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Dirk Bikkembergs Menswear Spring 2010 Collection


Fashion and Runway breathlessly recounts the details:

"It all happened in October last year, on one of Dirk’s trips around the world. Sydney. Dirk was discovering the city when he was struck by a fiery red painting in the display window of an art gallery. The painting showed a sporty body in motion, combined with graphically composed “calligraphic numbers”. Eye in eye with the piece of art that would later on define the theme of his Spring/Summer 2010 collection, Dirk entered the gallery and got himself an appointment with the young Sydney-born artist himself.

Through his painting, Scott Elk managed to stir a side of Dirk that is difficult to move. It was the obvious presence of the sport-related theme and dynamics that did the trick. Dirk certainly did not have to count to eleven before realizing what was happening to him. Dirk joined forces with Scott, made a series of pictures of Andrea Vasa in motion back in Milan and asked Scott to create a new series of paintings with those. The result is what you see on display along the catwalk: 12 paintings of massive impact, announcing the core energy of the Dirk Bikkembergs Sport Couture Spring/Summer 2010 collection. It is dominated by one colour: fiery red."

We don't know about all that, but what we do know is this: these clothes are HOT with a capital H and that stands for HOT. They're also pretty much restricted to the young and the fit. Even though he does manage to slip in a couple of less-than-young models, the tight, bright sportiness of it all calls for youth to pull off most of these looks. Visible abs are probably a good idea too. Did we mention that the models are HOT? Because they are. HOT, that is. Mercy.

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the colours are sizzling, the cuts and shapes are very very well done, and the graphics are very modern. agreed, this is jaw-dropping.

NOW you're talkin'!

Oh. My. God.




i gotta say TLo - I have really enjoyed starting off my day with these men's collections. hot boys cant help putting me in a good mood :-)

Wow, the men are hot, the clothes are hot...Tlo...good job : )

My boyfriend loves their clothes, every time he goes to Europe he come back with something new. They have incredible stuff. I love this collection, very strong looks.

It's probably sick that I'm completely lusting the bald guy, right? And the ABS on the first bathing suit guy - DAY-UM!!!!!

Where do these guys work out? Heaven?

I like almost everything particularly the pants. Great cut and fit!

I'll take uncuts too : )

Awesome collection! This is by far the hottest men I've seen on the runway in a long time.

dear god!
thanks again for the yummy eye-candy :)

The new irony: old or ugly models? I don't get it.

Very hot. And I really like those jackets without the buttons (not sure how to describe them). I've never seen that before. I'm not sure if that's new or been done before, but if it is new, how many times do you see a brand-new idea in menswear?

And I love the mix of models. That Jason Statham-lookalike is yummy.

Is it bad that i went through and looked at the men before i even looked at the clothes? Red. So hot & so is Mr.7 down on the left c;

First men's collection I've really, really loved!

I find the individual outfits to be too matchy matchy, but I think that you could mix and match a lot of this stuff really well.

And yes ... HOT.

Tasty. Suddenly this site has more buff boys than a floor polishers convention (sorry). I do like the use of a range of ages, often models are so young it almost makes me sad. A buff old dude has a touch more cool, I think.

I do hope slouch socks do not make it into menswear at large, but I welcome those jackets, for sure.

First of all...............g'damn!

I want to be present at all of his shows from now on, preferable assisting the models get changed.

Oh! I forgot there was clothes for a minute!! lol

Actually, I've never been BIG into Menswear. I mean, I can look at something, especially when it's on one somebody, and feel a defined yea or nay, but never really got excited about Menswear collections.

All that being said, I LOVED this collection. I think it's sexy. I think it's fun. I think it's masculine and artsy and funky and that is a fantastic combination.

The jackets are so cool with all those extra buttons. I love them.

Boys, this is definitely one of the best ideas/addition to the site. Keep them coming.

The squared-off crew neck design is really attractive.

"TVKimmy said...

First of all...............g'damn!"

LOL. My thought exactly.

So, ripped jeans is back for sure, huh?

This is the first men's collection that I have really liked that you boys have posted. There are a lot of classic pieces, but also a lot of edgier "rockstar" looks. Could do without all the shirts w/ the graphic print on them though. They look very Old Navy.

The last model on the left looks a lot like Jouquin Pheonix before he went all crazy on us.

Surely a No, no?

Yes, the guys are gorgeous (mainly...) but the clothes look cheap and generic, the ideas are boring - the whole concept to me just smacks of tedious recycling of same-old same-old. Nothing there of interest at all (pecs excluded)!

Kinda looks like kink-wear to me. Not that that's a bad thing. I'd be thrilled if the guys in my neighborhood started dressing like this.

I love it, especially the jackets and the delicious models. I love the red. These are clothes I would like to see my boyfriend wearing!


A fashion show post is giving me a hardon.

Oh, boys, I come here everyday for tasty treats and the treats just keep getting tastier.

I have never been into male fashion that much, except for the models, of course.

And here you are giving us the best of both worlds, hot clothes and hot men.

Just sayin-

I'm normally not really nuts about menswear, but I surely enjoyed this spread! Loved the fact that Dirk used both young and older models.
I love sexy, older men, ala Sean Connery, the late Paul Newman, Richard Gere and the aging gracefully George Clooney.

"These clothes are HOT with a capital H and that stands for HOT."

I see what you did there : )


Mmmmmmm.... fake Jason Statham....

6/30/09 11:22 AM Mmmmmmm.... fake Jason Statham....

Ya KNOW????


Thank you for finally showing the mens-You know what your readers want, need and desire.

Stay fabulous as always.

I would like to second, third, fourth and fifth on the Jason Statham look-a-like. That first pic of him I instantly enlarged and drooled a little.


The clothes are gorgeous but damn that model casting must have been a blast!!

Second row, Bald Guy on the right ... for ME.

Clothes? Oh, right. I like the pullover knits with the jacket lapels, and the squared-off crew necks. I agree with another commenter that a lot of these pieces (shirts, jackets) will mix well with other looks.

Love the pants in row 20 (red on left black on right) and the fabric.

Have to laugh though that not only are most of these for the very young, I have trouble imagining any straight guy wearing most of these - even an extreme metro-sexual...but damn the men look fine. And they look good in these clothes.. I'm just saying.


(the sound of me passing out)

Love the "Thriller" jacket. So retro, yet so current.

But my favorite part of the whole thing is the text from "Fashion and Runway": "Scott Elk managed to stir a side of Dirk that is difficult to move."

So...question is...ladies and...ladies...what would
*you* put on if your guy showed
up in a red suit?

"HOT with a capital H and that stands for HOT...."

any chance you're giving us the Music Man next Monday?


"gloria said...

So...question is...ladies and...ladies...what would
*you* put on if your guy showed
up in a red suit?"

If any one of these men showed up at my door dressed like that, I'd be wearing next to nothing.

Now I know I'm getting old. All I could see was that horrible shade of red. Gah.

Brilliant!!! Bikkemberg is making real clothes again and not just T-shirts! I used to only wear Bikkemberg and Mugler in the 90's because the quality was unmatched.
This collection is exciting;)
I Love the red suits!

So...question is...ladies and...ladies...what would
*you* put on if your guy showed
up in a red suit?

Not a damn thing!


Some folks might not know, but Bikkembergs owns (or is a main investor in) an Italian pro soccer team. He often uses the team players as models - there were some Bikkembergs underwear ads last year that were of the whole soccer team in gold undies. And at his new flagship store in Milan, one of the players has a whole apartment right in the store.

"Dan said...
Some folks might not know, but Bikkembergs owns (or is a main investor in) an Italian pro soccer team. He often uses the team players as models - there were some Bikkembergs underwear ads last year that were of the whole soccer team in gold undies. And at his new flagship store in Milan, one of the players has a whole apartment right in the store."

Wow, thanks for the info. I knew about the ads but not the apartment.

Once upon I time I vowed that I would never have a plunging V-neck sweater in my closet. But um, that red one that you used in the about a look that will get every single person in a room looking at you.

This is like Long Island guys on parade circa 1991.
PUHLEEEEZE. This is NOT hot, this is greezy and skeezy.

These are actually wearable. I'll say best men's collection so far after versace of course.

This isn't hot, it looks cheap and generic. Nothing new, nothing fun, the only thing I like is that so much of it is red. And personally, I don't think the models are hot either. Average muscle-men.

Most of it is fun and wearable.

Not fond of the short double breasted jacket though-- especially in red. Looks like a SkyCap. Or waiter. Or busboy.

I want to see the painting that inspired this! After the gushing story about the designer's inspiration, seems like we'd get a link to a photo of said painting...

Sweet joy those moto jackets are amazing!

sorry, were there clothes in this post?

That zipped up red jacket with all the zippers looks like a nod to 80's Michael Jackson.

Just saying...


So, are all the numbers on the chests some sort of rating system ? Maybe metric anatomical measurements ? The number of millions it will cost me to buy one of them ?

That older balding model is HOT! I'll take one of those to go please! Yum. The rest of the guys weren't bad either and the clothes are nice too.

another laura

Yes to a lot, but
tight shiny pants - NO
bellhop jackets - NO
tuxedo jackets that look too short-waisted to me - NO

not-tight shiny pants and the use of the Chinese-looking printed fabrics on the last 4 looks - almost yes

The use of a couple of older models, especially that guy in look 4 - YES YES YES

Model in pic # 4 is HOT HOT HOT. Love the clothes,

"I have trouble imagining any straight guy wearing most of these"

I can definitely picture some of the hot African-American football and basketball players wearing these designs. Even the red suits. Too bad he didn't use any black models. (I'm not getting militant here, but black athletes could be a big market for him.)

I'm not loving the shiny pants and a couple of the designs had unflattering proportions, but generally thumbs up.


Very hot! Love the looks too ; )

Absolutely gorgeous men, well, it does help that the looks are hot too, oh wait, it's the other way around.

It's refreshing to this less than fresh guy to see men with some "experience" on the runway. I know it comes and goes, but I'm so over the skinny boys with no shoulders, or chests, or legs; hanging everything from a pretty face and a six-pack.

Some of the best sportswear I've seen for guys in awhile. Thanks!

Can't say I'm crazy for much of the clothing, but my goodness, those boys are going to send me into early menopause (as in hot flashes)... I'd miss my own flight to watch the bare-chested guy in red satin pants running for the gate (just get rid of the granny glasses-necklace please!).

OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection! I'd wear every single outfit!

And Model #4 (Baldie) is delish!

loved the first few, then it careened into Larry the Lounge Lizard territory for me. Hot, yes, but also skeezy and reminiscent of the 1980's.

Interesting that most of us here seem to love these slightly seasoned muscle men as opposed to the standard model pretty boys. (And another vote for #4 - TLo who is he?? I need more pics of him to wallpaper my bedroom with.)

But I have to wonder if the positive comments about the clothing are a bit skewed from the hotness of the models? Because I am getting a serious 80's vibe here, and an unpleasant one at that, especially with those numbered shirts. And omg, looks #19 and #20, is that spandex?? No, just no! Didn't anyone else shudder a little bit looking at those??

Keep it up and this site is going to get blocked at my workplace. At the very least, they're going to suspect something when I ruin another keyboard with my drooling.

.... RAWR.

I liked the collection. No person is going to wear the clothes as styled on the runway but the 80's vibe has a strong presence in the 18-26 age group (both men and women) due to what I call thrift shop chic. This may not be true all over the world but it is true for south Florida excluding Miami.

I can see the t-shorts being very popular, worn with jeans and "Vans" sneakers.


Simply AMAZING collection!!!

I loved EVERY look on the runway, it's hot, it's chic and it's stunning.

I want every piece in my closet NOW! hahaha

Oh my.

It's red hot: men and clothes.

Holy yummy goodness....

Needed a bucket for that post.

Ok now to go back and look at the clothes...

WOW...model #4 is Smokin' Hot. He's got nothing on Jason.


Older models -yes!
But I prefer the skinny, er, wiry build, so relatively undistracted by male appeal, I'd say - YES to the real sportswear-cut clothes (for the younger crowd, mostly) and NO to the bellhop jacket & ALL of the short-waisted leather jackets. Every last one of them has a sleazy L.I. (lawn-guyland) vibe to me that is no doubt a product of bad club experiences in - you guessed it! - the 80's. Rarely did a decent human being come in that particular package.

Ya know, I wasn't even going to look at this post because I'm not into men's at all...but then I looked! omigod, the men!!!

Truthfully I didn't notice the clothes past the 1st few. And then when I did come back, the last 10 outfits are not that cute. If the models weren't so BAD ASS then and were on regular skinny types or regular dudes, they would not be cute. not cute at all...

so GET A GRIP! ;P the MEN are AMAZING, some of the clothes, MEH!!!

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