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Fire Island, Part 1: Designers, Deer, Drinking, and Models

Let's all visit a magical island, kittens!

Friday, we headed out for a fabulous weekend of fashion and shopping on Fire Island.

Believe it or not, neither of us had ever been to Fire Island. We fell in love with it in seconds. It really is an incredibly beautiful place.

Our hardworking and very gracious hosts (and friends), Christopher and Mark, who we both met when we moved into our current neighborhood two years ago. Christopher was the very first person to come up to us on the street and ask "Are you Tom and Lorenzo?" paving the way for the hundreds of thousands of tear-stained fans who followed. They put up us, Stella +1, and Emmett +1 at their beautiful house. Friday night they started things off with a bang by hosting a dinner party for the designers and guests.

Stella Barbarella and her friend and assistant for the weekend, Vasilios.

Malan and his friend and assistant for the weekend, Jes. Emmett was sick and wouldn't wind up showing up until Saturday. Bitch always has to make an entrance.

When we sat down to dinner, we did the gay gasp at the sight of ... Jay McCarroll dinner napkins! Cute!

Stella experimented with form and function.

Saturday, the models and Emmett were all due to arrive on the 1:20 ferry, after which, the whole crew was meeting for a pre-rehearsal-and-fitting lunch. We all took a leisurely walk to the harbor to meet the ferry.

Lorenzo and Stella have a moment.

Stella was totally enraptured by the ever-present deer and turned into a soft-voiced 6-year-old girl at the sight of one. Of course, that led to an endless stream of jokes that she just wanted them for their hides.

When Reality Shows Collide, Part 1: RuPaul's Drag Race finalist Rebecca Glasscock was appearing on the island that night. We had zero interest in seeing her. Now, had it been Nina Flowers or Bebe Zahara Benet, we would have strapped on our cha-cha heels and flown out the door in a New York second.

Local Fire Island flora.

Stella bought a peach!
When Reality Shows Collide, Part 2: We ran into The Fashion Show's Keith Lissner along with his partner Paul and their dog Dorothy. Very sweet and friendly.

Everyone arrived in one piece and we all sat down for lunch. Let's meet some of the models, shall we?

Casey, James and Margo.

When Reality Shows Collide, Part 3: Dayna, Meki, and Jane. Oh, sorry. That should be Dayna, Meki and Jane. We were sitting at a table with them for a half hour before we realized they were Fashion Show girls. "We didn't recognize you in full light!" They were very professional and wouldn't give us much in the way of dish, the little bitches. But they did say they love the designers.

Margo with Miss Emmett, who took off her turban and dragged herself out of her sickbed to make the boat, forgetting his luggage along the way.

After rehearsal and fittings that afternoon, Mark and Christopher hosted another, much bigger dinner party for the models, the designers, us, and the hosts who were putting everyone up for the weekend. Since there was nothing left to do but show up for the runway show the next day, everyone relaxed. And drank.

Unfortunately, Emmett slept through most of it, but his adorable assistant Arielle had a blast.

More models: James, Margo, and Bob.

Casey, Dayna, Jason, Meki, Jane. The kids (because that's how they made the rest of us feel), were a blast to hang out and party with and get to hear a bit of their stories. Every single one of them was an intelligent, worldly person, far beyond their years and in direct opposition to the stereotype of the vapid model.

Not that it was all intellectual discourse and polite conversation.

The next day was the runway show and shopping event and we'll have the pictures of that in a separate post, since we're waiting for the event photographer to send them to us. We were far too busy backstage yelling at models and designers to hurry up and generally just enjoying being fashion bitches to get any shots of the runway show.

And just like that...
The whole weekend was over and we were on the ferry back to the real world.
We miss it already.

More pics:


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Never seen your arms before!

Tom, you're a lucky girl!

It was good to see Madame Leatha, Malan, Emmett, Keith and the rest of the gang.

I'm glad you guys had a good time. Of course, you shameless hussys have to flaunt that, don't you?


"RuPaul's Drag Race finalist Rebecca Glasscock was appearing on the island that night. We had zero interest in seeing her."

Y'all need to quit! LMAO!


Sorry, babe! Forgot tha Z!

I immediately recognized Dayna (glad to finally put a name to the face).

She's fabulous, and seemed to be a real good luck charm for any designer who got her on TFS.

Tom, Lorenzo has some nice arms....

HOT HOT , who knew.

This butch might want to strap one on for him...

Aw, that looks like a blast. Well-earned celebrity, lads. Thanks for cracking us up for lo these many years.

butch lez that is...

Those flora look familiar for some reason, but I can't place them.

But the whole thing looks like it was simply fabu! I'm glad the rain didn't skittle all your plans.


"Christopher was the very first person to come up to us on the street and ask "Are you Tom and Lorenzo?" paving the way for the hundreds of thousands of tear-stained fans who followed."

ROFL. You bitches rock! I'm so glad everything went well. Thanks for sharing, dolls!

Thanks for sharing. Everybody looks great. Nice to see Stella well & in good company. You 2 deserved a break for all you do for us. Beautiful.

HA! I love it!!!


I LOVE Stella!!!!

You guys are hilarious, love the photos. I've never been to Fire Island. It looks like a lot of fun!

So great to see Stella again.
She is so so cool. Is she getting her own show any time soon?

Stella rocks!!! I'm so jealous : )

what a great & fun post. that one is worth reading a few times.

STELLA. how she is missed!

Oh I'm so glad you had a good time! I wish I had been there to be the official TLo photog, but I was at a ballroom dance competition with my son, who was being trailed by cameras for the entire time!

Lorenzo, you're hot!

But I hope I get the chance to see you both on the street some day. 'Twill be a truly boy-band-era-insanity moment.

So jealous! Sounds like all involved had a great time. I am expecting more fab pics though!!

Looks like you had fun....

But what is "an assistant for the weekend" were they assigned to the designer or did they come with? (I have such a simple life that I don't understand celebrity.)


Thanks, Boys. It is always fun to be a fly on the wall at your gatherings and vicariously share a little of the glamour.

Varla Jean Merman came to my town recently (where she has strong ties) but I missed her, boo hoo. It was a charity appearance that was probably out of my league financially but I would have loved to see her perform. But, like you, I would not walk across the street for Rebecca.

Wow, that looks fucking fantastic.

I'll be in New York for Pride this weekend myself...with luck I might run into you two, too!

Sigh, Bob the Model is such a cutie. Gay? I hope so.

Hi all this is Dayna the model from TFS. Thanks all for watching the show even if you dont like it. Special thanks to who ever say GOOD things about me ;-)

I'm sorry Tom, but I'm officially crushing on Lorenzo. I've gotten so used to seeing your caricatures.
I'm giggling like a lovesick 14 year old & hoping you guys post more photos of yourself.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Your post made me smile in the middle of this heat-wave, boys, so thanks!

Who knew Stella Barbarella had a soft spot for Bambi? Wish she could have brought Ratbones, 'cause that would be a sight.

& LOVE it when you tease about Emmett....

I eagerly await the day that I can be one of those tear-stained fans screaming "OMG! It's TLo!"

I was going to say the same thing the first poster said...but I will reiterate:

DAMN LORENZO! Your arms are incredible. Chop off all the sleeves from your clothes immediately.

Looks like you guys had fun!

"Local Fire Island flora."

Hahahahahahahahah. Love the post, love you, Tlo!

Man, I have to get on that ferry and find the island pronto.

I've always loved Stella. She is awesome : )

How cool that you guys met the Fashion Show models! I bet they told you guys lots of stories, you bitches just don't want to share them with us :)

Thanks for the post, guys! I can't wait to see the runway photos!!

I love being taken along on these "Adventures of TLo" posts!

Thanks for sharing!

Dayna and Jane are my favorite TFS models (except when they save a sucky outfit). Meki is great too, I have had my eye on her since the nerd outfit.

Lorenzo, please be my baby daddy??

Looks like y'all had an awesome time, and I for one am exceedingly envious!

As for skipping out on Ms. Glasscock's show, I think the promo flyer said it all, "...and the one the other girls hated!" Yepper, THAT'S a ringing endorsement for others to check out her appearance, personality and talents.

Thanks for all the pics. Very glad you had a great time. You more than deserved it.

Little dog named Dorothy...sorry, but that made me smile out loud.


"Stella bought a peach!"

I died, bahahahahahaha

omg, I adore Stella and Malan...almost as much as I adore you two bitches!

Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

Love these, guys. Thank you so much for sharing it!

Stella fucking ROCKS!!!!!!!

Ha! I love the napkins!!! Great way to use Jay's fabrics.


Is that a chandelier in the house? Very cool!

God, I love Fire Islands.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Fabulous! I need to be your friends!

"RuPaul's Drag Race finalist Rebecca Glasscock was appearing on the island that night. We had zero interest in seeing her"

LOL. That's why I love you guys. and p.s., haven't we seen that outfit a dozen times on her?

Looks like you guys had a great time!! I really, really enjoyed the pics and commentary!! Thank you so much for sharing, you made my day once again!

Tom...I am totally developing a crush on you - that pic of you with Emmett and Lorenzo on the ferry?? Gorge...WOOF...!!

Aw, I so love these posts. It gives us a chance to see the designers/models outside the shows.

VERY nice, guys! Next time, have a contestant and take one of us : )


What a fun post!! I'm showing all the pictures to my colleagues and they can't believe how gay Fire Island is. LOL.

But where was Stella's other half? Was his name Snake?

Dang, I wish someone in your camp had gone to see RC... I know your dance card was already fil;led but maybe the gal has improved or it would have been fun to read she was totally farty! :) Gary

"Gorgeous Things said: I wish I had been there to be the official TLo photog, but I was at a ballroom dance competition with my son"

I wish I had a son who is a ballroom dancer!


WHAT?! Malan, Emmett, & Stelllllaaaaaa?!?!?! JEALOUS!
Now I understand why we didn't get a muscial monday, all is forgiven :) Kim

I just love you guys!

Aw, Emmett. Poor little lamb.

It looks like fun fun fun. Thanks for letting us come along for the ride to the magical isle.

Any video?

What fun!

And thank you for sharing with us. We're lucky bitches when you take us along on your adventures.

Love Love Love the beard, Tom! Keep it!! Very hot.

Ooooo this was a TREAT! Thank you for posting all of this!!

Tlo, the two of you are just so adorable. Looks like you all had a great time. Thanks for giving us a vicarious peek at your awesome fun weekend.


meki is gorgeous and bob (LOLZ) is a qt

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