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Virgins v. Vixens

Okay, ladies, we went into this one thinking it could have gone either way and for a while there, it looked like we were right, but in the end, one virginal vixen stood supreme over the other.


Which surprises us a bit because we would have pegged her as one of the ones to go to the end. Then again, you bitches are incredibly fickle and so far, we only have ONE starlet who's won 3 rounds in a row and is making it to the semi-finals. So Hanoi Jane goes down at the hands of Gypsy Rose Lee.

This week, it's the battle of the bathing suit babes as...


puts aside her poodle and straightens up to take on the former Angeline Brown...


One of them slept with James Dean and one of them slept with JFK. Your work is cut out for you.


faaabbbulous photos!!!

i remain, as always, a Natalie Wood fan!

Ms. Angie is one hot, hot babe at any age but this photo? Couldn't recognize her at all (though the bod is fab, as always).

However, not enough to overcome that deliciously modern pose by Ms. Wood.

How sexually-forward in a present-sexual time!

She musta known.

Ergo, because of it and in spite of that damned poodle, she takes it from one of my all-time favorite dames.

And that's some accomplishment!

I voted for Jane, so I should be bitter. But I do love Maria. NW FTW

Ooooh, baby!

Damnit! I'm sticking with Natalie.
But Angie was (and still is) one fierce bitch!

True, Angie had JFK and Sinatra to boot.

But Natalia also had Warren Beatty(smoking hot), Elvis(blah!), Nicholas Ray(crazy), Michael Caine(hot when young), and Christopher Walken (see Michael Caine).

I can even forgive her for Perry Mason.

As much as I loved "Police Woman"...

Gotta go with Nat.

(but jane should be here!)


Natalie Wood--no contest!!!


Going against the grain and picking Angie

Natalie...I think she deserves a top-tier spot

Picking Angie. Am bitter that Jane lost to Natalie. Very odd picture of Angie though. What is with the bruises on her legs? Still totally going with Dickinson FTW.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Natalia, easy. She was also Tab Hunter's beard during their studio days, not to mention all those rumors about RJ. Gotta give it to the Russian fruitfly.

My father loved Angie but then again who's father didn't.
I'm going for Natalie. She was in great movies, melodramas and musicals. She had beutiful eyes, an affair with Warren Beatty (nothat there's anything great about that) and an early suspicious death.

Wow. You two are out doing your fabulous selves here.


this is painful........

ok, OK......Natalie.


Angie Dickinson has always seemed such a delightful woman, in interviews she's always so charming and funny. Plus, there's a calmness about her that I find very appealing. Angie FTW.


I hated Dressed To Kill

Natalie Wood for the WIN!

I vote for the poodle.

Anonymous said...
"But Natalia also had Warren Beatty(smoking hot), Elvis(blah!), Nicholas Ray(crazy), Michael Caine(hot when young), and Christopher Walken (see Michael Caine).

5/8/09 12:52 PM"

Don't forget Steve McQueen. That's the one that smokes them all.

Redford would have knocked it out of the ballpark (but that's never been substantiated).

Natalie was gorgeous, no doubt, but I have to go with the fierceness that is Ms. Dickinson.

Miss Wood!

ACK - why do you make it impossible for me to stay loyal? Gotta vote for Angie.

Good thing for the hubby that I'm not this fickle about men.

Angie Dickinson. No contest. Angie started out hot and has stayed hot.
Dame enough to hang around with the Rat Pack, too.
Sorry Natalie.

The lovely, sexy and troubled Natalie deserves a top spot. Watched 'Love With A Proper Stranger' (young Steve McQueen, yum) and 'This Property Is Condemned' (young Robert Redford, double yum) as a double feature the other night. Two of her best films and reminded me again just how much she was overlooked as an actress by critics during her career. Both films are 'don't miss' '60s chick flicks to which attention must be paid. Angie was a great broad, but not in the same class.

Natalie Wood all the way!

The shoes, the suit, the fact that we know she did JFK.....
I found a quote from her on JFK and doing the nasty:
“the best 20 seconds of my life.”


Going with Angie.

Since she and I have a history. NW FTW!


Miss Dickenson of course.

Sorry, Angie. It's Natalie.

another laura



Well, I came in here planning on a vote for Natalie, although it was close. Then I saw Julie's quote from Angie re: sex with JFK, and now I have to go with Angie. I can't resist the pithy putdown!

oooh this one's tough. I say NATALIE WOOD!


Nothing reasoned about this one. Angie Dickenson, who was hot even when she wasn't pretty vs. Natalie-simpering-Wood who beat out my pick Jane???


"I dress for women and undress for men." Angie Dickinson

That's good enough for me.


Oh, tough choice! Natalie is one for the ages, but just a bit too pristine for me.

Angie for the win!


Natalie, for sure.


Angie. They grow 'em tough here in North Dakota.

Natalia Zacharenko for the win

Dickinson all the way.

She's always had that certain something

I have to go with that Slavic Siren, Natalia Zacharenko.

Natalie, hands down. Sorry Angie; you're fabulous, but not *that* fabulous (and doing JFK just isn't that big a deal).


Tom in chicago

Angie Dickinson.

Natalie. She was in so many classics.

Two things:

Angie's shoes in that photo--super hawt.

Natalie's pose in that photo--off-the-charts nuclear annihilation hawt.

I vote for Natalie!

arghhh! I have grown to admire Angie Dickenson a great deal as "one of the boys", but my cold, black heart still beats for Miss Wood. Natalie FTW.

Still devoted to Natalie...I like Angie...but Natalie has those eyes!

Got to be Natalie.

I have to go with Natalie Wood, since she's way more multi-talented than Angie Dickinson!

It's gotta be Natalie! Love her!

Angie! I mean, if the contest has the word "vixen" in it, it's got to be Angie. Plus, she's from North Dakota -- let's hear it for ND!!

Natalie, of course!

It has to be the fabulous Angie.

Natalie, totally.

Angie's fierce, and fearsome, but I gotta go with Natalie.

Angie! Love the suit and the shoes!

You guys make it tough. Love 'em both, but Natalie FTW!


A lot of women bagged JFK. How many can put a notch for James Dean in their belt? It's Natalie, hands down.

Natalie Wood. No contest.

While Angie is one hell of a broad, Natalie shines above her. I still gotta go with little Miss Daisy Clover.

ANGIE FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!


No question- Natalie Wood.

You're killing me, TLo! I have loved both these ladies for a very long time! And even though Angie shares my maiden name, I have to go with Natalie. I spent my teens wanting to be her.

Natalie Wood, for sure!

It sucks that Jane is out. Must go with Natalie.

it's got to be natalie, since i'm named after her!

Angie Dickinson!

I have to say Natalie but this does now make me want a new throw down contest, Hollywood Bedtime Stories. When did these folks find time to actually work in films with all the sleeping around? And not just the ladies. Let's here it for the slutty men.


Now you're talking! This is a great matchup!

Without hesitation,


I'm sticking with Natalie!

As a brunette, I must side with Natalie.

Natalie for sure!

Oh, it's definitely Angie and her gun(s).

Gotta love a vixen who's also a badass.

Angie, no doubt.

natalie wood, forever and always.




Natalie, Natalie, Natalie.

Angie, most definitely.

I'll go with Angie.


Mariaaaaaaa, I just kissed a girl named Maria.

" WhitLin said...
faaabbbulous photos!!!

i remain, as always, a Natalie Wood fan!"

Same me. Natalie. Such a sad story.



"Let me entertain you, Let me make you smile, Let me do a few tricks, Some old and then some new tricks, I'm very versatile, And if you're real good, I'll make you feel good, I want your spirits to climb, So let me entertain you, And we'll have a real good time; Yes, sir!, We'll have a real good time. "

Natalie. No contest.


I'll keep my vote with Miss Wood!

Natalie... for sure

Miss Natalia Zacharenko

natalie wood!

Natalie Wood!

Angie. Of the two of them, she's the one who would cut a bitch.

Another vote for Ms. Wood.



I'm gonna sound evil, but Angie cannot only hold a gun, but she can also hold her liquor ...

The same could not be said of Natalie ... who also couldn't hold on to her dinghy.

'Nuff said.

Still love Natalie from her Santa Claus and West Side Story days, but Big Bad Mama would take her down in an instant.

Just sayin-

I hesitate to cross Pepper Anderson, but cross I must. Natalie, easily, always!

natalie fucking wood

Natalie FTW!

hello its angie, that broad has balls!

i cant believe jane fonda lost. I demand a recount!

T Lo! This is more than a little freaky because of the dream I had the other night! I dreamt I was at a swanky 70s pool party attended by Angie Dickinson, Frank Sinatra, and Bob Newhart (don't ask) and I was frantically trying to snap a picture of Angie with my iPhone (I was obviously present future self at the 70s party) so I could send it to you guys!! I was stressed out during the entire dream thinking, "Tom and Lorenzo will kill me if I don't send them a shot of Angie in her bikini!!"

And then you post this?!

Despite the dream, I'm still sticking with my girl Natalie. I know crazy,right?

Natalie for the win.

ANGIE! Angie, Angie, Angie!
She's still sexy and fabulous even though she's a senior and has outlived the rest of the Rat Pack - Long Live the Vixen Queen!

OK, so it's not fair to penalize Natalie because she's gone to her reward, bless her, but even in their heydays - come on, it's gotta be Pepper!


Angie, for sure!

potty mouth princess

How the HELL did the inspiration for Judy Noodles go down? Especially on THIS blog?

I haven't looked at the other posts and am having a tough time with this (iconic, virginal Maria vs. a vixen who had JFK and Sinatra).

I'll take Police Woman FTW. Horrible show, but she looked fabulous. Probably too little, too late though. *le sigh*

Any Junior Soprano fans out there? Yeah? Then you agree with me: Angie.

How can you not vote for Pepper?
I still get traumatic flashbacks when Pepper got shot by a perp, she fell...and the show went to commercial break.

OMG??? Did Pepper just die??? The little kid I was didn't understand that you don't kill the lead unless the show is about to be cancelled, so you can understand my relief when the commercial ended, and we saw Pepper in the emergency room, sitting up, with a bandage around her shoulder, fully conscious. "You're lucky it was only a flesh wound, detective..."

If Angie can survive a shot that looks like it went straight through her heart, and still only have a "flesh wound," she deserves the award!

I submit both ladies to the John Wayne test - Natalie in The Searchers (excellent flick), Angie in Rio Bravo (so-so flick but great cast). Umm. . . Well, John called Angie "Feathers" and hardly spoke two words to Natalie so I'm going with Angie.


I vote for the only wood that doesn't float-- Natalie.

(Obviously, just a joke. No one in their right mind would vote for Natalie Wood over Angie Dickinson.)

I cast my vote for Natalie Wood, classy broad supreme.

Angie Angie Angie!!!!!!

Natalie, dear girl. We miss you.

Have to go with Natalie. 'cause I just met a girl named Maria, and suddenly that name will never the be same to meeeeee

I'll take Natalie in this round.

N Wood.

Sing out, Louise!

Natalie FTW - no contest really.

Natalie, on the basis of Marjorie Morningstar, if nothing else.

Angie, simple as that.

My vote goes to Natalie.

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