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Cate Blanchett in InStyle Australia

Cate Blanchett is featured in the June 2009 issue of InStyle Australia magazine, photographed by David Gubert.

You know how sometimes writers get lazy in a case like this and start off with "If a picture is worth a thousand words, blahblahblah...?" But honestly, kittens, we've got NOTHING to add. Okay, except to say the bitch knows what the hell to do when a camera is on her. Oh, and also, she looks better in the clothes than the models. And don't forget to look at the clothes, which are fabulous. We should add that we love her. Total girlcrush. Okay, nothing else to add.

Commence viewing. Fabulous is go.

Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Missy Rayder

Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Jessica Stam

Martin Grant Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Ajuma Nasanyana

Martin Grant Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Ajuma Nasanyana

Armani Privé Spring 2009 Couture Collection
Model: Natalia Belova

Hermès Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Yasmin Warsame

[Scans: TheFashionSpot - Photos: David Gubert/]

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Well, no matter, the bitch can wear some clothes.

A little too thin, imo, but she is striking. Dosen't she have like, 4 kids?

Her talent lies in interpretation. And cheekbones.

She looks amazing, as usual.

Those Martin Grant dresses are fabulous. I love the geometry.

YAY! I also love her.
She's freaking fabulous. LOVE the clothes.

She is always amazing in these types of photo shoots. The Vanity Fair spread of her a few months ago was also STUNNING. TOTAL girlcrush here too.

She is smoking in that Armani Prive. Ten times better than the hanger with the black dildo cap.

I want to be her when I grow up. :)


Love the Martin Grant dresses. Her face is stunning precisely because it is not too pretty - the cheekbones make it beautiful, but if she had a surgically perfect little nose she wouldn't have the impact.

My opinion, of course.

And she either knows what to do in front of the camera or takes direction from an articulate photographer well, because she is so definitely not "the actress posing in clothes" some of them are.

LOVE her! thanks boys. xo

Cate looks devine, of course, but I have to say I really like the strong poses Ajuma Nasanyana is giving in the Martin Grant dresses as well. Especially that first pose. Beauty + strength = Hawt!

Marry me Caaaaaaaate

This is amazing. Cate Blanchett is a gorgeous woman. I'm so jealous of her cheek bones. Ajuma Nasanyana rocks too!

Love her in the Armani Prive! And the Hermes. Gorgeous!

God, I LOVE her. She is unique-looking but utterly stunning - that skin! Those eyes! Those cheekbones!

And, DAMN, does she know how to wear clothes.

Cate Blanchett looks gorgeous and the dresses are beautiful. Great choices, whoever styled this photoshoot.

I've been meaning to saying this for a long time and I keep forgetting, guys. Thanks for identifying the models. As a model, I can say that we don't always get the recognition we deserve.

Love love LOVE her! Total girl crush here too. And that woman can act!

Amazing! Even that last outfit, which would be overwhelming for most women looks pretty good (except for that look on her face).

another laura

I'm glad you love Ms Blanchett, because I think she is pretty amazing looking and a pretty amazing actress, as well. If she can also sing and dance well, I'll find a way to kill her.

Total props to Ajuma Nasanyana, the model in the Martin Grant dresses. wow!

I just don't like the Armani Prive. The still photo does look better than the runway (Cate doesn't have to walk in it, after all) but it looks like chip S&M wear. Not that there's anything wrong with that....

As a fellow Australian I'm somewhat biased but I do love her. I can't remember who said it, but he or she put it most aptly, she has the kind of features that you can dress up or down, urchin to goddess, that timeless quality that's so captivating.

Oh and yeah TOTAL girlcrush here.

She is amazing!!! One feels sorry for Stam, et al!

Can I just say that I really WANT both Martin Grant dresses and that this bitch is super fab!

I have three girl crushes. Cate Blanchett is one of them. I have adored her for the longest time. She's a goddess.


She looks FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

I am especially in love with the Martin Grant dresses...I.Die.

Holy crap! She 80 types of fly here.

Very gorgeous, but to me her expression is the same in each photo.

Then again, that could be the green-eyed monster talking...

Am a fan of Cate's. Hard not to be. She out-did the model in each shot (by quite a bit) but the multi-colored one. The hair? not so much -- boring, and that very dark root stuff is just too fasion-backward. Makeup so-so.

I love, love, love this post and the spread and Blanchett.

It's inspiring to me (aged 43) that a grown, adult women and a mother can wear clothes BETTER than 0% body fat teens.

(And I just recently wrote a comment about how 0% body fat teens are the only ones who can make clothes look their best. Now I have to take it back. Only twig-thin teens and La Blanchett can make clothes look their best.) -victoria

Yeah, you and my husband. He gets Cate and I get Daniel Craig!

Love that Martin Grant ombre gown!

"Only twig-thin teens and La Blanchett can make clothes look their best.) -victoria"

Wow. Talk about body issues...

"It's inspiring to me (aged 43) that a grown, adult women and a mother can wear clothes BETTER than 0% body fat teens. "

You do realize that the great Cate has 0% bodyfat also, don't you? Yes, she's not a teenager and she's given birth a few times and she looks amazing but she is twig thin - I've seen her onstage and she's no bigger than any model. She is fabulous, though, and looks so much better than any of the models here. She has presence!

Not crazy about the cover, but the rest of the shots are gorgeous! Especially the Mrs. Roper-by-way-of-Hermes one at the end!

When I die I'm coming back as Cate Blanchette. She is stunning and she works the hell out of all of those clothes!

Fabulous spread, guys. The first Martin Grant dress is to. die.

she is so damn scrumptious. i luurrrvve her! the dresses ain't bad, either!

She looks stunning!!!

And bitch know how to kill those dresses, absolutely amazing!

I love you Cate!

She looks phenomenal!

I love these posts, Tlo!

I agree with TheNYCourier, not crazy about the cover, too much text and not the best picture but the spread is freaking fabulous. I love her, one of my favorite actresses. I still remember when she wore that GORGEOUS Galliano dress to the Oscars.

She is one fabulous actress and a beautiful woman. The designs are amazing. Couldn't be better!

Cate Blanchett, now she is what you call a fashion icon! I have missed her so much on the red carpet, darn kids!

Add me to the list of girl crushes.

"the bitch knows what the hell to do when a camera is on her."

My sentiments exactly. She is wonderful to look at. And inspiring. She makes 40 look soooo good.

I've never heard of Martin Grant (am I the only one?) but I love the bodices on those two dresses. Gorgeous.

Perfection. She rocked Armani prive and could have given the model some lessons.

She is fabulous beyond words.

WOW - she's truly GORGEOUS. You can feel her confidence radiating through, thus she looks better than the models. LOVE IT, thanks for posting!

she is so gorgeous and an outstanding actress. here here!


Wow, gorgeous, not a dog in the bunch, clothes are amazing and Cate is working it.


She looks equally gorgeous whether she's wearing modern couture, period piece costumes, or elf ears. Love her. HUGE, HUGE girlcrush.

Anonymous said...

Well, no matter, the bitch can wear some clothes.

A little too thin, imo, but she is striking. Dosen't she have like, 4 kids?

Thats not true. I personally heard first hand from a journalist who interviewed her that she IS that absolutelyfucking gorgeous in person. High five T-Lo. Total girl-crush on her too.

She probably *is* stunning in person too, but these pictures have been photoshopped out the wazo. She likes like a slightly older Blake Lively in most of them. A much more confidant woman than Blake though, Cate wears clothes so very well, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Well, no matter, the bitch can wear some clothes.

A little too thin, imo, but she is striking. Dosen't she have like, 4 kids?

I've waited on her at my cafe in NY...she looks like that in a parka and jeans. Somehow this woman exists int he real world.

I love the Armani Privé outfit. The detailing on the sleeves and neckline is beautiful.

She looks FANTASTIC, but I'm kind of offended by the "she's too thin" comments. As a naturally really skinny person (I eat and eat and can't for the life of me gain weight) who has been point-blank asked by strangers if I have an eating disorder, I've learned how to spot whether a tiny person is naturally that way or thinner than she should be. Look at her chest/collar bone and her wrists -- they're prominent, but not especially bony. You can tell when women have starved themselves when their bone structures look too big for their bodies. This is not true for Kate.

Sometimes, people are really tiny because of their builds. I'm sick of people assuming that just because someone is very thin that she's unhealthy. Not all of us little people have food problems!

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