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In or Out: Beyonce

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Beyonce Knowles arrives at the 2009 BET Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California.

Our first thought: Oh good lord, honey.

Balmain Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Lara Stone

The dress isn't bad at all, in fact it's perfect for her in a lot of ways. The thing is (as if it needs to be pointed out) that is one SHORT frock. While we'd like to say, "Honey, nobody wants to see your underwear," we know that's not true and apparently, so does she.

It wouldn't be bad if she paired it with a big attention-getting pair of kick-ass shoes. When you've committed to exposing that much of the real estate, it can balance the look when you put something heavy on your feet that draws the eyes down, as in the runway pic. Instead she wore shoes that look like the inside of Jeannie's bottle. For that alone, she gets an OUT.

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another laura

OUT. Tooooo short and those shoes? It is to barf.

Still, she looks better than usual. I think it's because her hair looks more like hair.

HATE the shoes. They look like little tacky lamp shades. The dress would have worked for her if it had been at least 6 inches longer. Balmain is all about the shinny and heaven knows, so it Beyonce so it is a perfect pairing. Much better than the horror she wore to the Grammy's or the Balmain she wore to The Obsessed premiere that was the dress equivalent of a mullet.

Okay, I guess.

I've seen this dress so many times I don't even care anymore.

Wow, Heidi must be jealous. It doesn't get any shorter, any tighter or any tackier than that. OUT

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The frock needs to be two inches longer and I would have no problem....wearing it myself. Agree with you girls 100% regarding the shoes. I think purple or green chunky platform pumps would be in order.


Who wants to bet Kelly can't afford this?

TLo hit the nail on the head. Could have been great, but too too too short. And boy are those shoes awful.

This is the same dress Jennifer Connelly wore to that looked MUCH better on her in the green than Beyonce here.

OUT. what is the point of that beyonce? unfortunately i watched that show last night. time i can not get back. also her costume on stage was even more tacky.

If Peter Pan ever decided to do drag, this is the dress he'd wear.


Dress was scrumptious on the model.

One simply gets dirty thoughts looking at B. Apparently all the real things that happen down there she is NOT WORRIED ABOUT. Hang it! The only other one that groined for it was Madonna.

She makes Tina Turner look tasteful.

Got your point, TLo, but don't blame it on the shoes. It's the VJJ on parade that's the issue.

As if B's total package was not enough woman.

But, I am not a fan. She's been over-exposed from Act 1, Scene 1. This is just her fate meeting itself.

Peter Pan on acid?
A psychadelic bathing suit coverup?
The top of Carol Brady's pant suit?

Oh my.... I give up.

But yes, you are right about the shoes; definitely the inside of the bottle. I knew I had seen it somewhere before.

6/29/09 1:41 PM Wow, Heidi must be jealous. It doesn't get any shorter, any tighter or any tackier than that. OUT

Oh, please. Frau Seal would put on fishnet underwear and carry salad tongs in her purse if she could get away with that dress now.

Okay, three indicates a trend and there's a run on women who you can criticize but it just don't matter.

those shoes are hideous to the nth degree! yak!

i can't get behind any frock that short....but i'm amazed at how much it is flattering her shape, unexpectedly.

Is her mom gluing stuff to her shoes now? I like the colors of the dress, and the shape is beautiful on her (except for the hoochy length). Add a few inches and take that dingly-dangly stuff off the shoes and she'd be ok IMO.

You guys are hillarious. I decided that I wasn't going to do any like... "out" blogging any more but I'm so happy you guys did! Some one had to say it!!!

Hate the shoulder pads, length,and shoes. She has killer gams though.

I used to like her, but now I am just sick to death of her. That dress reminds me of the quote from Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous: "One word from me and the whole world is your gynecologist."


OUT. No shoes should have tassels like that. Eeek.

I hate the shoes and the earrings, she doesn't look like she has combed her weave in a week, and the dress is too short. You put it all together and you get a big ball of fug. Out!

That was one fug of a dress. Then again, there was so much fug at the BET awards that she fit right in.

Thank goodness we had Nichelle Nichols & Zoe Saldana doing a beautiful b/w combo and Alicia Keyes looking fab to balance it out.

Sadly, this looks better than the maxipad-wings inspired housecoat/hot pants combination she wore singing Ave Maria. And then she went for full angel effect by adding the hoop skirt when performing Angel. I thought the wind machine underneath her was going to lift her off to the ceiling so that she could come down and land butt first on the rapper of her choice.


Short? Check.
Tight? Check.
Shiny? Check.

She's been in Heidi's closet!

The shoes are dreadful.


When I saw this picture, I immediately thought, "ooh! Peter Pan is having a disco night with the Lost Boys!"

No mention of the earrings? Bleck.

Those shoes are really too bad. A better shoe and a few more inches could have made this one a winner. On the plus side, her legs DO look great! I also think she looks better in hers than Connelly did in the green. I just wanted to give that poor girl a sandwich to try to help out her tiny knobby knees. Beyonce is often so far afield in her choices that I love it when she actually does get it right and root for her even when it's merely *almost* there. Better luck next time, B.

She looks like a short, shiny Mardi Gras float.

The print first made me think of Kenley!

OUT - that look was meant to stay in the 80s. That dress would still be hideous even if it was longer...the pattern and color are a nightmare. The huge earrings, fringy lamp shoes and pink lipstick complete the ugly trifecta.

I think if you're going to wear a dress with such structured shoulders, you just can't put your hands on your hips. Just suck it up and pick a different pose.

Did she have to sit down at this awards show? If so, I'm sure the dress ended up around her waist!

If she wore more "elegant" earring that didn't bring it to an 80's nail parlor look, the dress would work much better (plus a little length, which goes without saying).

Please tell me I didn't see beaded shoe fringe.

The dress reminds me of one of those Project Runway challenges where the designer simply runs out of fabric and can't complete the skirt.

I would have loved to see what the shoes looked like after the show. I bet people were stepping on beads all night.

And shouldn't she have worn something more appropriate to what ended up being Michael Jackson's wake? I'm pretty convinced he had nightmares about that part of a woman's anatomy.

Oh my!

By Angie The print first made me think of Kenley!

The print and the shape...I immediately thought Kenley and looked to see who it was by.

I like flashy shoes far more than most...animal prints, funky heels and even acrylic... but geez those are awful... AND really flashy shoes needs to be worn with more simple clothes.

My first impression: Titania, Queen of the Fairies, (ref: Midsummer Night's Dream by Wm Shakespeare). In this context, the shoes actually make the outfit - they are perfect for traipsing through the forest with Puck and an Ass.

Good lord. It's like Wilma Flintstone meets Krystle Carrington.


- Beyonce and Eva Longoria have the worst taste in clothing out of I think all the women celebs out there now.
- She does have a great pair of legs; that has to be said.
- Man, those shoes are horrible! Did I mention that she has absolutely horrid taste?

OUT - way too hideous an outfit for such a beautiful lady. Wrong in so many ways.

OUT, if the dress were longer, it would be in. Her body looks great.

ick. This look is mostly acceptable when it involves one running around their room trying to find a pair of pants in the morning. This isn't even obscene, just absurd. I'm rarely one to hide my legs when I'm in a mini-dress past May, but this just looks like a long-torsoed shirt.

The shoes remind me of Rock Hudson's apartment after Doris Day "redecorated" it in Pillow Talk.

She's too old for the dress.


That is Balmain? I would have sworn it came right out of Tina Knowles' House of Hot Glue Hell.

I actually... think the length is okay. I may be insane. Anyway, you're spot on about the shoes. :(

Now THAT, girls, is what we call a WHOLE LOT OF LOOK. Jeepers.

Lately, I feel like I have seen an inordinate amount of tacky "worst of the 80s" wear coming out of the House of Balmain. I am most displeased with them.

That sleeve length makes it look like the whole thing shrunk in the wash.


It looks like she bought it in the kids department and is trying to wear a girl's dress. Odd looking, imo.


She gets a big fat "IN" from me based on the fact that she's not wearing something her Mother designed!!

And actually, the shoes made me giggle cause they have that beaded fringe. For once Beyonce has something that has more "shake" than she does!! :)

I'd give her an "IN" if she had different shoes and earrings. Shoes like the model is wearing would have looked good. Otherwise, she looks gorgeous.

Yeah, it's too short, but that is kind of typical on the red carpet these days.

Putting her hand on her hip doesn't help the sleeves.

Brian B, she is 27. I don't think she's "too old." (Actually, with a few more inches on the skirt, it is more the silhouette for an older woman (30s).)

God, she's tacky. OUT.

That dress is gynecologically short, and the shoes... (shudder).

However, Beyonce herself looks fabulous. She really does have a beautiful body. Now if she could only figure out how to dress it properly, there would be more joy in the world.

Shoes out. Earrings out.

Dress hemline a couple inches lower and that'd be an in. The print looks great on her, but the cut is too short. Still, she's a beautiful woman so gets a bit of leeway here. If not her, then who?

Out. The shoes did kill it.

Out. She simply has bad taste. And I can't remember ever seeing her dressed well from head to toe.

But she is beautiful. One day my husband and I saw her dancing on TV and I asked him, "Is what she's doing attractive to men?" and he shook his head yes, without blinking.

Love the Jeannie reference!!! I loved the inside of Jeannie's bottle but what did I know?? I was 8 years old!!!

Looks like we all love to hate Beyonce!! On a positive note, she is so talented! I was the video on youtube in which she kept singing as she tumbled down the stairs in a concert. She is a multi-talented woman, to sing and fall at the same time! Kind of like Ashley Simpson!

I hate the shoes.
I hate the shoulders of the dress.

Beyonce is one of the few women who can get away with a dress that short. Most women on the red carpet just look like they're wearing their little sister's clothing.

The dress is horrible but she looks amazing in it. With legs like that, she should show them off. The shoes remind me of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. Fragile!

She's being true to herself. For that, she gets an IN.

Nancy said: Looks like we all love to hate Beyonce!! On a positive note, she is so talented! I was the video on youtube in which she kept singing as she tumbled down the stairs in a concert. She is a multi-talented woman, to sing and fall at the same time! Kind of like Ashley Simpson!

Ha! She's such a trouper.


She always makes everything she wears look down market.

Too short. It's vulgar. OUT.

I think she looks OK, it's the shoes that are horrible. Fringed shoes? What's next?

Oh Lordy, I am so tired of the crotch-skimming dress. Please, ladies, you're not being 'daring' or 'fashion forward' by flashing us your thong.

Will someone please put some pants on!?
/end Granny rant

Great Dress! (length not so bad considering it's the BET Awards) Great legs!!! cheap earrings, and ugly shoes. gag!

I like B's long-sleeved bathing suit! Those shoes are gonna get ruined by the pool tho. -Gary

BEYONCE is absolutely FLAWLESS

Just like the awards show, Bey's ensemble sucked!!

With no earrings and the right shoe, this would have worked. But boy, those green hoops and fringy t-straps were the tackiest things I've ever seen. The House of Balmain should lay down the law on how their garments are to be accessorized before they lend them out. This isn't garnering them any positive press.

On another note, the sunshine on the red carpet at these late afternoon LA events is brutal. Everybody looks bizarre wearing evening clothes at 4:30 p.m.

WOW what a blatant ripoff of Balenciaga.

Oh my. Those lady bits need covering.

I thought the shoes were cute when I only saw them from the front. I'm a fan of purple. But the side view: beaded fringe? Horror!!

Ew ew ew. No.

Has anyone said the green hoops look like John Candy's shower curtain ring earrings? Or am I the only one who's ever seen that movie?

For Beyonce? I actually thinks she looks more restrained! lol That's bad, isn't it? I think her legs look great.

Out solely on the dress's lack of merits. TOO SHORT! And the shoes, I think I made some like those for my Barbie about thirty-five years ago. Shhh. Don't tell anyone.

Call me crazy, but this *shirt* just needs a flowing skirt in charmeuse or chiffon (could be transparent OK). It's so out of proportion, it's jarring, and could have been so beautiful!

7/1/09 8:53 AM Call me crazy, but this *shirt* just needs a flowing skirt in charmeuse or chiffon (could be transparent OK). It's so out of proportion, it's jarring, and could have been so beautiful!

No way. It's Beyonce, not Dorothy Zbornack.

I like both the dress and the shoes, but not on her.

It's too short, but it seems she lost some weight and doesn't look ridiculous on her either.

But I agree, had it been worn by Miley Cirus it would have been a perfect choice, but not for Beyonce. Sorry hon': OUT!

Ugly shoes. Don't really like the dress, but it sure does show off her pretty legs.

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