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Make Me A Supermodel: Episode 9

Before we get started...

"The judges wanna, like, scare me and, like, say 'You know Amanda, if you like wanna be here you, like, need to, like, step up your game,' and that's, like, exactly what I'm going to do."

Jesus H. Christ. Is there, like, anything we can add to that?

EDITED TO ADD: Well, it looks like we CAN add something to that since we seemed to have dropped the ball in not mentioning Amanda's idiotic "No offense, but I flash my tits at my son so he doesn't turn out gay," line. We own it: we plum forgot about it. What can we say? When someone inarticulate says something stupid, it's about as noteworthy as everyone breathing in and out. But yes, Ignorant Girl Makes Patently Stupid Comment. Film at eleven.

The funny part is, we can't help thinking if there ever was anything that "caused" someone to "turn out" gay ("Turn out" makes us sound like dinner rolls or something. "How'd those guys turn out?" "Gay."), then a little boy being forced to watch his mommy walk around the house naked probably ranks up there in possibilities. No offense to ignorant naked mommies, of course.

Darlings, you know what we loved about this episode?

It wasn't just the nekkid photo shoot,

or watching the models flail about, confused and nervous,

it wasn't even the ball-shaving.

No, ladies. What we loved is that every time we post pictures of semi-naked to naked male models, we get links out the wazoo. Without further ado, here they are, boys.

This one's for the "dorm porn" crowd!

Let's give a warm welcome to the "men of color" aficionados!

And to our brethren in the "ripped, blond and square-jawed" viking -lovers crowd, welcome home, boys.

Now, let's get on with the rest of this post (more naked guys ahead, guys!).

It would have been almost impossible for him to get this wrong. He had a great choice of accessory and he had the body and profile that screamed for this pose.

For all the drama and discomfort in getting this shot, it really didn't turn out that bad. His lower half looks a little weird but his face looks great.

Gorgeous shot. Gorgeous ass. We're done here.

She looked more comfortable on the back of a horse.

It's a cute shot. Catherine Malandrino practically ripped her a new asshole but we thought she was being a little hard on her.

Gotta give it up to the Brazilian girl for GOING THERE. It's a great shot.

Yeah, we could see the other models' point when they noted that the girl with the biggest ass got a shot sans ass, but even so, it's a great shot and it's loaded with personality, something most of the other shots lacked. It's not just about who's got the best body.

And now, the MMAS Players bring you...drama:

"I shaved my balls! I miss my mommy!"

"I'm gorgeous and poor!"

This concludes the drama portion of our program. And now...FASHION:

Can we just say we kinda loved the guys' clothes here? We'd never wear them, but we loved them. Anyway, no new surprises on the runway. Mountaha killed her walk again, the boys are the boys. They don't change from week to week. That's great for consistent performers like Sandhurst and Jonathan, but Branden's just not bringing it. Jordan had a bad week, Salome was doing some weird posing, and Amanda sucked.

We honestly thought it was Branden going home last night. It's a shame, but he's not stepping up. He's got a lot of potential, but he's up against racehorses like Jonathan and Sandhurst and "potential" just ain't gonna cut it against pros like that. Still we're glad to see him get one more chance because it was LONG PAST Amanda's time to go home.

But before we go....DRAMA.

"When you see a picture in a book, you don't see the excuses, you see the picture."

What's THIS all about, Rumspringa Sally? It's not that we disagree with her, but that is one girl you just don't turn your back on. She's a little schemer, that one. Amish Alexis.

[Photos: Bill Diodato/ - Screencaps:]

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Don't forget Amanda's Gay Prevention Strategy - that was my all time favorite part of the show!!! If you boys had looked at your naked mommies you may be blogging about manly stuff - not all this sissy stuff.....

oh guys! come on!! i was looking forward to you saying SOMETHING about Amanda's, "I don't want my son to be-- no offense-- gay. So i make sure i'm naked around him as much as possible." did that not make all the hairs on your head immediately stand up. i wanted to scream, "Good luck with that future oedipus complex barbie!!"

I don't watch the show, so I don't know, but not one of these looks gorgeous or even very interesting to me. With maybe one exception: the only one that looks even close to a professional modeling shot is the running-with-gloves picture.


Add me to the list of those GOBSMACKED by the fact that you didn't mention Amanda's FOOLPROOF plot to save her son from a life of gayness by walking around naked in front of him.

Even the cats gave the TV a "WTF?" look when that came out of her yap, so I've been looking forward to your reaction all day.

Amanda's Gay Prevention Strategy leads to one place: The Bates Motel. Good God, she's awful.

An impressive photo-gallery indeed. No wonder the clothes this week were particularly uninspired.

You really have to wonder if anybody ever watches a few reality shows before appearing on one - or do they simply not care about appearing even less intelligent & more spiteful than they probably are once their comments are selected for vacuous drama potential?

You didn't show Amanda's picture!

yes!!!! the bit about amanda, who, "no offense, doesnt want (her) son to end up gay, so i, like, walk around naked in front of him, as mus as, like, possible." SO MANY THINGS WRONG WITH THAT TWISTED LITTLE SENTENCE. you get the feeling there is absolutey no brain behind those wide, blank eyes. i actually let out a "NO SHE DIDNT" and i swear my dog gave a look like, "yeah... the bitch did."

Ow Chica Ow OW

In addition to the Worst Parenting Award going to Amanda, is there also a Sneaky Bitch Award to be handed out? Jordan seems to have gotten the big bitch edit, but last night made it look like Salome has been flying under the cattiness radar (unless I've been drunk this whole time ... possible). She even pulled a Kenley and laughed at another contestant on the runway. Maybe there was something to Laury's argumentative - and tacky - exit? Are the editors being generous with Salome for some reason?

Eh, Salome's comment at the end didn't really bug me. She was laughing at Amanda's dumb shit which was maybe a little bitchy, but she didn't expect the judges to call her on it and when they asked her why she was laughing I thought she phrased her point in the kindest way possible. I don't think Salome is some evil schemer or back-stabber, really. Amanda is just that dumb. I feel like she's probably being edited kindly, too.

Which leads us to...yes, Amanda's whole "I walk around naked in fron of my son all the time so he doesn't turn out to be -NOOFFENSE@!#!#!@#- GAY!" thing was riDICulous. Ho clearly knows ZILCH about Bravo or its viewing audience lol. Have fun milking cows back in OR, dearie. Some of the other losers may have careers, but you are dunzo.

Loved all the naked guys this week. Jonathan and Sandhurst really do have amazing bodies. I must say though, I just don't think Sandhurst's face looks that great in pictures. In person though, he's a total charmer.

Branden's shot was not that bad. I liked it better than Sandhurst's, since that "naked athlete" pose and shot have been done about 12 trillion times.

The butterflies were weird but Mountaha rocked it. She deserves a win before the show is over, seriously.

Jordan is an evil albino wraith sent from the depths of Hell to talk shit behind everybody's backs. She looks cute in her picture but I think I hate her more and more every week, if that's even possible.

Like everyone else, I was dying to see what you'd say about Amanda's parenting ideas.

Erin, you're right, she's so Oedipus complex Barbie!

a third laura

i wasn't able to watch the episode- can you lovelies tell me about the bubbles worn on the runway? are they hats?

technically one could create real bubbles on the models but i doubt they did that here.

they look SO real though! and i love them.

i trust the butterflies were fake.

"Anonymous said...

You didn't show Amanda's picture!"

Fixed. Thanks.


It's raining men, hallelujah! It's raining men...

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Branden - You know what they say, the size of your tie is in proportion to the size...LOL


I missed the gloves in Sandhurst's photo for some reason...

This comment has been removed by the author.

No kidding on Jordan. When she came out with "I will crush people when it comes to drama; they have no idea" or whatever it was, I was thinking "Umm, I'm pretty sure they know full well, dear, since you take every opportunity to make the stupidest comments about Amanda." Cracked me up when they were talking about annoying people on their way to the go-see and Salome said "Including you." Her candor annoyed me at first, but I'm starting to find it endearing.

Also, Sandhurst is just awesome. I loved him having second thoughts about whether he sounded conceited, and his offering advice to the crying Amanda although it was clear (to me) that he didn't feel like it.

Laura: they were real butterflies, inside of plastic/glass/plexiglass bubbles with openings round the necks... sorta like a fishbowl?

No, a third laura, the butterflies were not fake. Those were actual glass bubbles, with actual butterflies inside of them.

" Fresca said...

No, a third laura, the butterflies were not fake. Those were actual glass bubbles, with actual butterflies inside of them."

It looked awesome. I hope no butterfly was harmed : )

HOT HOT HOT men!!!

THANK YOU for all those lovely nikkid shots!!!!

My goodness, TLo, you're very busy today. Thank you!

A question: if your minions are shopping at Zappos or your other advertisers, does it help you guys if we click through from your site?


Joel said, "Amanda's Gay Prevention Strategy leads to one place: The Bates Motel. Good God, she's awful."

Amen! Isn't it terrifying to think of her as a parent? She is SO Sarah Palin--it's positively freakish. Like, thrilled to see her, like, make her, like, long-overdue, like, exit. Like.

Catherine M. was a total bitch last night. What was that about?

I dunno, I love Montaha but to me it looks like she's pooing shoes.

The drama around the "poor" Jonathan seems a bit manufctured too. What the hell can he do about the rent being due? Why does he and he alone have to provide for his family? Can't his wife work like the 98.99% of us?

Glad Amanda's gone, now she can go prevent her son from being offense. WTF???????

'Bout time Amanda went home! That girl is beyong stupid and I never thought she was all that. Branden, either, so I'm waiting for him to go too. I miss Clark Kent. Would've liked to see his shot this week. Jonathan is divine. Period.

Jonathan's ass is simply DIVINE!

I'll pay his rent.


"Brooklyn Bomber said...
A question: if your minions are shopping at Zappos or your other advertisers, does it help you guys if we click through from your site?"

Yes, that's how it works on my blog.


Sandhurst is freaking gorgeous. Those shots are hot. Gloves? What gloves?

I, like others, could not believe the "I walk around naked in front of my son as much as possible so he doesn't turn out - no offense - gay" comment. Even for reality TV, that was stupid on the level of the the Jessica Simpson Chicken of the Sea debacle. Stupid, but with an added level of icky.

How dumb IS this girl? (That's a rhetorical question; I don't really want to know the answer.)

Way past time for that ho to go home. Too stupid even for reality TV = just plain scary.

Also-- hopefully this will be my last comment for a while-- I thought that photographer was awesome. He was probably the most instructive they've had so far, and second in friendliness only to Howard Schatz of the underwater shoots.

Nicole is a craptastic actor, I believe that's clear, but when she gets the chance to go unscripted and instruct the girls she actually seemed to achieve her "mentor" role a bit this episode.

I actually thought Amanda's photos and runway were pretty good thing week, but her character makes me not sorry in the slightest to see her leave.

"TLo said...

Fixed. Thanks.


No problem ;)

I, like, am soooo, like, glad, like, that the dumbest, like, piece of trailer, like, skank is finally gone.

I had to clutch my pearls when she talked about her "gay prevention" scheme.

Best word to desribe her: VAPID

Marty the Wizard

I didn't bother watching the show last night. I'm kind of tired of most of these people. I assume it will be down to Jonathon and whoever. I'll likely wait for the finale to watch it again

Most of these girls she be grateful they are not using last year's format for elimination or they'd probably be all gone by now.

It amazes me how indiscreet and stupid they are to play into the reality tv drama. In 2009 we know there's a lot of editing and manipulation and they lead you with questions in the "confessional" but it's also clear they only work with what you give them. If you say something stupid or continue to make bitchy comments it will get sued against you. How dumb of Amanda to talk about her parenting plan. How dense of Jordan to be constantly whining about Amanda-even if you argue it was done in fun.

I think about all the bitchy or unflattering soundbytes have come mainly from the girls. Note you haven't had that kind of edit for Jonathon or Sandhurst. It's likely they have the maturity or at least enough self awareness to guard against such dumbass behavior. And even Brandon is more likable then most of these girls. His character is like his model talent, immature but with loads of potential.



Looooooooooooooooovvvee the photos of Sandhurst and Jonathan.

As long as MMASM gives me some quality shots of Jonathan, I'm a happy viewer

future oedipus complex barbie!!"
Good God, one hopes that Amanda matures, if only for her child's sake.....

I was GIDDY when Amanda said she walked around naked so her son wouldn't be gay, just because I was SO imagining what you'd say about it!! I thought of you immediately! What a letdown.

I too thought Branden might go last night, but glad with the result.

I do love me an artistic nude. :-)

Okay, okay! We totally dropped the ball on the Amanda comment. Darlings, we were distracted by the naked men. We updated the post with all new Amanda content to make up for it.

For just amoment, in Amanda's runway shot, I flashed on Heidi Klum. something about her facial expression...

And sorry, but Mountaha keeps reminding me of Celine Dion and her nude shot? It looks like she's going to do a (ahem) doody.

A chick is winning this year, and they so do not deserve it.

But, when you're a pretty girl, you don't necessarily have to be loaded in talent, brains, and ability...

but then again, this is modeling...

Whats with everyone getting that lovely rim-lighting in the final shot except Amanda?

I thought it was awesome when Salome called Jordan annoying right to her face.

"Anonymous said...

Whats with everyone getting that lovely rim-lighting in the final shot except Amanda?"

I think they did that to show the detail/sparkle on the scarf. Kinda hard to do with something black without a lot of light.

a third laura

real butterflies? nice concept, but i am slightly sorry to hear that they were real. they're so easily crushed.

i love insects and bubbles. now i deeply desire my very own fishbowl of awesomeness filled with pretty flutterbys.

a third laura

and your comment about the dinner BRILLIANT. aaaahahahahah.

So... Amanda wants her son to be sexually attracted to her and that is somehow supposed to be "better" than being gay?

I really don't think seeing your opposite sex parent naked has any effect at all on kids. In other words they are neither repulsed or excited by it. At least I hope not..

My favorite part of that first screen shot of Amanda is the 'hypnosis assistant' subtitle. haha! glad she's gone

I love Branden's face, but he needs to bulk up that body. He's a bit too skinny to show that much skin. My favorites were Jonathan and Salome. I wish they had showed her full body in the pic though. She would be a great swimsuit model.

" Anonymous said...
My favorite part of that first screen shot of Amanda is the 'hypnosis assistant' subtitle. haha! glad she's gone"

LOL, I noticed that too.

"How'd those guys turn out?" "Gay."

Ha ha! Just when I thought I couldn't get more sick of "A Man, Duh!" she surprises me with her dumbest comment ever. I am so glad she is gone.

"A Man, Duh!"


"The funny part is, we can't help thinking if there ever was anything that "caused" someone to "turn out" gay ("Turn out" makes us sound like dinner rolls or something. "How'd those guys turn out?" "Gay."), then a little boy being forced to watch his mommy walk around the house naked probably ranks up there in possibilities. No offense to ignorant naked mommies, of course."


This is why I read you guys. FUCKING BRILLIANT!!

Wait...if I walk around naked in front of my daughters, does that mean they'll grow up to be lesbians? Cool!

Amanda's son is going to "turn out" to have..."no offense"....MOMMY ISSUES. (shudders)

Salome is awesome. I love how Jordan was so ready to trash talk about the housemates and she ended up getting shut down with a big, fat, "Including you." And, please, I also want to slap Jordan with the fact that the Photographer didn't crop out Salome's ass because it was too big, he complimented her hindquarters specifically during the shoot. Just because Jordan hid her freakish batwing hips behind a luggage-sized purse doesn't mean that everyone else was hiding!

I've been noticing something about Jonathan and Salome. Each time they participate in a pictoral, they immediatly strike their best pose and work with that. Neither of them fell into the trap of having to crouch or bend over funny. They know their look and the launch into it.

Mountaha and Sandhurst fell into the trap of picking an accessory that required some contortion to present it as part of a nude. But neither offered an acceptable pose, they had poses foisted on them.

And the rest were hopeless and lost.

I want someone to talk about that craptastic judging last night. Jonathan is just "good." They're plateuing? what the heck was up with that. A lot of talking out the rear end, especially with Perou. (Who I wished would never come back and they keep using guest judges instead. Jerk-off.)

Though I don't necessarily like Jordan, I think she got unfairly reamed as well. The photographer chose her first frame, andthe photographer chooses all their shots. Then the judges complain. The shot wasn't awful, but, as I've seen happen in other shows, those judges like to make up crap to criticize.

Grr. Still mad about them unneccessarily crapping on Jonathan.

Gotta bake me some dinner rolls tonight. Hope they turn out gay.

I was so happy to see Jordan get smacked down on the runway. That bitch is way over confident and in love with herself. She has a weird body - skinny upper body and legs with "bat wing hips." Thank you Elaine! She looks awkward to me on the runway, with her toes pointing together. Check the screencaps, she always poses knock-kneed. But if she had a better personality, I wouldn't even notice this stuff.

demidaemon said:
I want someone to talk about that craptastic judging last night. Jonathan is just "good." They're plateuing? what the heck was up with that. A lot of talking out the rear end, especially with Perou. (Who I wished would never come back and they keep using guest judges instead. Jerk-off.)
Wow, I could not agree with you more! "Good"? What? Jonathan just "good"?
And Perou (who I also wish had NEVER come back), is more of an ass every episode.
The one shining moment last night was Amanda getting the boot. Now she can go home and shake her boobs at her son, crossing her fingers at the same time that he doesn't like - "no offense"- like, turn out to be, like, gay. Good riddance to bad rubbish, Amanda, don't let the door hit you in the boobs on your way out.

In Salome's defense, the earrings she's wearing are too subtle of an accessory for a full body nude shot. And despite her body's lack of conformity to the standards, she didn't seem to have a problem going for it.

I really think that Jordan is getting the Bitch edit.

Maybe I'm biased because I absolutely love her, but whenever she speaks it's about how people annoy her or how Amanda is awful. She is exactly being shown in any other light (maybe there isn't one, but I find that hard to believe).

And the judges SUCK. It's like they're trying way too hard to be critical, especially when Jonathon goes from "good" to "safe". The man took a picture where most of his body is in shadow except for his ass! How is that "safe"?

Also, they were way too hard on Jordan's photo, especially since the photographer seemed to love it so much. It's horrible to give her feedback on the photoshoot and then completely bash her for it later.

Branden's shot is UGHmazing, I can't believe the judges hated on the final product. Really outstanding.

Jordan's suuuucks, she's dead in it and I'm tired of listening to her whining and bitching, unfortunately I think she's a F2 lock along with Jonathan or Sandhurst, probably Sandhurst because they'll kick Jon out for some bullshit reason like "you have started out being awesome, you have not gotten any more awesome, WHY??? Even though you're still better than anyone else, we're sorry, we cannot make you a supermodel."

I'm pretty sure the reason they didn't show Salome's ass was the fact that it's supposed to highlight the earrings, IE be sort of a beauty shot, which was why she picked those earrings in the first place.

I loved all the runway clothes last night, minus the fact that the gloves looked kinda like dishwashing gloves. Oh, and Branden's outfit was so incongruous, everyone else is wearing neon and he has... a white t-shirt and pajama pants. I don't think Amanda did badly at all on the runway (Branden did miles worse and Salome was worse too), but let's face it, it was her time to go. Everything I wanted to say about the dumb "gay" comment someone else said, so yeah.

Gawd, poor Aman-duh, she's so boring that TLo doesn't even notice when she makes one of the all-time-dippiest reality-show comments.

My take on Salome is that, from what I understand, Amish/Mennonite place a great deal on confessing what's up--I read about this in an article on sexual-abuse among the Amish of all things. The cops had an easy time getting confessions, because culturally you just admit your sins, which are then forgiven.

Anyway, in our teen rebel, I think this means she calls people on their stuff and doesn't hold back hers. At the same time, she's trying to figure out how the rest of the world works--thus, that kind of phony facade she puts on so transparently.

I think it's a mistake to assume that her background means no-guile. Mennonites are human.

However, on the runway, I see less throwing-under-the-bus than being fed up with Aman-duh's antics and lacking in the social finesse of both Jonathan and Sandhurst who know that slamming someone else can backfire seriously.

Girl's just not big on filters--remember her picking CJ for the go-see and telling her and everyone because it was because CJ was short and the least threat?

The rest of them think that way, but Salome just says it. And that's the Mennonite background.

Unrelated to this eposide: Has anyone seen the Taylor Swift video for Picture to Burn? Is Salome the new girlfriend in that video? It looks like it but I can't be 100% certain. I'm sure I could search online for that info but I'm not super great at that.

I did a search and saw some comments saying that it IS Salome in the Taylor Swift video. They were just comments though, not an official source.

Re this week: I swear they just kept Aman-DUH around for the drama. Everyone hated her, she whined all the time, her pictures sucked, her runway wasn't great either. Pinchy, pointy face, dead eyes, thin lips, crap poses - ugly inside and it shows outside. Bye, bitch.

I, like most of us, openly gasped at her "Maternal nudity = gay prevention" comment. WTF? Still, her mental and social retardation is no excuse for her crappy product. There are, literally, crackheads who do better work than she ever will.

Surely Jonathan can get some money to his wife and kid. Win or lose, he'll be making serious dough when this is over. He's ready to work. The judges are probably dissing him just to up the drama - he's gold.

Jordan and her "batwing" hips - THANK YOU, Elaine. It was the first thing I noticed about her. She's a good model but those hips - oy. How can the panel keep ignoring them?

Also, I agreed with Malandrino about that photograph. There was a "naked 12 year old girl holding Mommy's big purse" look about it, at least for me.

I prefer Sandhurst and Mountaha to Salome but they were all pretty good this week. Sandhurst being polite but freezing out Aman-Duh's self-pitying wank warmed my cold, evil heart.

Brendan has to WORK next week or he is gone. Learn how to shave your balls and stop crying for your Mama, kid.

God - I'm blathering long today. Sorry.


*fanning self furiously*

Loving the pics! The lighting is amazing. Among other things . . . .

Did you notice that Salome chose the earrings because she didn't have a fashion accessory shot for her portfolio? This is a girl who is thinking beyond the show, and trying to wring every last drop of advantage from the experience.

That Po' boy Will Chalker-wannabe edit made me cringe.

"Work-it-like you-need-to-pay-the-rent" is such an ANTM cliche. Can Bravo production / editing go any lower?

(btw, loved the Alek Wek post, stunning!)

As soon as she said that crap, I thought, oh shit, the Gays are gonna rip her a new one on their blog!!

If Jonathan doesn't win, there's no justice in this world.

I do like Jonathan, but he seems too short and old to be a supermodel. And he looks better naked than clothed.

I love Mountaha as a runway model but her face is blah. Salome has a great face. Sandhurst is the real deal and seems like such a sweetie. Jordan is finished, I hope. She just faded away this week. Branden is a cutie but needs to fill out a little.

To me, it looks like Branden and Jonathan need to work a bit more on their legs, especially the calves. They don't compare to the rest of their bodies. Sandhurst is more evenly muscled.

Amanda looks old and her face isn't very attractive. (And I thought that before her gay comment. Who does that dumb ho think is running much of the fashion industry? She should be so lucky that her son 'turns out' gay and treats his mama wonderfully. BTW I'm a straight woman.)

Jonathan is so hot. Wow, look at that ass.

"lemniscus said...
I dunno, I love Montaha but to me it looks like she's pooing shoes."

I agree 100%. I hate that photo.

I was sooo glad that Amanda got the boot (especially after her idiotic comment). Now I'm really hoping Brendon gets dropped last week. He just looks like your stereotypical jock to me. Rather than being hot, I find him repulsive. And that catwalk walk. UGH!

I still absolutely love Salome. She seriously needs to work on her walk, but she can pose like nobody's business. Unfortunately, that walk is going to be her downfall.

My votes for the top three are for Jonathan, Sandhurst (OMG, haaaawwwwwttttt!!!!), and Mountaha.

And WTF was up with the judging?! God, they were just bitchy without anything to support it!

who's the photographer and where do the frontal photos go?

wish to see the 'real' naked photos :)



Is it just me or have the judges been cutting Jordan way too much slack? She bombed that horse photoshoot last week, but she wasn't placed on the bottom two. Her shot this week sucked; she looked like a prepubescent girl hiding behind her mommy's oversized bag. I cringe every time she talks with that monotone droning voice of hers. I love Mountaha and keep wondering why she hasn't won a go-see or immunity yet. She looked absolutely breaktaking down the runway with all the butterflies static inside the bubble. Hope she gets some recognition soon.

I think Mountaha's getting stronger while Jordan's getting weaker. (In reality - not just in the judges wackadoo minds.)

I like her better all the time.

I don't know why, but Sandhurst's photo just made me think of Goude's Grace Jones by way of Carl Lewis. Not particularly inspiring, given the lack of originality in that sense.

I took one look at Jonathan's ass in that shot and I was DUMBSTRUCK for the rest of the episode. His ass made Amanda's look bad. Does Salome even have an ass now? Jonathon has the Ass of Life, and all other ass should bow down to it.

What's with Perou? Why is he dressed like he's auditioning for "Make me an Evil Dictator"? Still can't stand him, even if Catherine took the mean prize this episode.

I liked the catwalk, the girl's dresses looked right out of Heidi's closet and the bubbles with the butterflies were finally a good challenge.

where are the uncensored videos/photos?

My favorite part of the episode was actually in the outtakes on Jordan and Salome were talking with Amanda, Jonathan and Sandhurst about Salome's ass being cut out of her photo. Salome said she didn't want someone who was sent home blaming her assless picture for it. Jonathan's reply, "Why do you care." I heart Jonathan and want him to win it. What a well adjusted, mature, and down to earth person.

Beautiful pictures, particularly Jonathan's, Salome's and Sandhurst's.

I can't get enough of Sandhurst. Look at his stomach. I totally agree that if I were in a bar I would hit on Johnathan but Sandhurst would make me stop flipping pages if that shot was in a magazine.

I just watched this last night. SO glad Amanda is gone, and quite certain that her son will be gay in spite of her gay prevention efforts. Either that, or he'll be a serial killer.

I was giggling when the photographer told Salome what a great ass she had, because I could just imagine Jordan watching at home somewhere, grinding her teeth. Heh. I can't stand Jordan. I don't think there's anything memorable about her. Salome's picture was gorgeous.

Jonathan and Sandhurst? *drool*

I LOVED the Salome/Amanda moment on the runway!

#1 Just for the sheer juicy bitchiness of it.

#2 It totally puts Laury's parting comments to Salome (not the the entire household, you'll remember but exclusively to SALOME) in a completely different light and context.

Salome... "You gotta 'nutha side to you, grrl!"

Ugh. Why couldn't Gabriel have lasted AT LEAST 'til this challenge?!?! =(

The whole SALOME HAS A HUGE BUTT thing is really annoying me. She's less curvy than me, and my friends call me the Assless Wonder. I think the clothes look no different on her than on the other models.

where are the uncensored pics/videos?

What exactly does a "Hypnosis Assistant" do anyway? Hold the swinging watch?

I felt a little dirty after watching this episode ... which, I guess, was the point of it all. The photographer gave me the heebie-jeebies. Why are all the judges/ photogs coming across as being self-important?

It's obvious they're going to give it to the chick named after lunchmeat. Just give it to her and be done with it, already.

Am I the only one who doesn't think Jonathan's walk is all that great? He's STILL doing that thing with his arms where he carries them out too far like he's holding melons underneath them. Both the runway coach AND the judges have called him out for this and he hasn't changed it.

The best walkers are Mountaha and Sandhurst, although Jordan is OK when her shoes fit right.

And...ugh...that shot of Jonathan from behind on the photo shoot...good lord...too pretty...


Anonymous 5/8/09 8:20am said:
"What's with Perou? Why is he dressed like he's auditioning for "Make me an Evil Dictator"? Still can't stand him, even if Catherine took the mean prize this episode."

Perou can be a tool, for sure, but Catherine adds nothing as far as judging goes. I liked her replacements better, even Maggie "my crap doesn't stink" Rizer. Malandrino can go and never come back, thank you.

I think the main problem with Jordan's shot (other than the obvious "wanna see my asshole" pose) is that you can't actually see the shoes.

Great photos! Sandhurst looks amazing. He's such a beautiful man.

Amanda is an idiot.

Jonathan is GORGEOUS!
Amanda, people don't choose to be gay or become gay based on sexual repression. You wandering around the house naked will only make him embarrassed as he gets older.

Jonathan, that is a big scarf : )

I don't like Mountaha's picture at all. The squatting position was awkward. Whose idea was that?

I can't stand Nicole. She needs to go.


I think that winning the photo challenge isn't about the best picture, but whether they need a man or a woman, which is lame as hell.

"I am an African God Warrior...and everyone wants to see me naked..."

Oh Sandy you Trini tease, you ain't NEVAH lied! LOL!

can somebody please post the uncensored pics? :)

Anonymous said...
I don't like Mountaha's picture at all. The squatting position was awkward. Whose idea was that?

5/10/09 9:53 AM

Actually, it was a very arresting pose. If you were flipping through a magazine, you'd screech to a halt to examine it.

does anybody know where u can see the uncensored video or pics of the models... cause i know last season where when the models were naked for a shoot a uncensored version came out./.

Really? Last year's uncensored video came out? Any links or pics? anyone has the links?

This comment has been removed by the author.

sorry but I"m still not convinced that Salome really should have gone on the go see. Hello Jordan according to the photographer got the shot on the first shot and she didn't get the call back ...I call BULLSHIT and that this may be producers and not "reality".

And the boys were HOT I went out and bought leather gloves!

Bravo should publish a calendar using these shots and make my girl Mountaha Ms. February because she would be one hot Valentine !

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