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Make Me A Supermodel: Episode 11


Clearly, the goal of this challenge was, "Let's fuck with the models as much as we can!" We're surprised they didn't just set them on fire.

And holy shit, how irritating were these two? They were like parodies of what people think fashion photographers are like.

And while it was nice that they had someone there to coach them, she didn't seem to offer much help to these poor modelsicles.

There you go, boys! Thanks for tripling our hits for the day!

We're (mostly) joking about the bitching we're doing. Yes, it was a ridiculously uncomfortable photo shoot, but in the end, that hardship made for some of the best photographs we've seen all season. The extreme conditions really upped the intensity in the shots.

That girl has a real future as a print model. Clearly, almost every photographer on the show loved working with her and she has a real talent for getting just the right pose. You'd never know that she was

a) Freezing her very prominent little ass off, and
b) Extremely uncomfortable about her body.

Bitch just knows what to do when there's a camera pointed at her.

Bar none, the best picture we've ever seen of her. Like we said, the extreme conditions really brought an intensity to the pictures.

And we loved the way they styled her hair. She should go for that wet look more often. She should also listen to the judges when they tell her not to give so much profile. She looks much better straight on.

The only problem we have with Branden is that this is his go-to face way too often. He needs to add a few more expressions to his repertoire.

Like that. He looks much better when he loses the scowl.

In that same vein... you can go through all of Sandhurst's pictures from this season and it looks like they photoshopped the same head on all of them. He REALLY needs to find a different pose and different expression.

He's obviously a strikingly gorgeous man with a killer body, but he's not bringing much more than that to the table.

Jonathan remains the one to beat among the boys. He always seems to find that perfect pose or perfect action to make a dynamic shot.

Although we're not loving the expression much.


As much as we loved her shot, we really think it was down to Mountaha and Jonathan on this one. As we said, the photographers clearly love her. She keeps getting picked for go-sees and not getting booked. In person, she's not as impressive as she appears on film, it would seem.

And like Branden, she's clearly not a swimsuit model. Although we do think she's slimmed down slightly.

This was a cute, if relatively pointless diversion. Well, maybe not so pointless. Low-level models have to do this kind of shit all the time. Kudos to the boys for being so game.

We thought this was great, but long overdue. We understand why they couldn't do it with the entire group; but we always had a problem with expecting so much from these fresh models without giving them any guidance or detailed instructions.

It was fun having the Blonds there. They're making quite a name for themselves and it once again forced the models to wear some fairly outrageous clothing.

Priceless. You can practically feel his boner deflating.

She just can't seem to bring it on the runway. Stick to print, darling.

He did well, but we're getting tired of seeing his arms floating out like that.

He did surprisingly well and he looked weirdly like Jonathan with the wig.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: that bitch can WALK. It's really her best feature. She's like the flipside of Salome; killer on the runway, uneven in the pictures.

We really felt bad for Sandhurst. He had the most ridiculous outfit out of all of them to wear and it was one particularly ill-suited for his look.

Yeah, Catherine? How is that his fault? He didn't pick the outfit or the styling. You could make the argument that it's his job to sell the look and that's true to a certain extent, but that only goes so far.

Besides, she had a lot of nerve criticizing him for looking ridiculous when she was sitting next to THIS. And he picked out that outfit.

Jenny's critiques get better and better. She's really the best out of the judges. Because she's a model, of course.

We were sorry to see her go. She has a lot of potential even if it's only as a print model. Now that we're down to four, it'll be a mighty tough decision next week. The remaining four are all strong in their own way. Guess we'll have to Watch What Happens.

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Eff the haters and eff the judges. Salome was far and away the best of the women. It's one thing for the other models to be all jealous and bitchy and imply she didn't deserve her wins, but the judges always seemed to be personally offended that the photographers didn't share their "fat" panic.

I feel Mountaha really lucked out in the runway show this week. Her walk is great, no argument, but the way Perou praised her ability to make the garment move... who else had a garment that COULD move?

Like they did with the pictures they should have someone sit down with them as they watch their runway walk. Having a coach like they did earlier is alright but watching themselves walk would probably be highly beneficial.

aw, i liked Salome. however, it is pretty stiff competition now! hm. Jonathan or Mountaha for the win.
~ a third Laura

I was fully predicting Branden would go this week. He has a comparatively bad body, one facial expression (constipated), and an average runway walk. I wasn't going to be sorry to see him go because he's also a douchebag, and was gearing up to actually be bothered about somebody's loss next episode. But no! Stupid show had to go and eliminate the person who has won the most go-sees, and won the photo challenge for this show specifically. Sorry, but that's dumb. Kudos to Salome for being level-headed about it-- I just hope she doesn't develop a complex about her ass, because it's really no bigger than Mountaha's. For that matter, I thought Salome looked far better in a bikini, not to mention possessing a far better attitude.

Also, Perou needs to take that leather ottoman off his head.

I was telling my friend during the episode that I was partially convinced that Catherine Malandrino was actually looking directly to her right when she said "This week you look ridiculous". Perou always looks ridiculous, but this week it was like Queen Latifah circa 1992, which worked for her back then, but not so much for him in 2009.

Loved it when Branden was initially hot for the "female" Blond, only to realize it was a dude. Sad to see Salome go, she was easily the best of the girls, even if her hips are bigger. Mountaha's face just looks so "duh" to me, and that blonde hair really doesn't make her look more feminine or modelesque.

Jonathan will have to screw up big time to lose this.

I'm betting Salome has one leg that's shorter than the other, because her walk doesn't roll, it crashes.

Why DON'T these people get lessons in front of a dance studio mirror??


Gratuitous shots of Jonathan are always welcome, darlings!

Great recap! I don't know what goes on behind the scenes before the runway show but it seems Salome is consistently put in the most booty (tooty) baring clothes. Notice how much of Mountaha is covered up in both of her outfits.
Also- ever notice how the models are griping that Salome's photos must have been retouched. All of those fish photos must have been retouched just to get rid of the goose bumps(and the bumps on Mountah's chin). Still, they are a relatively civil group of finalists and all are better than Perou.

For some strange reason that I cannot put a finger on, I still think Sandhurst will win it all.


Salome was my favorite! Agreed that they should have runway coaching in front of mirrors and/or watching their own tapes. Does jealousy bring out the claws or what? Shame on Mountaha. Rooting for Jonathon for the win! Doesn't it almost seem like the judges have had to create reasons not to let him win some weeks?


Jonathan looks like Rocky!

And then Sandhurst in his other outfit looked like Eddie!

i think perou is a complete ass. lose the sunglassess.

i liked salome, sorry to see her go. can one be a "super" model and NOT do the runway? anyone?

have to say i do like everyone in the final this season.

I can't in conscience be happy when Branden is still in this. Aside from the fact that his looks do nothing form me personally, I really don't see anything memorable in his photo's and we all know he doesn't shine on the runway.

Sorry to see Salome go.

That second picture of Brandon made me want to sing...

"Give me back that Filet-o-fish. Give me that fish!"

junior_goddess said...
I'm betting Salome has one leg that's shorter than the other, because her walk doesn't roll, it crashes.

Why DON'T these people get lessons in front of a dance studio mirror??

5/22/09 2:30 PM

She should find a trainer who is trained in the Alexander Technique. This is a kinaestheic method that adjusts how you move your body so that you are more aligned and balanced.

Agree that Salome has great pics and a terrible walk ...

But this episode, Mountaha had a great pic (agreed, her best so far) and great walks in BOTH outfits. If she didn't already have immunity, I think she would have won again this week.

Jonathan had great pics (lots of them) and Branden did improve (walk and photo).

Agree with the Judges that Sandhurst and Salome were the bottom two, based on this week only.

Things are getting tougher, but Sandhurst can still walk and photo well, even if he has limited range.

Salome has GREAT photos and should be able to do print work, but she cannot walk at all and hasn't improved on that at all, so far.

Agreed with the final decision and the last episodes will be tough ... although I want Jonathan sooo bad....

Just sayin-

P.S. I want Jonathan (to win) sooo bad.

P.P.S. Although a Jonathan Sandhurst sandwich would be quite yummy too.

Salome's body is great. I see where and why they want her to slim down in spots for modeling but I still want to disagree with everyone. It does look like she's a bit smaller than she was earlier in the season, though. (I love the picture they chose for her.)

I continue to like Jonathan for many reasons. Branden's growing on me too. Mountaha and Sandhurst are both beautiful people that I don't pay much attention too.

Poor Salome, getting such mixed messages about her butt: photographers love it, designers hate it. I hope she doesn't get crazy and loose a whole lot of weight because that jiggle is part of her appeal. (Hell, I'd trade my butt for hers in a nanosecond.)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Branden is aDORable and I want to bake him some cookies. But he's out of his league here. He's so open and sweet that I pull for him, but it would be wrong for him to win.

Oh that photographer was a hoot. "Yump wiss da fishes!" It was like having Goldmember doing the shoot.

I'll miss my Salome, but she was done. Her walk is weak, but she's a fabulous print model. I do think Branden should go home next, though. He's picked some things up, but he's unattractive with a crappy walk (though he looked awesome in the goth outfit this week).

I lovelovelove Sandhurst - such a sweetie! - but he's not shining lately. I'm worried he's not going to make it next week.

At first, I could just SMELL those dead fish...BUT, the shoot turned out for me, at least, to be one of the best ones yet. Mountaha's photo was absolutely mezmerizing, and Jonathan's was pleasingly comical and quirky. Loved them!!!
Now, will someone PLEASE boot that jerk, Perou, out on his chain-festooned butt?
And I agree that Jenny is a terrific judge. I love her!!!
Malandrino has one word for everything she dislikes, "Ridiculous" has resonated since the days of the Paris PR episode.
The Blondes seem to be everywhere nowadays, but they are so fantastically fab!!!!
Jonathan and Mountaha for the final two!!!

Between the walk and the jiggle, there was no way Salome was making it to the final. I think she knew that, which is why she took her departure as well as she did.

That said, she was *so* much stronger than the other models photogenically and won such a large portion of the photo challenges that whoever wins will seem a bit second-rate on the photo side. Salome became so incredibly consistent with the phots. And despite Perou's comment last week, she does, in fact, mix up her expressions--the sixties shot where she looked half-drugged was different than her sexy half-open pout, which was different than this week's intense look.

Only the sports photo struck me as truly bad. And when there were a group of good photos, the photogs would pick her. She (and her skin) have that IT factor in print.

I don't think her walk's hopeless--when she walked with Mountaha, I noticed her walk was noticeably better than usual. She really would benefit from some training. That and getting below 36 on the hips. I think that's realistic, but I suspect she can't get to the standard 34. She needs a trainer.

Obviously, Salome's acing the shoots so consistently brought out the worst in the other models--it had to be very frustrating when they knew she was so weak on the runway.

I'm not sure who should win. Mountaha just doesn't have a face for print--mouth is tiny, facial bone structure non-existent and the skin's bad. She's been on as many go-sees as Salome and, despite the walk, seems even less bookable.

Sandhurst is gorgeous and moves his body well, but just doesn't come alive in photos.

Branden still can't walk and is green in photos. Great potential, but it's still potential.

So Jonathan for the win, but his arms need work and he's not that distinctive.

Couldn't stand her, but I feel in some ways Jordan should be in there because she walked and photographed well. We're left with a really uneven crew.

TLo posts? Fabulous!
Gratuitous shots of Jonathan's ass? Priceless!

Just Plain Christine

I don't know that I can add a lot to the conversation that hasn't already been said, but here goes:

Salome was too similar to last year's winner, Holly. They simply weren't going to give it to another backwoods ingenue.

I agree that Holly's catwalk was her weakness, but I thought she was a victim of some particularly bullshitty circumstances this week. You don't put someone in shoes two sizes too big and then complain that they can't walk in them. (And don't tell me that's the nature of modeling - there's challenging, and then there's hamstringing.)

To quote Winninghamster (1st comment) - "the judges always seemed to be personally offended that the photographers didn't share their 'fat' panic."

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Perou is a delusional, self-important douchebag without a shred of credibility. That is all.

Just Plain Christine

I agree that Holly's catwalk was her weakness....

er, that should be Salome.

Even I'm getting them confused.

So they're not handing the win over to Salome. Oh well....

Somewhere in the Carolinas, Laury is laughing her ass off.

"There you go, boys! Thanks for tripling our hits for the day!"

LOL. Thank you, bitches!

I watch the episodes and giggle 'cause I know those shots will be here the next day. LOL.

This was by far my favorite photoshoot. You can see they're really improving and giving their best now. I'm rooting for either Jonathan or Sandhurst. I'll be crushed if/when they send Branden home. He's such a sweet kid.

I hate that Salome is gone, because she at least excels in one particular area, whereas someone like Brandon is uneven in both areas.

But, I can't argue too much with sending her home, because her runway wasn't that great, I just feel doubly devastated over losing both Jordan and Salome two weeks in a row.

I was so bummed to have missed this episode. Salome and Mountaha looked incredible in those photos! (As did Jonathan)

I'm hoping there's a rerun of it coming up this weekend.

As for Salome's body, you know, I'm just not seeing the fraction of the inch difference from Mountaha's being much of an issue, especially because she has the added height. Side by side, Mountaha's the one who comes across as looking slightly wider.

Oh well, Salome will get plenty of work. I have no doubt about that.

Branden, on the other hand, I'm beginning to wonder what will become of him.

I especially enjoyed the sheer glee express by Jonathan as he narrated Branden's response to the Blonds..."Boobies? Nuh uh. Sausage!"

I don't have a problem with Salome going before Jonathan or Sandhurst. I think it'a a toss-up with Mountaha -- as you noted, Mountaha's got the walk, but Salome takes great pictures. But why the HELL is Branden still there? That burns me.

Here goes: I think Branden clearly had the best photo this week, not just the best prop, but the best pose and the most interesting face. I also thought that Sandhurst was the only one of the guys who didn't look ridiculous in those ugly blond wigs; and your screen-cap only further strengthens my opinion. Lastly, while Sandhurst certainly has the loveliest face and torso, Branden's butt is the stuff dreams are made of.


Tlo, you said We're surprised they didn't just set them on fire.
Isn't that happening next week?

Salome was the one who caught my eye in the first episode during the glass box photo shoot; when it was revealed that she's ex-Mennonite, it was inevitable that this lapsed Mennonite (albeit Mennonite Brethren, the most "liberal" branch of Mennonitism) was going to root for her to go all the way.

The thing that consistently impressed me about Salome is how much of her abilities has to be natural talent--if it was ever specified I never caught what type of Mennonite she was, but if she comes from one of the more conservative, Old Order sects that means she grew up almost completely devoid of print and photography culture of any kind. I mean, this is a lifestyle and belief system that prohibits personal photos ("graven images") from being taken, so you don't even grow up having your mother snapping photos of you. That she seems to so effortlessly and instinctively know how to pose for the camera in a way that showcases her best is truly amazing.

She remarked several times throughout the season how her parents are going to think she's going to hell; well, Salome, I'll be right there with you! :D

Hoping we see a lot of her in the future.


Mountaha - looking at the close-ups her legs look as soft or softer than Salone. ANd she doesn't appear noticable smaller/more fit.

Where TH was all this so called fat on Salome? I agree with winninghamster's and Just Plain Christine's posts. - She wins 5 of 11 photo shoots (when by the stats that is like 500% better than should have been expected), and they said they'd use her on 2 of her go-sees. And I don't see her walk being bad.

Brandon and Sanhurst have one facial expresion - and Brandon is not even very attractive.

Singing with the chorus - Peru - you are an a-hole.

And TLo - you captured my exclamation when they told Sanhurst that he looked ridiculous - both that he didn't style himself and look over at Peru.

I pretty much agree with everything you said. And will miss Salome - I actually would have kicked off Sandhurst, though overall Branden is really the one who should have gone. His improved runway performance saved him.

Jenny Shimizu IS a great judge. I would rather see her on ANTM next season, now that Tyra fired bitch Paulina.

I kinda want to see Mountaha win, only because I think she is more memorable than Jonathan, if not as consistent. Sandhurst just doesn't have as much range, and Branden is...Branden.

Ugh, still can't believe HOLLY won last year. It was a travesty that Shannon went home as relatively early as she did. Oh well, bitch has the last laugh now that she's actually modeling and Holly's back to skating around serving milkshakes at the Sonic Drive-Thru in Toledo.

PS David Blonde is hot.

I not getting the Mountaha love. She looks really terrible in the bathing suit at the go see. Plus her attitude is annoying. So I guess I am still rooting for Jonathon.

I'm very interested to see who's going to win this season. All of the contestants left have a future in modeling, I hope we see them in a magazine or on the runway one day.

How hilarious was it when they told Sandhurst he has the face of an accountant? Does ANYONE know of an account who looks like that? And if so, can they hook me up?

As much as I like Brandon, I actually don't think his walk improved this week. He still did his arm-swinging, lunkheaded-expression walk, it just happened to mesh well with the outfits and themes this week.

Also, love that you boys chose a second pic of Brandon to show how good he looks when he doesn't scowl, yet in the 2nd pic he's...scowling.

Mountaha - still not sure what I think about her. Her look is SO specific (edgy, but not dark), and she has to get just the right angle to look good in pics, that I don't see her booking a lot of campaigns. Maybe a few runway shows here and there.

If any girl still should be here, it's Kerryn. Aside from her one bad week that got her kicked off, her pics AND her runway were strong. No way Colin should have stayed longer than her.

Oh, it's Branden, not Brandon. Oops.

Also, I think Salome's pic works so well because she has an ass. It wouldn't look nearly as good if it was some waif model with no ass.

And if Mountaha photographs well straight on, she'll need to learn how to lengthen and elongate her body somehow while doing so. As Tyra would say, more energy in the neck! But for Mountaha it's actually true.

I'll miss Salome. At this point, I hope Jonathan wins. None of them are really supermodels, though J is hot, hot, hot and easy on the eye morning-noon-and-night.

First of all, I am extremely sad that my girl-crush Salome went home. I knew it was going to happen, but it shouldn't have happened before Brandon, and its just all around tragic. =P

Secondly, Salome *does* look slimmer and more fit than Mountaha from the front (due to height and muscle tone), but she has a (glorious!) booty that doesn't fit in sample sizes well. Mountaha doesn't have a great body, or a particularly pretty face, but bitch can walk and eventually get an ok picture. I think they were equally strong, and if Salome was slimmer she wouldn't have gone home first.

Thirdly, for the love of all that is holy, send Branden home! He's such a cry baby...

I don't like any of the remaining models for the win. Jonathan is beautiful, but not interesting and kinda old. Branden is inconsistent and very young. Mountaha can walk, but doesn't take very good photographs and isn't very pretty. Sandhurst I guess I like the best, but he has the same problems Salome has - weak in one area (pictures for him) and too big for the samples.

Much as I hate to say it, I wish Jordan and her batwing hips were still around. At least her and Jonathan (the most likely winner I suspect) would be equally matched contenders.

This show is getting as ridiculous as America's Next Top Model. OK, Salome won the last two photo shoots, so time for her to go home!!! Sandhurst and Brandon haven't won anything - but Brandon was good this week. So Sandhurst should have gone. It is just like ANTM, when Celia won the photo shoot, but they kept the girl whose nostrils ate Cleveland, Aminat, and got rid of the photo winner.

The winner is foregone - Jonathan. They had to get rid of Salome because she won the last two photo shoots, and how can Jonathan beat her, when his photos are fading, and his walk isn't great??? So they got rid of his only real competition.

As much as I like Sandhurst, I thought he should have gone home. His photos were bad, and his runway was weak. Salome got ripped off.

TLo said
Clearly, the goal of this challenge was, "Let's fuck with the models as much as we can!" We're surprised they didn't just set them on fire.

Nope, that's next week. I felt bad for both Sandhurst & Salome on the runway. Her shoes are too big which certainly doesn't help and already bad walk, and his styling and clothes were just not suited for him.

oh boy, poor Salome! she has an amazing booty, I know she cannot be a supermodel here with this feature, she should definitely go model where a great ass is a great asset ;-) In Argentina she would be huge!!!!! :-) I know, not a supermodel level, but it would be bad if she loses so much weight that she'll lose the booty....

I guess I'm for Jonathan for the win, Mountaha doesn't do it for me, I don't like her expressions, although she know how to walk and seriously, her skin! some Proactiv????

I love Mountaha. I really want her to win. Jonathan is really her only competition. Salome did only have one expression (well, two if you count the 60s shoot. But one photo doesn't change the fact that the every other picture has the same expression). I think Branden will go home next, Sandhurst after that.

And the lady at Starbucks writes Mountaha on my cup since she knows how much I want her to win, hahahahaha.

I don't watch the show, I just follow your recaps. xD Much less painful. xD

Because of this, OMG SALOME HAS THE BEST BUTT I'VE SEEN ON A CHICK. I want to BITE it, it's so delightful and juicy. WHY is having a great ass a BAD thing in fashion? WHY?

Nancy Lee said...

Sandhurst and Brandon haven't won anything.
Actually, yes they have. Sandhurst won the photo challenge once (remember when he brought Branden along to the go-see for the jeans company? I think that was for the shot at the farm) and won immunity at least once. Branden won immunity the 2nd week with his really good candy pic and runway that week.

OMG, YES! (referring to the @ss shots)

It just hit me--Helmut Newton would have loved to shoot Salome--he loved shooting big girls in as little as possible. She has that whole retro Weimar Germany thing going on with the face.

Great recap, boys! But I'm a little have a pic of Salome with the caption that the photos this week were best of Mountaha and Jonathan. Did you have the wrong pic or the wrong name?

1) Perou has to be the biggest douchebag on TV. Just appalling. And not -- as I'll bet you the producers think - in that "people love to hate him" kind of a way but in that "this guy makes me retch and sooner or later his obnoxious, arrogant egotism is going to make me stop watching this show" kind of a way.

2) They really blew this one; I don't care whether you love her or hate her, but The Princess of Lancaster WON THE DAMN PHOTO SHOOT and then got booted out. So we now know that the photo shoot is meaningless filler.

3) The judges have been building up to this for weeks by, essentially, choosing their own photo winner. "Well, this is a better photo, I don't like that one so much" they've been saying and thereby totally discounting the result because hey, THEY are the judges here.

Problem is, SOMEONE ELSE WAS HIRED TO JUDGE THE PHOTO AND PICK A WINNER. That part of the competition is now over. They've basically been discounting the result and naming their own winner. Well fine, but that's not what the rules say.

4) Did I mention that Perou is a douchebag? I'm the least violent person on Earth and every week I want to smack him in the mouth.

5) The thing with Marlon and the photos was the kind of thing they did last season that they pretty much skipped this year in favor of more gratuitous pictures of young people taking off their clothes.

They had what ONE "professional learn to walk" segment and then back to the house for more "Jordan hates Amanda: Episode 112"?

Last season they worked with those people a ton, sort of quit and then went back for refreshers when they got sloppy. This season the runway training consisted of the models helping each other work on it in their down time, which is nice and all but the point here is for PROFESSIONALS to Make You A Supermodel, not to take lessons from amateurs.

Same with working out. They had the gym and you could go work out but the show was 2/3 over before a trainer showed up.

6) Is Nicole on drugs? Seriously? She makes Paula Abdul look like Laura Bush. "Hi, I'm skinny and British and aren't I just fabulous?" isn't "mentoring". It's rubbish. Her one role on the show, delivering the books after the photoshoot, could be done much better by a midtown bicycle messenger. She contributed zero.

7) Tyson has been so misused it's terrible. His observations as a judge last year were invariably dead on. This year he's been hired to read cue cards and, I'm sorry to say, he's simply awful. If he wasn't such an engaging, wildly handsome guy it would be excruciating. It's like watching an adorable eight year old in the school play: you sit there rooting for him but honestly he's really just bad.

8) I agree on Jenny Shimizu. She really tries hard to be constructive, but she and marlon both seem intimidated by that jerk Perou. He makes one of his pronouncements and they just fold. I just love the way Catherine Malandrino, not so subtly, tells him he's full of shit. Repeatedly. And judging by hos clothes, she has one hell of a lot more taste anyway.

9) Brandon should have been gone two or three weeks ago. Not one thing has changed about anything he did in Week One.

10) I'm not a huge Salome fan but they judges clearly, obviously, blatently knew exactly who they intended to send home this time before the show ever started. There was just no point in wasting the hour.

Sorry, one more thing:

I love you Tom and Lorenzo, but your comment under Salome's picture is inaccurate.

Salome may be from a disturbingly freakish religious background and all but she is the farthest thing from shy about her body. When they mention that it's another dreary nudie show week, she can't get out of her clothes fast enough.

From appearances, she seems to have fewer issues in this regard than anyone on the show. She's not Holly.

Nah, I think they said "insecure" about her body, which she is b/c she's been told she's *cough* "fat." She's totally an exhibitionist, though.

I really enjoyed cycle 1 of MMASM much more than I have the present cycle. As much as I complained about Nikki Taylor, I now see what she brought to the show-SINCERITY! She and Tyson were a good team, appeared to be professional friends and had some chemistry. I hope they find a better female mentor for next season. I also miss Cory at the judging table as he was entertaining and enlightened the audience about the “business side” of modeling.

One thing I do not understand is that if your body is such a big part of modeling (and I know it is), why did the judges not looked at the contestant’s bodies BEFORE they were selected to compete on the show. You can lose weight and tone up but there is only so much you can to your body without plastic surgery.


In general I think Jenny is a great judge, but she irritated me this week when she said that Salome doesn't fit into the clothes. I think we've seen that happen once out of five go-sees. I'm tired of hearing the judges yap about Salome's horribly fat ass. Just about every woman I know would kill to have a fat ass like that.

I like everyone who was in the Top 5, but Salome's elimination actually shocked me. I love me some Sandhurst, but, if they're judging the work from week to week, he should have gone home.

Unless "iconic" now means "people in the industry know these photographers and like their work", those two are not icons. Avedon is an icon. Stieglitz is an icon. Two young photographers who give models conflicting advice aren't icons.

I don't know where they found Perou, but please send him back. He gets more tragic looking every week, and he's a total ass.

Maura on 5/23/09 at 8:48 AM said: In general I think Jenny is a great judge, but she irritated me this week when she said that Salome doesn't fit into the clothes. I think we've seen that happen once out of five go-sees. I'm tired of hearing the judges yap about Salome's horribly fat ass. Just about every woman I know would kill to have a fat ass like that.

Maura-I must agree with your statement above. the person who will really have a problem fitting into the clothes especially for runway work is Sandhurst. Photoshoots are styled from a designer's entire collection and clothes can be ripped, cut, tucked or pinned.

Unless you are working for a high end designer like Calvin Klein, not a lot of money is spent on model fittings for middle of the road runway shows. YOU GOTTA FIT THE SAMPLE SIZES.


I feel badly for Salome. I do think the judge was right that she basically gives the same "face" each time. Also, the kiss of death - that jiggly butt. How can anybody THAT skinny have butt fat that jiggles and vibrates sloppily as she struts? She's cursed.

Much as Sandhurst is so personally appealing, Jonathan is my pick for the winner. Jonathan has wonderfully smoldering eyes and visually arresting facial features.

Mousy & Others-Who do you thik will be eliminated next week? Common sense says Brandon but I have a funny feeling he will be in the final three.


Just Plain Christine

I think the judges are gunning for Sandhurst now. He is a stunningly beautiful man, with a sleek, graceful walk, but his photos have never been more than so-so for me. He just doesn't photograph well, in my opinion. Add that to his other, less-arbitrary problems of height and thigh-size, and I think his time has come.

I do not think the height is a problem as much as the thigh size. Judging in Season 2 has been more skewed toward runway IMO than photography. I guess this is the main question in the judges minds because Sandhurst excells on the runway but has the thigh size problem.

For some crazy reason I do not think Jonathan will win becasue the judges are wacko this season.


I just don't get the Branden love.

To me, he's not attractive at all. Sure, line him up with a class of high school seniors and he may be in the top 20% in terms of looks... maybe... His face is so average. Something is off about the nose/mouth. Too short a distance from the nose to the lip, lips too small/thin, and the tip of his nose is at too much of a downward angle (not sure if I described that very well).

I can't believe he's made it this far in the competition.

Mountaha has everything except for a great face.

Johnathan... wow. Fantastic.

Sandhurt-- thought he was the sure winner when I saw the first episode but by later in the competition I would've pegged Johnathan, Salome, and Mountaha for the top 3.

Salome-- SO memorable in print. Great look. I hope this show brings her work and fame.

Bailey said...

It was a travesty that Shannon went home as relatively early as she did. Oh well, bitch has the last laugh now that she's actually modeling and Holly's back to skating around serving milkshakes at the Sonic Drive-Thru in Toledo.
Judging by their portfolios on the NYMM site as well as postings on various blogs, Holly has been booking a considerable amount of work while Shannon has booked relatively few jobs. Shannon is walking on TFS on Bravo at the moment, as is Aryn. Don't get me wrong, I love Shannon, but it really does seem that of all the models last year Holly is getting the most work.

I have a question!!! With all the reality show competitions for modeling, have any of the winners or even actual contestants ever hit "THE BIG TIME"?


TampaBay said...
"Mousy & Others-Who do you thik will be eliminated next week? Common sense says Brandon but I have a funny feeling he will be in the final three."


5/23/09 9:40 AM


4. Brandon
3. Sandhurst
2. Mountaha
1. Jonathan

I can't see them having three men at the finish line, so Mountaha would be in until the last minute, even though they've criticized her look throughout the program. Sandhurst is toast due to thighs and face "like an accountant." Brandon - despite the return of some of his natural cockiness, he just doesn't register to me as a supermodel.

So my prediction is Jonathan wins.

They're all pretty strong, though.

Another Anonymous

Hard to tell. Lately, the judges have done a good job of raking the four front-runners over the coals and spreading around the possibly fatal hints about their core weaknesses.

Next to go: Sandhurst or Brandon

Sandhurst - thick thighs, last photo pretty bland.

Brandon - never thought he was much more than bland. Shoulders not broad enough, and he's skinny like a chicken.

Jonathan stays because his shoulders and butt are sexy beyond words, as are his eyes.

Mountaha - stays until we finally get one zit-free day, or they just decide she's not the hoped-for all-purpose model and she gets the boot, zits and all.

Julia said: I just don't get the Branden love.

To me, he's not attractive at all. Sure, line him up with a class of high school seniors and he may be in the top 20% in terms of looks... maybe... His face is so average. Something is off about the nose/mouth. Too short a distance from the nose to the lip, lips too small/thin, and the tip of his nose is at too much of a downward angle (not sure if I described that very well).
I think Branden's nose is what makes his face special. To me, it looks a lot like Paul Newman's nose when he was young.

I love that kid. He is a little skinny, but, as Jenny said, he doesn't have to be right for everything to be successful. I think I'd be fine with whoever wins, but now that Salome's gone, I kind of want Branden to win. Either way, he's going to cry, and I'd rather see him crying from happiness than sadness. And his mama will be so proud.

While it's clear that Jonathan pretty much has this in the bag, I don't think he'll win, not because he'll screw up royally at the final episode--but because reality competition shows never seem to award the win to the one that clearly deserves it.

I may be generalizing, but I really think Jonathan won't get it. My vote goes to Mountaha and--believe it or not--Branden.

Adam-as the song goes "For some strange reason I can't explain", I think you are on to something with Brandon.

It is my take that he may just win it all because he is only 18. At 18 he can work for 2 years in Milan, Miami and/or South America and really develop his modeling skills and craft. He will still be only 20 and can hit NYC and Paris with a great book and great walk. I think he has it in him but still needs a lot of polishing/coaching that can only be acheived through actually working as a model. I think his size is exactly a plus factor when it comes to te runway. He can wear sample sizes.


I thought last weeks' shot of Mountaha was ass fetish, and now this week... damn, someone sure likes the butt shots.

Is Perou actually wearing a LEATHER FEZ? When I first saw him I thought he was visually impaired, then became very confused when he was identified as a 'photographer.' I checked out his webpage: not surprisingly, the work is totally cheeseball. A scary thing about the digital turn in photography is that it allows any random asswipe with a few grand to blow on equipment to call themselves a 'photographer' because they THINK they can bypass the technical training that was previously required to use a manual camera, develop film, print, etc.

I like Montaha better than Salome, but I don't see how she has a better body than Salome, even looking at it through the lens of model standards. Yes, Salome has bigger hips, but Mountaha is boxier and thicker waisted. Also, Salome is more proportional.

I can't speak for other episodes, but Branden had the best picture this week of the boys and it was on par / a close second to Salome's.

I like Salome's body. It's refreshing, compared to the stick-legs that you see on most models. I find malnutrition to be ugly, not beautiful.

So far this season all the people I like on "reality" shows (the ones I watch) are winning! So if my streak continues, Jonathan, Sandhurst, Mountaha will win over Blanden who will cry and pout and discover how unfair life really is when you have no real talent. It is high time America stops rewarding mediocrity and false entitlement. But even if by some fluke he does win, the others will actually have careers in modeling after his brief star fades. Just saying you want something does not mean you are willing to put in the effort to get it and keep it.

It would be nice to see again models who were above average in looks with men looking like men,not androgynous teens, and women looking like real women with a few womanly curves It would be nice to see them modeling real clothes that most of us would actually buy and wear.

" Adam said...

While it's clear that Jonathan pretty much has this in the bag, I don't think he'll win, not because he'll screw up royally at the final episode--but because reality competition shows never seem to award the win to the one that clearly deserves it.

I may be generalizing, but I really think Jonathan won't get it. My vote goes to Mountaha and--believe it or not--Branden."

I agree, I'd be surprised if they gave it to Jonathan. Not that he doesn't deserve it, but it just seems too obvious to me; I'd say it's either Sandhurst or Branden.

I think it should be Branden.

" Robert said...

Loved it when Branden was initially hot for the "female" Blond, only to realize it was a dude."

LOL. I know, he's so funny and cute.

"We're surprised they didn't just set them on fire."

Ha ha! Seriously, they could have gotten hypothermia! (OK, probably not)

Brandon finally did well on the runway! Good for him!

And did they have to change suits because Jonathan was too big for the thong?

" eric3000 said...
And did they have to change suits because Jonathan was too big for the thong?"

OK, Eric, that was just mean. Now I'm all hot and bothered wondering about that. LOL.

Oh man, that runway. Poor Sandhurst--he looked like a photo negative of Elvis.

I guess I'm rooting for Jonathan now that Salome is gone. :(

I thought Perou looked MF Awesome this week. He might be a jerk, but when he picks a look, he commits to it.

As I once read it somewhere, back in the aeon, there was more "specialization" with the female models. There were commercial girls, editorial girls, and runway girls. Part of the whole "supermodel" phenomenon was that the models who had the brand recognition (starting from, say, Lauren Hutton) was that they could do all three, which meant that they could also get booked more often, and were more in demand.

Salome can be an outstanding print model at this point, though the weight issue might keep her out of editorial work initially. I would think that the term "successful model" would work, but if the agencies can't send her out on castings for runway shows...

No! I looked forward to the posts on this show just for pictures of Salome. I even watched an episode (The Nude Shoot one? Really?!) just for her.

No fair. Girl was hot.

Ugh I'm not sorry to see Salome go PEACCCE OUT! Johnathan and Mountha final two all the way!
Seriously a dark skinned black man in a blonde Elvis wig and it's his fault he looked silly I call bullshit!

ROTFLOL@ Johnathan's reaction to The Blond's " .....adams apple!" ahahahahah

whaaaaaat? Perou is a great photographer and he's my favourite judge. I love his personal style he's obviously having a laugh with what he wears on the show.
He's much funnier and 'real' on his blog than he appears on the show but i guess he's edited to fit what bravo wants.
What's with all the hating?

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