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Bruce and Emma Willis in W Magazine (MNSFW)

There's exposed boob and naked old man in this one, poodles. Consider yourself warned.

Celebrities just aren't like us, no matter how much they try to tell you otherwise. You see, we, the dignified non-celebrity, have the option of indulging in a mid-life crisis quietly and to the delight of our close friends and families. Celebrities are obligated to display theirs in multiple-page editorial layouts photographed by world-class photographers for high-circulation magazines to the delight and dismay of hundreds of thousands of strangers.

Thus, W hosted Bruce and new wife Emma for a dour BDSM-themed opportunity for Bruce to show as much skin as possible. On the one hand, it's beautifully photographed, on the other hand, it's off the charts on the self-indulgent scale and doesn't even show up on the tasteful one. We've said this before about equally as self-indulgent celebrities and we can't help thinking it again: it must be so weird to be one of his kids.

And if the layout wasn't self-indulgent enough, bring the air-sickness bag for the accompanying article:

" A word to the wise: If you’ve recently suffered a tough breakup, or are generally sullen or cynical regarding matters of the heart, avoid spending time in the company of newlyweds Bruce and Emma Willis. “We’re sickening,” Bruce says, shaking his head in mock disgust. “We make out in public. I know there’s some rule that you’re not supposed to be doing—what is it? Public displays of affection?”

“PDA,” says 32-year-old Emma, née Heming, helpfully supplying her 54-year-old husband with the slang term he’s searching for."


“We went on one date, on the Friday before Emma was getting ready to move back to New York, and then we fell mad crazy in love,” says Bruce. “When you think about where are you going to find that big love of your life, you seldom think it’s someone you already know. You think it’s someone you’re yet to meet.” Adds Emma, “I had never really dated. I’ve always been a relationship kind of person. But in that phase of my life I was like, You know what, maybe I’ll just date, see what it’s like. And I lasted one date.” Ever since, the two have been practically inseparable, often traveling together to her modeling shoots and his film sets, bouncing back and forth between L.A., where Bruce’s three daughters live, and New York, which they both prefer."


Anyway, like we said, it's beautifully shot even if we tend to recoil at the creepy neediness of it that comes through. It's not a coincidence that the most interesting picture to us is the only one in which he's fully clothed.

Emma Willis wears Alexander McQueen’s leather and silver fox fur jacket and leather and sterling silver harness; Nicole Miller Collection’s leather shorts; Philip Treacy for Alexander McQueen hat; Dolce & Gabbana scarf; Alexander McQueen gloves; Nina Ricci boots.

Hermès’ leather skirt; Philip Treacy for Alexander McQueen hat.

Dior’s leather jacket; Eres’ silk and spandex briefs; Nina Ricci booties.

Givenchy’s eelskin vest and viscose and silk bra; Nicole Miller collection’s leather shorts; Michael Kors necklace; Nina Ricci boots.

Max Azria’s leather and suede dress; Balmain belt; Abakus cuff; Nina Ricci booties.

Dior’s leather jacket and skirt; Rodarte gloves.

Keiko’s lambskin bodysuit; Michael Kors necklace; Alexander McQueen boots.

Nina Ricci’s cotton tulle gown; Paul Seville mask.

Dolce & Gabbana’s muskrat and astrakhan jacket; Michael Kors’ leather dress; Chloe belt.

Dolce & Gabbana scarf. On him: Tom Ford’s wool and mohair tuxedo and cotton shirt and tie.

Photographer: Steven Klein
Stylist: Camilla Nickerson
Photographed on location at The Standard hotel, New York.

[Photos: Steven Klein/W Magazine]

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Bruce's gams are drag queen worthy.

Did they use the same lighting crew as The Fashion Show?

Ack. That is all.

That's really all I can say.


How old are his kids? How mortifying!


Does anyone think Bruce Willis looks a little like Hannibal Lector here?


Although I do love her boots in the shot where she's sitting on his lap. Also those Alexander McQueen boots are getting a lot of attention...

Ya ... one of the most disturbing mid-life crisises caught on film ...

PS. Reckon Demi and Ashton will get some chuckles?

Creepier yet, does anyone else think that she looks like a younger Demi? (twist knife now...)

If you took them as just another photo shoot of models, they are beautiful avant garde shots.

When you take into consideration who they are and the fact that they have young children, it makes it the most embarrassing public display of a midlife crisis ever.

Ugh. Between the photos and the interview excerpt, if I rolled my eyes any harder I'd be staring at my temporal lobe.

"Creepier yet, does anyone else think that she looks like a younger Demi? (twist knife now...)"

Ouch! :) But she has very nice tits.

Sorry, I love it! I think both of them are hot hot hot, and the photos are fantastic!

another laura

oh dear. I not sure that I can make an icon that will stand in for the face I am making at this moment. hopes this comes out...


Haven't seen all of Bruce's movies, but isn't there a bondage bit with him in Pulp Fiction? Is this kind of a play off of that?

It makes me remember Demi's Vanity Fair nude/pregnant cover as a thing of timeless elegance and good taste.

Soooooooo silly, except for the last photo. I like that one.

Yep, Bruce found a Demi clone.

I always thought BW would be fun to have a beer with; but this level of self-indulgent ickyness brings pause.

Maybe that I'm-just-a-regular-guy thing he does is just good acting. Who knew?

What the f? Seriously? Oh Bruce...

I'm glad that they decided to style Emma so she looked exactly like Demi. If you Google other pictures of her, you can see that there's really not a natural resemblance between the two. They made her look that way on purpose. Hilarity!

I'm just relieved that is not one of his daughters! I didn't realize he was hitched again.

She's good at this/Him? Doesn't quite suit his persona--and he's not as versatile an actor as say Cate Blanchett to pull it off...

I like the photography a lot.

Although I keep wanting to watch The Cell after seeing McQueen clothing now.

At first glance I figured these had to be Steve Klein. Pretty fine job all around. It's almost amazing sometimes what manages to filter through into the great quagmire of the mass media.


That man has some great legs. Who knew?

And the shoot? Different.

Gross, when I saw the picture on the menu, I thought it was one of his daughters.
Oh, it's the new wife. Okay. I guess.

When I saw the first picture, my immediate thought was that Bruce was being experimented on by some sort of giant alien monkey. No lie. I do quite like the last one, though. The rest...tacky, tacky, tacky. And icky.

Dear Photogrossphers and Desperate Celebroketies:

Bondage is only edgy when it's done right. Madonna is allowed to do it until she is 100. All others must check with me first.

If the theme was surrounded by the Last photo I think it would have been interesting.

I don't mind a theme of her being on top, but let's put him back in clothes.

I used to LOVE Bruce Willis, but I have seen him as tragic ever since I saw that pic with Demi , Ashton, him and the kids with him looking like the third wheel in his own family. This new marriage does not help.

The photographer had to be a friend of Demi's

I just got my W magazine an hour ago. You guys are quick!!!

Lot of dead animals' skins draped all over the missus there, like the shoot wasn't obvious and tacky enough already.

Holy crap.

The cover picture's not so bad. . . at least he has some life in him. But the whole V for Vendetta vibe in the rest of the shoot is mystifying. He looks stiff
(no, not in that way), starved, beaten, and half dead.

I guess if that's the look they wanted, they did a good job.

whatever, i dont get it bruce.

This spread calls for an Alka Seltzer with a Pepto Bismol chaser.
I feel nauseous.


also, i think the captions for pics 4 and 5 are switched

My eyes!

I wanted to like it, despite your comments. No such luck.

I agree Emma has fantastic breasts. That is about the only nice thing I can say.

Was this supposed to be unsexy?

the fur is repulsive.

He must have a shitload of crappy movies about to be release.

Can't wait to see Mel Gibson's Midlife Crisis Layout.

I kinda love this shoot. I don't think it's embarrassing.

I'm not a fan of Bruce Willis, but I think, if you look at these photos without the baggage associated with his fame and don't read the icky article, it's a pretty interesting shoot. There's a vibe of sexual addiction and torment that puts this into art territory.

A tad grasping-on-for-high-fashion-youth-for-dear-life, yes, but still kind of neat. Or maybe I respond well to Siouxsie Sioux makeup.

I actually really like this. Had it been standard stock pretty models I don't think there would have been any backlash, it's just the fact that he's an actor/dad. And really there are a lot of models who are also parents and they still pose in similar shoots. It looks too me like it could have been a Dolce and Gabbana campaign.

Also, I hate the use of fir in this.

Anon. said, "I think, if you look at these photos without the baggage associated with his fame and don't read the icky article, it's a pretty interesting shoot. There's a vibe of sexual addiction and torment that puts this into art territory."

I see it differently. I think it's fair to point out, as you did, that we're probably influenced by the fact that it's Bruce Willis. But with the exception of two pictures -- the one in the stairwell and the one with the mirrors -- he's not conveying anything. He doesn't seem engaged. He's just. . . there. So while the pictures may be designed to tell a story of sexual addiction, I'm not feeling it at all.

I really like the bathroom design in the second shot. That's about it.

Funny that I noticed the tub and sink before the naked boobs in that shot.

I had a celebrity run-ins with Mr. Willis 20+ years ago when Moonlighting was still on (and he still had hair). We were on vacation in LA at one of the comedy joints and after a mediocre joke, we heard really loud, exaggerated laughing and clapping. We look over and Bruce Willis is standing up purposely drawing attention to himself. So that goes way back.

Bruce Willis is the living personification of *dickhead*. I can't even stand the sight of him.


Sweet Jeezus! So creepy. I was unprepared even with your warnings. I think I am going to wash my eyes out with hand sanitizer.

To use an old 80s phrase, "Gag me with a spoon."

I now have entirely too much information about these two and immediately will have to begin drinking to forget.

One more comment: if my boobs looked like hers, I'd be topless all the time! Although, I guess they wouldn't be so fabulous if I was topless all the time. Oh, the irony.

He has a nice body for an old dude. And yes, her tits are beautiful.

Isn't she a little old to still be working as a model? (I know, 32 is not old, but some of the models are half her age.)

I see an interesting and rather insulting (to him) subtext to this shoot. He is a desperate old man trying to recapture his youth and being tortured for it. Anybody else get that?

I think I would like the ed if it were anonymous / semi-anonymous models.

The fur and leather are so disgusting, and the subtext is that she's dominating not only him but also the innocent animals who were killed to make her frivolous clothing.

I was so excited when Jay did his whole anti-fur thing, and even had non-leather shoes in his show!

She looks like a different versionof Demi!!!


Bravo to the photog and stylist, a marvelous series of shots.

I'm not a Bruce Willis fan by any stretch but I must say I do not suffer the idea that one must conform to the western Puritanical view of life so good for him.

I used to think Bruce was I'm just creeped out by both of them.

You bitches have destroyed Bruce Willis for me. *cries in the corner*

He's got creepy toes - but many do...

6/17/09 4:48 PM

the fur is repulsive.

Just the fur?

From where I sit there's a HUGE laundry list of repulsive up in this photo shoot.

jameela said...
I used to LOVE Bruce Willis, but I have seen him as tragic ever since I saw that pic with Demi , Ashton, him and the kids with him looking like the third wheel in his own family. This new marriage does not help.


I see it differently. - Brooklyn Bomber

I agree he is deadpan but so is she. That could be the photographer's vision though. I see an attempt to convey tension with the body instead of the expression, and you are right, it wasn't always successful.

I see an interesting and rather insulting (to him) subtext to this shoot. He is a desperate old man trying to recapture his youth and being tortured for it. Anybody else get that? - Ellen M

I see that subtext, though I'd go for sexual addiction first over recapturing youth.

Arty Anon from above.

I am so sorry but I am stupid-What is BDSM?


Ooooohhhhh, I WANT... that bathtub.

What's with the Helmut Newton wannabe photography/styling? I think in a weird way the photos aren't edgy *enough* so the result is just somehow almost-but-not-quite.

Come on guys! Aside from the fact that Emma looks like she's one of his kids, Bruce is looking pretty damn hot in some of these photos.
Aren't they in the first blush of love? Cut these kids some slack.


...because, nothing says the "first blush of love" like a quasi-fetish photo shoot for a national magazine?

Googly eyes are one thing. another altogether.

I really didn't need to see Bruce Willis' sex face. Ew.

The "crazy-in-love" vibe just comes shining through, doesn't it?

"I really didn't need to see Bruce Willis' sex face. Ew."

Thanks for the laugh. :)

TampaBay: Bondage Domination Sadism Masochism.

Just a clarification - I don't subscribe to "puritanical views (Ref. annon 6/17/09 5:47 PM). In fact what consenting adults do is their business. But just as I don't need photos of someone's medical procedure, I don't need pictures of DBSM, particularly when the participants look as joyless as these two do. To much data!

(Per the Urban Dictionary, this acronym is "An overlapping abbrevation of Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM)" for the poster who asked.)

And Elaine and Maineiac, you nailed the snark.

I bet his daughters are so thrilled. Somehow this should qualify as child abuse if any of them are underage. And just down right embarrassing if they aren't.

Oh. Just oh.

I have walked away from this with only two questions:

(1) Who made the foundation garment that Bruce is wearing in pic #4? I have a similar one that I wear under a skintight dress from PinUp Girl.

(4) Who paid for her boobies?

Wow. I managed to narrow it down to just those two.

whatever. this isn't any more embarassing than Planet Hollywood. go on with your bad self, Mr. Willis.

Miss Heather, I'm sure her breasts are real. If not, I want the name of her surgeon ... when I get rich.

It's not that bad. A little hokey, though.

Bruce is actually looking kinda hot.

I saw 'Color of Night', so I knew what to expect.

A couple of the "sex" photos look like they were stolen from the Feb 1978 edition of Playboy's "Alien Sex" pictorial. Like brazenly. Who knows?

Is is a coincidence that in the topless shower shot she looks pretty much exactly like Demi Moore?

Maybe it's because it left such a scarring impression on me, but I'm getting sort of a 12 Monkeys distopia vibe, which could be intentional.

I don't have any problems with the pictures, they're artfully posed and dressed, and so what if he has kids? He's not getting naked with them.

I dunno, I wouldn't mind counting a few ceiling tiles with Bruce. And his wife has nice titties.

I fear that all this posing is going to prevent her from doing her homework.


His daughters must love this layout. Uh, yuck!


I quite like the pictures - she's lovely, he's looking good, and I think the lovey-dovey stuff is sweet. With all the nastiness there is in the world, I say bring on the sap!

If it were up to our children, our genitals would fall off when the kid was 16, we'd enter monasteries or nunneries and leave them with the house and the car.

That was unexpected! He must be brave, though. I know I couldn't trust a women wearing Nina Ricci boots to walk me down the stairs while I was blind folded!

Anon 5:58

I was getting the "recapturing youth" vibe from the skull, the clown/jack-in-the-box, and the care bear. Maybe too on-the-nose.

Anon 9:05

I think there is some room between your option and what we are seeing in the magazine. LOL

i'm not dorothy gale

Take THAT, Demi.

Look who I have now. A YOUNG woman.

And I am still a fierce stud. There.

What the....?! All I could think of was that old Michael and Janet Jackson video where they were in a spacecraft in leather suits, screaming and hitting things with whips. Totally creepy and stupid.

you completely and utterly summed it up (you always do) - ick.

Kind of amazing; mostly ricockulous.  Side of icky since they are talking about it and themselves.  The expression on his face and his wrinkles are... out of place, though.

Nice legs, Bruce!


Steven Klein is a great photographer but I'm just not feeling it.

This family is so f* up!

I love photography, editorials... but these pics are a little to weird for me.

The last picture is beautiful, I should they had gone that route.

Bruce Willis has a pretty hot body, I wouldn't throw him out of bed.

Bruce Willis is an o.k. actor. Boy next door sort. Whatsherface walked all over him in Moonlighting. He didn't dig it. His hair left him he did Demi (so did a lot of guys, he just married it) had a triple payment of girls (all of whom are homely and probably do not have amazing tits) he become imbedded in movielore culture for Pulp Fiction (redolent with BDSM) made some other movies besides his Die Hard (never seen by me) franchise, one of which he and Billy Bob Thornton shared Cate Blanchett as urban bank robbers ala Butch Cassady and the Sundance kid. He dated and dumped several good looking Hollywood fems. He was good daddy and/or best man up for his ex wife while she remarried his little brother and continues to live next door to them! Ok. He now acquired a hottie. Many rich men do, ones not nearly as toothsome as Brucie W. GOO GOO GA GA. Bruce has his wang thang on again, probably cashing in each paid in chip in a chip way (pun, take it literally too) for all the girls that went before (kids included).

WHen people are not o.k. about their sexuality they doth protest too much. Such is the case with Brucie. Besides Madonna, who tries this hard? It's all packaging and if you are fooled into taking it as anything but that, the laugh's on you. Tasteful? No. Who cares? It's entertainment. I am not turned on by BDSM, but I think a lot of people are, esp. the gays I have known. I like simple and straight forward and simple is not BDSM. BDSM is costume, butt f'ing, fetish and the proceeds thereof. If that's what you like. I just get the impression that these pics, mildly pornographic tho they are, do indeed reflect the essential Bruce. Let's just say his 15 minutes last longer than most Hollywood hackdom. It turns him on, it just doesn't turn me on. Which is fine, thank you. I am not in need of his good or bad daddy.

P.S. TLo - I was not put off by the new wife's blurb and Harlequin Romance fantasy. Wominsk, besides Laura Bennet, really do have feelings like that. It will diminish but while it's white hot it's white hot. You roast whole pigs with flame like that.

Afterwards maybe she'll become an author like Danielle Steele and write Die Hard themed romance novels?

Bottom line: this spread is Cosmo with Bruce's happy bannana on. Big deal.

Just another boring, old, average celebrity couple having their pictures taken together.

Ok, wait, her face is covered in fur? or a black leather hefty bag? what? with frisbee hat on top? I'm so lost....

Ellen M

I'm getting the sexual addiction vibe mostly from the way they seem both attracted to and repelled by each other but part of that impression was the older man/too young for him woman thing too.

(I'm also Anon 9:05.)

LOVE the last picture and the shoes and that's about it.

Just Bruce's way of saying "Look what I have at home, Demi!"

At least they're not furthering their attempt to pimp Rumer as a 'fashion icon'. I can't stand that girl one bit. Indie film actress? No thanks. Golden Globe girl? Bad posture. Girl with a nice figure and non-mannish features? Eh.

He's yummy. But the dead animals are not.

The actual content of the pictures is interesting, to me.

It's the people that are in them that makes them kinda... ick. I can't help but feel so bad for his kids.

I am appalled that leather & fur have made a comeback. Haven't we moved past this?

Especially disturbing is the use of astrakhan (which is in the above Dolce & Gabbana muskrat and astrakhan jacket), which is fur taken from newborn or fetal lambs. This involves the death of both the lambs and the pregnant mothers. (for more info, go to the Humane Society website.

Tom & Lorenzo - I LOVE your blog, but I wish that you would not glamorize the abuse of animals by posting photos of irresponsible designs.

Where's Kelly Rowland and her Audience Survey results when we need her!

Disturbing, but I love the photos. And Bruce is looking pretty damned great.

I wonder if he sends Ashton sympathy cards on a regular basis.

Eeew. Just - ick.

These pictures are pretty damn FEROSH!!!!!!!

Emma might get that high fashion career she's probably always dreamt of...even if it means swapping sweat with Willis for one more year.

On the plus side, I commend them both - they are each past the age (however great the 22 year gap between them) when they can have bodies like that without work and self discipline. (He gets more props than she, for obvious reasons.)

On the compassionate side, is it ever NOT the kiss of death to a relationship to be quoted in a magazine gushing like lovesick teenagers, saying things they'd have made fun of friends for saying? Pretty much guarantees not only that it will end, but it will end embarrassingly.

Beyond that, most of the photos seemed so mechanical and unsexy. (She did better than he did, to my eye.) Perhaps because it's not my scene, but over time I've found plenty of things I am not personally doing sort of academically erotic, and sometimes even compelling. Not here so much.

(I associate bloody jack-in-the-box clowns with bad movies I do not want to see.)

(Yes, it must totally gross out his poor kids.)

And above all, I'd really like to believe that Demi and Bruce have moved on and it's not about each other any more. So please, don't style attractive younger wife like attractive previous wife. Thank-you very much.

P.S. W Magazine is obviously a livelier publication than it was back when I had access to it for free and thus actually looked at it regularly.

Love that she's wearing "silver fox" fur. Like she skinned her last old man husband and is wearing his pelt like a trophy. Good thing BW shaves his head, or he could end up as a jacket.

TMI and TMV*.

* too many visuals

I'm glad I'm working from home today, because I suddenly feel like I need a shower. I kinda like that last picture, but everything else gets a big EW EW EW!

The second shot is so visually confusing-- is he being straddled by an orangutan, while laying atop a stove?


"Strange" is the only word that comes to my mind. W is known for their "Avant Guarde" strange editorial photo shoots. I thought the photo shoot some years back with Brad & Angelina was just as strange. No doubt both photo shoots were about the photographer & photography. The models just happened to be celebrities which helps sell magazines. Selling clothes was not the idea behind this editorial.


I LOVE the fur and leather.

Doesn't she look a lot like Demi Moore back in her Ghost days? (with a lot more make up?)

This is not interesting to me.

I like the fur and leather too. I think it looks hot.

EW EW EW That says it all

Those pictures look like outtakes from the "Smell the Glove" album cover shoot.

David: Have you seen Duke Fame's current album?
Ian: Um... yes, yes.
David: Have you seen the cover?
Ian: Um... no, no, I don't think I have.
David: It's a rather lurid cover, I mean...ah, it's, it's like naked women, and, uh....
Nigel: He's tied down to this table,
Ian: Uh-huh.
Nigel: And he's got these whips and they're all...semi-nude.
David: Knockin' on 'im and it's like much worse...
Ian: What's the point?
David: Well the point is it's much worse than 'Smell the Glove'...he releases that he's number three.
Ian: Because he's the victim. Their objections were that she was the victim. You see?

The fashion and entertainment industries are in the the same business of manifesting and marketing dreams. So, of course, they prompt similar criticisms when they edge too close to our deepest fantasies and anxieties. It really has very little to do with the work. It has more to do with us, not wanting to confront what's being revealed, not wanting to engage what's being discussed.

This shoot, published in a mainstream fashion magazine, featuring a mainstream Hollywood actor, is a perfect example. Like the Calvin Klein Jeans campaign of the early 80s featuring Brooke Shields, it's so truthful in its distillation of heterosexual daydreams and nightmares -- full of of sex, control, danger, exposure, and powerlessness -- that we can't stand it. So we shut it down with criticism and snarkiness.

There are a lot of comments here dismissing this shoot because it seems like Bruce Willis having a mid-life crisis in public. As if that's not a great topic. As if we won't have the same anxieties in our own 40s or 50s. As if this shoot -- despite its thrilling styling, lighting, and composition -- is somehow diminished because it dares to explore something other than fame, luxury, and consumption.

Maybe these images are threatening because on top of everything else, they're tremendously pornographic. Sure, there are no penises, no vaginas, no actual sex acts. But they feature a couple who really are together, who really do have sex (lots of it), and who are probably exhibiting a bit of their own desires here.

In fact, the write-up before the lay-out, positioning the models as a highly sexual couple, isn't just fluff. It's a set-up, just like a skin flick, in which the characters of a bored housewife and horny pizzaboy are established to add more sizzle to the sex that follows.

These photographs work in a commercial sense because we're all reading and writing about them. But they work in a purely artistic sense as well, rejecting the asthetics of "reality" in favor of a highly stylized "truth" that just so happens to showcase inventive and fetishistic clothing as well. I love it.

naked old man

Best description ever... the only thing that would have made it better would be if you had added "pathetic"

Gee, what's worse, the need to have a wife only 11 years older than his daughter or the need to publish photos of himself with her?

Can't decide. Maybe I'll go with unlisted option three and choose the unattractive male diaper pants with the blindfold?

Yeah. Not hot.

These two need to go away now.

"In fact, the write-up before the lay-out, positioning the models as a highly sexual couple, isn't just fluff."

The write up is self-servicing and ludicrous. It's as if Bruce knows people will ridicule him for marrying a woman much younger than himself so he has taken steps to minimize the damage.

That never works. The only peole who are going to sympathize with him are his fans, women who are married to older men and men who perve on marrying "hot" women regardless of whether or not it will be deemed age appropriate.

Men who act out their mid-life crises and use their careers as a medium to do so are pathetic and abuse their power. This is an example of that abuse.

Creepy and extremely unsexy.

Seriously, ya'll think this is self indugent? Don't you remember his rock band?

LOL Gary

Hey, if they'd shot this with Bruce and Brooke Shields it could have been the least sexy B&D shoot ever.

"Sean said: Maybe these images are threatening because on top of everything else, they're tremendously pornographic. Sure, there are no penises, no vaginas, no actual sex acts. But they feature a couple who really are together, who really do have sex (lots of it), and who are probably exhibiting a bit of their own desires here."

What's 'threatening' in these pictures? I don't see anything pornographic here. Nor any desire either. In fact, if you didn't tell me the couple was together outside of the photographs, I wouldn't know it from the pictures. And I wouldn't assume that they have 'lots of sex' (and if they claimed so in an article I'd actually be less likely to assume so). For all we know she goes home every day and hits him in the head with a frying pan. She looks more bored than anything else.

To me, these pictures just look like a badly acted attempt at imitating Helmut Newton, that come off looking sensually flat.


I'd like to point out that the world went nuts when Demi and Ashton started dating, and they're 15 years apart.

Bruce marries a woman 22 years older and nary a person bats an eyelash.

At least with Demi/Ashton I can apply the "if a man/woman has lost his/her virginity before you were born, they're too old for you" rule and pretend Demi waited until 15, because that's reasonable.

Bruce, I cannot. See: Billy Joel and wife's divorce announcement today.

ewwww! what a disappointment to know...

Am I the only one here who saw Bruce (with Brad Pitt) in Seven Monkeys? This is reminiscent of that.

She said "I'm your wife, I'm supposed to be a model and you are a get me a cover NOW!"
He said "Yes, dear."

This is far from great art. Helmut Newton wanna be, yes. Sorry, it did not slightly turn me on, even as a guilty pleasure (but I am not a Bruce fan). His old lady is yet another painfully breast enhanced, long legged hot chick. Don't like the Spock hair cut. Bruce keeps re-doing scenes from Pulp Fiction in this shoot with Col. Kurz from Apocalyps Now (sp?) thrown in. Wow. Kirk and Col. Kurz in one. Fuck you Bruce. Your chick is very cute, has long legs and is in your thrall. Enjoy it while it lasts. Much longer than this dumb spread, I hope. So you couldn't get Demi to go this far?

Yuck. Eww. And standing by for the divorce announcement.

I'd say this is in the Helmut Newton school but because Helmut did nudes with BDSM overtones doesn't mean it isn't a subject to explore further. I'll grant that one with the mirrors though - very HN.

I need to go take a shower.

I agree TLo, the best shot of Bruce is in a suit.

Sorry gotta disagree Sean....

It's not threatening, its BORING.

LOVE the bathtub!!

A little goth 9 1/2 weeks!

what, they couldn't book a skin two cover?

with that said, i am loving the siouxsie sioux/patricia morrison vibe. and the leathaaa and fur.hand-wringing PETA soldiers, please exit stage left, and you'll find some organic fair trade certified hemp snuggies and 100 percent recycled plastic crocs to wear home. thanks for playing.

I thought that he was doing a photo shoot with his daughter and I thought, that's nice. Then, I look at the pictures and thought, Wah?! Then I read the text.

Clearlyhere I thought the same!!!



To me, this pics are very S&M but I like them.

I really thought the pictures were interesting, and I appreciated that they weren't like every other celebrity fashion spread. The last photo reminds me of the Pet Shop Boys' album cover for Nightlife.

Holy shit.

Are they positioning her as the top in most of these shots in order to try to abrogate the whole he's-way-older-than-her dynamic?

Despite this supposedly being risque, I found the whole thing boring.

I don't get it, I find it disturbing. ew.

The Standard Hotel has a morgue with autopsy tables?

"Also, I hate the use of fir in this."

Yeah man, save the trees.

Bruce has a bangin' bod. I'd be all over that. But then I'm 50 and that seems appropriate.

Bruce is lookin good an he's kinky i like a man willin to get worked up with his girl an get dirty. i'd like to tie him up an rough him up a bit...i bet he would like that!

I think he looks hotter than ever (then again I'm getting older. LOL)and I think that photos look really cool. If they were both an out of shape mess I can understand it being gross but it's a really well done shoot.

oh thank god.

I clicked through thinking it was a photo shoot with one of his daughters!

I viewed all the pictures in absolute horror and was quite relieved when I read your post and realized it was his new wife.

what happened to his toenails? are they painted black, or is this some serious and disgusting case of foot fungus?

I like it. Is there any monster in my mind?

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