one of the ugliest & least talented actresses now. I don't get her, never will,

But she does look nice.

I like the dress. Shoulder pads are just a different silhouette in my book, so that's neither here nor there. (As long as they don't get linebacker-y.)

I think it's time for Cameron to go short with her hair. Didn't she have shorter hair in her heyday, i.e. There's Something About Mary, My Best Friend's Wedding, etc? She can't do much with it the way it is now, so why not just cut some off?

I remember her having long, wavy, gorgeous hair in The Mask, but shorter after that.

For lipstick, I think a lighter, more coral-y shade would go better with her coloring and look less harsh. Or a dark coral-y pink or peach.

the dress looks like something a forty year old would wear she looks fine from the neck up MOVE ON

Whenever Cameron wears a dark or bright lip color she instantly ages 10 years, IMO. A natural, glossy lip suits her much better.

"the dress looks like something a forty year old would wear she looks fine from the neck up MOVE ON"

Sir, yes, SIR!

Her skin looks very tanned and not in a good way.

IN. I loev love love the dress.

What happened to the beautiful girl from The Mask?

i'm not dorothy gale

She looks terrific - appropriately dressed and I do like the splash of lipcolor. IN!

I'm stunned that there is actually a Stella McCartney dress that doesn't test my gag reflex

Love the dress!

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