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Make Me A Supermodel: Episode 12

The roof is on fire!

Did we call it or what? Last week we noted that the challenges were heading into "Let's fuck with the models" territory and we thought the only thing left to do was to set them on fire. Mission accomplished.

And this guy was just plain creepy. While it's fine to throw something really challenging at the models - and this was a pretty challenging shoot - we thought the whole "You only get ONE FRAME to get it right" bit seemed a little arbitrary, especially since it became clear in the judging that each model had at least several frames available for choosing.

When Jonathan's on, he's really on, but there are times when he reveals that he doesn't always have the best instincts. This was a really poor choice for him to make. It was a boring pose and he's giving TERRIBLE face. Mouth open, eyes at half mast. He looks like he's falling asleep.

And what the hell happened to her? She always had some difficulties with her shoots, but this is almost laughably bad. It's a stupid pose and you can tell from looking at it that it's a pose. There's no movement in it. Also (and this isn't her fault), the styling is horrible.

This one was a little strange. We actually liked the face but the pose was bad. The judges made a big deal out of the fact that Branden didn't listen to the photographer and wound up giving a lot of screaming poses, which they claimed was lame...

Then they awarded the win to Sandhurst.

Don't get us wrong. We totally agree that Sandhurst deserved the win, but the judging on it was so arbitrary. Still, it's a fantastic pose. The face is perhaps a bit much, but it works, especially since, with the top hat and the flames, the picture has a decidedly Baron Samedi/voodoo priest feel to it.

This part was fun and the models all deserved the break.

Not that they didn't have to work for it. Mountaha's Kors dress looked fabulous on her but we COVET that Hugo Boss tuxedo they dressed Branden in.

It was also a nice break for them to visit the offices of New York Model Management. It kind of fired them up for the final prize.

And the little pep talk from Holly was a nice touch, even if it was a little stagey and even if it did leave us saying "She hasn't had THAT great a career, y'know."

Still, you can tell they're all stressed out and exhausted, so it was good of the producers to give them a reward and a pep talk. Sometimes, producer manipulation can be a good thing.

Alright, runway time:
Before we start, can we just point out one thing? Bravo peeps, if you're reading this, why can't the lighting on the Fashion Show runway be this good?

Jonathan looked DAMN good. It's good that he got some coaching beforehand because once he tucked in his elbows, his walk was completely transformed from thuggish (which doesn't fit his look at all) to suave (which TOTALLY does).

Her walk was good, but we kinda felt she was at a disadvantage. Why?

Because one of the people deciding her fate was the judgmental poodle who designed the dress and she was inevitably going to come down harder on her than she did the boys. Catharine clearly wasn't judging her walk on the merits, but judging it on whether or not it was what she personally would want to see when someone is wearing one of her designs. That's a valid judgment, but it's not one the guys had to deal with.

Sandhurst is causing some disagreement between us. Lorenzo thinks he's just okay as a model but Tom thinks he's the only one of the remaining four that is consistently showing improvement every week. His walk was solid and smooth. Lorenzo also thinks his look is way too specific for "supermodel" status but Tom thinks that's a little silly because every week he stands in front of one of the world's only male supermodels who is also a slightly older, slightly bulkier version of him.


Here's the thing about Branden: he's probably not going to win the big prize, but out of all of the remaining finalists, he has the most potential. Partially because he's so young and he's got so much time ahead of him (sad to say, but the clock is ticking for Jonathan) and also because he's got such a classic look that will serve him well through a variety of styles and campaigns. He's a cute kid that photographs well and we have no doubt that in 5 years he'll be a classically handsome man that photographs REALLY well.

Which is why we think he made the cut in the end.

That didn't lessen our shock, though. We really never expected that they would send the only remaining girl home. Clearly, she didn't expect it either. We felt really bad for her. Chances are, if she wasn't stuck in a Malandrino creation, the judges would have been a bit easier on her.

And just to give you a glimpse of how surreal things can get Chez T Lo, one of us is typing this post up while the other one is upstairs on the phone with Mountaha, conducting an interview that you'll see some time over the weekend. We do it all for you, bitches!

[Photos: Clay Patrick McBride/ - Screencaps:]

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You ladies need to turn off the TV and have a romantic night out on the town.

Too much bickering going on. Your relationship is SO MUCH bigger than this!

OH NO! Not Mountaha! Shock!
Though to be fair, the men are strong contenders. But WOW. What next?

BTW, Jonathan = Bond, James Bond.

Smokin' hot!

Branden is such a cute kid. I think he even knows he can't touch Jonathan and Sandhurst at this point in the contest.

But I'm in the Sandhurst camp, and hopes he wins.

I was SHOCKED that they sent Mountaha home. I also thought that that CM's dress was not her best. I've seen (and own) better dresses. I was not expecting that at all. It will be interesting to see the three remaining men competing against each other.

Jonathan looked so H-O-T on the runway. I want him to win.

Soooo glad Jonathan finally tucked his arms and gave a smokin' runway walk. Now, if he would just open his eyes. . . .

I feel sorry for Mountaha, but she took a risk with the photo shoot and came out looking wooden and posed. Didn't think her walk was that bad, but didn't think it was that hot, either.

Branden's photo was even stupider than Mountaha's. He was lucky to have saved himself with the runway walk. I do agree that Malandrino may have been harsher on the person wearing HER creation, and think Brandon was the one who should have gotten the boot.

Ow Chica Ow OW

I was waiting for a comment about Branden's "I can get the same shoes at Sears for 10 bucks" remark.

I was shocked they sent Mountaha home too, but I really thought her walk sucked this week. That was a very flowy gown she was wearing and she didn't make it move down the runway. But I also think they did her a huge disservice with that wig. Not that she looks bad as a brunette, but the wig was long and dark and so was the dress. There was no contrast and the look as a whole was heavy and weighed down.

Though I did laugh a little after her catty attitude about my girl crush Salome leaving. Hey, could you guys ask her what was up with the negativity of everyone toward Salome? I'd really like to know if it was anything beyond jealousy of her success in the shoots.

Also, did anyone else notice that when Jonathan was walking around the dept store, he did the same gorilla-arms as on the runway? I wonder if he was a big (muscley, not fat) guy at one point and slimmed down.

I actually don't think the judging was *all* that arbitrary re: screaming. The photographer's advice to Branden was "only scream if you have a pretty screaming-face."

Branden, especially in that hunched-over wrestler-clapping way he did it, does not have a pretty screaming-face. I'd say that neither does Sandhurst, but the scream at least brought some interest to the planes his face, which unfortunately tends to absorb light.

And I'd say the all-male finale's been telegraphed for a while, now. They've been much harder on the women, and Nicole's an awful advocate for them. Mostly because they've not deserved any more than she's given, but still - the lopsidedness is amazing.

I too was waiting for a comments about the Sears line. That was so Branden. Wanting to spend his money on that beautiful suit since it made him feel confident and empowered but still immature enough to think he can get away with $10 shoes to go with it. LOL

Yes he will make a great model in the future


I would just like to point out that at first I didn't watch this show, just read your amusing recaps. Then I broke down and started watching them if they were on randomly. Now it is on my DVR for goodness sakes! Anyway...I was upset that Mountaha went home. I really think it should have been Branden this week. He's cute and will be great for like Ralph Lauren, but I'm tired of the smug look he gives in every picture.

Yes, Mountaha's styling in the photo shoot was problematic; but not because it looked bad.

Am I the only one who thought, "why in the HELL did they put her in floppy fabric around FLAMES?!?!" I was really nervous for her. One bit of wind from the pyrotechnics firing up and her scarf could have blown into the flames in front of her. So. terribly. dangerous.

My first thought after watching this episode: They totally stacked the deck against Mountaha this week in order to ensure an all-male finale. Okay, the photo shoot was tough for everyone, but when they went out of their way to have the runway walk coach tell the best walker left (Mountaha) that her walk was all wrong...and gave her the extra pressure of wearing a Malandrino in front of Malandrino...and then saddled her with that wig, well. It's totally obvious that they were doing everything they could to sabotage her into failure. I suspect Tyson really wanted a male winner this season and made his desires known.

Meh. As cute as he is, and as much potential as he has, Branden was pretty much slated to go home this week. It took an awful lot of finagling to send Mountaha home instead.


Geoffrois said:
"They've been much harder on the women, and Nicole's an awful advocate for them"

of course she has been an awful advocate. No one can understand what the hell she is saying with all of those marbles in her mouth.

Mountaha did have an uphill battle with the strange wig on her head. But, Karma is a bitch. I kinda enjoyed watching her shock at going home after all her trash talking about Salome. She just isn't all that. Plus, very not classy exit.

That is an incredibly racist thing to say about Sandhurt.

"Anonymous said...

That is an incredibly racist thing to say about Sandhurt."

The hell...?

I think it was the Baron Samedi element that made Sandhurst's photo so powerful. The others were just pretty people in pretty clothes surrounded by fire, but Sandhurst managed to invoke something more elemental. I think he said something in his Bravo blog about thinking about his traditional folklore background, and it shows.

i think Mountaha stayed longer than she should have. And only because Marlon likes her. I don't think she has the face to be a (supermodel). I can see her doing OK in a more local market (Brazil, LA) but not in high high fashion. Her photo was beyond ridiculous. C. Malandrino I don't think has ever really liked her.
And what I am going to say is even more scandalous - I just don't get Jonathan's appeal as a model. He's too short and his face is kind of meh (in modeling terms of course). I think it is b'ween B'den and S'hurst. Branden has the more high-fashion look.

What I learned this week:

Perou is OLD. (Branden didn't get his "Billy Idol" reference.)

People don't look good when they scream.

Don't follow the photographer's instructions if you know the photographer is telling you to do something wrong--like just hold one shot or scream.

Hold your elbows in when you walk if you don't want to look like a thug.

You can buy cheap shoes at Sears that look just like expensive ones at Bergdorf's.

Hated that they sent Mountaha home. She had a down week, but I thought she deserved to be in the finals - especially considering that she was the only female left in the competition. The finale will be lacking without her (or at lesat without her estrogen).

"suzq said...

You can buy cheap shoes at Sears that look just like expensive ones at Bergdorf's."

No you can't.

I was SHOCKED Mountaha went home. SHOCKED. I expected them to say "Ok, you can stay too" a la project runway with the reactions of the judges to her crying.

Also, a frame isn't one picture, it's multiple pictures. A shot is one picture. Fashion photography decided to call things differently than the rest of the world...cause they can.

Though I agree with the Final 3 decision, I did feel a tiny bit sorry for Mountaha because they basically styled her to look EXACTLY like Catherine Malandrino herself, and what woman is going to feel comfortable assessing another woman styled to look like her younger self?

I'm completely ok with Mountaha leaving before Branden.

Yeah, he's really young, and he's a bit inconsistent because of that...
But she's older & more experienced and STILL inconsistent. Her photos have mostly been meh - the only ones I can remember right now are the eels and the butt shot. Her runway's usually good, sometimes great, but not this week.

I also think she needs to learn to put on a better game face. The level of shock that she showed looked like poor sportsmanship to me.

I'm also OK with Brandon's idea to get shoes from Sears -- the kid is 18 years old! I'm sure he doesn't have any money to speak of. But they just handed him $2000 and he had the excellent thought to invest it in that suit! How much does a suit like that cost anyway? He probably didn't have any money left. So Mountaha bought some trendy sandals...but Branden has a classic tux. If he stays roughly the same size, he can use that for AGES.

Does anyone else see a really young Paul Newman in that runway shot of Branden?

I don't really have anything constructive to say about the episode since I haven't watched it yet. I just wanted to add that the picture of Jonathan on the runway made me want to lick my monitor.

5/29/09 1:50 PM "suzq said...

You can buy cheap shoes at Sears that look just like expensive ones at Bergdorf's."

No you can't.

Yes, we CAN!

Anna said: "Hated that they sent Mountaha home. She had a down week, but I thought she deserved to be in the finals..."

Kerryn had a down week, too, so they nixed her even though she had won immunity twice, and kept Colin in, even though he had never even been in the top 3 and his improvement had plateau'd. Kerryn definitely should have been the last lady standing, as she could take good pics AND walk well, and neither Salome nor Mountaha could consistently do both.

And T. Lo, I totally agree about Branden, but I still doubt that was the best pic they could have chosen for him. So what if he doesn't have a 'pretty' screaming face? That photo shoot was NOT about being pretty.

I think Jonathan might get in his own way. Ever since that one bad week when he was only in the 1 of 6 chosen shots, he's been second-guessing himself and messing up. It's weird that he thought his shot would show more emotion in the eyes when he wasn't emoting at all.

And they didn't keep Branden because he has more potential. It's simple. He had a bad pic and a good walk. Mountaha had a bad pic AND a bad walk. Buh-bye, Mountaha.

5/29/09 2:11 PM
Does anyone else see a really young Paul Newman in that runway shot of Branden?

A bit, but maybe it's because I miss Paul so much.

Wow, I didn't see that coming! An all male finale is a real surprise.
Mountaha has a great walk but she messed up this week. And pictures have never been her strong side.

Anyone who thinks a cheap pair of shoes from Sears is going to look "just like" an expensive pair of shoes has obviously never seen an expensive pair of shoes.

I was really upset that Mountaha went home, because I really don't think Brandon deserves to be there.

I mean, he's not a horrible model or anything, but he kind has this go-to tough-guy face that he's used in a lot of his photographs, in addition to not really having a whole lot to draw on in photoshoots. As Jenny said, since he's young Rock and Roll = Screaming.

As already said, the deck was definitely stacked against Mountaha, giving her a wig to work as well as putting her in an outfit designed by one of the judges. No one else had that pressure and it reeks of producer manipulation.

Oh, and not to be mean, but does anyone else think that Brandon looks like he's had a stroke whenever he smiles and/or moves his mouth?


agnes gooch said...
Though I agree with the Final 3 decision, I did feel a tiny bit sorry for Mountaha because they basically styled her to look EXACTLY like Catherine Malandrino herself, and what woman is going to feel comfortable assessing another woman styled to look like her younger self?

Well said, Agnes-I had the same thought when I saw the photo of Moutaha with the brunette wig- a young Catherine M.

I am bummed that Moutaha is out-I really thought she had a shot at winning it all

Of course, I love Jonathan and Sandhurst, so I'm not too disappointed.

I thought suzq was being funny with the Sears shoes comment, stuck in for levity at the end of all of the other truisms. I mean, obviously (a) new $10 dress shoes aren't available at Sears or elsewhere and (b) super cheap dress shoes worn with that suit would be an obvious mismatch to all but the most undiscerning. (I don't mean that last statement to sound snobby, it just seems like a statement of fact to me.)

Yes, I agree with RussellH88 about Brandon's mouth in some pics, and I'm not trying to be mean either.

I would like to see Sandhurst win but am okay with any of F3.

the picture has a decidedly Baron Samedi/voodoo priest feel to it. Yes!!! Y'all kill me. It did dovetail nicely into the whole James Bond runway theme though, didn't it?

I was a bit surprised they sent Mountaha home, but the wig looked very wiggish. And then they styled her like a mini-me Catherine M. Just didn't work.

OMG--I totally thought of the Baron when I saw Sandhurst, I'm glad someone else did too. The top hat, the pose, the look on his face...

Brandon is the only one of the four who has a tiny smidgen of a chance to become a supermodel. He certainly has potential. He is young, fun, and most importantly, can work in many different markets around the world - including the highy lucrative European market.

Jonathan photographs a bit old and let's face it, he is also pretty generic-looking. Perhaps as a Hanes underwear model.

Sandhurst doesn't photograph all that well. Unlike Tyson in his photos, Sandhurst's face is strangely blank and his shots tend to be uninspiring.

Mountaha is simply fug.

The first thing I thought of when I saw Sandhurst's pic was Baron Samedi lol. Salome was the only girl on the show I liked so I'm fine with the all male finale. I totes agree with you guys about Brandon, in a few years he will be GORGEOUS.

I cannot believe they styled Mountaha in that Morticia Adams wig and gown. Yes, the Malandrino Morticia gown. I thought it was one of Malandrino's weakest efforts. Lousy looking gown. I'm PO'd.
Am I the only one who hated all four of the "fire" shots? They all sucked, bad styling, lousy photographer...blech.
NOW...the guys in tuxes.....ahhhhhhh
Someone mentioned that Jonathan reminded them of Daniel Craig, aka James Bond...I thought the very same thing when he walked out...yummmmmmmmmmmmmm and smoooooooth!!!

As soon as Jonathon said what he was going for in his pose, I was like "NO DAMMIT!" It was the exact opposite of what the judges said they wanted from him.

And I'm going to have to disagree with the majority here and say that I LOVE Branden's shot. He looks like he's being shot straight out of hell and he doesn't give a damn.

However, I do have to agree with Sandhurst's win on the photo. Spectacular.

I'm soooo glad Mountaha went home, honestly. She was getting ridiculously cocky... yeah, Mountaha, you rock, you're the best one there, with your ONE WIN OVERALL. How about no.

Plus she's fug, and not even in an interesting way. /shallow

Jonathan's not a high fashion model, but he could make a killing doing underwear campaigns or whatever.

Iy's Brandon or Sandhurst for the win.


I think Jonathan should have had a wider stance in his photo. It seems like a small change, but I think it would have created a lot more energy in the shot. Thank goodness the runway coach gave him the elbow tip.

Sandhurst's shot has a funny mismatch between the eyes (thanks, lighting angle!) but everything else is terrific. His catwalk felt a little rushed this time, not as smooth as usual. The guys have got to start handling the pressure better.

Branden really pulled off a lot of business in his walk but still kept it smooth. I agree, he has the most potential (along with Salome, of course, and possibly Colin, if he can ever figure out what this modeling thing is about). I'd rather he didn't win, so he can just get signed and go through the usual model development process. Winning might get in the way of his professional growth.

Any elimination was going to be controversial, since they're all talented, but I didn't think Mountaha was the eventual winner. A killer walk, but she's not nearly as versatile as she'd like to believe.

I thought it was very sweet that Sandhurst used the styling experts to help him pick out nice gifts for his family.

I thought the winning photo was fabulous, partly because it was "dynamic" but mostly because it evoked a complex back story in one image.

I don't seem to get involved in any of the modeling shows, and I think it's because watching the models -- even the stand-out good ones, even the obnoxious cocky ones -- bumble through the hoops set up for them makes me feel as if I'm watching someone being hazed for mass entertainment.

Even though I know the models are thrilled to be there and competed hard to get there, the machinations on these show put me off -- the producer machinations, the contestant machinations, and the odd flights of fancy the judges seem to take.

I do think the pointless machinations are rooted in the psychological complexity and vulnerability of modeling as a profession -- one's stock in trade is one's own body, and so much of the craft involved is poorly articulated or (apparently) never articulated to beginners.

On top of this, most models are young and still in the process of becoming adults. They are not yet fully formed and confident in who they are. Judgement, scathingly subjective judgement, is intrinsic to the entire industry, but raised to an extreme level for models.

Oh - my 50 minutes are up?

I find myself hoping Branden wins.. even though I know he won't. In which case, I'm voting Jonathan. I really thought Sandhurst should've gone home instead of Salome last time. Also, I think they made the right choice sending Mountaha home because, even though I'm miffed with Sandhurst because of the Salome thing, I think the men genuinely are better models (or at least have better potential). I was still shocked though. I really didn't think it would be an all male final 3.

Mountaha's fire pic looked posed but Sandhurst's didn't?! Gotta disagree with you there. Sandhurst looked like he spent too much time watching "Saturday Night Fever."

Can't believe Mountaha is gone and Branden isn't.

"td said...

Mountaha's fire pic looked posed but Sandhurst's didn't?! Gotta disagree with you there."

Sandhurst looked like he was in motion (because he was) and Mountaha looked like she was standing still (because she was).

Branden, "Billy who? Billy Idol? I don't get it." My 12 year old knows who Billy fucking Idol is. Sometimes Branden needs to PRETEND like he knows what's going on.

And he does have great potential. He's just not there yet. Especially not over Mountaha, although when she struck that pose and didn't move a single bit, I knew it was going to come back and bite her in the ass.

Jonathan is lucky his runway is so strong and that he's more upscale than the others. He does a consistently good job time and time again.

Sandhurst had the win on the shoot because, as Peroux stated, he gave the photographer something he didn't even know he wanted until he saw it.

But everything else last night...pretty much sucked.

Ah, well. It'll all come down to how long it takes them to tell Jonathan he's won.

First, I gotta say, that both Jonathan and Branden benefited greatly from the coaching.

That blond was sooo Bond, he was hot. Elbows in and walking down, he looked great.

And Branden, even with that bow tie, looked great, when he straightened his cuffs and then strutted down ... his best runway, evah ...

(And although he did not give great face in his photo, he filled out those leather jeans quite nicely ...)

And, he was smart to get that Hugo Boss at Bloomies ... but he was sooooo straight and 18, with his shoes from Sears comment.

I was kinda shocked when Mountaha was let go, but I agree that the bottom two were Branden and Mountaha.

Sandhurst won the photo this week and Jonathan won the runway ...

Mountaha was broken-hearted and I did feel sorry for her ... I think the styling was against this week, and I think the producers might have been pushing for an All Boy Final for drama.

(How cute was all the hugging and jumping when they won ... and then they all felt for Mountaha who was clearly shocked.)

I feel sorry for Mountaha but can't say that I disagree with the judges ... Branden probably got into the finals because he has potential ... but clearly, everyone can agree he has potential.

Just sayin-

This was a tough decision.

Though if I was a judge, I really would've held out to boot Jonathan. Terrible pose and though his runway was much better, I really think he's too old to be at this stage.

I loved Sandhurst's face, but didn't like the position of his lower body. It looks twisted.

I'm with Jonathan all the day : )

I tend to agree with FashionFanatic, I didn't not like the dress they picked for Muntaha.

Thanks for the recap, boys.

Wasn't that surprised to see Mountaha go. It was odd, she had some real negatives that would get in the way of any big career that were never mentioned. Her skin was in poor condition and she really, really doesn't have the facial bone structure for photographs--small mouth, full cheeks, long nose.

She had a walk, but she went on a lot of go-sees and wasn't getting booked for runway work.

Basically, too many negatives which she can't do much about--there would have been no credibility in giving her the win--particularly since she's never won a photo shoot.

Jonathan lost his luster with the bad second makeover. It had the unfortunate effect of making one notice what was wrong.

The competition really split between people with skills who had something going against them (Laury, Mountaha) and the beautiful and mega green (Colin, Brenden, Salome). The green ones actually have the potential, but just aren't up to speed.

Salome, I think, would have been a shoe-in if she'd been able to knock a couple of inches off the hips. They'd have focused on the walk so that they could say it was improved and given her the pass because she was so much stronger than anyone else in the photos.

But after making such a big deal about how big her hips were they had to eliminate her when she didn't lose anything.

I say Sandhurst for the win, Branden for the long-term career.

Logically, Sandhurst should win-- he's insanely handsome, graceful, and has a mature attitude. But, he just lacks that certain something, in photographs.

Branden, for all his flaws, has an interesting face that photographs beautifully.

My husband thought that Brandon looked like Eddie Haskell. I'm liking Jonathan myself, but I'm all about the "mature" man.

"Also, a frame isn't one picture, it's multiple pictures. A shot is one picture. Fashion photography decided to call things differently than the rest of the world... cause they can."

soooo, photography is like... bowling, where a frame can have one to three shots at knocking down pins, i mean, models. :)

That picture of Sandhurst is my favorite of the whole season!

I think Sandhurst should be the winner. To me, having a specific look is what MAKES a supermodel, as opposed to just a top model (so to speak). If they are just bland, chameleon-like clothes hangers, how can they be superstars?

Jonathan is slipping. His picture was sad, and, to me he often looks old and short on the runway. Something about his body proportions. (I know he's not old! Or probably short, either.)

Branden looks like an adorable country-boy veterinarian who used to treat my horses. He was a treat himself--yummy.

Mountaha was set up. First of all, the horrible styling and dress in the photo shoot. Not only scary, but ugly, too. And to put her in that blah brunette wig and bulky-looking dress in the runway show--they must hate the girl. At the very least, she needed an "updo" with it.

And Sandhurst's picture was outrageous! The deranged ringmaster who burned down the circus! I love it.

I LOVE that shot of Sandhurst! The man is on fire : )

"lamina said...

I thought it was very sweet that Sandhurst used the styling experts to help him pick out nice gifts for his family."

He's such a gentleman. I hope he wins : )

Sandhurst is the ENTIRE package (his shot was KILLER)!
He's young, poised, gorgeous and smart. He truly has the potential to be the next big thing-- I see a Will Smith like potential in him. I hope he has the right people around him (much like PR's Christian)to propel him to superstardom.

Jonathan appears to have lost some of his luster. But he also has a great deal of potential to become more than just a super model. If he does win, he'd better hit the ground running w/ acting class and the best handlers that can get him the auditions to place him in some of the upcoming action films in the coming summers (Hello, Kenneth Branagh? There's a new face that would be perfect for your new "Thor" movie).

Branden will work as a model, but let's hope he doesn't blow all of his money (and decides to go to college)-- He just doesn't appear bright enough to parlay natural ability into... well, anything! He's a real sweet kid, but unless there's an agent or manager that really makes a concerted effort to protect him-- he's gonna get eaten alive.

"Branden, "Billy who? Billy Idol? I don't get it." My 12 year old knows who Billy fucking Idol is. Sometimes Branden needs to PRETEND like he knows what's going on"

Maybe he was channeling his inner Salome?

I liked Mountaha! Totally bummed she got the boot. I've never really seen Branden's appeal- I just don't think he's very attractive, kinda goofy looking really.

Does anyone else see a really young Paul Newman in that runway shot of Branden?I think, in general, he looks like a young Paul Newman. It's the nose.

I was going to be disappointed no matter who was eliminated, and Mountaha probably did deserve to go, but her elimination was still shocking to me. I felt terrible for her when she broke down, but loved the way the guys supported her. Apparently that never would have happened last season.

Branden's naivete just kills me. "Do the pants come with it?"

Next week is going to suck, because I'm going to feel bad for whoever loses.

I dunno....I've really been thinking about all this, and my conclusions have been kind of all over the place.
From the beginning, I always figured Sandhurst for the win, but I guess I'm the only one who HATED his mad ringmaster on fire photoshoot. Something was just wrong with the eyes. He looked like he had a painful stye.
Jonathan has also been a favorite of mine for the win, but he totally blew the fiery photoshoot. No personality, whatsoever. That being said, he was oh-so-gorg in the runway in that tux. He could give Daniel Craig a run for his money!
Branden, still a kid, pretty naive, but with some good coaching and a primo agency, he should make it.
And Mountaha...alas, she is my favorite gal. I love the edgy look in a model...not gorgeous beauty, but a certain something, which I think she has. She, too, blew her photoshoot by only giving one pose. Her styling for the runway was one fugly mess. Like someone mentioned before, I guess they wanted an all male final three.

I totally agree with anon 1:05:
TLo we do love you,
but you two need a date night!


I don't know whether Mountaha deserved to go or not, but the obvious - to the point of insulting - manipulation by the producers to make sure she got the boot this week was the last straw.

Why didn't they just give her a big old wart on her nose and make her walk in hiking boots filled with stones? That wig would have looked ugly on anybody, from Cheryl Tiegs to Heidi Klum to Giselle Bundchen.

Contrast the way that gorgeous Micheal Kors dress she wore at Bloomies looked with the flour sack Malandrino they draped on her. That thing was designed for an older, fuller woman, not a pencil thin model.

And as noted above, they took the one thing she's always been better than anyone else at (well, since they dumped Kerryn): walkingm and =messed with it. Jenny Shimizu once called her walk "perfect". It's been her calling card through this whole thing.

So by all means, have the coach tell her it sucks. If he doesn't like it then he's an idiot, and I don't believe that.

I understand that Bravo leans toward a certain demographic and I'm fine with that. And in case anyone missed the point they've worked hard to flash as much man ass as they could every show.

No problem at all.

But insulting the audience's intelligence in order to ensure that the final is a sausage fest isn't the way to go about it.

They apparently think gay people are too stupid to care. Show 'em some guy butt and they won't mind that the result is blatantly manipulated, right Bravo?

Agree completely.

It was a repeat of last week when they decided to a) discard the photo shoot win and b) put Salmoe in shoes which were way, way too big.

I'm pretty sure they also intended to put her in a really stupid hat but Perou stole it from her.

I'm so glad Mountaha lost - whenever someone refers to themselves in the 3rd person (like she did in the last 2 episodes), it means their head is getting too big. In this episode, the photographer said her choice to hold one pose and "let the fire come to her" was diva-esque. I think she felt that, since she was the only girl left, she was in so she was overconfident and complacent. As the judges have said, you have to wear the clothes, not let them wear you. Mountaha looked like she was uncomfortable in what she had on and it affected her runway performance.

All the models have had to deal with difficult aspects of clothing, style, etc. and their discomfort in certain situations. How many times have the judges told them that you just can't let it show.

I had liked Mountaha early on, but she seemed to change, or maybe her true personality showed more with fewer competitors to cammouflage it. She should have appreciated when other models chose her for "go-sees" instead of whining about it.

I'm surprised at the other models' resentment of Salome. I know she won the photo shoots quite often, but they really seemed bothered by her ability to overcome what they seemed to think was her "fatal flaw": her less than perfect body (for the model world anyway). I loved her eager and open personality and she never seemed to snipe at the others like they did about her and each other.

Finally saw it, so of course everything has been said, but I just had to add that Brendan's wittle face at the end, when it was clear that the judges weren't happy with him? Broke. my. heart. I don't even think he's particularly photogenic, always a bit sneery and there's not enough space between nose and lip or something, but I just adore him.
And I adore Sandhurst, who always causes my husband to say "holy crap! I ain't gay or nuthin'...", but who just doesn't photograph well. He ought to be in pictures, so I can hear that delightful accent and see that goofy charm.
And, well, I like Johnathan a lot, too. He's easy on the eyes, and seems like a stand-up guy. I'll be crushed for two of them next week.

Jonathan "lost his lustre" when they dyed his hair brown. That's what makes him not as hot as he used to be. If they hadn't done that, he'd still be the front-runner. Y'all are fickle! It's not his fault they dyed his hair!

Brandon looks like the young Paul Newman on the runway this past week, but without the sex-appeal. Bad choice to put Mountaha in a wig the same shade as Maldrino's hair. Jonathon and Sandhurst are cool dudes - either one could catch the win.

I think it will be Sandhurst or Brandon.


ariel shpigel

Brandon's attractive and photogenic but not top 3 material
his catwalk is bad and his photos are one-note

mountaha showed loads of improvement, an awesome walk, edgy look, and some fantastic photos

I would have prefered mountaha, salome, or kerryn over brandon because he's just not ready yet

Pre Show pics
Mountaha looks gorgeous in both
Branden is smugging/sneering in EVERY SHOT

Casting episode:
Can't remember him
she looked adorable in the photos, had a unique look, and a great walk

Week 1:
She walked well in a horrid dress and took an interesting but still sexy shot
he whined, took a bland but ok shot and I can't remember his walk

week 2:
both took gorgeous photos
she had a great walk
he looked passable but a little silly

week 3:
he took a great shot with a boring pose on the runway
her shot sucked and her walk was ok but the pose was bad

week 4
both took great shots
she rocked fashion week, he was ok
both worked the catwalk

week 5:
she looked fab and drew all the attention
he had a shadow over his face but still looked cute
she owned that runway, perfect for her
he looked absolutely ridiculous

week 6:
her shot had a pretty face and interesting pose but wasn't graceful
he looked like crap. period.
she rocked the runway in a hideous outfit
he looked smug and not very handsome

week 7:
she looked incredible, her smile is gorgeous
he looked ok, nothing special and the smile was cheesy
on the runway she looked fantastic as usual and he looked like smug, stiff crap

week 8:
she looked ok even though it was a difficult situation
he looked terrible and has no excuse
she looked great on the runway, he was boring and stiff

week 9:
her shot was one of the best and the most fashion forward
he had only 1 good frame, the photog hated him, and his body looks weird
he was boring and stiff on the runway, she KILLED IT

week 10:
she gave awesome face, the photographer loved her, and she looked fantastic in every shot
he whined a lot, mugged too much, and got a few decent/good ones
she was by far the best on the runway
he looked ok but didn't do much walking

week 11:
she had a perfect bod and gorgeous face in every frame, and her final shot was killer
he had the same face as always(scowl/smug), boring pose, and was too thin
her 2 walks were amazingly fab and fit the clothes, and she looked great with the wig
he improved a lot, thanks to the styling but is still too stiff

week 12:
in any other setting the pose would be ok, and her face was gorgeous even if the pic was lame
he looked ridiculous while screaming, and got a terrible shot
her catwalk was still pretty good even if the styling sucked and the coach gave her bad advice
he looked good but could still be better and needed a lot of help to get there

overall she's the stronger, harder working, and more consistant

I felt so bad for Mountaha-I thought she was gonna blow real snot bubbles...

Personally, I knew that Mountaha was dead in the water as soon as they played the clip of Holly.

No way were TPTB going to let girls, no matter how fabulous they might be, beat three guys twice in a row (particularly considering the way Bravo has been pushing that infobyte about how bad male models have it in the business compared to women). The whole point of having guys on this show at all is to differentiate this show from Top Model. That made Malandrino coming down hard on Mountaha doubly important, although the bad photo had handicapped her quite enough.

This way a male winner is basically guaranteed, and the girls will have a legitimate shot next season (presuming, of course...).

I am so tired of Brandon and his ONE LOOK, and I just don't get all the love for him. Maybe it is because I grew up in the rural South, and he has that raw-boned rodeo cowboy look that I so totally turned against. I think Mountaha was absolutely robbed, and if they keep talking about Brandon's "potential" I'm gonna throw up. He is a very raw and immature kid - hopefully he will grow up ONE day, but I just can't see him as a Supermodel. Youth isn't EVERYTHING! I really want Jonathan to win, but I won't quibble if Sandhurst gets it.

Next season I hope they change to a female mentor who actually pulls for the girls, instead of the boys. ("Please don't send Colin home.") How lame was THAT?

I'm kinda glad this is almost over, because I am so sick of Perou badmouthing everyone, and the judges putting them down over the poses the photogs thought were great, and the winner of the photo shoots getting sent home because her butt wasn't "high-fashion" enough for them, etc.

Jonathan "lost his lustre" when they dyed his hair brown. That's what makes him not as hot as he used to be. If they hadn't done that, he'd still be the front-runner.

Poor Jonathan. I was hoping it was a temporary color, because permanent color does not bleach out easily, which is very obvious by how he's looked in the last two episodes. Anyway, I still think he's awesome.

I thought Sandhurst looked like the Tin Woodsman in that getup. (I know, the Tin Woodsman doesn't wear a top hat. It was the aluminum-foil effect, I think.)

And yes, that photographer was a CREEP.

Jonathan is delicious and thank you for tucking in your elbows! Makes a big difference. Sandhurst is smooth and suave, and I love the way his dancer body floats. And Branden? I've pretty much wanted him to go home every week until last week when he really turned it on, and now he's grown on me. His jerkiness has turned into kind of a sweet goofiness now. Mountaha being axed was a shocker, but I think the judges really though Branden was more diverse and has a promising future, even though he's just a kid right now.

Mountaha is fug personified.

Perhaps it was previously stated, but the final 4 were right out of central casting for The Wizard of Oz ... Sandhurst= Tin Man, Branden= Cowardly Lion, Jonathan= Scarecrow & Mountaha= Dorothy. Prepare yourselves for a Branden upset.


Apparantly that horny drunk Nicole got "something" out of the show?

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