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TFS: Previews Plus!

Darlings, in honor of this week's Musical Monday, let's put our hands together for Miss Mizrahi and her salute to Miss Judy Garland!

Hit it, Heather!

Swanee - how I love ya, how I love ya

My dear old Swanee!

I'd give the world! To! Be!
mong the folks in D-I-X-I-E-ven

though my mammy's
waiting for me, praying for me,

down by the Swanee.

The folks up north! Will! See me no more!

When I get to that Swanee shore!

Preview time, darlings!

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Mizrahi screencaps. Priceless! Not quite coffee-spitting but close.

(Though I'm still not bothered at all by his gesturing.)


premier socialite. . . blah blah. . . ladies' luncheon. . . gallery opening, a backstage party at a rock concert, blah, blah, blah . . .

Oh, barf.

When the play-button was in front of her face, I thought it was Suzanne Somers.

I'm liking Reco.

Brooklyn bomber,
me too!! I thought it was Suzanne Somers....but anyway, I can't hear the audio here, so I didn't hear her name, but I don't recognize her.... who is she?

I like Reco too, he reminds me of Dave Chapelle somehow....

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Oh MY!

I love your tribute to Isaac and his gay, gay hands!

Thanks for the previews, boys.

Is the socialite wearing Johnny Samurai's harem pants?

And WHAT is El Pollo Loco wearing? LMAO!

He would even leave Miss Jerrell yelling, "Tone it DOWN, girl!"

B. Bomber, I thought the exact same thing about Suzanne Somers. Sad that someone scarcely into her 30s can be so easily mistaken for a 60+ year old lucite creation like Ms. Somers.

Mommyca said, "I don't recognize her.... who is she? "

What do you mean, "who is she?" Why, she's one of New York's premier socialites!

Ashley Tinsdale, I think , or something like that. The name rings a bell -- after all, I'm one of Brooklyn's premier socialites, and every so often we allow Manhattanites to attend our lawn parties, avant garde music events, and funerals -- but somehow our paths haven't crossed.

This comment has been removed by the author.


My mistake. Who's Ashely Tinsdale? Did I make that up?

Laura really claims to be 29? Why does it seem all of the designers hacked off about 10 years off their real ages? Seriously. I didn't know designing clothes gave one the weathered appearance of a backwoods lot lizard.

I fucking HATE Tinsley Mortimer! She is ridiculous. I saw her at a party I attended last summer and she was tottering around on 6-inch black heels, wearing black tights and a belted red plaid long-sleeved shirt. Quite frankly, she was basically in the same 'uniform' the rest of her ilk were dressed in. She knows nothing beyond how to spend money and wear what she's "supposed to." I love how her hair has become her "trademark look." It is quite unremarkable, and looked baby-thin when I saw it.

And, after having watched the John-Paul "Stealth Fighter" preview, I'm almost as flummoxed by the other designers' lack of comprehension as I am by John-Paul's assertion that they were invented a couple years ago. More like a couple decades, lol. At least.

Ashley TISDALE is the blonde, nose-jobbed ho from the High School Musical movies.

Ashley Tinsdale played Sharpay in High School Musical - don't throw shoes at me for knowing that.

Bailey - you beat me to it - and got her name right:)

Thanks, Bailey & DuBois. Show's how much I know.

oh well, thanks all for the info, I've never heard of her... but I knew it was not Ashley Tinsdale! ;-)

I don't know about any of them socialite bitches, and don't want to.

Just another Paris wannabe who will probably have a sex tape "stolen" and placed on the internet with the hopes it will launch her own reality show.


Has gotten to the point that no one with real style and an interesting point of view wants to be a guest judge on these fashion reality shows.

I suggest they borrow Silex (Simon & Alex) from The Real Housewives of NYC to be guest judges as these two wear cutting edge fashion and shell out their OWN $$$ big bucks for this fashion.


I like the idea behind the challenge.

I just can't be bothered to care about the 2nd coming of Chrissy Snow. (which of course is meaningless without Jack and Janet anyway)

Oh gawd, another team challenge? I don't mind them, but two in the first two weeks, is bullsh*t. It's just lazy. I want to see each designer do something on their own, and not in a quickfire challenge setting.

HA! Your screencaps are, as always, priceless. I do love me some Mizrahi.

Premier Socialite... LOLOLOLOLOLOL! But the concept is interesting. Thanks for the previews!

Oh, dear god, that's what I look like when I talk with my hands, isn't it?

Well, too late to change now!

another laura

Seriously, the flourescent lighting in the workroom is making every last one of them look tired, tired, TIRED. no wonder we don't believe Laura when she says she's 29! Nobody believes me, either, darlings, sitting here in my flourescent office! Bravo, get off your cheap asses and get these people some LIGHTING!!!

Am I mistaken, or will every episode be a team challenge? I thought I read somewhere that the premise of the show was to have one or more team collections produced each episode. I'll try to find it.

Just how does one get to be a premier socialite with Trademark long blonde hair and bangs? It must be the bangs that make it so special...
I think the previously mentioned Suzanne Somers might hold the rights to that look...


Hmmm...I you reckon Isaac Miz is gay? At all?


Good God ...has the socialite already been Botoxed? Is it being injected in utero to give the girls a leg up on never having lines? And WTF about her hair having a signature look?

Oh well, I always love watching the trauma of designers having to create looks for socialites on Tar-jay/Walmart budgets!

BTW-it's too bad that Bravo doesn't cross-promote with TLC, then they could design for Kate Gosselin for the latest episode of that trainwreck of a show....

Screencaps: Priceless.

Loved Heather's screencaps, but I kept hearing 'Do Re Mi' instead of 'Swanee'.

Leave that old jazz to Al Jolson!

Isaac's hands are gorgeous. About 10 years ago, he would have made a lovely drag queen.

But rather than channeling Judy Garland/Al Jolson, I prefer to think of him as a designer with a hula dancer trying to escape.

Laura's HAIR. It looked like my mom's 80s perm. I love my mom, but her hair back then was not at its best.

So... who was the skinny blond in expensive clothes?

Bailey said...

"I didn't know designing clothes gave one the weathered appearance of a backwoods lot lizard."


I'm starting to think the Bailey Memoirs might be vastly entertaining! The last person I knew to use the term "lot lizard" was a long distance trucker, and we already know you were a sartorially discriminating member of the color guard! & have attended the same party as the dessicated Ms. Whatever. Start writing boyo!

Is Merlin wearing a pool cover-up and Elmer Fudd's hat? Marlin dear, that top would look so much better paired with a vagina hat!

I'm going to have to get used to the fact that it's always going to be team challenges.


That was hilarious, TLo! Love your screencaps. Reco is my favorite. I hope he lasts long.

Never heard of this woman.

"agnes gooch said...
Oh, dear god, that's what I look like when I talk with my hands, isn't it?"

LOL. You should see me talking.

OK, if Laura is 29, Merlin is 38 and Anna is 30, I am 13.

I like Reco but I have a feeling that he is going to cause a lot of trouble.

Tinsley, I hate to tell ya, but I think this might be a step down from Gossip Girl.

Love Heather Miz! All I could think when he talked during the previews was, what showtune would these wild hand motions match along with?

I love how chickie thinks old big bad Reco was bullying her, when he just reiterated what everybody on the team had already said: she had a stupid idea.

Oh yeah, and HATE her hair. Too trailer-trashy.

The two preview videos have HeatherMiz gestures fitting enough to conduct a symphony. (hint, hint TLo)

I'm pissing myself here, guys.

Swanee... How I love ya

So, a cohesive collection of outfits for a ladies' lunch, a charity gala, cocktails at an art gallery opening, and a backstage party at a rock concert?

It's like they made a checklist of what they'd like to sell on Bravo's web site and worked backward from that to what the challenges should be.

Great - another vapid entitled bitch...just what we need. Yawn.

THIS is the challenge that calls for HAREM PANTS!

You just know that Miss Tinsley wears them.

"mommyca said: I don't recognize her.... who is she?"

She's a desperate (Desperate!) to be famous rich girl. I can't remember if she was born rich or married money. But she's one of those vacuous girls who has a rep for trying to turn being a rich nothing into a career (ala Paris).

I wonder how much begging her publicist did to get her on the show.



No matter WHAT Tinsley Mortimer puts on her body, she's incapable of ever looking chic (...the Dynell blonde hair... the insincere photo-op smiles... the social-climber desperation! Blech.)

This challenge is fuckin' stupid, man!

Is El Pollo Loco bald or something? What is with a different bizzarro hat every day? I thought on the first show the red feather chapeau was part of his ensam.

Me no likee.

I'm just going on record.

TEAM BUHP had the worst designs last week.

TEAM BUHP has the worst designs this week.

Just sayin-

Exactly-- Merlin's bald, and too stupidly vain to reveal the fact, hence the signature headgear.

I realized it tonight, when he was wearing the absurdly inappropriate fur hat indoors.

Nine outta ten times, men who habitually wear hats do so in a pointless attempt to conceal baldness.

It seems like a couple of designers were influenced by the Balenciaga's Fall 2009 collection - the dhoti inspired one.

Isaac Mizrahi reminds me so much of Hades from the Disney movie Hercules.

Love the screencaps!
I can't imagine IM without the 'hands'.

I actually enjoy the hands and think we should have a drinking game based on the gestures.

If only I could make good lemondrops at home...
is the lounge open?

I just don't get these clowns that come on a Fashion Designing show that can't sew! WTF Did they think they were just going to submit their sketches? Haven't they ever watched PR before?


So, Johnny Harem Pants can't sew and can't draft a pattern? (He says he has "people"). Come on! How many seasons of PR have we seen? Miss Heather called it's like writing recipes and not knowing how to cook!

If I were one of these designers, I'd be very careful sassing Miss Heather. The Duchess might say "slutty, slutty, slutty" but Miss Heather will Slap-Chop a ho!

Oh way bad. Last night's show was horrible. I liked the first show once I figured out what Kelly was there for ("I would NEVER wear that"!!!) Bad quick fire challenge, F list "celebrity" blehhh designs. We hated it. The worst reality show ever.

Finally got to watch the show last night!
I'm a bit puzzled by the extreme criticism some posters have given the show,I thought it was every bit as good as PR and in some ways better. I can't wait for todays post..

I enjoyed last night's show much better than the first. I think it was more clothes, less negative. But I think the 2nd up should've won and 2nd down should've gone.

I am starting to really quite enjoy the show - despite the flaws we have all pointed out. I am sure these are just growing pains that will be dealt with over time. I wonder how long the group challenge thing will go on? I do like the fact that the group challenges have been quite professionally judged so far. One thing I always disliked about PR is when they ask the team who should go home, how was the leader etc. By having each team member responsible for a look but with cohesion required as a group it makes the judging easier and fairer.

I'm surprised no one's mentioned this - Tinsley's husband is named... ta da!... TOPPER. He makes a brief appearance at the runway show.

So it's Tinsley and Topper Mortimer. I have no idea where their money comes from but I have a sneaking suspicion it's not exactly old money. However they came by it, Tinsley should have invested a pile of it in a better nosejob.

I love Isaac and I love his Judy Hands. Once they go off script and just let Isaac be Isaac he'll carry off this show without any difficulty.

Fern is a goddess.

Kelly has to go next season. Paulina's looking for work - she'd be great.

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