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Diane von Furstenberg Resort 2010 Collection

"We always call Resort La Petite Valise," Diane von Furstenberg said prior to showing a flying-down-to-Rio Resort collection full of cheerful prints on sheer draped chiffons, paper leather dresses in neon brights, and pinup-style bathing suits. Hemlines ranged from mini to garden-party length, and almost everything but the cartoonish bow-tied turbans looked like it could be folded and put in a carry-on—or a FedEx box—and be in samba-ready condition upon arrival. In other words, this was DVF in characteristically upbeat mood, recession or no. "I'm always conscious of the economy. My prices are always good," she said, but she added, "No one really needs anything; the point of Resort is to evoke emotion."

Strangely, that entry from Style has very little to say about the clothes except for some basic descriptions and the fact that they're packable and affordable. You'd find more editorializing in a Sears catalogue.

In a way, we can't blame them. We've been staring at these pictures for some time now trying to come up with a blog entry and stalling. It's not that we don't like the clothes. They're okay. Some are more than okay. It all just feels a little "feh." Pretty, but nothing to cause excitement and nothing that really screams "DVF." Maybe it's because there's so little cohesion. Take the big floppy bows off their heads and there'd be no reason to think all these pictures came from the same show.

Don't get us wrong: we like. It's just that it's not all that exciting or interesting.

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I enjoy the colours and the dots. They're festive outfits even if not all that cohesive. Some of the pieces (like the wonderful zig-zaggy trench) are very playful takes on classics.

The collection is ok. I'm just so relieved that she is using models who look different from each other.

It's an interesting, colorful collection, but i don't know, not loving it. I'm a bit disappointed with her everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach in her inspirations lately.

The collection is pretty. Its nothing special but it all seems very wearable by regular people. Except that hideous bikini thing. *shudder*

I am chimming in with my normal comment: This collection will sell! All of the looks are different variations of what is worn year round in Tampa, Miami and Ft. Myers, Florida. Also, the looks are pretty timeless but in updated prints for beach-resort wear.


I can't zoom in but I think that 2 and 6 look pretty cute.

Nice to see a major designer using women of color on the runway.

Love the colors! But I find it hard to believe the DVF looked at those bows and was like, 'Yes! Dahlin' those are perfect!'

If they were more like headwraps - that would have been fun.

It's a little more livelier than what the Duchess put out this year.

It's okay.

This is a very wearable collection. Lots of great color. Not exactly groundbreaking, but I don't think a resort collection needs to me. More about easy dresses that can be thrown in a bag.

That said, the granny panty bikini needs to go pronto.

"granny panty bikini"

That's the description I was looking for!

TLo -- Are there close up pictures of the shoes anywhere? The colorful ones look interesting, but hard to tell when they are small in the pictures.

Look #1 one is my favorite. I do not mind the bows as they are only styling for the runway.


I think that I would rather go to DVF's resort destination than, MK's. It looks more fun.

I love the polka dotted dresses and the stripey trench - the rest is OK. I'll be glad when the Wilma look is finally over and done with.

I covet #17, the black, white, and yellow mini dress.

That first look looks like she made this christian louboutin boot as a dress:

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Is the second dress composed of paillettes? If so, WOW.

I'm fascinated by the colors and that wild trench. In fact, I like these colors much better than Heather Mizrahi's resort collection this year.

But yeah, design-wise it is a bit 'meh'.

Thanks for the post, boys!

"Nice to see a major designer using women of color on the runway."

This doesn't strike me as a remarkable rarity.

Hate the bows. Why did she do that to the models? Very distracting.
As to the collection, it's rather boring I think. I like that she used colourful fabrics but I don't like any of the prints much.

It's true that it's maybe not the most exciting collection in the world, but there are some great pieces and it is all VERY Diane von Furstenburg. Having seen her other work, how can you not recognize her signatures? From the use of prints to the exotic accessories to the detailing to the general aesthetic, it all screams DVF.

The bowed turbans, however, are ridiculous. Even the fabulous DVF can't pull that shit off.

Love dresses 2 & 17 - there are a number more I think are nice. There are also some losers, but she'll sell plenty. She still has an eye for fabric & how to use pattern & color appealingly. (And you know, as the population continues to age - I'm betting that "frumpy" bathing suits are going to sell better & better.)

What's with the bow hats? Was she channelling Aretha?

All those bows on the model's heads make me think of the way some people dress up their dogs.


Those bows look redonkulous. Other than that, I like a LOT of these pieces. You're right that there is zero cohesion, but so what? Why does a collection all have to look like it came from the same bolt of fabric?

I like that there are so many cool prints, great colors, great shapes. I'd buy at least 5 or 6 of these looks if I had the cash. Very fun, and very upbeat.

Me likey!

I can't even focus on the clothes. My eyes are drawn to those big awful bows.

I LOVE this! The second dress (with the overlaying dots) is just so fun, and the gorgeous layered ruffled skirt and dress...I would buy those in a second! I love very much.

Fixed. You should be able to enlarge the pictures on the right side now.


I like the blue (third row down, right). The rest are all pleasant enough and not exactly vavavavoom that DVF goes for. And I'm okay with that.

Was it just me or did the bottom of the two piece swim suit make the girl look like she was wearing a diapper?

is the 7th model down on the right a pr model? i swear she's the one that modeled leeann's wedding dress in the finale:

Aretha Franklin wants her hats back.

4th row down, both dresses but especially the one on the right: very Jay McCarroll.

I got a universe more out of this one than did TLo. Psychedelic, toned down (good). Loved the prints, 100% more than I ever usually love prints. (DF channelled me for the dress next to the zig-zag coat and swimsuit. That's my taste and style to a T.) These clothes look very, very wearable and low key that they are, RUN RINGS around the collection just shown from MK which was mid 80's forgettable personified (I did like the cuffs on his, my taste again). Sorry to compare, I try not to, but since TLo was underwhelmed with this DF collection and liked MK's, I had to compare.

Loved the beautiful patterns, very unlike my usual preferences. Like art.

I'm liking this for resort much more than MK's collection, which was more sedate New York City happy hour.

The beautiful colors evoke cascades of red, pink and white hibiscus flowers, wildflowers in yellows and blues, Carribean sea and sky blues, brilliant deep orange, gold, and violet of sunsets, multi-colored pebbles in the water, pastel washes on island homes, etc.

Very happy, happy, happy.

WTF is with the granny panties bikini? Yow!

I absolutely hated the extreme low rise craze for jeans, but for God's we have to go that high?


For those of you who are too young to remember, what you call a "granny panty bikini" is actually something that used to be called a "two-piece suit." It didn't hurt Esther Williams's career, or that of most of the stars of the 1940s or 1950s, who wore them in countless pinup photos and looked fantastic. Not all bathing suits have to be a string of dental floss and two Band-Aids.

Lots of shiny

Lots of short

Lots of tight

Heidi influenced perhaps?

For me, the WOW items is that striped trench. I like the last bathing suit, too. But other than that I agree, it's fine but not fabulous.

I'd wear all of it. Hooray for color!

Gotham Tomato said All those bows on the model's heads make me think of the way some people dress up their dogs.

Or their bald female babies and toddlers. I was guilty of it when my infant daughter kept being mistaken for a little boy despite the ruffled clothing.

Swimwear is gorge! Cute 40's/ wartime inspiration. Although the collection doesn't scream DVF, it has her universally wearable trdemarks. As a size 14 I'd wear almost everything. Not necessarily fashion-forward but definitely classic.

Not a fan of the jeans (those crotches are insane!) or the sloppy tee-shirt.

However, the prints are gorgous and she can design the hell out of a one-piece.

I agree with Lola. I'd rather go to Resort von Furstenberg than to Resort Kors or Mizrahi. However, do you honestly believe the black or grey cocktail dresses would survive being stuffed into a carry-on?

yes. Aretha's hat. It's like after the inauguration when everyone was photoshopping that hat onto every damned thing. I prefer to think that's what happened rather than that those hats(?) were really sent down the runway.

But oh the multi-colored dot dress! Sigh.


love love love the coat in look # 20!!!

Girl in granny panty bikini with the orange bow needs a sandwich, STAT.

Am I crazy, but the bows don't bother me on some of the ensembles. SOME of them. Bikini girl, however, looks like the bow might break her spine.

Very colorful, I love it!

Love the collection!!!!!!

I cannot focus on the clothes with those stupid f'ing bows.

I think the problem with the granny panty bikini is that it looks like hell on the model. It would look fab on a larger woman.

Also, what 60isthenew55 said. I remember when the bikini first showed up. Scandalous! And it was just a slightly smaller two-piece, not what we see now, much of which is kind of skanky and tacky.

Maybe I haven't studied high fashion enough, but I think this collection is very interesting. It's pretty but a little funky, just like DVF. If I could afford it, I'd have at least half the items here. I LOVE it.

She ruined the show with the minnie mouse bows. I like this collection more than the Michael Kors collection, which was totally underwhelming. Color for resort wear makes sense and she knows women's bodies.

Darlings, I think you meant to say it all just felt a little "eh", not a little "feh". "Feh" is a decided negative, and doesn't apply to something you pretty much like. I ordinarily wouldn't dream of picking nits in your delicious prose, but I love me my Yiddish as much as I love me my fashion.

And for what it's worth, I adore this collection.

polka dots and big floppy bows. Kindergarten or resort wear.

I can get behind the swimsuits, but not on those models. A pinup style suit needs something at least approaching a pinup figure - not visible ribs.

The problem with the bikini is that particular style of swim suit looks best on a Marilyn Monroe or Jane Russell body, not on body resembling 4 toothpicks and a bit of gristle. So yay for color and style, and boo for styling.

Otherwise, nice collection.

I like the clothes, especially the ones with color. It is a happy collection, different than most of this season. Much more interesting than Grandma Kors' collection.

Aretha hat is everywhere!

I think Aretha's granddaughter is walking down the runway hahaha

I don't like it. It's just bland.

There are only two dresses I like btw.

I like 8 and 18.

All in all I'd rather go to the Posen resort.

I love this collection. Sessilee Lopez owned every single outfit and didn't she close the show? stunning. Drop dead gorge.

Am I seeing Project Runway influences in DVF? The loud, clashing prints + polka dots remind me of Kenley. And the ruffled looks (4th row from top) have a little Princess Puffysleeves. Chicken or the egg?

If Whitney Port isn't out and about in an enormous bow this week, I'm going to be extremely disappointed.

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