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In or Out: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway attends the 63rd Annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York City in Oscar de la Renta.

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Denisa Dvorakova

How fucking cute is she? We just want to take her home and prop her up on our couch like a throw pillow. We were watching The Devil Wears Prada over the weekend and couldn't refrain from commenting that the bitch really does know how to wear clothes. She's tailor-made for that silhouette and the hair, makeup, and jewelry are all perfect. So are the shoes, but the bag's invisible. This appears to be a stylist trend lately - invisible clutches. Oh well. She's pulling everything off so well that we can't complain about such a minor detail.


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I love this look - a big IN.

LOVE that dress, the red shoes, and her adorable smile. So in.

I also have a problem with the invisible clutch. If it had a bit of a decorative element, it could be subtle but still be a bit more special. Still, she looks great.

sweet look.
she makes black look fresh, somehow.


Loved the bodice on the dress and glad she did without vampire red lips. Her face, framed by that bodice, just popped on camera last night. She looked like a million dollars.


And just thank the fashion gods that the clutch isn't red, I hate it when people match the shoes to the handbag.

Perfect. And every girl needs a pair of red shoes.

And not only does she know how to wear clothes, she knows how to work the film camera. She's one of those rare people (Audrey Hepburn was another) who, whenever she's one the screen, you cannot take your eyes off of her.


She looks GORGEOUS. Triple IN!!!

Love it! She looks amazing! And it's much better fitted on her around the waist. IN!

tell me please please please please you'll do more fashion from the tonys last night. because there was some fabulous and some so not fabulous.
plus i know you two will make extra snarky comments about bret michaels almost getting his head cut off and liza being on the drug called liza.

Those shoes are hot! She looks great, definitely IN!

IN. I like the hair. And the dress is charming.

What a gorgeous dress!! IN, darlings, IN.

IN! She looks great!!

How lovely is that dress? And Anne looks as good, if not better than the runway model.

Love the ring and how it picks up the color of the shoes. I wish her hair decoration could have done the same.

You see, I need a contrasting clutch or else I'd lose the damn thing. Anne has assistants who can keep track of these things for her.

I like the dress. It looks like something Kenley will "be inspired by" next season.

She can do it, and she did. Fabulous!

When I saw that first picture, my immediate reaction was super cute! Big IN! This may be the best I've ever seen her, everything was just the right note.

she is just so ADORABLE! love her.

another laura

This was a big IN for me.
Dress just right for her and for the occasion - super shoes, makeup (yessssss!), hair and jewelry. i'd love to get a closer look at that ring she's wearing.

I'm not minding the "invisible" clutch. Who invented the rule that a bag MUST be a pop of color? Not a bag person.

Totally IN. Love that dress on her. I need those shoes!

Bitch lookedamazing last night! Ill bet she even looks great doin drag in twelfth night!

She's just so wonderful and adorable. She always looks great, and this is no exception.

I don't care that the clutch is invisible. It doesn't take anything away from the look.


Anne looks absolutely lovely!!! I would say fabulous but she's just so cute all I can think is lovely. Definitely an IN with sprinkles and a cherry on top!

She's cute, BUT I always think that dresses designed like this look like they're molting.

IN! The dress is adorable! I actually find the shoes to be kind of ugly (I DON'T CARE IF THEY ARE LOUBS, I'M NOT OBLIGATED TO LIKE THEM, DAMN IT!) but I do like the idea of a red shoe with this dress. Just not those shoes.

Very cute. And I wish I had her eyebrows -- it's not fair!

I'm not a fan of how her hair looks from the side. It is boardering faux-hawk territory. But the rest of the look is divine.

She looks great, definitely in. Though I agree, I would have liked a more colorful clutch.


TLo, Can you tell us what Neil Patrick Harris was wearing last night? He was a terrific host and adorable... but the suit fabric looked odd.

Big IN.

Hair, shoes, and dress are outstanding.

WOW! She looks amazing! She has a consistently great red carpet look.

She looks fabulous but are we sure those are Louboutins?

They're missing the signature red soles if they are. :/

Huge IN.

She looks fab, a redder lip would appeal to me more, but that's a taste thing. The hair is great. Good posing, an example to those res carpeteers who prefer not to vamp. I am OK with the invisible clutch, especially if you are wearing "statement" shoes.

I was there! A friend got us into the press area on the red carpet and I saw her and the dress in person. She looked gorgeous! One of the best dressed of the night. Unfortunately, her handlers rushed her by so fast that I didn't have time to get any pictures of her. The bigger names didn't stop to do any press, it was more of the Broadway actors who were accessible.


Lovely, but I wish the skirt was a wee bit shorter, like it is on the runway.

Now that is what the red carpet should look like!

" paigicus said...

She looks fabulous but are we sure those are Louboutins?

They're missing the signature red soles if they are. :/"

You're probably right. We're double-checking it, paigicus : )


This is the way you wear a feather dress. IN.

Tonys post! Tonys post! Pleeeaaasseee..

Thank you, paigicus!

I was reading down these and I thought "Surely, I can't be the ONLY one to wonder..."

But yes, I've seen red soles even on solid red shoes, so this neutral makes me wonder.

I love the look, but I'm not sure about the back of her hair... wouldn't mind a full-on picture from behind.

Now THIS one is a fashion icon.

A definite in but I can't help but quibble with a few details. This is one of the rare instances where a dress looks better on the model. I don't know how tall Anne is but it seems as if you need to be taller to fully carry this dress off. I also like the shorter length on the model and I think it hits the model in a better, more flattering spot on her waist.

Not loving the side-parted hair, either.

But overall she does look great - just could have been a bit better.

IN. She looks amazing head to toe.

Ack, I love those shoes so much. And I love her. Seems like the kind of chick who could would appreciate knocking back a beer or three with nachos.

SUPER cute....that is the only thought that comes to mind.

Big giant IN

Anne looked better than the model & so did the dress (the gorgeous flounces livlier, not flat). The heavenly sleek shoes almost made the dress! And the dress was classic and so is she. Hair & makeup just right. (If you notice, she doesn't wear a lot of jewelry. Restrained.) Once again, she owns the look. She really stands out in the crowd.

She's flawless, of course.

But I noticed something in general about most of the women on the red carpet: absolutely no bling around the necks or on the arms. Is jewelry out now? Or is it because celebs don't want to look to imperial during a recession? Or did Harry Winston's get robbed again?

We finally watched "Rachel Getting Married" this weekend. What a contrast!

But, I agree she looks gorgeous.

The dress is gorgeous, but I really hate the way they styled her hair. I think it makes her forehead look weird.

I'm somewhat reminded of the young Audrey Hepburn as well as the younger Julia Roberts-- and that can't be bad!

I'm loving overall, but the shoes feel a bit gimmicky to me. and aren't her ears sticking out a bit in an unflattering way? actual shape and construction of the hairare good, but it's not really doing her any favors... just sayin'.

Love it all - I just adore her - but in this instance, I think the hair is wrong.
Yes, that side view is fab, but from the front it looks like someone plastered her hair back from her face as if she was having a bad hair day. The hair is just too severe looking from the front for me.


I loved everything on her look!

Stunning, beautiful and CHIC!


considering she was one of few who actually wore the white ribbon, no matter what she's in.

I hope you guys do a recap of the show. So much to talk about, from Liza to NPH to Anne Hathaway's adorableness the whole evening (especially during the Hair performance). She seemed so genuinely into everything.


She really is a cute as a button, isn't she?

And that SKIN, so yummy.


IN. Gorge!

She looks adorable!!!

This just may be the best look of the year from ANY celeb.

Anne channeled her inner Audrey Hepburn, and it works splendidly.

The shoes look most like a satin version of these patent Diors:

AND: Here it is in a pink satin:

So, my guess is that the shoes are Dior. Shoe detective work is FUN!

Love the whole look--except I wish the hemline were higher. She looks almost stumpified because of the uneven hem at the length.

This outfit only got hotter when she appeared on stage (and camera) with her white marriage equality ribbon!!

The shoes are Casadei:

this girl bores me to tears.
out with the oatmeal wannabe hepburn!

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