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Dolce & Gabbana Menswear Spring 2010 Collection

Baby Jesus on the Runway!

Here's how the folks over at saw it:

"Sparkling." How else was Stefano Gabbana going to describe his mood after a show that put on the glitz to a degree so OTT it bordered on the satirical? It had all the skin and shimmer, flesh and flash of a Vegas review—except it was men rather than showgirls up there on that stage."

"The peach in the fruit bowl was Jesus Luz, who emerged in a black silk tux shirt—and matching bathing suit. Given his designation as Madonna's innamorato, he looked appropriately insecure."

"Domenico and Stefano recently mentioned that the Sicilian pinstripes-and-black suit signature can become a little oppressive for them. So they sensibly honored their heritage with a handful of sober classics, then cut loose with extravagant flights of gilded fancy, strewing crystals with fierce abandon all over jackets, jeans, and accessories."

There's definitely a "we're all heading to a party at Liberace's place" feel to it and that's a fun thing to see. Even the guys in the suits have that hurried, can't-wait-to-be-in-a-bathroom-doing-coke-with-famous-people way about them. It seems to us that the dour new-depression looks of recent seasons may just be an aberration and we're instead going to see more flights of opulent fantasy coming up. Call it the Studio 54 Effect. It's party on the runway time.

One thing we have to say, it's to their credit that even though this collection could have easily lapsed into flights of ridiculosity, it managed to avoid that temptation by keeping the silhouettes classic, tailored and a little sexy, and limiting the color palette severely. Restrained opulence.

In case you can't tell, we likee. We just did a scrolldown to pick out pieces we like only to realize that it would be easier to single out the pieces we don't like: pretty much all the ripped pants. Everything else is a-ok by us.

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Thanks, guys, for a delicious post. SUCH yummy men and clothes.

mm! gorgeous silhouettes! From Style's description, I was prepared to hate this collection as silly (jackets with swimsuits??). It's not, really. Great use of prints and I would happily nom on any of those guys. RAWR!


I can hear Zac Posen squealing from here.

I can't really see a man wearing a crochet sweater, but the rest of the clothes are great.

Sewing Siren

The Brando shirt: I WANT!

I like it but that's a LOT of black for spring, no?

Prominent packages for swimwear is one thing, but these models have prominent packages on the long pants, LOL. I would love to be at that model casting.

Heee, I am twelve.

Some of them look like they raided Chris Issak's costume closet.

You can't see a man wearing the crochet sweater?!? What about the postage stamp-sized shorts?

" Anonymous said...
You can't see a man wearing the crochet sweater?!? What about the postage stamp-sized shorts?"

Aren't they hot?

And Oh what lovely man-flesh

Yeah, tiny shorts are hot, if you're a mesomorphic 20 year old. Otherwise...

Had to scroll few times. First time I forgot to see the cloth.
The suits are very nice.


Very interesting collection. The embroidery is beautiful. They always put out a great show.

Short pants?? Ripped pants? Please, they're dressed like little boys.

I'm sorry, did you say something? I got distracted for a minute. Or two......HOT.

I'll take a number 10, please! Yum!

Male models don't usually appeal to me, but the one in the white bathing suit is stunning. On the other hand, the one in shorts and the tie just looks like he forgot his pants.

The jackets are a little sparkly, but I mostly love this.

Great collection!

David Gandy is HOT HOT HOT. I could look at him all day.

What's with the little purses in so many of their hands?

Aside from that, I agree with TLo. I wish these jackets were more in my husband's price range. He admits to being something of a peacock but is forced to settle for the fancy vests I make him; I'm not up to serious jackets! And our budget isn't up to D&G. Dang.

Just what the Dr ordered...
yummy eye candy!

wait-- we're supposed to talk about the clothes, right?

Well I like the collection, but I agree-- ding on the ripped pants.

God, I'm such a homo, I LOVE the clutches.

Jesus Luz is a terrible walker, he's only famous because of his connection with Madonna. He's not even cute. What a waste!

Great collection.

I have only 1 thing:

WHAT IS UP with the NO SOCKS??? I'm sorry, I know its a fad, but come on! You are in a 3 piece suit without socks you look matter WHAT!

Put some fricking socks on--and for those that don't agree and love the no socks thing, think about it my position from a practical standpoint. Leather SWEATS. Sweaty feet SLIDE and SQUEAK and eventually matter how much crud you put in those shoes at night.

You're right. The ripped pants need to be removed from those models *immediately*. Especially seven down on the right.

I love this collection. Like the Versace collection there I many pieces I would wear with alterations of course. I lover the Liberace blazer/jacket.

Differing with TLo, I like the ripped jeans but to me they look very resort and/or high schoolish.

Just enough gaudiness. I like it.

The men are so hot. Le sigh. I love the jackets, especially paired with something more casual, like jeans.

"Anonymous said...
What about the postage stamp-sized shorts?"

If you got the legs for it, why not?

those ripped pants are giving me flash backs to 1991...

yowsa. Well, these menswear collections certainly are crowd pleasers, aren't they? Tasty models for all (sorry occasional straight dude), and clothes to boot! The guy in the white strip of bathing suit made my heart stop.

LeeFL said, "If you got the legs for it, why not?"

Now, how many people do YOU know who have the anything for it? Anyone who could wear those shorts was in the show. Literally. I know, these aren't real clothes for real people, but someone was railing against the crochet sweaters, as if THAT was the most unrealistic garment on the runway. Ha!

Can Dolce & Gabbana break the solid or pinstripe juggernaut?

Let's hope. Then, we'll see more interesting fashion on the runways instead of a bunch of shiftless bums who have decided that an untucked shirt and clean pants is good enough for Oscar or Emmy.

please god no MANPRIs!!!

I'm sorry, but those handbags some of the guys are carrying look silly. I really hate them. I love the clothes, even the ripped pants. I say, lose the "murse".


Agree about the manpris, but otherwise LOVE!

Oh, I forgot, I do not love Man Capris. They must go away and never come back. And the ripped jeans are only good for high school aged boys.

Some of these are really good but I think Versace had the best collection this season for men's wear.

God, how on Earth do they tuck dress shirts into itty-bitty swimsuits without any material hanging out or bunching underneath the swimsuit? That, my friends, is talent.

And damn, David Gandy really is stunning. He's basically the only current male model I recognize and...yeah. He's nice.

Also, TLo, I'm curious for your take on the rolled-up pants look. Is this just for the runway and can real guys actually pull this off?

God, the LAST thing that needs to come back are ripped acid-washed jeans.

All what's missing is Joey Lawrence and a "whoa!"

They look like they are carrying around their shaving kits.


I can really see Chuck Bass in those jackets.

Everybody already said it! Agree 110%

Gotta give it up to the european designers. They know how to make hot men's clothing. I can't afford any of this, but I would wear a lot of it.



My favorite (despite the great jackets) is the open-weave knit/crochet sweater. Now THAT is a beautiful, yet masculine look.

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