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Make Me A Supermodel: Episode 10

Arrgh! It's the "talk like a pirate episode," matey!

"Amanda is gone. Amanda is gone. I'm happy 'cause Amanda is gone."

Let's file this one under "Irony'll bite you in the ass every time."

Far be it for us to imply that reality shows sometimes stage things to get certain outcomes (never!), but something about this whole photo shoot just rubbed us the wrong way.

It almost seemed specifically designed to take the clear frontrunner of the group, Jonathan, and fuck with his head a little bit.

Because the photographer was clearly hot for him and paying a lot of attention to him, yet none of his solo shots were chosen in the end.

That's a pretty great shot, but can we just say that the styling for this shoot was ULTRA lame? Especially on the guys? Eyeliner and eyepatches? Really?

Admittedly, that's a pretty great shot, though.

As is that one. Branden looks best in profile.

Enh. It's just alright.

And we have no idea why this one was chosen. It's staged well and lit well, but none of them look like they were ready for the picture. Jonathan has his eyes closed and Salome's looking off-camera while the rest of them aren't really giving great face.

And while compositionally speaking, this was a great shot (except for Mountaha's left arm) and the girls are all giving good face, Jesus H. Christ on a stick, Jordan, EAT SOME CHEESECAKE.

We can't help it. Even though he's the weakest among the remaining guys, we're really rooting for him.
"I don't feel like I can compare to anybody. I'm going to try my best on the catwalk. I really deserve to be here."

He's just such a sweet kid who wants to do well.

And he's so honest and wide open with his feelings that it's really endearing.

Okay, makeover time!
It's amazing how touching up your roots can really make your look. We think she looks amazing.

But ohmigod, Jonathan! NO! If the producers really were trying to fuck with his head, mission accomplished. This was a TERRIBLE idea, not to mention a terrible dye job. It looks like it came out of a bottle.

Runway time!

He did a decent job. He took an awful risk with all that fancy footwork and to be honest there were moments where it looked a little clumsy, but overall, he nailed it.

She always nails it. Mountaha may not have a career in print work, but she should have a great chance at a runway career.

That he didn't have to walk worked in his favor because his walk is weak, but his cockiness came back and that was a good thing.

Enh. Just okay.

Really, really bad. She's been fading for weeks now.

He did an amazing job. It was ridiculous that he wound up on the bottom and further evidence that the producers were just fucking with him.

Catherine obviously enjoyed the view.

So congrats to Mountaha! The girl just keeps getting better.

And hasta la vista to Jordan. She's a good model - potentially, a great one - but she just hasn't been bringing it. She's been too wrapped up in her Amanda obsession and too unwilling to break out of her shell a bit. She's been playing it safe for a while, assuming she didn't have to work that hard to beat the other girls, and you can't make that kind of mistake this late in the game.

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Bitch, ever heard of Terri Stevens?

Don't you know how this chapter's gonna end???

a third laura

the runway clothes- love the colour.

you're right (as ever) about the still photos not high fashion really. not really editorial.

POOR JONATHAN! yikes!!! i weep for his natural colouring.

I felt a little bad for Branden. You can tell that underneath all of the cockiness is an insecure little boy with daddy issues.

I agree, they were fucking with Jonathan's head. His dye job color choice was really unfortunate - it completely eliminated the smouldering look from his, well, look.

I am glad you brought up the fading thing. I've never been a fan of Jordan. Yes admittedly, she was the best of the girls but there were times she seemed like she was coasting. She kept saying how much better she is than most of the other people and her signature walk was great. But I wasn't feeling it

I just never saw supermodel in her. She's very capable but I never felt the presence from her that she needs to be great. Maybe Nicole nailed it by mentioning she seems so stoic and lacking some personality and the Judges were getting bored. Jordan seems to be confusing being professional with being guarded and unemotional. In her exit interview she clearly states she doean't like people normally so she makes a point to remain stoic and insulated. It would explain why she seemed to be obsessing so much on Amanda. She's internalized her dislike for the girl so much she uses the confessional to unleash it all

I will say the judges made some good points with Jonathon this week. He was very serious on the catwalk with his face. he need to look carefree and joyous. I think he needed it to help him. But man those shorts showed off those smokin' quads of his! No surprise Malandrino is drooling



Who actually picked the 6 final photos. was it the photographer or was it Austin Dallas?

I wonder since this was for the campaign and you'd think the client would have the final say


This show was so boring that I I kept flipping over to the sports channel to watch a hockey game instead.

Even though my team was losing.

i loved when branden was having his chat with jonathan, telling him how he looks up to jonathan. and then jonathan tells branden he's a sweet guy. that was sexy.

BEYOND THRILLED Jordan is gone!!! I was already mourning for my Jonathan, so it was a nice surprise too.

Perou hates Jonathan like he hated Gabe and Chris so I fear he'll go before his time too :(

(SPOILER SPOILER) Based on the previews, Jonathan (and Salome) changes his hair back next week, so we can all calm down. Whew!

Jonathan's legs? Wow. Johnathan's new do? Ick!

i love mountaha. and what the heck did they do to johnathan! omg. ive not watched it yet. but now i have to. but look at those damn legs! sigh.

Blarrrrgh. Who would praise what Jordan's done with her body over Salome's? I'm not even a lesbian and I want her. I'd prefer to see a model with curves over ribs any day.

Hey you left out Ms. Leona Helmsley--returned to us as mega-bitch PEROU!!

Salome: Thank you.

Perou: Thank you for being nasty to me. No problem, anytime. Come back next week for more...

I liked that guy Harry Josh better. He was funny and astute.

I'll quote Hedda Lettuce: Nobody likes a Brunette. (In regards to Jonathan's dye job.)

Not sad to see Jordan go bye bye. Hope Jonathan gets his blond book sooner than later.

Also, I'm rooting for Mountaha--even though Salome has a lot of Shalom Harlow including a derivation of that name...

i haven't been watching the show cause it's nowhere NEAR as interesting as it was last year, and I caught this episode last night...

1) the go-see is pointless, and adds nothing to the show, and if the person can pick a friend to go, it's just setting someone up for disaster as none of them have similar builds/features/etc.

2) the judges are mean - and not in a fun way. They seem to offer nothing constructive, and even when the contestants are graceful in accepting their overly harsh criticisms, they get crap for being gracious about it.

3) Niki taylor is missed - that australian chick is bland, without emotion, and has no personality AT ALL. At least Niki could pronounce words more legibly.

4) the models aren't interesting - there's 2 frontrunners, and everyone else is just going through the motions. dumb.

I officially am taking it off the season pass list. Not worth my time anymore...

I thougt that Jonathan being rated so so low was a combination of the show fucking with his head but also being styled so faux 'punk' or whatever, more so than the other guys. His hair looked ridiculously bad and 'fake edgy,' like he clipped on a $2 hairpiece he got at Claire's.

Sandhurst's face looks like a woman's face in photographs. Not 'feminine,' but like an acutal woman's. I think that's why I like him better on the runway than in pictures.

Jordan is one of those girls that is just a natural beanpole. They exist too, and they don't need to shovel down cheeseburgers and cheesecake to please other people.

Branden is a little immature and naive, but he is young. I don't think he's "cute" but he does have features that photograph well.

Mountaha was fabulous. She owned this episode. Her face IS really memorable, and to me her stock has really, really risen the past couple of weeks. She's definitely a contender.

Jonathan's hair was such an obviously bad idea. He doesn't have the coloring for dark hair, and it's hard to go from blond to brunet without going too dark. Light or sandy brown would have been better. He looked hot on the runway though - loved the trippy Russian raver nutcracker vibe he had going on, and the massive amounts of blush on his cheeks. And lord knows he can fill out a pair of shorts! (Facial expression too serious though, like they said.)

I don't know what happened to Jordan. She did just start to sink to the point of utter forgetability. I guess she was too enveloped in causing all that high school drama she enjoys so much.

adding a 5th and 6th thing to the list above:

5) how can someone win a photo challenge in the beginning, and then get torn to shreds about said photo by the other panel of judges? It makes no sense...

6) how many people do they need? There are 4 judges, 2 mentors, 1 modeling agency head... Season 1 had just the 4 judges, and 2 of them acted as mentors. Simplicity is better...

OMG PS - best of the show was when Jordan was complaining after the runway. She was bitching about how she did and then said "I think what upsets me the most is that Salome did better than me" - and Sandhurst cut in with a hilariously-timed "Ok, that's taking it too far." LOL I love him, he's so charming.

Good God, this challenge was patently ridiculous. Dallas Austin, the designer, picked the 6 photos that he liked the best for his campaign. Not the photographer. And since the photographer seemed to be controlling the shoot entirely by himself, nearly all the judges' comments seemed out of line. They made assumptions about the pictures that weren't chosen without having seen them! And, yeah, of course he's going to pick more photos of topless girls than hot guys. It was basically just like one of the go sees. The designer picked the pictures he liked the best; whether it was because he thought they were the best pictures, or they got the feel of the line the best, or he was thinking with his other head, we will never know.

In other news, thank the LORD Jordan's gone. Bitch was getting more and more tiresome by the minute.

And, call me crazy, but I thought Jonathan looked good after the dye job. Okay, so it looked like it came out of a bottle, but it made me focus more on that gorgeous face of his - it framed it better or something.

Love, love, love Sandhurst!

But they're giving it to Salome. That's a no brainer.

I really hated this episode. The worst thing they did was all the messing with Jonathan. When those idiotic hairdressers mentioned brown I was all but shouting at the screen "Are you crazy?!!" And poor Jonathan was so demoralized by the photo shoot results that he went along with it - (like he had any choice, they would have skewered him so other way if he hadn't). That was just so totally lame. Where did those makeover people come from anyway? The extensions on Jordan didn't add anything either, except an excuse for them to say she didn't want to be a model if she didn't want to do extensions.

And the photo shoot - Jonathan's looks were so much better than Brandon's, and he didn't get a single in the album? WTF?

I just can't pull for Brandon to stay any longer. He is so obviously the weakest of those left. But who knows what stunt they will pull next. I really hope the posters are correct about the previews and Jonathan gets back his blonde.

Then the runway - putting heelies on people who had never worn them, just to make them look stupid doesn't seem like a really useful idea for a modeling contest. And I just hate seeing Perou's face. He is just mean and hateful for the sake of it - what does that accomplish? I loved that other photographer who judged - PLEASE bring him back instead. All of the judges are just too bitchy for words. Do they really think they are all that? Wait don't answer that - of course they do, and it shows. Why don't they just bring in Severus Snape and be done with it.

I'm a little tired of the judges tearing down the models for being cocky and then complaining the next week that they've lost their confidence.

I agree it was pretty suspicious that none of Jonathan's pictures were used.


Ditto to most of what everyone's said. Crack-smoking judging again. Gotta love it! Also, Perou=HATE! The man embodies the word douchebag. I too was afraid Jonathan was getting sent home, which he shouldn't be. But I know from last season, when I stopped watching after Shannon's elimination, that they make some crap judgements. And this challenge was just dumb all around, and the client made shitty choices. Just an overall ARGH! But I will keep watching, because I am unfortunately addicted.

Poor Jonathan :( I Honestly think he's too good for this show, and this episode was total crap. I also DON'T Understand why salome does so well, she has ONE LOOK, they want a supermodel...

Agreed totally with 5) how can someone win a photo challenge in the beginning, and then get torn to shreds about said photo by the other panel of judges? It makes no sense... I was thinking the same thing.
The photo and the customer LOVED Salome. The go-see customer picked her. And the judges totally rip her - "look bitch we don't care how well you satify your customers, we are going to beat you up." Petty, insecure, jealous, or just a-holes?

Peru (intentional sp) is an idiot.

Jordan only looked small from the side; from the front or back... those hips!!

Never could feel the Brandon love. IMO he fluctuates between plain and ugly - though young and sensitive.

LOVED Jonathan's walk. He's awesome!!
I felt so bad for Branden. He's a good kid. Jordan is annoying as hell. She's a good model but she has a lot to learn.

Perou is a JERK! He fails miserably in his attempt to be interesting.

"eric3000 said...
I'm a little tired of the judges tearing down the models for being cocky and then complaining the next week that they've lost their confidence."

You know, these judges go back and forth, they're not consistent, I mean, it's pretty much whatever will be, will be type of situation, it's not really about talent, otherwise they would've sent everybody home the first day and given it to Jonathan.

Finally Mountaha!!
I'm a big fan. I hope she wins the whole thing.
Can't stand Perou-

Those legs...le sigh. Never really liked Jordan. I felt like she never really put any effort into it.

What a crappy episode. The photoshoot was a totally boring "joke". The runway segment was colorful, but otherwise pretty unremarkable. And I so totally dislike Perou. What a jackass.
I am, however, a big fan of Mountaha. Have been since the beginning. She is so fabulously edgy!! Always have been a big fan, too, of Jonathan. But WTH are the producers trying to do to him?? Sure, they are f*cking with his head, but holy crap, they are also f*cking with the HAIR on his head!!
The epi last night was by far the worst yet. The only thing that made it worthwhile is seeing Jordan make her much deserved exit.

I read on one of the boards that they thought Jonathan looked too old for the campaign. I suspect that as much as anything had something to do with it. He doesn't look like a kid who's going to get on a skateboard and the clothes had that quality.

Sandhurst has a grown man's physique, but his face is young and smooth.

Jonathan needs to kick the cigarette habit--ages your skin like nothing else.

The second makeovers were pretty awful for Jonathan and Salome--though hers wasn't as gobsmackingly awful.

It's weird to me, in a way, how big a deal Salome's hips are. Yes, she needs to drop two inches to fit sample sizes . . . on the other hand, she's won nearly half the photo challenges--normally, that would signify some sort of future career, but with the obsessing about her weight, we all know she's going to get booted out.

At the same time, in the real world, Mountaha isn't going to get print work--her face justn't isn't quite there and her skin's a problem. Jonathan's good looking, but his face, too, as issues--a bit narrow, small-eyed and long-nosed. Sandhurst's body is amazing and I love his poses, but he has fewer expressions than Salome.

If I were an agent, I'd want to work with Branden. He's green, but he's also so young and so photogenic that you could build a career. I'd pick up Salome because she's a model that photographers obviously love and that counts for something. She does have a look, but so do most of them.

But neither one of them will win this competition. At this point, I think it's Sandhurst's--Jonathan lost his big mo with the dye job, even if he dyes it back. He had kind of a golden Greek god thing going, but his crisis kind of blew it.

Hate Perou and I'm not one who usually hates judges. I like Jenny Shimizu--she'd be a blast as co-host--tough enough to stand up for her girls and against Tyson, old enough and wise enough to mentor them. She also made it as a model by standing out--Asian dyke with tattoos--how typical is that? There's something very down-to-earth about her.

Regarding last season and Shannon's departure:

Last season AMERICA voted for who they wanted out, there was no judging! That is why The Three Douchebags and Holly were in the final four.

This season I feel the judges have generally made the right decisions. The top six are all great, so the judges had a tough job this week. And let's be honest, their remarks are going to be edited to make them seem a lot bitchier than they are.

memorexe said...
Hey you left out Ms. Leona Helmsley--returned to us as mega-bitch PEROU!!
Comment of the day.

Oh, and then there was Jenny Shimizu's cute little story about going to a shoot and seeing Naomi Campbell looking in the mirror and saying, "I am Naomi Campbell. I am Naomi Campbell."

You see, the hockey game had ended shortly before the judging began.

I never did get the point of what Jenny was trying to say. Was she saying that all models have insecurities or great models just fake having no insecurities?

"Arrgh! It's the 'talk like a pilot episode,' matey!"

I'm guessing yall meant to say pirate, not pilot. I know several pilots, and none say matey. ;)

I can't believe that the models didn't collapse in laughter upon hearing that their photographer would be "Austin Dallas." What the the next one going to be called Topeka Wichita?

"Jesus H. Christ on a stick, Jordan, EAT SOME CHEESECAKE."

LFMAO! best thing i have read all day.

brilliant boys

"Marshal said...

I'm guessing yall meant to say pirate, not pilot. I know several pilots, and none say matey. ;)"

Fixed, bitch!

^^^It was Linda Evangelista. Jenny had the good sense to not put on her Naomi Campbell 'tude. The world's cell phones are eternally grateful. And, I think she was trying to tell Brandon that working alongside famously super-talented people can be intimidating, but those who suck it up and raise their own game to match are the ones who go far...and she saying it in a cute way that was simultaneously chock full of name dropping and paradoxically self-deprecating. Huh.

Salome was sure getting the 'fat edit' this week. Thank you, Sandhurst, for pointing out the obvious fact that she has a gorgeous body, especially now that she's toned up a little. Jordan may be a natural beanpole as mentioned above, but she is also the softest and flabbiest person left. She may need to eat a cheesecake, she may not. But she ABSOLUTELY needs to do some light weight work.


Why must Jordan be gone? She was my favorite!

But anyway, it was a horrible episode. I don't see how Salome can be picked as having the best photos, only to be bashed for her photos later on the catwalk. There needs to be some sort of consistency.

And poor Jonathon, I think this episode was mainly to knock him down a bit, since he was obviously the frontrunner (As was Jordan, but no longer). His new hair is AWFUL, he looks completely different.

I'm also annoyed by forcing the models to use heelies (or whatever they're called) since it's something associated with annoying little kids who bust their asses in Wal-Mart as opposed to something that could be applied to fashion.

Ugh, my motivation to watch this show just plummeted. I want my Jordan back.

Eeek, that runway!!! I didn't know Punky Brewster had that many bastard offspring.

BULL. Although I want Jonathan in bed, I think Jordan had more potential. Malandrino nailed it with the Miu Miu comment. There aren't other girls that look like her (try to prove me wrong, I'd be interested to see this).

Jonathan on the other Chris Austad. It's hard to be a supermodel when there is a better version of you out there already

I was sad to see Jordan go home. She’s never been on the bottom and the first time she is, she gets eliminated. It sucks.

The issue with Salome's pictures I think is they were slamming her not for giving a bad photo but for not pushing herself. She is naturally photogenic and gives great face. But each win was through a different photographer. The judges noticed she was starting coast with the same look over and over. The judges wanted more from her. At this satge it's understandable they would want more from everyone. Peru is still an ass though

As far as the runway itself, they did have the option to switch to heels. Jordan didn't have to do the heelies. I think the problem is she kept trying to use them and failing miserably each time and really couldn't recover from it. If she had just stopped after the first time and resorted to a more conventional walk she probably would have recovered and edged out Salome. I think that is the point Marlon might have been making.

Note that of all of them, Mountaha used the heelies the least and she ending up winning. She did her fierce walk down the catwalk and did a quick heelie on the way back. She knew her limits with the prop and worked within them. That's where Jordan failed.


Jordan's fading presence was the reason why she was sent home. Her own fault.

Branden is so cute. I think he's adorable : )
I like Jonathan and Sandhurst a lot but I'd be thrilled if Branden won this competition.

"MarceloF said...


That wife of his is a lucky bitch.

So where does Jordan keep her internal organs, anyway?

Anyway, I can't say I'm sorry she's gone. She was pretty whiny. I think she'll probably have a career as a model though, since she was the only girl who seemed to be able to take a great picture and do well on the runway. Now they've got Salome for the pictures, and Mountaha for the runway, and only guys left who can do both.

I hate Jonathan's hair. WHY?! Now he looks worse than he did before the first makeover! DYE. IT. BACK.

"aimee said...
So where does Jordan keep her internal organs, anyway? "


Mountaha!!!! :-)

Bout time Jordon got the boot.
Next should be Salome, kthanks.

"aimee said...
So where does Jordan keep her internal organs, anyway? "
Half on the left hip, half on the right hip. - The only place that they could hide.


I'm too involved at this point to quit watching, but so much about this season has just been stupid and unless some major changes are made I'm not going to waste my time.

Take the whole Brandon thing; they trashed him for his smirking and posing, then trashed him for NOT being smirky and now that he's smirky again they think it's great.


And I guess that insufferable douchebag Perou thinks he's doing a Simon cowell type of thing but he's really just a nasty piece of work. Anybody can cut people down.

And now he's starting in about being "bored". What a total jerk. W

Katherine Malandrino, who has been gone most of the time, is the only one up there who has anything constructive or intelligent to say.

And good Lord, Nicole is simply embarrassing. Is she stoned or drunk or just a really, really insipid little twit?

The panel desperately needs Cory back. Tyson too. Fire Nicole, tell that jackwad Perou to hit the road and can the ridiculous go-sees and MAYBE this show can survive another season.

Otherwise, forget it.

"aimee said...
So where does Jordan keep her internal organs, anyway? "

Just based on her size, I'm going to guess that her body has to do very little work to actually keep her alive. It's like a bicycle as opposed to a car. It doesn't need an engine.

Short answer? She doesn't have any. ;)

Was tonight's episode rated "Arrr"?

Jonathan's dye job? Good God, people, why not take some crayons and deface the Mona Lisa while you're at it? Horrible.

Oooooh, Perou . . . such a scary, bad dude with his tats and sunglasses in the house.

That cow needs to get over himself. Not cool, not edgy, just . . . kind of stupid, really.

Meanwhile. Mountaha. The only correct winner.

Sandhurst looks amazing in that picture.

"Shauna said...

Jonathan on the other Chris Austad. It's hard to be a supermodel when there is a better version of you out there already

5/14/09 6:14 PM"

I think the same could be said about Sandhurst .. he is so much like Tyson (yet not).

I love Salome .. love her body, her face, personality. I think it should be between her and Sandhurst... his personality is even better than his body, and that's saying a lot.

There had to be something more to Jordan's "hatred" of Amanda then just hate. From experience, I (nor anyone I know) want to discuss people they hate...they don't want to talk about them at all. The less attention you give someone the less effect they have on you. SO my call on this was that Jordan either was jealous, or liked Amanda. Yes, in that way.

And it was realllllly annoying to the viewers to hear Jordan bitch about her all the time. SO buy bye Jordan.

Jordan - It's called Karma, baby!

Anonymous 5/14/09 3:14 PM. Being unable to understand an Australian accent doesn't give you the right to trample all over the English language. You don't pronounce words 'legibly'. That word means 'able to be read'.
Parochial, insular ill-educated dolt.
Yes, I'm Australian.

SOOO glad Jordan is gone. KARMA, is right! Yeah, she has a look, but she thinks she is so fab and somuch better than everyone else that she would annoy the S%#&t outof any photographer and/or client she worked for the minute they criticized her. As far as PRICK, I mean, Perou, since when is it a commodity to be a mean douchebag? I could do that, anyone can. He offers nothing constructive. He just tries to make the contestants feel small. I even felt bad for Jordan when he ripped her. As for channeling the sunglasses at night thing, he is SO not edgy. It just makes him more of a douchebag.

lovemesometlo, no kidding about Jonathan's legs. Daaaayuum!

Perou is such an ass. Such an ass. an ASS.

This picture makes me feel MUCH better.

I say good riddance to Jordan. Bitchiness without a sense of humor isn't fun to watch, which is why Salome makes for great television.

I just had to laugh when Dallas Austin showed up as a designer. Was this Bravo's apology for making him deal with that Atlanta Housewife that couldn't sing?

re: Dallas Austin-I totally forgot he fed the "tardy to the pardy" Kim's ego. I just figured he was there for place name usage, like Perou.

Yeah Johnathan is back blonde next week. And I have to say if you where in every shot basically as Johnathan was I find it hard to believe that his not one of those hundreds wasn't good enough...this is a case of fake reality like you guys said. I'm ready as I have been since day one for Salami to go home, and I'm so glad the Judges called her on her shit...same face diffrent day! And for them to be pushing for the shoot not to look staged but "rowdy" the picked the most staged photos as the winners I call Bullshit again!

I predict that Salami is going bye bye next week!

This comment has been removed by the author.

"I read on one of the boards that they thought Jonathan looked too old for the campaign. I suspect that as much as anything had something to do with it. He doesn't look like a kid who's going to get on a skateboard and the clothes had that quality."

I was thinking the same thing not that he looked too old, but that he was too "male model" for such a well cheap ass nobody heard of brand. Maybe if his hair was that horrid brown instead of blonde he would have done better in that shoot. Like they said when you look at Johnathan you think "MONEY" and Rowdy clothing doesn't look like money it looks like some crap you get at the sale rack of Hot Topic!

Branden's faux cockiness is so not cute. I am over his flaming heterosexuality. We get it, you're not gay! But if he is going to be a male model, he had better get over it. He has a sort of Ashton Kutcher face...and I do not mean that in a good way.
He needs to grow up, stop whining and pouting, and develop a personality.
His photo in the photo shoot did nothing for the clothes and just looked pouty and insipid. "Looks better in profile"??...looks better from the back.

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